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Baharuth Empire (バハルス帝国) is a human nation in the New World and one of the three nations neighboring Nazarick. Once one of the strongest nations in the region, they willingly became a vassal to the Sorcerer Kingdom upon witnessing the latter's overwhelming military strength compared to their own.


Overlord II EP01 088

The Empire's geographical location

The Baharuth Empire, colloquially referred to as "The Empire," is located east of the Azerlisia Mountains, northeast of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. It was one of the nations founded after the defeat of the Evil Deities over 200 years ago.[1] Three generations ago, the Empire was a feudal state, like the Re-Estize Kingdom, until the current Emperor established an absolute monarchy by purging much of the nobility. Each Emperor was also noted to be a talented ruler, with each new emperor building upon the last.[2]

In the Web Novel, the Empire boasted a population of over eight million people.[3] The overall literacy rate for citizens living in the Empire is fairly high.[4]

Bloody Emperor

Following the death of the previous Emperor, a violent power struggle took place for the Empire's throne. In the end, it landed in the hands of Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix, the son of the late Emperor and one of the Empire's Great Nobles. It is also believed that the noblewoman poisoned the late Emperor so her son could take the throne. However, in an ironic twist of fate, the teenage Emperor ordered the deaths of his entire family, including his mother, alongside any noble he saw as a threat in order to secure his rule. The purge was executed so skillfully that the Empire's national power was barely affected, though the excessive violence earned the new ruler the epithet of "Bloody Emperor."

Overlord III EP06 088

The Furt Family after having their nobility status revoked

Following the initial purge, the Emperor went on to revoke the status of any nobles he saw as incompetent and replaced them with whomever he deemed more capable, effectively giving commoners a chance to rise in status. On the other hand, those who proved themselves loyal were spared, though they were kept on a short leash.[5] Ultimately, despite the violent first few years of his reign, the young Emperor would prove himself to be a very skilled ruler and the Empire grew prosperous.[6]

Annual Wars

In order to create a great Empire that could survive the test of time, Emperor Jircniv set out to conquer the neighboring Re-Estize Kingdom. To do so, he reformed the Empire's military, adopting a career soldier system that, while smaller than the Kingdom's army of drafties, is better trained and equipped as well as more cost-effective and easier to mobilize.

The Empire did not declare all-out war on the Kingdom, however, and instead the two nations merely engaged in small skirmishes at the Katze Plains every year.[7] On the other hand, the Empire never committed its full military to the endeavor. This is so that they could slowly dwindle the Kingdom of its national strength as time went on while waiting for an opportunity to launch a full-scale invasion and conquer the Kingdom with minimal losses.[8] Some Kingdom nobles were even secretly in league with the Empire by leaking information.[9]


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Momonga first learns of the Baharuth Empire and the nation's annual skirmishes with the Re-Estize Kingdom from the inhabitants of Carne Village.[10]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

According to the Guild receptionist in the Adventurer's Guild of E-Rantel, life had gotten worse for adventurers in the Empire after Emperor Jircniv's ascension. This likely meant that, due to the effectiveness of the Imperial Army, the Empire had no more need for adventurers.[11]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom II

Having learned from spies that a powerful magic caster named Ainz Ooal Gown had appeared in the Re-Estize Kingdom and defeated the Slane Theocracy's Sunlight Scripture, Emperor Jircniv orders Court Magician Fluder to investigate in hopes of turning him into their pawn. The Emperor also wants him to look into the Kingdom's new adamantite-ranked adventurer Group, Darkness.[12]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Though it was time for the Empire's annual war with the Kingdom, the Emperor decides not to invade as the Kingdom was already in a weakened state from the Demonic Disturbance. Instead, he decides to focus the Empire's resources to learn more about the mastermind behind the attack, the Demon known as Jaldabaoth.[13]

Overlord III EP06 024

Learning of Ainz, Emperor Jircniv sends Workers to investigate his base...

After being informed by Fluder that he had found Ainz Ooal Gown's base at a tomb in the Kingdom, the Emperor sends an unofficially sanctioned expedition through a count to hire some Workers and explore the said tomb. This proved to be disastrous for the Workers, who were mercilessly slaughtered by the tomb's inhabitants.[14] The Emperor hopes that news of this would spread and turn the Kingdom against Ainz, thus giving the Kingdom a powerful new enemy and the Empire a powerful new ally. Even if the steps were to be traced back to the Empire, the Emperor planned on using the count as a scapegoat, allowing him to peacefully negotiate with Ainz.

Overlord III EP08 161

...prompting the magic caster to send envoys to the Imperial Palace

However, the Emperor's plan was doomed from the start as Fluder had betrayed the Empire to join Ainz secretly and was in fact ordered by him to send the workers. Ainz later sends two emissaries to the Empire under the pretext of exacting retribution for the invasion.[15]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

According to the Emperor, the earthquake triggered by Mare had claimed the lives of 117 people at most. Among these numbers, 40 had been his royal guards, 60 had been imperial knights, 8 had been arcane magic casters, 8 more had been divine magic casters, and the last was Nazami Enec, one of his Four Imperial Knights.

Overlord III EP09 063

The Empire and Nazarick forge an alliance

After five days since his discussion with the two dark elves, the Emperor is forced to travel to the tomb alongside his guards and apologize. This is done to appease Ainz Ooal Gown's emissaries from Nazarick who threatened to destroy the Empire if he did not comply with their demands.[16] Upon arrival, the Emperor is horrified to learn that Ainz is an undead being and that the tomb is inhabited by all kinds of monsters. Believing that apologizing won't be enough to satisfy Ainz and that he would declare war on the Empire in retaliation for the invasion, in which case the Empire would certainly be destroyed, the Emperor proposes an alliance to help him claim E-Rantel, which Ainz agrees to.

Once the meeting is over, the Emperor decides to publicly acknowledge Nazarick as an independent sovereign state for the time being while secretly planning to form a grand alliance with the Re-Estize Kingdom, Slane Theocracy, Roble Holy Kingdom, and the Argland Council State to destroy the non-human nation. He also deduces that Fluder has betrayed the Empire and begins making plans to have him replaced.[17]

Overlord III EP12 008

The Imperial Army and Sorcerer Kingdom fight together in the Annual War

Several months later, the Empire and the newly founded Sorcerer Kingdom go to war with the Kingdom over E-Rantel. At the Emperor's request, Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown personally fights on the front lines and casts one of his most powerful spells to commence the start of the battle.[18] As a result, Ainz kills off 70,000 of the Kingdom's army upon casting the spell on them. While the spell's power takes effect, the Imperial Army stands by in shock and horror as they witness the summoning of five huge monsters and the massacre which ensues following Ainz's command afterward. When one of the monsters approaches them, the Imperial Knights run for their lives, going as far as to trample over each other to death just to get away from the Dark Young.[19]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc
Overlord IV EP03 114

Ainz sabotages the Empire's attempt at an alliance with the Theocracy

The aftermath of the massacre at the Katze Plains proves to be disastrous not just for the Kingdom, but the Empire as well. On top of the casualties, the Imperial Army is left demoralized, with many wishing to resign and requesting the Emperor to not antagonize the Sorcerer Kingdom. In fact, because the Emperor had requested the Sorcerer King to fight on the front lines, many believe that he knew what would happen and use him as a scapegoat to vent their anger on.

Overlord IV EP04 105

Cornered, the Empire makes a vassalization request to the Sorcerer Kingdom

When the Slane Theocracy sends an envoy to the Empire, the Emperor organizes a secret meeting with them in hopes of forging an alliance against the Sorcerer Kingdom. These hopes are quickly shattered, however, when Ainz arrives unannounced and walks in on the meeting. Believing the Emperor has sold them out, the envoys leaves, leaving the Empire without any allies. The priests who attend the meeting are also greatly upset, causing the Emperor to fear that they will use their influence to organize a revolt. Faced with all of this, the Emperor gives up and requests that Ainz allow the Empire to become the Sorcerer Kingdom's vassal state. Ainz would, however, only accept the offer if it was done officially;[20] thus, a short while later, the Empire sends an official request for vassalization to the Sorcerer Kingdom.[21]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Due to Ainz visiting the Dwarf Kingdom, Albedo and Demiurge are left in charge of the issue of the Empire's vassalization. Together, they write a draft with terms that are mostly favorable towards the Empire.[22]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

During this time, the Empire has been fully assimilated by the Sorcerer Kingdom. Part of the vassalization process calls for the disbandment of two of the Imperial Army's eight legions, with the Sorcerer Kingdom's forces taking over their positions. However, this hardly matters, as many soldiers wished to resign anyway. Much of the Empire's bureaucracy is also taken over, lessening the strain on the Emperor's administration. In the end, the only real demands are to amend the Empire's law and hand over criminals given the death penalty.

After Ainz Ooal Gown fakes his death to see how his followers would react, the Empire catches wind of this news. However, the Emperor and his advisors easily see through the ruse, being completely convinced that there is no one who would actually be able to kill the Sorcerer King.[23]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

In Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself's intel report, it is mentioned the most exported goods from the Sorcerer Kingdom to the Empire in terms of the revenue they generate are primarily undead creatures. Particularly, they are all being managed and used by the Empire in several occupations, such as cargo transportation, military service, menial labor, and so on.[24]

On the other hand, it is revealed by the Sorcerer King that the Empire has been renting quite a lot of Death Cavaliers from the Sorcerer Kingdom.[25]

When the Sorcerer Kingdom declares war on the Re-Estize Kingdom, several other nations' seal respectively are found on the official document, including the Baharuth Empire's. The Kingdom's department of foreign affairs investigates the document sent by the envoy of the Sorcerer Kingdom and concludes that it is indeed the genuine seal of the Baharuth Empire.[26]

The Current Situation of Various People. A Prologue Arc

Main article: The Current Situation of Various People. A Prologue Arc

Recently, the emperor of the Baharuth Empire has received an invitation from the Sorcerer Kingdom to attend a welcoming ceremony for a being know as the Faceless One from the Roble Holy Kingdom. Emperor Jircniv declines to attend under the pretense of stomach pains, and thus orders one of the Four Imperial Knights, Nimble Arc Dale Anoch, to attend as his representative.[27]


The Baharuth Empire is a civilization that is similar in culture to that of the French Baroque era. The citizens of the Empire have a higher standard of living when compared to other human nations, thanks to the numerous reforms made by the current emperor. Limited meritocracy exists, thus allowing commoners to advance on the social ladder through merit rather than heritage.

Additionally, the Empire has a slave reform that grants rights to slaves, but only for humans and not demi-humans. However, the exception of dwarves being exempted from losing their civil rights is due to an economic alliance they uphold.[28] Prior to the restrictive slave-trading policies, thirty years ago, it would have been easy to purchase a slave who would obey any order and who would live and die at a command. Nowadays, slaves are often those who are in urgent need of a lot of money, thus selling themselves in exchange for an upfront payment. 

Nevertheless, even for the slave trade, the empire’s laws still apply, dictating the lease duration and many other terms and conditions. While nothing can stop a master from forcing orders onto his slaves, said master will have to pay their families a compensation fee in the event of severe injuries or death. On top of that, for severe injuries, the master has to notify the relevant agencies and be prepared to incur a hefty penalty in accordance to the reason for injury. The slave trade in the Empire has been declining because of the strict laws, especially when the Bloody Emperor removed several noble houses on the grounds of abusing their slaves.[29]


The Empire's citizens seem to worship the Four Great Gods, along with several minor gods, that preside over mankind.


Based on the Web Novel, in the future, for those who would rise up as supporting pillars for the Empire, the Imperial Magic Academy was made for the sake of not losing people that could elevate the Empire’s overall skill level, it was an institution the Emperor made by consolidating various influences. Basically, where formerly, besides private schools and tutors, the only means to education was self-study, it was decided a new method was to be produced. Though it is called the Institute of Magic, there is not particularly only magic casters alone. The Empire considers magic to be only one field of study. It is a discipline/skill that will become a pillar of the future Empire, and so convenient and inconvenient things are taught together. According to Ninya, the Empire's institutes are focused on producing their arcaners, sorcerers, wizards, and other arcane magic casters. The academy is an educational institution run by the government, so one has to be a citizen of the Empire in order to study there.


Overlord III EP08 151

Imperial Court

Originally, before the purge of the nobility, the administration of the Empire was left to the nobles ― in particular, the Court Council. Seats on the Council were mostly hereditary, but there were instances where bribery was used to acquire a seat.

The entire Empire was held together under a hierarchy of nobles, each with levels of authority. Relatives of the Emperor would be Dukes, and below them were Marquesses, Earls, Viscounts, and finally Barons. A Frontier Earl was equivalent to a Marquis in the Empire. It was the highest rank that a non-blood related noble could reach, excluding marriage. Such a noble had a large private army, a wide and vast territory, and could make their own laws to a limited extent.

After the Bloody Emperor purged the majority of the nobles from power, he was left with a bureaucratic party to administrate and maintain his empire. He adopted many of the social reforms passed by the Golden Princess in Re-Estize, which allowed his country to successfully prosper.

Currently, the Empire is held together by a centralized bureaucracy, divided into various departments, each with their own specialization. With the loss of so many officials, many capable commoners are given the chance to rise in status to alleviate the burden of administration.

Despite the emperor's purge of the nobility, many noble families continue to exist in the Empire since they swore their loyalty to the Emperor. Though their importance in internal politics has somewhat been reduced, the emperor still views them as minor threats. To make sure they never pose a threat to his authority, the emperor annually invokes special taxes upon the remaining noble families during the war with the Kingdom.[30]

Upon the vassalization of the Empire to the Sorcerer Kingdom, however, the internal politics of the Empire's government have rapidly changed. The few remaining nobles who had not pledged full allegiance to the Emperor and his administration have now done so in fear of antagonizing the Sorcerer King, who backs the current government. This, in turn, has led to the internal administration and governing of the nation to become much smoother and less taxing for the Emperor and his bureaucracy, to the point that he can now actually relax more often.

Thanks to the immense power of their sovereign state, the Empire has now also begun to experience a time of peace and increased national security due to now being protected by the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Military Strength

The Baharuth Empire’s knights are referred by the common folk as part of the standing army.[31]

The Empire possesses a strong armed force, which is referred to as the Imperial Army. The Magic Ministry, with its specialty in magic, has spared no expense to patronage from the emperors' past to provide the latest magical technology to the might of the Empire. Imperial soldiers in the Empire are professionally trained and possess the latest magical equipment provided by the Ministry of Magic.[32] The Empire's military assets also include the personal guards under the direct jurisdiction of the Emperor himself, imperial air guards mounted on flying beasts, and even high-level magic casters using flight magic.

  • Royal Air Guard: Aerial warfare branch of the Imperial Army.
  • Royal Earth Guard: Elite knights who are under the direct command of the Emperor.
  • Royal Guard: Knights specially chosen to protect the Imperial Palace.
  • Four Imperial Knights: Four selected knights who act as personal bodyguards of the Emperor.
  • Eight Knight Orders of the Empire: Knights charged with policing the Empire.

After the Empire became a vassal state, the nation's military is being reconstituted under the Sorcerer Kingdom's rule. Particularly, that country's Prime Minister, Albedo, has instructed Jircniv to supplement the Empire’s military manpower with the Sorcerer Kingdom’s undead armies. Meanwhile, Jircniv has chosen to disband two of the Eight Knight Orders, planning to let some of the knights retire early as they are mentally exhausted from the massacre that took place in the Katze Plains.

It has been reported that the Sorcerer Kingdom has loaned the Empire a massive army of the undead. Though the undead are now considered the Empire' trump card, relying on a foreign power’s soldiers to protect the Empire has turned into a hair-raising prospect, especially when protecting the emperor himself. Thus the Undead forces are mostly never seen in the Imperial Capital, though a few are kept in reserve.

Foreign Relations

The Baharuth Empire is the second most advanced human nation. Led by a leader possessing both military acumen and wisdom, the empire is undergoing economic, social, and industrial reconstruction. It was considered to be the envy of other nations, until the Katze Plains Massacre. Now that it has seemingly allied with a nation of non-humans, it has gained the hatred and mistrust of nearly all the surrounding countries.

Sorcerer Kingdom

The Empire is the first nation to develop official relations with the nascent nation. Initially, relations began after the failed infiltration and unintentional invasion by Count Femel's Workers. As it turns out, the discovery of the tomb was all orchestrated by Demiurge and assisted by Fluder Paradyne. This was a way for them to declare to the world that Nazarick is an independent sovereign country.

After the Emperor is forced to give a formal apology to Ainz Ooal Gown, the Sorcerer Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire form an alliance. However, this so-called alliance is only superficial as a way to appease the Sorcerer King, and it appears that the Emperor is attempting to plot against Ainz Ooal Gown. Nevertheless, Jircniv agrees to give Nazarick legitimacy. From this moment forward, he sends forth his support to the neighboring nations with his acknowledgment of Ainz Ooal Gown's claim of territory.

However, the plan to gain support from neighboring nations fails after Ainz accidentally stumbles on the secret meeting being held between the Empire and the Theocracy. With no longer any real support, Jircniv has no other option but to have his nation become a vassal state to the Sorcerer Kingdom in order to both appease Ainz and protect itself from other nations who think the Empire has allied with that country.

Due to the Sorcerer Kingdom giving very few demands, there are surprisingly few people in the Empire who are unhappy about becoming their vassals. While there are quite a few finely-detailed requests, there are only two main demands: To amend a part of the Empire’s law, emphasizing the absolute nature of the Sorcerer King and his confidants, and to hand over all criminals given the death penalty. After a time under the vassalization, the Empire is noted to have become even more prosperous under the Sorcerer Kingdom. With the government now operating much smoother thanks to the Sorcerer King’s firm backing of the emperor and its military, agriculture, and various other industries being reinforced by the Sorcerer Kingdom’s undead workers/soldiers, making them much stronger and more prosperous.

Re-Estize Kingdom

The Re-Estize Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire were in a state of annual war once a year. Though the losses on both sides were minimal, the conflict between the two nations only prolonged due to the fact that the Empire had never fully committed the entirety of their forces to the war. Another important factor of antagonism was the Kingdom's negligence over the continuous production of the addictive drug, Black Dust, which was already influencing the Empire's populace. It was the reason why the Empire even suspected that the Kingdom may have been secretly aiding in its production.[33]

Despite all of this, the Empire wanted the Kingdom to be a part of its alliance against the Sorcerer Kingdom. However, this never came to fruition as a result of the massacre at the Katze Plains and the Empire abandoning the plan after submitting to the Sorcerer Kingdom. After the war with the Sorcerer Kingdom was triggered, the Emperor condemned the Kingdom.

Dwarf Kingdom

The Dwarf Kingdom lies within the Azerlisia Mountains, and, unlike the Re-Estize Kingdom, they enjoy peaceful trade relations with the Baharuth Empire. Due to the lucrative trade relations with the dwarves, the Empire serves to protect the dwarves' civil rights as a pact to their established alliance together. The Empire originally traded heavily with the dwarves for their runecrafts, however, about a hundred years ago, trade in these artifacts had stopped.[34]

Slane Theocracy

The Baharuth Empire is aware of the movements of the Sunlight Scripture, which implies that their nation is monitoring the Slane Theocracy's activity. In addition, the Empire has made many appeals to the Theocracy for its assistance in sharing their teachings on divine magic. However, the Theocracy has yet to make any response back to the Empire's request on the issue.

While trying to form a secret alliance against the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ainz accidentally stumbles unto Jircniv's meeting with the emissary that represents the Theocracy. As a result, the Theocracy misinterprets it as a sign of deception and confirms the Empire has abandoned its morals and has officially cut all ties with them.

Dragon Kingdom

The Dragon Kingdom pays tribute to the Empire in return for military aid in their war against the Beastman Country. The Empire seems to keep its end of the bargain, as the Dragon Kingdom is a necessary buffer between them and the Beastman Country. Despite their mutually beneficial relationship, however, Emperor Jircniv has a personal dislike towards the Dragon Queen, Draudillon Oriculus.

Karsanas City-State Alliance

The City-States, or at least one of its members, the city of Bebard, has amicable relations with the Bloody Emperor through its mayor, as a nation had sent a delegation to the Empire years ago.

Argland Council State

Though not much interaction is shown between the two nations, the Baharuth Empire maintains political dialogue with the Council through its ministry of foreign affairs.

Roble Holy Kingdom

Due to their relative distance from each other, there is not much info regarding the Empire's diplomatic relations with the Holy Kingdom. However, according to Maruyama, Emperor Jircniv looked down on the previous Holy Queen, Calca Bessarez, for her naivete.

Known Characters


  • In terms of magical technology, the Baharuth Empire is considered the second most advanced country behind the Sorcerer Kingdom.
  • There was originally two known adamantite adventurers group in the Empire.[35]
  • The Empire is the first New World nation to become a vassal state of the Sorcerer Kingdom.
  • The knights that protect the Imperial Palace are equivalent to gold class adventurers and are considered elite knights of the Empire.
  • At some point in the past, the Kingdom and the Baharuth Empire were part of the same nation before they separated and became two different nations.[36]
  • Although the Empire wished to take E-Rantel, they were reluctant to do so, considering how close the location of E-Rantel is to the Katze Plains.
  • Unlike the Slane Theocracy and the Re-Estize Kingdom, the Baharuth Empire doesn't have a single person in their nation who can use Resurrection Magic.
  • The Empire usually sent out forty thousand soldiers against the Kingdom during their annual war, however, they can muster sixty-thousand men if they ever need to.
  • The Empire is conducting research on the use of undead laborers in an attempt to redirect manpower to the military. However, the project is facing fierce resistance from the temples, who believe that the project is immoral to their nation's creed. They perceive the project as a threat of spawning so many undead in one place, which may also cause stronger ones to spawn like the Death Knight from five years ago in the Katze Plains. Many laborers are also against the project due to practical reasons, such as job security.[37]


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