Basilisk (バジリスク) is a snake-like monster in the New World.

Background Edit

Basilisks are feared monsters and near impossible to defeat for typical New World adventurers due to their powerful racial abilities. Basilisks are classified into different variants based on their size classes.


Basilisk is a serpentine monster with eight legs on each side of its body. The head is adorned with huge crown-like horns and covered in scales that are green on the upper body and pale yellow in the lower belly. It resembles a monstrous hybrid between a snake and lizard.


  • Petrifying Gaze
  • Toxic Venom[1]


  • A Gigant Basilisk appears in CD Drama 2, where it fought against Momon and was killed.[2]
  • The Gigant Basilisk is referenced during Climb's conversation with Evileye and Gagaran regarding the feats of Darkness.[3]
  • The name Basilisk comes from the Greek Basileus, which means King.


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