Bebei Autumn (ベベイ・オータンは) is an adventurer from E-Rantel in the Web Novel.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

A cautious man, he is one that relies on his senses and instincts.

Background Edit

In the past, he and Gignal Elshy were members of an adventurer party that included themselves and two other members. He and his friends once traversed the Katze Plains where they encountered a Skeletal Dragon. The encounter resulted in the deaths of two of their comrades.

Chronology Edit

Overlord First Half Arc Edit

During Momon’s promotion test as an adventurer, Bebei was ordered by the Adventurer’s Guild to observe the Momon. From the shadows, he witnessed Momon’s fight against Zurrernorn. He saw Momon effortlessly use 7th Tier Magic and defeat the cultists and a Skeletal Dragon. In disbelief of what he saw he tried to report this to the Guild. However, he was immobilized by Ainz Ooal Gown who used mental magic to erase the thief’s memories of Narberal’s magical feats. He reported back to the Guild stating that Momon defeated a Skeletal Dragon by only his mere sword. The others were skeptical about calling it a lie, however, some came to wonder if Momon was a man that was on par with the Thirteen Heroes.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Autumn was an A-Class adventurer with a job as a spellcaster thief. Bebei could use certain low-tier magic that enabled him to appraise a person’s magic level. He was versed in thief language which he could leave hidden coded messages.

Trivia Edit

  • In addition, Ainz noted him to be a skilled individual. When Beibei's body was restricted by Ainz's magic he attempted to leave himself a hidden code message. Ainz did not realize that the thief possessed such a hidden technique until after he read his mind.


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