Beastman Country (ビーストマンの国) is a demi-human nation in the New World, which is made up of several beastman tribes. They are a neighboring state situated near the Dragon Kingdom.


The Beastman Country was founded by an unknown beastman at an unspecified time. At one point, one of its cities met disaster in the form of three Soul Eaters, giving birth to the legend of the Silent City.[1]

For many years, the Beastman Country was constantly raiding and oppressing their neighboring country, the Dragon Kingdom for food. However, in recent times, the demi-human nation has fully mobilized its forces, aimed at conquering the Dragon Kingdom.


The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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It is mentioned that the Beastman Country has currently conquered three cities in the Dragon Kingdom. The beastmen in those cities hold banquets day and night, with humans as their food supply.[2]


So far from second-person testimonies, the beastmen seem to be a vicious race. Beastmen seem to hold very little regard for human life seeing them nothing as food, thus sadly attempts at negotiations with these demi-humans have been fruitless by the other human nations.

Military Strength

So far it is unknown exactly what kind of military forces the beastmen possess.

Foreign Relations

Thus far, the Beastman Country is regarded as an international threat to the human nations that lie west in the New World. Negotiation with the bestial demi-humans have proven useless, thus a long enduring war of attrition has begun east at the threshold of the Dragon Kingdom.

Dragon Kingdom

Beastman Country continuously raids the Dragon Kingdom, mainly targeting the humans as food for demi-humans. It has now turned into a full-scale war, with several front line cities already fallen under their rule.

Baharuth Empire

The Baharuth Empire is a neighboring state of the Dragon Kingdom and it send military aid, albeit with reluctance, not out of charity, but necessity. In fact, the Dragon Kingdom's existence is what's keeping the beastmen from invading the Empire's territory.

Slane Theocracy

The Slane Theocracy is known to deploy the Sunlight Scripture, to supplement the defense of the Dragon Kingdom, and repulse the beastmen.

Known Characters


  • According to one of Maruyama's tweets, more than just one "Beastman Country" alone exist in the New World. Because of that, there are several countries of beastman just like there are several human countries. The Beastman Country originated outside of the mainland continent. Moreover, the country of beastman attacking the Dragon Kingdom is different from the country of beastman in the center the continent.[3]
  • In the Bonus Novel, Bets Ku Proun mentioned a Soul Eater attacking a certain country. Given the time of the statement, it can be inferred that the event may have happened at least two hundred years ago.[4]


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