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Baron Montserrat was the unnamed, former head of the Montserrat family. His position though has since been taken by his youngest son Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat.


The baron was described to have an anemic face, but can easily redden when infuriated.


A serious individual, concern with the realistic methods in preserving his household. He appears to also hold a grudge, as he had not forgotten that the Sorcerer King was responsible for the death of his oldest son.

Due to his third son's incompetence and unfounded arrogance, the former baron was stated to have suffered near constant stress because of how his youngest son constantly doing foolish/stupid actions and ideas that were detrimental to their domain and his willful rejection of whatever advice he would give him. All because of that, it eventually caused him to give up on helping his son any further due to him basically deeming whatever competent advice he gives him as "stupid".

Later during his last minutes in life, the former baron was shown to have become completely vengeful towards his third son due to him essentially sparking their homelands Downfall. Before his death, he spitefully requested to his executioner to subject him to the same pain and suffering he brought upon their countrymen to him in a last attempt at vengeance to his foolish son.


The senior Montserrat was a baron of small demesne in the Re-Estize Kingdom. At one point he fathered three sons, among them, was Philip being the youngest. His second son had died of illness, allowing Philip to take his place as the family’s spare.


The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc[]

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

The head of the family, having lost his eldest son during the Annual War, elevated his youngest Philip to be his successor.

To help his son make his debut as a noble, he managed to gain an invitation for a party hosted by the Royal family. He allowed Philip to attend the royal party to welcome the envoy, Albedo.

When his son returned back to his estate, he was furious at Philip’s actions in befriending an emissary from the Sorcerer Kingdom. He scolds him for trying to befriend the kingdom that killed his older brother rather than deepening his relationship with the Count and other nobles. Philip refutes his father that the Sorcerer Kingdom is a powerful ally and doesn't want to draw their domain into a mess. His worries are not placated when Philip assures his father that he was recognized by the Count. He also feels even more unsure when he learns about his son’s support from Hilma Cygnaeus to host a ball for Albedo.[1]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Philip eventually succeeded his father as a baron of the family territory. After gaining his newfound power, Philip wanted to fire those who had been under his family’s employ for a long time and just keep his subordinates at hand, his father’s fervent rejection of that proposal made him give up.[2]

The fate of the former baron is later revealed towards the end of the war with the Sorcerer Kingdom. Everyone in his entire fief was impaled at the stake by Albedo. Before he died he requested Albedo to do an equivalent unto his son to all the torture and suffering he and his people suffered due to his actions. [3]

Abilities and Powers[]

A minor noble, the patriarchy of the family was subordinate to a Count. He once owned a suit of full plate armor passed down from his ancestors. It was given to his eldest son for the Annual Wars but was lost during the Massacre at Katze Plains.

Despite never having risen through the ranks of the Re-Estize Kingdom, the former baron Montserrat was shown to have been a fairly competent nobleman when handling his domain. This is shown during his attempts to advise and help his youngest son, Philip, after his former position was given to him, where he gave fairly good suggestions and advice to his son of how to carefully maintain their domain. He was shown to possess enough wisdom and insight to know how Philip's "genius" suggestions and ideas would in fact cause severe damage to their lands if allowed.


Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat[]

Philip’s father had no faith in his abilities at all. He felt that if he had tried to introduce himself to the other members of his faction in the normal manner, he would mess something up.

During the course of his son's ascendance into his former position as Baron, the former Baron Monsterrat is shown to constantly try to advise and help his son with his new duties as Baron and teach him how to properly managed their domain. But due to Philip's immense ego, arrogance and willful rejection of his father's competent advice, Baron Montserrat is shown to have completely given up in helping him. In fact, his last moments were spend on requesting to Albedo to have his son suffer for his stupidity in dragging their nation to its downfall.


During the Massacre at Domain Montserrat, Albedo brutally killed Baron Montserrat by impaling him at the stake. However, realizing the reason for her anger were Philip's foolish actions that led to war between their countries, rather than curse her, he baron instead requested her to give his son the same pain as his countrymen, a request that the demon, despite having no reason to, accepted.



  • (To his son): "You, you idiot!"
  • (Baron Montserrat final request to Albedo): "Let that idiot taste everybody's pain."


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