Belius (ベリュース) was the captain of the Slane Theocracy knights that invaded Carne Village. He disguised himself as an imperial knight of the Baharuth Empire to lure out Gazef Stronoff into a trap set by the Sunlight Scripture. He was killed by Momonga's Death Knight.


Belius was described as an ordinary human with blonde hair and gray eyes. He wore a full set of armor and wields a sword sheathed at his side.


Prone to anger and violence, but a coward when his life is in danger.


The main reason he was able to join the knights of the Theocracy was because of the high status of his family, which was wealthy and owned many estates in the country. Although he was captain in name, he wasn't respected.


The Undead King Arc

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Following Nigun Grid Luin's instructions, Belius ordered his men to attack the village and capture the villagers. He got petrified after seeing the Death Knight effortlessly sliced one of his men in half and then orders his men to attack it. He even persuades his men with large sums of gold to save his life.

However, no one was foolish enough to sacrifice their life for him as they held no respect nor loyalty towards him. Close by, the corpse of one of his men, killed by the Death Knight and was subsequently turned into a zombie, grabbed his ankle. Upon seeing this, Belius started screaming, horrified. As he lost consciousness, he collapsed and the Death Knight moved closer to him. The Death Knight then thrust its blade into Belius's body repeatedly, waking him up and brutally skewering him to death despite his pleas of mercy.


Belius was just an ordinary human with no magical powers. Since he was a knight of the Theocracy, he has skill with a sword.


  • In the Anime, Belius is the murderer of Enri and Nemu's parents and he was later killed by Momonga's Death Knight in retribution.


  • (To his knights): "You, you guys, hurry up and block that monster!"
  • (To his knights): "I can't just die here, people! You will go and buy me some time! Become a shield to protect me!"


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