Beastmen (ビーストマン) are a race of demi-humans that bear various beastial traits. 


There are several tribes of Beastmen that make up the Beastman Country, which is an aggressive neighboring state near the Dragon Kingdom. Beastmen from that nation are notorious savages and predators who constantly raid their neighbors for food.



Beastmen are demi-humans that the bear traits of various carnivorous and mammalian animals such as tigers and lions.


If one makes a comparison between a beastman and a human in terms of physical ability, then a Beastman is worth the strength of ten humans. Using the example of an individual adventurer's rating, if a human is rated 3, then a Beastman would be rated 30. Hence, Beastman are estimated to be close to a level 10 monster. However, the gap in strength between Beastmen and humans shrink the higher the level is.


From general testimonies, Beastmen seem to be a vicious race. Beastmen also hold very little regard for human life, seeing them as nothing more than food. Sadly, attempts by the other human nations at negotiations with these demi-humans have been fruitless.   


  • Human fetuses are said to be a delicacy among Beastmen.
  • Treating humans as food is quite common among races such as Beastman.[1]
  • Over one hundred thousand Beastmen were killed by three Soul Eaters when they went rampaging in the Beastman city.[2]
  • In the Web Novel, there is a Beastman Commonwealth that is located in the central continent.[3]



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