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Beebeebee (ベーベーベ) is an emissary of the Zern Tribes that dwell in the Abelion Hills.


She has the same appearance as any other zern, a blue-maggot like creature.


Beebeebee was a loyal retainer and held the priority of her liege.


Beebeebee was among those of the Zerns that were forced to bow to Jaldabaoth after he took the Zern royal family hostage.


The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Shortly after Ainz Ooal Gown was 'killed' by Jaldabaoth, Beebeebee approached Holy Kingdom Liberation Army. The envoy explained that the zerns wished to aid the humans, as they had learned that their king was murdered by Jaldbaoth's demons.

The king's death left the last member of the zern royal family, Beebeezee, as the new king. However, his role was more pivotal as he was also the only male, making rescuing him from the clutches of Jaldabaoth a priority for the sake of the zern species. The zerns found that Beebeezee was held in the city of Kalinsha, secured in the city's castle guarded by two Vah Uns.

The zerns themselves were forbidden from approaching the castle, however they wished the humans to save their prince, who once safely out of the city would be escorted to a hidden location by the royal guard. The remaining zerns within the city, would then turn against the Demi-Human Alliance, allowing the Liberation Army to retake it.

Later after the rescue of the prince, Beebeebee was among the zerns that greeted Beebeezee. However they were at a lost to proceed further, as with the threat of the Demon Emperor looming over them there was no safe place for them. Neia recommended that the zerns seek asylum in the Sorcerer Kingdom. She, along with other zerns, do not trust the undead, however the Zern Prince trusts Neia and agree to move to Sorcerer Kingdom as refugees.

Once the Circlet Demon had shown up, her group and the Zern Prince, Beebeezee join forces with Neia and Shizu and fight its demons group. They win, then come to support the Liberation Army to retake Kalinsha. This even help to build an alliance between humans and zerns.[1]

Thus, she and the rest of the Zerns retreated back to the Abelion Hills.[2]

Abilities and Powers

Beebeebee was a Zern Honor Guard and was strong enough to face off against the Shadow Demons.


  • Beebeebee is not formally introduced when she met with the Liberation Army, but Beebeezee names her to his rescuers.


  • (Upon seeing the prince): "Ohh! It's the Prince!"


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