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Bard (吟遊詩人) is a job class originating from YGGDRASIL. Bards are rather widespread throughout the New World, speaking different tales in various places like villages, etc.


In the New World, bards are described as storytellers who sing songs of sagas centered around heroic people, ancient places, and other things from the far-off past. A notable instance of this was when a Worker noted that there are bards who commonly sing of the Sasasharu Ruins all the time.[1] In the web novel, it is not considered strange for bards to spread tales of heroic-level people who are capable of using 5th tier magic, including Suveria Myronsilk, Pontiff of the Slane Theocracy, and Evileye.[2]

Bards often sought stories from further afield, but they were not too concerned with its accuracy or legitimacy, so long as it's interesting to them. Bards considered storytelling to be a job and they would eagerly tell the tale if paid for it. While bards had their own guilds, their management was not nearly as strict as those of traders' guilds. Nonetheless, some of them managed to upheld strict rules, though experienced wanderers who were higher-level bards from faraway lands typically had an easier time in the guilds.[3]

Among the heroic sagas spoken by the bards, there was one about a hero who once used a spell which made people conclude that it's supposed to be impossible even with the magic of 7th tier or higher. There were other tales recalled by Evileye that emphasize a knight in shining armor rescuing the princess from dangers. She notes that the knight would carry the frail maiden in his arms while doing battle. In her case, Evileye felt that she had a similar role as a princess from that tale thanks to Momon saving her.[4]

Along the way, there were even bards who sang songs about the horrific tale of a man who murdered his wife based on false information.[5] Moreover, they are considered the cause for various rumors to be known such as their infamous comparison of the relationship between Ogres and Sea Giants to that of a monkey and a human.[6]

However, someone belonging to the Six Great Nobles, stated that the bards exaggerate the facts to fuel interest. After exaggerating the facts, the stories are well-removed from reality. This is only made worse as bards spin tales gleaned from other bards, given that oral traditions are prone to distortion.[7]

Known Bards

Known Bard Groups

Abilities and Powers

By YGGDRASIL standard, in order to sing during the midst of battle, one must accumulate class levels as a Bard.[8] The logic behind the translation of song lyrics was murkier and can be sung badly by the bard. An unskilled singer’s words would sound like meaningless, broken nonsense.

The performer’s skill was not the only criteria either. The audience which the bard is singing to also needed a certain degree of culture and understanding about the song. According to Keno Fasris Invern, being able to accurately understand a song was a mark of social status in the upper crust, and there were actually specialized classes such as Bards for such things.

Bards are magicians as well as magic casters who used performances with musical instruments to produce potent magical effects.[9] To carry out these effects, bards tend to make use of the music and songs they sing as the source of their magical power.

On the other hand, they can even build their own instruments with various materials like the wood of apple trees.[10]


  • Spellsong: According to Freivald, it is some sort of skill used only by bards. The use of this skill differs from user to user and can be performed with various instruments.[11]


  • The adamantite adventurer group known as Silver Thread Bird is led by a heroic bard.
  • Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix mistakenly thought Demiurge was a bard due to the way he uses his power.
  • There are fey creatures like Lorelei with a similar ability to that of a bard.
  • Baharuth Empire's Singing Apple Pavilion was said to have started with the gathering of bards.[12]
  • Evileye did not believe in the folktales spread by bards were true until meeting Momon.
  • Igvarge made it his dream to become a hero after hearing the saga of the Thirteen Heroes in his youth from a bard in his home village.[13]
  • Shalltear Bloodfallen mistakenly believes Bukubukuchagama to have powers similar to a bard due to her job in real life.[14]
  • In Renner's character sheet, it was said that there were bards who rushed to sing about the Golden Princess, stories praising her beauty numbered as many as the stars.[15]
  • Between the two of them, traders were better for accurate information, but in terms of general topics bards came out on top.
  • During his time as the adventurer Momon, Pandora's Actor had once heard through the bards’ songs, the heroic tale of the Thirteen Heroes about one of the legendary figures wearing an armor forged in platinum by the name, Riku Aganeia.[16]
  • In Mass for the Dead, it is mentioned that there is a Bard's Guild.[17]
  • According to a bard that Pandora's Actor met, while as Momon, he has a talented singing voice.[18]


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