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Beast Tamer (魔獣使い) is a job class that originally hailed from YGGDRASIL.


Beast Tamer is the kind of class which involves subjugating monsters to become pets of theirs. After gaining control over monsters, Beast Tamers can then issued commands for a monster to follow through as their master. Beast Tamers did not fight foes on their own but worked alongside a group of monsters they tamed.[1]

Known Beast Tamers

Known Classes

  • Beast Tamer
  • High Tamer

Abilities and Powers

In exchange for their own battle power, Beast Tamers gained the highest position as the leader of a pack.[2] Among the hundreds of monsters controlled and led by Beast Tamers, the highest level was said to be 80. However, with the support of Beast Tamer skills, they could increase their level to 90 or so.

Among the skills a Beast Tamer possess, there were also certain passive skills that had buffing and debuffing effects. These abilities acted through the Beast Tamer's breath and had a radius of several meters, some even up to ten meters. With the effect of certain skills, that radius could be enlarged to unbelievable proportions.[3]


  • Breath Composition (ranged): It's a mind-affecting skill that a Beast Tamer can be used to induce terror onto a target.


  • Breath Composition (not an official name): The breath a Beast Tamer exhales is capable of controlling others' emotions in its range. The composition of such breath they choose decides its effect.



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