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Baniara (ブリタ) is an adventurer from the Re-Estize Kingdom.


A woman that could not be older than 20. Her red hair was cut short for ease of movement, but was not evenly cut making it look like a bird’s nest. Her face was decent, but her eyes were sharp. She wore leather armor that had a thin strap of metal attached, a thumbtack was hammered to it. Because she had no money or because it would not hamper her movement, a large iron plate was stuck. And a sword hung from her waist. Rather than a woman, she was built as a warrior, and while there was a bit of fat under the skin, most was muscle. Her abdominals were completely split into six.


A toughened adventurer, Baniara admired heroes. But was overcame with the feeling of bitterness when a monster destroyed her village. Since then she believed that if a hero was there her village might have been saved.


When she was younger her happiness lied in listening to fairytales of heroes defeating dragons and saving people and towns. That was her happiness when she was younger. Probably due to her then alive mother reading them to her at bedtime. However, her home was destroyed when a monster attacked, scarring her.


Overlord First Half Arc[]

Main article: Overlord First Half Arc

Narberal Gamma(under the guise of Momon), having been inducted into the Adventurer's Guild, booked a room at a local inn(with another tenant). Baniara(her tenant) was removing her armor. She ignores her(despite her appearing by the guise of Momon) and continues to undress while she watched. After Momon noticed the bruising on her body he gave her a potion to use, as the herbal potion offended his sense of smell. She accepted the potion and found it to be delicious despite being medicinal.[1]

The next day she approached Momon again to not only thank him, but also to purchase a potion from him. Since the agent from Nazarick was not strapped for cash, he decided to give it to her for free to gain some goodwill. After they parted ways, Baniara's good mood was noticed by the Innkeeper who was curious. Using a free meal, he managed to get the reason why she was happy as she received a new potion for free. Hearing its effects, she tells him that the potion could be actually worth thirty gold piece giving her more the reason to celebrate. Though he cautions her on its value and suggests that she take it to an appraiser to make sure that it's genuine. She then wonders on Momon's identity.[2]

During a mission with her teammates, to track some bandits, she encounters Shalltear Bloodfallen. Despite their magical countermeasures all of her friends are slaughtered. However, Baniara manages to fend off the vampire using her potion which injured her. Shalltear halted her attack and interrogated the adventurer using hypnosis. After Shalltear learns that her colleague, Momon, gave her the potion, she is spared. The adventurer is left with the remaining captive women that the bandits had captured.[3]

Upon returning to E-rantel, Baniara gave her report of what she could remember and the potion given to her by Momon. The information attract the attention of the city's leaders calling an inquiry to Momon.[4] When Baniara saw Momon again she gave her gratitude to him for he indirectly saved her life considering him as a hero. While Momon was a bit flustered by the praise, he thought she did good as well and she survived and saved lives like a hero as well.[5]

Her affections for Momon however have made her enemies of other women like Fei Bareare and Ishpen Ronble.[6]

Abilities and Powers[]

A low ranked adventurer that is a fighter and ranger.[7][8]

Main Equipment[]



Baniara thought he was just like other men, but she was surprised when he was nonchalant when he saw her naked. She thought he was a higher rank adventurer than him and was intrigued by his generosity. After his token saved her life she became interested in him romantically.


An acquaintance of Baniara's and also her landlord but has an eye for information.


  • In the Light Novel, after encountering Shalltear, Brita quits being an adventurer and moves to Carne Village.


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