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Barghests (悪霊犬 (バーゲスト) ) are magical hound creatures that live in Great Forest of Tob.


Barghests have the appearance that resembled black wolves, with two horns that spring out of their head and a chain that is wrapped around their bodies.


Barghests have a very good and sensitive sense of smell and likes to hunt and toy with its prey before devouring it. It also has a its superior intellect when compared to regular beasts and it has certain magical special abilities. As a magical beast, it has certain magic abilities but the amount of abilities it could use would depend on the strength of the creature.

  • Chain Cyclone


  • Several Barghests came under control of The Giant of East who carried out attacks on other inhabitants of Tob Forest.
  • Myths of Barghests originate from Yorkshire and are described as great black dogs that prey on lone travelers.
  • There exists a variant called a Greater Barghest which is said to have more special abilities than regular ones.[1]


  1. Overlord Volume 08 Side Story 1: Enri's Upheaval and Hectic Days


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