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Beliblad (ベリベラッド) is the General of the Third Legion of the Imperial Army in the Web Novel.


Beliblad’s face contained countless scars. He had a muscular frame, his very presence caused any room to shrink.


Beliblad was famous for being the most impactful of the generals. He not only possessed short temper, but also a strong conscience.


In the Web Novel he was present when the newly titled Archduke Ainz Ooal Gown summoned his Dark Young and unleashed them upon the Royal Army.


Overlord Second Half Arc

Beliblad attended a meeting of the eight generals of the Imperial Army. Drowning himself in alcohol, he was utterly disgusted by the Massacre at Katze Plains. When one of his colleagues, General Ray asked how they should proceed to attack, the idea of attacking their enemy after the atrocity the Archduke committed was unconscionable. After witnessing that atrocity he refused to continue the attack on an already demoralized enemy. An argument sparked between him and General Ray over the ethical issues and their duties as generals of the Empire. Unlike Ray who wanted more bloodshed, Beliblad wished to reach a diplomatic resolution and use the massacre as leverage against the Re-Estize Kingdom which many of the generals supported. However General Ray coldly believed that was naive and that they needed to wipe out every soldier in the Royal Army before the Empire swallowed the Kingdom. Their argument reached a point where Beliblad was about to attack Ray only to be stopped by Natel Inyem Dale Carvain.[1]

Abilities and Powers

General Beliblad was known for his swordsmanship.



Beliblad was utterly disgusted by his colleagues’s lack of empathy to the warriors of the Kingdom. He was angered to the point of nearly attacking Ray when he suggested that the army should press the attack and later explicitly expressed his desire to cut every man to the ground rather than try to seek a diplomatic solution.


  • A Third Legion does exist in the Light Novel, though it is unknown if Beliblad leads it.


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