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Bebene Bison (ベベネ・バイセン) is an Imperial Knight that serves in the Imperial Army of the Baharuth Empire.


Bebene Bison has a tanned and surprisingly young and youthful face. He seemed to only be a few years older than Jet Testania. One of his most distinguishing features was his blinding white teeth, that seem to cause the sun to reflect off in a bright flash.


Bebene was a cheery man and was so chatty that one would doubt that he was working as a professional soldier. However, as a knight, he was quite prideful of his work and duties in patrolling the Empire's borders from monsters.


Originally a commoner Bebene Bison had become a knight through his own hard work.


Overlord Second Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord Second Half Arc

Bebene was part of the company of knights that escorted students from the Imperial Magic Academy to the Great Forest of Tob to take their promotion exam. He broke the ice between the students and knights and became a conservationist with Jet Testania. When one of the wheels of the wagon transporting the students broke, Bebene feared that they would have to get help from a nearby town. Fortunately, Fluder Paradyne used his magic to repair the wheel, though he berated the knights for not being prepared and learning simple 1st tier spells. After he reached the Tob Forests, he listened to Fluder's warnings of the Demon Tree Dragon Lord. Afterwards, the knight went to report to his captain. Soon the group encountered a band of Wandering Goblins however thankfully a fight did not break as the goblins were retreating from the forest as they explained that their home had been attacked by Gigant Basilisks.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Bebene was a knight who experienced training exercises and armed combat. His armor was fully and securely equipped, even up to his gauntlets. And he gripped his scabbard, ready to draw his sword at any moment.


Jet Testania[]

Bebene gets along with Jet as they were around the same age. Though he was warm and friendly towards the student, Jet was cautious around him as he recalled that the profession of an adventurer was being put into jeopardy by Bebene's and his fellow knights. Still Jet did not hate the knight as Bebene's warm disposition broke his ignorant view on knights being strong and silent types. The knight even offered him advice on how to win Nemel's and Honesty's affections.


  • It seems that one of his colleagues graduated as a magic caster from the Imperial Magic Academy but he did not manage to get a girlfriend from it though. 


  1. Overlord Second Half Chapter 28: The Academy Part 8A


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