Battle of Love (愛・決戦) by Yumiya (ゆみや) is the thirteenth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.

Summary Edit

Shalltear finds a love potion which she intends to use on Ainz Ooal Gown. Her plan is discovered by Albedo and the two begin to fight over the item. The potion slips from Shalltear's grasp, breaking the bottle and releasing the potion as a gas. The women are exposed by its effects and start desiring each other. They they proceed to fight over a chest full of potions. Ainz enters the room and interrupts them causing the potions to spill out. Ainz is unaffected by the love potions and thet two women interpret that it means Ainz was already in love with them.

Ainz recognizes the potions to be items given out on a Valentine's Day Event. Apparently the potion only creates smoke and the effects that the two Floor Guardians felt were merely a placebo effect, much to Sebas Tian's relief as he had been monitoring the situation.

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Chapter Notes Edit

  • The love potions in the chapter were said to have been collected by Peroroncino.
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