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Azuth Aindra (アズス・アインドラ) is a noble of the Re-Estize Kingdom and an adamantite-ranked adventurer of Red Drop. He is also the uncle of Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra. After the Kingdom collapsed, he was given amnesty within the Argland Council State.


Azuth is presumably middle-aged, with handsome features and an athletic build. He has long blonde hair, which is mostly trimmed back, with streaks framing his face, his right streak is dyed red, and displays a long braid tied behind his left ear. He also sports a dark goatee, also braided.


According to Lakyus, Azuth was the type to act all honest and upstanding when meeting someone for the first time. She even said he was also the type to spout corny lines. Azuth was also the kind of person who dislikes the proper etiquette of being called by his full name. Even when he was under the presence of people more powerful than him, he was not the least bit afraid of provoking them regardless as noted by Lakyus.

Azuth is also an eccentric womanizer and did very little to hide his hedonistic mindset, as seen where he possessed little to no shame at openly inviting his niece and her teammates into a room while he was sexually fondling two half-naked escorts. With Azuth deeming his own behavior to be "normal" despite his niece's repeatedly saying otherwise.

Despite his quirks, he genuinely loves his family and cares for their well-being as he tried to convince them to flee before the Sorcerer King’s forces reaches the Capital.


Azuth was born to the House of Aindra, a family known to produce skilled adventurers and is a descendant of a member of the Thirteen Heroes. Presumably bored of his life as noble, he left the family and set out to become an adventurer. During his travels he discovered a Powered Suit, a powerful item from YGGDRASIL that gave him power far superior to any normal Adventurer could achieve, and with it Azuth became a member of the Kingdom's adamantite adventurer group, Red Drop. At some point, he received a knighthood.

Azuth eventually left the group and went into retirement. He also gave up his title as a noble, though he remains an honorary knight. While in retirement, he shared tales about his adventures with his niece, Lakyus, which inspired her to become an adamantite-ranked adventurer herself in her own right.[1]


The Men in the Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom I and The Men in the Kingdom II Arc

Azuth is mentioned when Gazef asks Climb which Aindra is meeting with Princess Renner.[2] During the Demonic Disturbance, Lakyus had managed to make contact with him and his team, however since they were in a secret mission in the Argland Council State, they were unable to reach them in time to help.

While Lakyus fights off the demons, she began pondering who was it that said she should be using her head for better things, thinking it was either Evileye or her uncle Azuth.[3]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc[]

Main article: The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

Azuth appeared at E-Naeurl where he saved Scama Elbero and her team from a Death Knight and Death Warrior at the Battle of E-Naeurl. Using his Armor of Reinforcement he easily dispatched the undead. After giving Four Armaments a salute, he flew from the battlefield.[4]

Azuth later reappeared in the royal capital and attempted to convince his brother to escape the Kingdom. His brother refused to heed his warning but allowed his son to be placed under Azuth's care. Azuth then ordered his team to transport his nephew to the Council State while he remained behind in the Kingdom as he was called to a secret meeting along with his niece and Blue Roses.

He was already waiting at the predetermined inn fooling around with two escort women, by the time Blue Roses arrived. After Evileye used her abilities to get the escorts to leave, Azuth though disappointed that his fun was over offered Blue Roses to use the escape route he planned in the event of the Kingdom's demise. The adventurers refused intending to stay and fight, which Azuth believed was hopeless against the Sorcerer King after taking into careful consideration the various rumors surrounding that undead entity. Hence, he refused his niece's offer to join their fight against the Sorcerer King, advising her that the Sorcerer King was not an opponent mere humans like them should face off against but by other fellow monsters like it. He and the members of Blue Roses were then greeted by the arrival of the party who were called and joined late to the meeting.

Led by a strange man and three compatriots, the identities of their mysterious hosts were revealed to be not just from the Slane Theocracy, but members of its elite unit, the Black Scripture. He demanded and asked the mysterious group about what country of their origin do they hailed from to which the 11th Seat of the Black Scripture responded but was stopped by her colleague, the 12th Seat. After seeing how the 5th Seat of the Black Scripture tries to cover up their place of origin with an apology for interrupting what the former's colleague had to say, Azuth calls them out by stating that they're from the Slane Theocracy much to Blue Roses' shock. Azuth then went on to request the members of the Black Scripture on working together alongside the members of Blue Roses to fight the Sorcerer King to which the latter representative who is the 5th Seat rejected. Seeing that the 5th Seat is dodging his question with a scapegoat answer to be part of the higher-up's orders, he decided to still go out of his way and ask for their opinion anyways.

Before the Black Scripture head their separate ways from the adamantite adventurers, he questions the 5th Seat about whether Rufus is doing okay in the Theocracy much to his confusion. He egged the Black Scripture members further by inquiring the etiquette way of how they normally address an undead like Rufus as their lord.

Upon questioning them in that manner, he immediately received hostility by all four members of the Black Scripture present until they all eventually left the meeting afterward. After they were gone for good, he was scolded by his niece for attempting to provoke the Black Scripture. If not for the 5th Seat stopping his other Black Scripture members, Azuth believes that he would have probably been dead by now.

Shortly later, he was then asked by her what his plans are next since their meeting was now over and done with. Azuth revealed to her that he plans to wait around until the Sorcerer King’s army made its way to the capital. He noted how there was already a plan to send soldiers to the neighboring territories to take formations while seeing the possibility of them having a chance at victory was zero to none. He told Lakyus and the other members of Blue Roses that the Sorcerer King and his lackeys will come to the Re-Estize city sooner or later.

He suggests the adventurer group to run away instead while they still can for the sake of their own safety as Lakyus and her companions are not strong enough to trade blows with that undead. Caring for his niece's well-being, Azuth reiterated everything he had said before once more to emphasize that the Sorcerer King's power is not something to be trifle with and that they should run away. He told Evileye that even if the Sorcerer King occupies Re-Estize, he alone will be able to still escape alive. As they part ways, he went to the other room where his ladies are at after they were drove off by Evileye to work his hips.[5]

At some point in time, Azuth had been assigned the mission to draw Albedo away as far as possible from the barrier cast by Platinum Dragon Lord. Azuth had to carry out the battle plan discussed to him by Tsa along with how the appropriate level of alertness for him should be against the Sorcerer King’s invasion. In addition to that, he was informed the likely outcomes of the invasion with the Dragon Lord in detail. He was meant to be the decoy or bait for the Sorcerer Kingdom's Prime Minister while Tsa hurriedly proceed to fight Ainz to the death.

When it was time to carry out the plan, Azuth in his Powered Suit, went to engage the Sorcerer Kingdom's army laying in wait before the Kingdom's forces a day's march from the capital. The Sorcerer King and his allies noticed him ordered their Death Knights to take defensive positions around Ainz and Albedo. Azuth used his suit's power to destroy ten of Ainz's Death Knights. Both Albedo and her liege were unscathed, but the adventurer launched another attack engulfing them with a [Firestorm] spell which did some damage to the undead. Ainz having enough of the interloper ordered Albedo to capture him. Albedo in her Hermes Trismegistus complied and took to the air. Before she could land a blow on Azuth's armor, the adventurer changed course and headed northwards and away from the encampments. Albedo pursued him in the sky, and even though he had the advantage in drawing out the distance between them, she eventually caught up. Azuth then proceeded to aim his weapon at her and sent a stream of bullets flying at her. Much to his surprise, Albedo tanked the shots with little effort. Azuth then put away his firearms and casted a green beam of energy at her that had no effect on her (Albedo commented that it seemed to be an instant death spell). Albedo then proceeds to punch Azuth in the air, knocking him down. The two ended up insulting each other after that.

Azuth managed to survive his encounter with Albedo through unknown means and met Tsaindorcus Vaision at their predetermined location. Azuth admits to the Dragon Lord that he had to use the full arsenal of the Powered Suit and created as much distance as possible between himself and Albedo to barely even hang on to dear life. The adventurer apologized to the Dragon Lord for his own inability to keep Albedo at bay for long to allow Tsa the chance to slay the Sorcerer King. Agreeing that their plan had failed and the Kingdom's destruction was inevitable, the two retreated from the area via [World Teleportation] to the Council State. He was also informed by Tsa to keep using the latter's fake name Riku Aganeia to the Sorcerer King so that the enemy wouldn't find out about the Dragon Lord's true identity. While so, he made a promise with Tsa to once more assist him in dealing similar situations if it arises again. Particularly, he plans to work together with Tsa in taking down the Sorcerer King whenever the opportunity presents itself where Ainz is not by Albedo's side. At the same time, Azuth harbors doubt whether he can escape a second death battle with Albedo next time around.[6]

Abilities and Powers[]

Though officially an adamantite-rank adventurer, he is actually far weaker than the rest of his peers in terms of pure strength as his actual peak cap is around orichalcum-rank.[7] His actual power directly more comes from using the YGGDRASIL item, the Powered Suit, that he owns in order to defeat stronger opponents with his entire class and skills focused on using it.

Job Classes[]

Main Equipment[]


Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra[]

Azuth is presumably close with his niece as he recount tales of his many adventures to her when she was young, which served as her inspiration to become an adventurer in her own right.

While Laykus admiring and respecting her uncle as an adventurer, she is greatly embarrassed by her uncle's luscious tendencies and perverted/sexually exacerbated lifestyle due to her own pious beliefs as a priestess, causing her to constantly berate him due to his apparent shamelessness in openly having sexual relationships with escorts right in front of her and his own deeming that this behavior was "normal."

However despite these eccentrics when interacting with his niece, Azuth was noted to genuinely love and care for her, as seen where he offered Laykus and her teammates the chance to escape the Kingdom in order to avoid the Sorcerer Kingdom's onslaught of annihilation.

Unnamed Nephew[]

Although their exact relationship is unknown, Azuth was shown to have a positive enough relationship with his brother's son in order to help him escape from the Re-Estize Kingdom at his brother’s request after the Sorcerer Kingdom declared full blown war on their homeland to the safety of the Argland Council State.

Unnamed Brother[]

Azuth is also known to have a positive relationship with his brother, as seen where he was willing enough to accept and take on his personal request from him to evacuate his son to the safety of the Argland Council State for him. Azuth in turn was shown to be happy enough to take on the request and even have his entire team leave him behind in order to insure his nephew's safety.

Luisenberg Alberion[]

Both members of Red Drop, they work together as colleague within the same team. Azuth trusts him enough to help him evacuate his nephew back to the Argland Council State.

Gazef Stronoff[]

It seems that Azuth and Gazef were not on good terms as the latter was surprised and somewhat nervous when informed Aindra is visiting. However, Gazef displays relief when it was revealed to be just Lakyus rather than Azuth who is coming for a visit.[8]

Platinum Dragon Lord[]

Azuth is acquainted with Dragon Lord, in fact Azuth had requested his aid in defeating the Sorcerer King to save the Kingdom. He sees the Dragon Lord as the strongest Dragon Lord of the New World. However their relationship is more akin to collaborators with common goals rather than friends. Through him he was able to acquire details about Rufus as a way to ensure his safety during a meeting with the Black Scripture. With this crucial information alone, Azuth was able to guarantee his life not just against the Theocracy, but warn the nation that he is under the protection of the Dragon Lord. Azuth doesn’t seem aware that the Dragon Lord sees him as disposable and weighing on his usefulness.

Ainz Ooal Gown[]

Though he never personally met the Overlord in person, he was convinced that this war was going to end with Re-Estize Kingdom wiped out. Azuth is even aware that even with his gear, he is no match for the powerful undead and he would rather flee than face him directly.


During the Sorcerer Kingdom's siege on the capital, they engaged in battle. He mockingly looks down on Albedo's disrespect towards him and was not afraid of belittling her back despite being on the losing end of the battle between the two.

However despite his outward attitude of confidence against her, Azuth came to genuinely fear her due to realizing that he stood absolutely no chance of actually defeating her in battle and he had to use the sheer entirety of his armor's arsenal just to maintain his distance from her and stay alive. He came to the conclusion that if they were to ever fight again, Azuth would stand absolutely no chance of actually surviving.


  • In the Web Novel, he is subtly inferred by Gazef as one of the two big weirdos in the Aindra family.[9]


  • (According to Lakyus): "If you long for a hero, then it is that hero’s duty to grant your wish."
  • (To Lakyus): "Naaah, I thought that you guys would come a bit later. Uhh, I'm not actually doing it on the bed anyway, so why should it matter?"
  • (To Lakyus): "You're just too inflexible in your ways of thought! It is in every man's nature to want to fuck beautiful women. My children would probably be born with the same gift too. Don't you know that it’s important to ensure that our bloodline continues on?"
  • (To Lakyus): "Hmm? Oy oy, you came here without knowing about them? Hmm, they're someone with a massive organization behind them, probably."
  • (To Lakyus): "...Pfff. Think over it. The Sorcerer King's army has killed every civilian along its way towards here and razed the cities too. To think that the capital would be any different, aren't you being a little too naive?"
  • (To Lakyus about the Sorcerer King): "It's impossible. Because I did not confirm his power directly, I could not say for sure. But if the rumours are all real, I— we can't win against that guy. Only a monster could fight that monster, it would be unwise for humans to intervene."
  • (To Lakyus): "...I knew this was a waste of time, that was why I did not bring the rest of the team along. I also told my brother to run away."
  • (To Lakyus): "Haaah. "What a bunch of...idiots. But, he did put his child under my care. They were taken by my companions to the Council-State and are probably there already."
  • (To the Black Scripture): "Oy oy oy, you're late already so don't go around spreading that dangerous aura. Did management mandate that you do? Do something this boring?"
  • (To the 11th Seat): "Hmph, this place was the exact reason why I called them over, I wanted you all to be as disgusted as I was."
  • (To the 5th Seat): "Trying to use your orders as a scapegoat, I see. Still, I'm interested to hear your personal opinion."
  • (To the 5th Seat about Rufus): "Oy, speaking of which...the mister named Rufus or Roof-Ass, is he still okay?"
  • (To the 5th Seat): "—Ah, is that so. I suppose it's only natural for people of your rank to not know him by name after all. So, how do you guys usually address that undead? Milord or something?"
  • (To Lakyus about the Black Scripture after they left): "Hah...? Indeed, that was pretty dangerous. I did not expect them to antagonize us that hard. If it wasn't for that man with the fake smile, I would have been dead. They were probably thinking something along the lines of, ‘rather than dirty our own hands, it'll be more beneficial if we let the Sorcerer King have his fill first before we have ours’ or something. Though I doubt we were worth that kind of consideration."
  • (To Lakyus): "Yup. I will do what I do best, and you should do what you do best. However, for the sake of my cute niece I will reiterate again. It's best for you all to run away. You are all nothing in the face of the Sorcerer King’s power."
  • (To Evileye): "Indeed, even I could not win against the Sorcerer King. I am but a mere man. But, even if the Sorcerer King surrounds the entire capital, I alone could still escape."


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