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Battle at the Re-Estize Plains was a battle in the war between the Sorcerer Kingdom and the Re-Estize Kingdom, taking place at the plains near the Royal Capital.


During the war between the Sorcerer Kingdom and the Re-Estize Kingdom, the former violated the agreed starting date for the conflict by prematurely conquering the latter's northern and eastern regions in secret. This was to isolate the Re-Estize capital and cut the nation off from its allies. Although the encirclement remained incomplete after the Battle of E-Naüru, Sorcerer King Ainz decided they had conquered enough land and diverted focus to capturing the capital. Thus, the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces began marching on the city, laying waste to every town in their path.

After learning of the invasion and seizing control of the Re-Estize Kingdom's government, King Regent Zanac issued a call-to-arms to defend the city. Unfortunately, many nobles were already convinced that this conflict as lost and opted to just surrender once the capital had fallen. As a result, only the nobles in the Sorcerer Kingdom's army's path actually answered the King's call.

Upon learning that the Sorcerer Kingdom was approaching, citizens of the Royal Capital had two options: flee or stay. Unfortunately, many commoners had nowhere to go and thus chose to stay. Not long after this, though, the Royal Army began recruiting all able-bodied men in the city into its ranks to bolster its forces. Despite being forcefully drafted, many still sought revenge against the Sorcerer Kingdom for the events of the last Annual War and were happy to join. Afterward, the army moved out to confront the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces.

In light of the Sorcerer Kingdom's war crimes, the Adventurer's Guild dropped its non-interventionist policy and allowed its member to aid the Kingdom. Many chose to do just that, with some joining to Royal Army to confront the Sorcerer Kingdom while others prepared to make their last stand at the capital.

The Royal Army established a front on the plains about half a day’s march away from the capital. However, when the 400,000 strong Royal Army actually laid eyes on the Sorcerer Kingdom's force of 10,000 high-ranking undead many nobles immediate saw that this battle was lost. They thus opted to assassinate King Regent Zanac in a final attempt to appease the Sorcerer King and avoid conflict. However, the monarch was disgusted by their treason and, after disposing of the nobles, resolved to massacre all the Kingdom's territories that they hadn't threatened into defecting; starting with the army in front of him.


The exact details of the battle are unknown. However, with Cocytus commanding the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces alongside Mare as his sub-commander, the Royal Army was wiped out in less than an hour.[1]


With the Royal Army gone and King Regent, Zanac and the remaining nobles eliminated, the Sorcerer Kingdom marched forward to the capital practically unopposed.

The destruction of the Royal Army forced Tsaindorcus Vaision of the Argland Council State to intervene, with the intent on assassinating Ainz Ooal Gown and ceasing the rise of the Sorcerer Kingdom at its infancy.


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