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Battle of the Great Wall was the start of the invasion of the Roble Holy Kingdom by the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his Demi-Human Alliance. It was also the second largest breach of the Great Wall in the history of the Roble Holy Kingdom.


Demiurge having designs on the Holy Kingdom to further Ainz Ooal Gown's goal for world domination, used his identity as the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth to conquer the neighboring Abelion Hills. Using his might and demons, the Floor Guardian subjugated the warring demi-human tribes in the region either through fear or coercion, turning them into his slaves to use for fighting against the humans. Under Jaldabaoth's leadership, the tribes now united were then given a mission by the Demon Emperor to launch an attack on the human kingdom.

The attack on the Great Wall happened just after sundown. The demi-humans using the cover of darkness marched their armies towards the fortress line from the western foothills. The demi-humans were eventually sighted by the defenders who are manning the section of the wall at the central fortress. The demi-humans stood about four-hundred meters away from the Great Wall. There the commanding officers at the fortress, among which were two of the Nine Colors: Pabel Baraja and Orlando Campano, readied their men for battle. Initially only sighting snakemen, the soldiers on the wall soon realized that the demi-humans forces were composed of not just snakemen, but also from twenty different races as well. Thinking it was the start of a big invasion and possibly the start of a second great war in the Kingdom, the officers at the wall also came to a sudden realization as the purpose of why the demi-humans revealed themselves. It was assumed that the demi-humans were being overconfident at believing they could overwhelm the fortress which contained at least twenty percent of the kingdom's military strength.


While the demi-humans formed before the Great Wall, a lone figure stepped forward out of the formation. While some of Pabel's men believe the figure to be commander and wished to shoot him from afar, Pabel delayed the action until the he gave the signal. The figure approached the wall until he was fifty meters out from his forces. The commander of the fortress, one of the five generals of the Holy Kingdom, called out to the entity to halt his advance. The being then introduced himself as Jaldabaoth. The name was quite familiar to the men at the wall, as news of Jaldabaoth's attack on the faraway Re-Estize Kingdom's Royal Capital reached them.

The general and soldiers came to understand that the demon sought to target their nation after his failure in the Re-Estize Kingdom. The Demon Emperor admitted that he came to them as he was driven out by a fearsome human warrior. The demon happily declared that he intended to turn their nation into a living hell for the millions of inhabitants that dwelled within. The general and soldiers were not impressed by the declaration, holding firm that their first line of defense would protect the people. Seeing that talks were over, Jaldabaoth promised to never accept a surrender from the likes of them and invited them to entertain him. Archers within Pabel's unit then made their move and loosed fifty one enchanted arrows at the Demon Emperor. The magically imbued arrows of lightning, divine, ice, flame and acid all struck the demon who did not deviate from his position in the slightest. The target's lack of movement confused the archers briefly, but before they could launch a second volley, Jaldabaoth decide to demonstrate his power with a 10th tier spell [Meteor Fall].

From above a gigantic heated rock approached the fortress at an unavoidable speed, cutting through the sky hitting the wall. The shockwave from the meteor shattered the wall. Jaldabaoth after dusting himself planned to follow-up with an attack to cause more confusion from the human side, allowing the demi-human's assault to become a complete rout. There was counterattack by the surviving soldiers as the human forces were desperately trying to regroup and collect information. Meanwhile, the Demon Emperor seeing that the humans were in disarray then turned to walk back to his slaves. He became distracted when one of the survivors, Orlando Campano, from the remaining intact walls jumped down to fight Jaldabaoth in revenge of his friend and rival's death. Despite Orlando drawing his weapons before him, Jaldabaoth regarded him as nothing more than a mere worm and casually used his mind control to order Orlando to stab himself in the throat. The man dying from his own self-inflicted injury was dragged by the demon back to his armies as a souvenir.

Among the gathered tribal representatives, Jaldabaoth used that moment to instill fear among them towards him, but savagely ripping the skin off one of the representatives reminding them not to be tardy. Afterwards, the merciless demon orders the remaining forces to begin the attack and not to sustain that many losses. After receiving his orders, the tribal representatives dispersed to relay their orders. Jaldabaoth then began his next step and summoned a vast quantity of his demons to support the demi-humans in their efforts. He also gave them instructions to limit their pursuit of humans, but focus on making sure not one fled the ruins of the fortress alive.


News of the Demi-Human Alliance crushing the strongest central fortress and its soldiers and subsequently crossing the wall had begun spreading throughout the Holy Kingdom. Hearing this Holy Queen Calca Bessarez issued a general mobilization order to the entire nation with both the Northern and Southern Holy Kingdoms forming into two armies to combat the threat of the invasion.[1]


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