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Bafolk (バフォルク) are a subrace of the Beastman race, one of the Demi-Human races of the New World.


Bafolk looks like bipedal goats, wearing chain shirts and typically carrying large spears.


Bafolk are a demi-human species that live in mountainous regions.

They were one of many races that Jaldabaoth enslaved as part of his demi-human coalition to attack the Roble Holy Kingdom


Bafolk legs are every bit as capable as a mountain goat, making them fearsome warriors who could scale even city walls if they had so much as the slightest bump or depression on their surface. The spears Bafolk are equipped with, are long enough that they could stab people passing underneath prison camp watchtowers from above.

Bafolk fur tangled on slashing swords and steadily blunted their edges, so after killing one, it was important to clear the fur off the blade.


Bafolk have their own calendar system that differs from the human calendar based on horns. They tend to live in tribes and war with one another, at least that was the case until Buser came along and united all of the Bafolk Tribes under his leadership.

Known Bafolk


  • Despite being herbivorous based creatures, Bafolk are also carnivores in nature.
  • Bafolks are the first known monsters to use human hostages as meat shields to protect themselves from enemy humans.
  • There are some Bafolk that are classified as berserkers, that are immune to terror-inducing abilities such as those of High Wraiths.[1]


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