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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

Azerlisia's First Sunrise (アゼルリシアの初日の出) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on January 1, 2024 to January 15, 2024.


The next New Year is upon Nazarick -

Shiro senses when Shiramochi-ō will attack. In order to intercept an enemy that will be more powerful than ever, Momonga makes a plan to show Shiro the “first sunrise.”

Take a look at the beginning of the year in the Sorcerer Kingdom![1]


On the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Homunculus Maids, Foire and Cixous have finished cleaning the hallways and installing New Year decorations on the doors of the main rooms. Pestonya Shortcake Wanko who is overseeing their work thanks the two for their assistance. Since the Head Chef is starting to make stew for the New Year celebration she asks the maids to assist him for the other dishes. Once they leave to go help the cook, Pestonya muses that the cleaning of Nazarick is nearly complete and preparations for New Year's Eve are progressing ahead of schedule.

A voice sounds out, thanking for her hard work, which is revealed to be Momonga. His presence is welcomed by the Head Maid, who states she was just about to ask the guest of honor to confirm about the event. Momonga is accompanied by Shiro, and the guest of honor, who is feeling the holiday spirit of New Year approaching. Pestonya is glad to hear that and asks Shiro if he has time to come to the canteen later to taste some of the New Year's cuisine to which Shiro agrees to help with the preparations. The Head Maid also informs Momonga that Demiurge is waiting in Casino Resort Nazarick which Momonga takes his leave followed by Shiro.

At the casino, Demiurge dressed in his Chivalrous Costume directing an Elder Lich to decorate the room. The demon reminds the undead to be careful with the placement of the decorations so they will not be mistaken for prizes and not to clean or do laundry during the New Year period. According to the literature, it is a bad omen as it ends up "washing away good fortune". That being said, Demiurge thinks it would be a good idea to post a sign in front of Spa Resort Nazarick that it will be closed during the New Year period.

The Elder Lich promises to see to it, and immediately arrange for the general maids to illustrate the signage. The undead heads away to complete the task, and Demiurge is soon greeted by Momonga and Shiro. For Shiro, having the casino run during New Year's is most exciting and already feel's very much like New Year's Day. Demiurge is flattered by the praise, though asks Shiro reserves it until after the rest of the arrangements are made. One being a Giant Sesame Dumpling that will serve as the prize, one which Demiurge took a while to create. He then invites him to the game outside in the hallway.

After the game is played, it leaves Shiro in a good mood, who thanks the demon. Demiurge is pleased, but most of all his strengthen relationship with Shiro from the game has earned him one of the Seven Lucky God Key Items, that being the Mallet. Shiro seeing the item manifest then proceeds to absorb the key item into himself as per the ritual of New Year, gaining a bit of his original power.

Momonga notes that the other key items that manifest with Shiramochi-ō, such as the Cane, Fishing Rod, Sansageki, Scroll, Treasure Bag and Mallet have all be claimed. All there is left is one item. Demiurge then believes now is the time to head to the Crack in the Throne Room to which Momonga agrees.

They move to the Lemegeton, where Shalltear Bloodfallen and Albedo are waiting. Momonga tells them to prepare for subjugation. The group of five then moved on into the Throne Room, where the Crack is found flickering briefly, as if pulsating. It soon releases Chaos Beasts, though Shalltear finds the situation doable as there are only normal ones. Albedo finds this to be unusual and asks Demiurge for his opinion who notes that there are no mental effects influencing them.

Momonga is satisfied that there are no changes in the Crack, leaving it to Shalltear to mop up the Chaos Beasts, which Shiro volunteers to help subjugate them.[2]

At the Round Table Room on the 9th Floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, Momonga and his Floor Guardians had gathered to share information about the Chaos Beast subjugation in the Throne Room earlier.

Albedo reports that there is no change even here the Round Table Room. Neither are there any abnormalities such as the “kotatsu” or “mandarin oranges” that were observed in previous New Year’s during the phenomenon. Momonga thanks everyone for their cooperation. He is positive on the turn of events, as it looks like they will be able to intercept the enemy in the best possible way this New Year than ever before.

Aura states that  the Chaos Beast were not different from normal, which Mare surmises that by providing Shiro with a “New Year's feel” from an early stage was a success.

Momonga then goes over what they all know so far. During the New Year, a being known as the raid boss the White Mochi King, who calls himself the “Ruler of the New Year,” attacks, and for Nazarick, it causes some sort a mental effect or debuff. Regarding that debuff, it seems that the situation is safe this time. This can also be said to be the result of a joint operation with Shiro, which involved early preparations such as cleaning and doing other New Year's activities ahead of time.

Demiurge having replaced his kimono for his usual suit adds that Shiro who was formerly Shiramochi-ō who was once gifted with [True Death] by Momonga, and as a result became a guest of Nazarick with a new lease on life so everyone in the room are clear that Shiro is an ally to Nazarick. Just to make sure that there is no mental influence, Demiurge asks Momonga to go over their memories of Shiro. That Shiro is the "Ruler of New Year" who came to Nazarick via the Sea of Possibilities through the Crack, though not by his own choice. He is an entity that enjoys tthe New Year event, and because of this he doesn't like tying everyone with "control" which is his creator's desire. Therefore he sough his own death from Momonga. From [True Death], Shiro was released from his bonds to his creator. But afterwards a new Shiramochi-ō arose to continue attacking Nazarick.

As a result the current possibilities have been reconfigured. Momonga concludes that Shiro's rebirth was influenced to some extent by the denizens of Nazarick's memories and aspirations for the New Year. His evidence for this is his recollections of Shalltear Bloodfallen and the others wishing to see Shiro again. Which led to Albedo's idea for the "Kakushigei Tournament". It may not be too much of a stretch to suppose that the effect is similar to rewriting a character's setting in YGGDRASIL within the Sea of Possibilities through one's relationship and connection.

Demiurge then states that in any case, Shiro is a unique entity created through rare conditions with a connection to Momonga and dare he say Nazarick. From all this speculation, Shiro is in agreement as he mostly has so many memories of them all. Currently he is freeloading on the 6th Floor though would like to call himself as the vanguard against Shiramochi-ō. Everyone accepts the explanation given to them of Shiro's origins, though a few like Cocytus and Shalltear complains that he can't recall memories of Shiro in the past.

Albedo then turns to the strategy part of the meeting, relating to the Seven Lucky God Key Items that appear when someone is forced to do New Year activities under the mental influence. This year they were able to secure them by taking the initiative and interacting with Shiro. Six of the seven key items have been claimed, so it was expected that Shiramochi-ō would appear in the end when they were just about to acquire the last key item, given that each item strengthens Shiro. From these experiences Shiro's bonds with his comrades grows stronger hence he theorizes that might be why the mental effect has not affected them.

Besides Shiro having fun with his friends, Cocytus points out that there is still only one key item left that is left to find before the new Shiramochi-ō manifests so it would be ideal to subjugate the raid boss soon. Momonga agrees though wants to be on the side of caution, given Shiro's connection with the other entity, who despite his optimism feels his counterpart growing stronger every time he attacks Nazarick. This time around he can sense Shiramochi-ō will be a tough opponent. It may also explained why Shiro was able to move about so early to New Year, as normally most of the year he sequestered on the 6th Floor due to being so weak.

Given the strange circumstances, Nazarick cannot afford to disregard the danger and only monitor Shiro's condition as time pass on until Shiramochi-ō's arrival. To help with monitoring the New Year Guardian, Nigredo has lent her abilities to observe him. This time around, unlike the previous New Year's everyone is aware of Shiro's existence. As for Shiro and Shiramochi-ō, it's no doubt that they share a connection with one another in some intuitive level. Even Shiro can't explain how someone that is a part of him has ill intentions towards Nazarick, but nevertheless offers himself as a shield for Momonga to battle against his counterpart once he has all Seven Lucky God Key Items.

Momonga appreciates Shiro's enthusiasm, however it is too early to go into battle as it appears that Shiramochi-ō is running late, thus should make the most of the time to prepare. Demiurge is in agreement with his master, as he believes its best to make as many moves as possible, especially when concerning Shiro. Albedo points out that they are still missing one last key item to enhance Shiro.

Mare and Aura ask if they can help Shiro achieve his wish for New Year's. They are permitted by Momonga who allows them to go to Ashurbanipal to scan through any ideas they find there. The trio then head to the library, looking through the books on anything concerning New Year's browsing through topics like "celebration ceremony" and "kakizome" which they had done in the past. The twins reminisce on those times when demiurge wrote in calligraphy using his [Hellfire] or when Aura spun a golems Mare made using the Mochi Type Beasts as a tops. Aura also finds an entry in the lore in which ice sculptures that Cocytus made are listed as a New Year's activity, as acrobatics that Shalltear displayed using her umbrella as mentioned by Mare.

The dark elves then ask Shiro who has been quietly reading through the material if he found anything interesting. Shiro has, and he thrilled to see that this is his first time reading such an entry. After showing it to the twins, they wonder if they could replicate it in Nazarick. They decide to bring the issue to Momonga to let him decide on the feasibility.

Back at the Round Table Room, Momonga and the Floor Guardians come face to face with a shinning eyed bringing them the topic of "first sunrise" having been inspired by the pictures depicted. A few others like Albedo have read of this concept in the literature. Momonga himself is moved by the idea, relating of always wanting to see a beautiful sky in his original world. Demiurge examining the book Shiro has, notes that the images of the sun are shown shining over the mountain ridges. If they were to recreate a scene, it would have to be done in the Azerlisia Mountains. Albedo is concerned, as this means that Shiro may have to go outside the dungeon. The 7th Floor Guardians believes it should be okay, as the attack from Shiramochi-ō appears to be delayed for now, so they should use this opportunity to strength Shiro. Aura and Mare are ready to go escort Shiro to the mountain range.

The room gets a shock when Momonga also volunteers himself on the expedition. Shalltear is quick to lend herself as an escort, but Aura halts her on this, as she first wants to know why her master wants to go out of Nazarick now. Momonga provides his explanation, noting that he has been concerned over the abnormalities that occurred in the Azerlisia Mountains, citing the unusual cold wave that occurred just before the previous New Year. Aura acknowledges that to be correct, noting that Nazarick had to dispatch aid to the lizardmen village. And before the cold wave, the lizardmen had been facing an unusual heating of the lake, which Momonga points out that the cause was from the mountains. Momonga suspects that something new might be brewing in that location. If that is the case, they he would like to get rid of it beforehand, hence his willingness to join the mission to the mountains.

In truth Momonga says this to hide the fact he wishes to see more of the outside world. Due to his undead body suppressing his emotions, he finds some enjoyment in the local area he visits. Albedo and Shiro still have reservations on Momonga going out as she feels there isn't really a need for him to put himself in danger even if to take countermeasures against Shiramochi-ō.

Another reason that Momonga gives for his trip outside Nazarick are to visit the Dwarf Kingdom and lizardmen personally. Like E-Rantel, those locations are part of their valuable information network that extends to the outside world. If they were to lose them, it would be a huge loss to their mining and manufacturing endeavors. If something were to happen again in those lands, then being present there would be most advantageous to Nazarick, as when people are at their most vulnerable to show gratitude to their saviors.

The excuse convinces Albedo and Shiro somewhat. Cocytus then offers to go out and survey the locations himself. Such a thing will not do for Momonga he is firm it must be himself to inspect the lands that are dominated by Nazarick. Since it is the turning point of New Year, it is the perfect occasion. Albedo finally acquiesces relenting that her master is probably taking account of the danger of the Sea of Possibilities, and not just to personally ensure the strengthening of Shiro. In fact she thinks that Momonga wants to use this trip to observe Shiro and determine his safety and usefulness to Nazarick. That in consideration she volunteers to go with Momonga on his tour so that she can assist him in talking to the dwarves and lizardmen for their New Year's visit.

Momonga agrees for her inclusion as the more people would make it more New Year-like. Albedo then declares that everything is all thanks to Momonga and thus they will use this trip to remind the territories they control that they are under the protection of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Demiurge also adds another opportunity pf taking Shiro outside to obtain data to verify whether the inhabitants are affected by the New Year's holiday like the NPCs.

It has come to an agreement that Momonga will be accompanied by Aura, Mare, Albedo and Shiro for a New Year's visit to the Azerlisia Mountains. To Shiro this is all so exciting as it is a big deal for him as this will be the first time he has ever been outside of Nazarick. Aura and Mare cautions him to not talk too much while outside or cause too much trouble for Momonga. The plan is then finalized for the trip.[3]

Albedo and the Floor Guardians have a private meeting after Momonga departed with Shiro to get some New Year equipment that will suit the event and also be effective in combat. Additionally it was mentioned that Lupusregina will also be added as a guide on their excurison. Truthfully Demiurge wanted to bring Entoma along as an information gatherer. Though respects Momonga's decision not to include her as it could be due to concerns about the defense of Nazarick.

Albedo also contacted the protagonist and the others in E-Rantel, as they regularly share the situation in Nazarick via Entoma. That way if the protagonist senses something strange, he will contact Momonga. Cocytus admits that they will have to be on extra guard with Momonga absent. Demiurge though brings up the topic of it being foolish to object to the fact that Momonga himself could leave Nazarick.

The Floor Guardians still are uncertain about Momonga leaving the dungeon and still cannot fathom why he would decide so. Shalltear brings up that fact that when Cocytus tried to accompany him earlier, Momonga refused, saying he wanted to see various parts of Nazarick with his own eyes. To her it felt strange, but surmises maybe Momonga was worried about the risk of Shiro going out of control, or the negative effects of mental effects. The notion is regarded to be pretty sharp for Shalltear by Albedo. But if that's the case, Albedo asks why didn't she volunteer to accompany him? Since she is undead mind control wouldn't have much affect on her.

Shalltear answers that while she was listening, Albedo beat her to it by volunteering so she could not say anything. Aura asks how Albedo was able to convince Momonga to allow her to accompany him. To which the Overseer Guardian expressed her worries to Momonga about the White Mochi King and that he was a direct crisis situation for the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Even if Shiro is being useful as a countermeasure against that.

Albedo makes it apparent she trusts Shiro, even if he is a being that was born from the mysterious "Sea of ​​Possibilities"...but it seems like he was reborn even after accepting death due to Momonga's [True Death] spell. The way Demiurge's sees it, Shiro, who wished for his own destruction, had been fulfilled by Momonga's own hands. With that [True Death] and his "relationship", he received a new life in Nazarick.

Due to this Albedo is not worried that the current Shiro will cause any harm to Nazarick due to his will. Though to be honest to her comrades, Albedo doesn't know what will happen if Shiro leaves Momonga and his bond with Momonga fades. From that she thinks Momonga is worried about that. According to Demiurge there is a possibility that physical distance has no effect, but in any case, there is no doubt that Momonga is at the center of his "relationship" with Shiro. Thus Momonga must have anticipated this as well and decided to accompany Shiro on this expedition.

The others agree that Momonga's decision is the most logical. Still Mare wonders why Momonga did not simply say that. Aura thinks that it was out of concern for them, as if Momonga doesn't go and Shiro goes out of control, the results could be devastating. Mare gets it now, as it would mean that they, him and Aura, being Floor Guardians, would not have been able to form a bond with Shiro on the expedition.

Demiurge supposes that, if Shiro's presence became less present, communication would have become difficult so Momonga must have known that as well. In any event Albedo believes Momonga understand that his bond with Shiro is imperative to the mission. Hearing this about Shiro's close bond with Momonga and the serious necessity, makes it hard for Cocytus to harbor jealousy and even Shalltear feels hazy on the whole situation.

Demiurge personally, would like to keep Shiro on hand as he continue his research on the Cracks. Well that and his interest in Momonga's true intentions for this plan. Cocytus asks his colleague to elaborate, to which Demiurge confesses that he does not fully understand the workings of their master's mind. But gives his hypothesis that Momonga may be looking beyond the confrontation with the White Mochi King. For example, there's no guarantee that a new assassin from the "Sea of ​​Possibilities" won't come. This time, Momonga was very interested in the Azerlisia Mountains because of the leveling of the ground in future battles. In other words, doesn't it also serve as a preview for the movement to control the entire mountain range? Hence this "New Year's visit" is merely a front for something bigger in the future.

Albedo is impressed as she did not think that far on Momonga's intentions only focusing on trying to get her master to accept her as an escort than pay attention to the subtle hints. Even so Albedo decides that they will go along with the charade, confident that through Momonga's diplomacy, he will increase the loyalty of the lizardmen and mountain dwarves, and prepare for the coming foreign enemy. The start of that Aura adds would be keeping Shiro happy. The Floor Guardians happily look forward to their master's plans coming to fruition.

In Momonga's office in the Great Tomb of Nazarick...Shiro witnesses Momonga in his Shinto priest costume. The boy is eager to go out in the world. He is not alone as for Momonga it has been a while since he's been outside, so he knows how his companion feels. And also looks forward to the first sunrise of the year, though is not sure what to do when it happens but resolves to ensure no one sees him having fun.

Momonga looking himself over asks Lupusregina what she thinks of his costume. The maid likewise is wearing a priestess costume, muses he is complete. Shiro looking at them, two notes they look like a pair and exemplify New Year's. Momonga is relieved Shiro approves, as he was unsure Shiro wanted to priest or priestess on this trip. Lupusregina comments that the light equipment she used for the previous New Year's was easy to move around in, compared to her current attire, but finds it good looking.

Shiro agrees as her old monkey-like costume from last time was flashy and cool. Momonga then explains to Lupusregina that even though this is a "New Year's visit", the main purpose is to see the "first sunrise" that Shiro desires. Thus he is counting on her knowledge of the Azerlisia Mountains as a guide. For Pandora's Actor, who is in the room he is instructed to cooperate with the other NPCs to prepare for the arrival of the White Mochi King while Momonga is away.

Momonga expects to return before the White Mochi King attacks, since there is a delay in acquiring the last Seven Lucky God Key Item which will trigger the entity's appearance. The Area Guardians muses that this means that there is a lot of grace in terms of time, which is different. The destination for Momonga's visit will be from the Great Forest of Tob to the Lizard Village, then to the Azerlisia Mountains, and then to Dwarf Kingdom.

Pandora's Actor hopes that his creator brings something back, specifically rare. Though because this time it's around New Year's greetings and a field trip, Momonga doesn't expect any souvenirs. In fact, it gives the undead and idea he should be bringing souvenirs with him. Lupusregina suggests that they give fish to the lizardmen and alcohol for the dwarves.

Pandora also includes that the Frost Dragon in the Dwarf Kingdom be included, and plans to arrange items for them as soon as possible. Momonga approves, and gives his creation permission to use the Cauldron of the Daghdha. Shiro seeing how this trip has evolved into spreading New Year's cheer is happily content by this.

Eventually those who had prepared for the "New Year's visit" and those who were seeing them off gathered in the hall on the 1st Floor. In the party leaving, Aura, Mare and Albedo have dressed in their kimonos. They joined Momonga, Lupusregina and Shiro, to head out. Shiro seeing them in their costumes compliments on their attire and is soon followed by Momonga. Demiurge heading the group bidding the bids farewell to the other group, alonhsode Cocytus, Shalltear and Pandora's Actor, promising that Nazarick will be safe in their care while Momonga is away.

Pandora's Actor also hands Momonga the souvenirs for his special visit to the occupied territories and hopes he takes it easy on the trip. Momonga promises that he won't be long as he doesn't want to leave Nazarick for too long. He apologizes this to Shiro, but the boy understands as this trip is not entirely a sightseeing tour and serves another purpose.

Aura then readies everyone's summons to ride out to their destination, with Albedo promising to keep everyone safe, as monitor Shiro. Thus. Momonga and his group depart from Nazarick, quickly setting out to reach the Great Forest of Tob.[4]

At the forest, Kyuko, Hamsuke and the Death Knight are taken aback the visit of the Sorcerer King. Hamsuke thinks his presence is due to some being incident happening. Though Kyuko seeing their attire gathers that they are doing some sort of celebratory event. The fox-girl then welcomes the Sorcerer King and his entourage to the forest.

Momonga accepts her welcome, knowing that they are the managers of the forest and apologizes for his surprise visit. Kyuko studying the entourage's clothes, comments Momonga's attire as a priest seems to be formal and request permission to know what is going on.

Seeing her fear before him, Momonga reassures her that she has no need to be afraid and asks her to treat him with the same attitude she used when the fox visited Nazarick and sampled chocolate then. Lupusregina explains that they have stopped by a "New Year's visit." Which Albedo adds is an auspicious event so she should enjoy herself as well. Hamsuke is still unsure what exactly are auspicious events.

All is explained to the forest managers, in that the entourage from Nazarick are going to visit the Azerlisia Mountains to pray. However, to Hamsuke it seems to be quite different from the "New Year" that Shiro had mentioned. Kyuko heard about the troublesome psychological effects around the event. So is perplexed on why they are celebrating? Mare then goes to explain that besides the phenomenon, "New Year" also has the meaning of a fresh start. Adding to that Aura tells the fox-girl that apparently, people go to pray to pray for the new year, to rejoice in the new year, or to resolve their minds and do their best. So, Shiro, who is here, once fought as the "Ruler of the New Year," but now, thanks to Momonga's help, has become an ally. In order to strengthen Shiro's power, it seems like the more one does something typical of New Year's, the better.

Hamsuke now understands and expresses looking forward in working with Shiro. Kyuko takes notice that Shiro's appearance is similar to her, adding that they come from similar cultural styles. Moreover, Shiro given that Kyuko is a fox, asks if he can pray to her? This elicits a denial from Kyuko wanting a break from "that." Lupusregina troubled by hearing this asks if Kyuko is refusing to help Shiro get stronger.

Kyuko holds up her hands in order to explain herself. She has no desire to be prayed to, and while it's true that there was a time when wishes were brought to her in her old village to be fulfilled, it would not be proper now. Given that the people of the Sorcerer Kingdom here are probably much stronger and have spiritual powers, and thus being prayed to under such circumstances would be shameful.

The group come to understand Kyuko's reasoning, so instead Momonga leads everyone in a raised cheer of "Happy New Year!" Before departing to the next location, Momonga hands Kyuko and Hamsuke a gift. The pair as soon as they get a whiff of the scent recognize it to be chocolate. Shiro seeing it asks if this is a "New Year's gift" which Momonga confirms. Momonga elaborates that there is a custom of giving New Year's gifts to children on New Year's Day hence why he prepared for this. Mare recognizes the candy to be Golden Chocolate In A Bottle which he helped made in the past as it doesn't melt in your hands, and the small balls are colorful, which is nice. Aura lauds the item to being high quality thanks to the result of Mare and Albedo's research. It also met with approval by the rest of the party.

Momonga is glad they all like the gifts, keeping to himself that this item was fairly easy to prepare. Lupusregina watching from the sidelines, asks Albedo if this is some kind of upfront investment in future workforce or baiting? Albedo not listening is stunned at Momonga's brilliance. Momonga adds that he is planning on making some preparations for them after they return to Nazarick so he apologizes for not handing anymore out to his own party which Lupusregina and Albedo thank for his consideration. For the last person in the forest, the Death Knight, Momonga promises to prepare it something more suitable which it responses with an affirmative roar. When it is time to go, Momonga thanks the forest dwellers for wonderfully managing the Great Forest of Tob and asks they continue their work.

At the village of lizardmen, the village's representatives hurriedly gathered to see the sudden sovereign of the Sorcerer Kingdom. At first they had confused and fearful expressions but had finally calmed down when Albedo politely delivered a New Year's greeting by kneeling respectfully to the lizardmen stating that it is a turning point for their country and have come to say hello and hope that the Sorcerer Kingdom will continue to develop even further together with all of them. Gifts are they handed out in the form of fish to the lizardmen.

The grifts are appreciated by Shasuryu Shasha and Zaryusu Shasha, the latter examining that the fish to be of far superior quality than grown in his own farm. Aura and Mare state that the fish are very special, and have no bones or internal organs, created by magic but still very delicious added by Shiro.

Kyuku Zuzu is shocked that Nazarick has such power to create good food. And Zenberu Gugu can't help but feel grateful beyond jealousy, earning his a chide rebuke from Zaryusu, who thanks Momonga, having never thought that the King of the Sorcerer Kingdom would come in person.

While the visit is apologized for being sudden, Momonga indulges Zaryusu that the Sorcerer Kingdom, has a custom called "New Year", and that he remembered that in the past, an incident in the lizardmen's territory coincided with that custom and thus wanted to check on the area.

Lupusregina asks if there been any signs of any abnormalities lately. Zaryusu replies that their concern is touching, but fortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual, including around the swamp. Zenberu remembers the event of when it happen, recalling that Lupusregina was present, though she was dressed in bright red. To keep him quiet and inadvertently insulting their guests, Crusch Lulu punches the male lizardman in the gut.

Albedo chuckling at this says that such behavior is not necessary as Momonga is a generous person. Albedo having been a while since she last saw, Crusch asks the other female how her child is doing, who responds that they are dong fine. Momonga is happy things are be managed well, which he attributes to Cocytus's management and plans to reward him later.

The other lizardmen representatives wish they could offer Momonga and his entourage something for the gifts. They have been so helped, and compared to the people of the Sorcerer Kingdom, they lizardmen cannot help but feel powerless, but will never forget the debt of kindness they received. Zenberu deduces that the group are heading to the Dwarf Kingdom and offers to act as their guide. His offer is appreciative, but Mare states that he needs not join as he already knows the path.

Crusch adds that there isn't any danger but asks the group be careful. Albedo assures the lizardmen that Momonga trip is to pacify the Azerlisia Mountains. If this is accomplished, it will also bring benefits to this village at the foot of the mountain. To Momonga this village is an important existence for the Sorcerer Kingdom and he hopes that they will continue to have a relationship where they can all stay healthy and grow together.

By the lake as the run is setting, Shiro cannot help but be impressed of Momonga and his charisma over the lizardmen. Albedo though feels seh saw a few glaring attitudes among the crowd, which disappoints her despite Momonga's being so generous. Momonga does not mind as if one thinks of him as a business partner, he wouldn't be so angry. But since the lizardmen lack the concept of diplomacy, they should give them some leeway. Besides...the more the other party behaves poorly, the more they will owe them. From this bit of wisdom the group acknowledge his logic. The group them head their mount summons off to the mountains, an activity Momonga finds to be a rare experience.[5]

In the Azerlisia Mountains Momonga climbs the mountain at a speed that would be surprising to humans and lizardmen. On the way Mare casually kills a peryton that got in the way, calling out to the ones behind him to watch their step around the carcass.

Lupusregina takes the time to remind her allies to step with care. Her diligence is commented by Shiro, which Momonga attributes to her experience being active in this mountain range with Entoma and CZ when the lizardmen were suffering from the cold wave.

This interests Shiro deeply leading Aura to talk about the time when Cocytus, the protagonist and her helped the lizardmen who were suffering from the warming of the lake. Albedo tells Shiro this is why the lizardmen have so much faith in them. In addition, they are loyal, so Momonga tells Shiro that it is important to understand the feeling of wanting to repay their kindness. Albedo adds she wanted to get close to Crusch before, by asking her to provide her with her knitting and cloth-making skills, so that Crusch could feel proud that she had helped her.

Momonga found the trip to the village enlightening as this time, he was able to see directly the primitive way of life in their village. As for lizardmen, it seems better to get them involved in things that are rooted in their lives. The part of Nazarick helping with fish farming is mentioned by Aura. Momonga found he was not able to inspect it while at the village, though considers checking it on the way back, before asking Mare how far are they from the entrance to the Dwarf Kingdom. Mare answers that they are approaching the cave that will take them there.

At the same time, in E-Rantel, when nightfall has fallen, in a hotel suite, the protagonist is talking to Slimeko on Momonga's trip to the Azerlisia Mountains. Slimeko states that it is for the purpose of strengthening Shiro, so wonders if it should go well? Her homunculus friend is lots in thought. He thinks how despite Shiro is a being born from the "Sea of ​​Possibilities", Momonga trusts him explicitly.

He then answers to Slimeko that there's no need for them to worry as long as Momonga himself is dispatched. Slimeko knows he is right and chides herself of being so disrespectful of thinking otherwise, causing the protagonist to laugh, as he hopes the group the best.

Momonga and his group having arrived in Feo Jera, are welcomed into the city. After greeting them and handing them the souvenir sake, they quickly set up a game of hanetsuki between Aura and Mare for the dwarves to watch and enjoy while they drink their sake. As Momonga direct Shiro to have fun by spinning a top with Lupusregina, Albedo approaches one of the dwarves, Bigosa to ask how he and his kin are enjoying the festivities.

Bigosa replies that there's no one among them who hasn't found the high-quality sake unpleasing. Momonga is glad to hear that and even offers more alcohol to enjoy to their heart's content. According to the dwarves they had been previously terrified of seeing Momonga, given he is an undead, but that fear had evaporated after being given their sake and feel honored that the Sorcerer King graced them with his presence.

And are impressed by the Sorcerer Kingdom's New Year garments, leading them to believe that there are many talented craftsmen in the Sorcerer Kingdom. A few do mention how embarassed they were of seeing Momonga's face, causing the Sorcerer King to wonder if he should have come wearing a mask, as he forgoed wearing one to as not to eliminate the New Year's atmosphere.

He has some concern about information leaking about him, but that area is being kept under wraps by the summons. Plus he thinks it won't be a problem. If there's any sign of leakage, it will probably expose potential enemies. Albedo though guesses Momonga revealed his true face out of his own sincerity, and also to bring out the rebels against the Sorcerer Kingdom. And the reason why he served alcohol was to get the dwarves drunk and loosen their tongues. The group then depart to visit the Frost Dragon. Just before they leave, Albedo kneels before the dwarves in gratitude for their welcome.

At the palace in Feo Berkana, the Frost Dragon is stunned that the delegates from the Sorcerer Kingdom have come bowing to him.

Atop with the visit of the Sorcerer King himself. His Majesty the King of the Sorcerer Kingdom and his party are welcome. But expresses that it is not impressed that they came to visit it after the mountain dwarves. This attitude almost causes Lupusregina to threaten it, but is stopped by Momonga, who states that they came here for the purpose of goodwill. In line with the customs of the Sorcerer Kingdom to celebrate the beginning of the year.

The Frist Dragon is weary as despite the words of the Sorcerer King, it wonders if they have come to hammer home the nail in the coffin for it in interfering with the bathroom investigation from before. The dragon suspects it to be so given the ferocious-looking undead and its equipment as it recognizes them to be much better than the treasure it has. It worries that it will have to fight this time.

Albedo annouces to the dragon that they have prepared gifts for it. What is presented to the dragon is a slime to its confusion. Albedo then describes it to be a special slime summoned by Momonga himself, and that it's extremely rare. Momonga prepared it for the dragon to show it the benefits of bathing, as it should come in handy when washing the dragon's magnificent giant body. From this the dragon thinks Momonga is indirectly criticizing it for the bathing incident and soon those glittering equipment will be turned against itself and be destroyed.

Seeing that this wasn't boding well for it, the Frost Dragon maintained its cool and expressed its appreciation to the Sorcerer King's consideration. And asks humbly for their forgiveness for being rude, adding that they came so suddenly to its home. Momonga states he understands, noting that the dragon seems to have a lot of trouble in the mountain range. But tell it not to worry, as his country isn't too far away to ask for help and hope for a lasting peace.

The Frost Dragon then offers to donate a portion of its treasure to His Majesty the Sorcerer King to supplement the military funds for his country's great accomplishment. This generosity brings out joy from Shiro and the others. Momonga in particularly is excited as there maybe some rare items and plans to bring them to Pandora's Actor as sounvenirs.

Unknown to the Frost Dragon, who perceives that the Sorcerer King looking at his is glaring is reeking in fear that the undead still wants to kill it as he must have not apologized enough. It then offers to help Momonga in any capacity. This gives Albedo an idea, which she asks to discuss with Momonga. After a moment Momonga has a request to make of the dragon, which is to have it help them reach the top of the Azerlisia Mountains.[6]

The party rides on the back of the Frost Dragon, viewing the sight of the rising sun as they approach the summit. The group soak in the sight, enjoying the scenic view. Lupusregina complains that the dragon below them is being took shaky. Though the dragon feels that is too unreasonable, but Aura encourages it to try, which Albedo agrees as the Frost Dragon is the strongest being in the mountains thus flying silently should be simple with them onboard.

Mare thinks the dragon must be honored to be flying with Momonga onboard though the silently dragon does no agree. Momonga considers if he had climbed up the mountain the usual way, he would have need to wipe out the frost giants near the top, but then it would ruin the New Year's spirit. This comments takes the dragon aback, as it could scarecly think that with a few number of people that such a thing is possible.

Though Lupusregina and Albedo confirm that Momonga could do it by himself. Momonga even admits that it could be possible, but that it would be difficult to adjust given the time for sunrise. And it would be troublesome if an avalanche occurred.

Aura muses indifferently that it might destroy the roosts of those living in the mountains. But to her that would be fine. Mare points out to his sister that it would be a problem if the mountain dwarves died as they still need them to make tools for Nazarick.

The Frost Dragon upon hearing how nonchalant they are making such big statements about their disinterest for others, wonder if he should shake them off to be safe. The dragon begins shaking its wings, which Shiro notices.

Momonga also notices and wonders if they are alright. Albedo tells him not worry and stares directly at the dragon to its fear. She then reminds the creature that the Sorcerer King took the trouble to provide it this opportunity. Thus she encourages it to show her something that's useful. Frantic the dragon apologizes and pleads that it will do its best to make sure he enjoys a comfortable flight.

Momonga finds that helpful and state that they pull themselves together and get in the mood for the New Year. Once they land, Momonga gives something to Shiro. It is an eggplant, which recognizes as one of the three auspicious items for New Year's. Lupusregina seeing them jokes that including the mountains and the frost dragon below the set is complete.

Albedo remembers reading in literature that it is considered the most auspicious for New Year's to have a mountain, a hawk, and an eggplant all together. Lupusregina finds this wonderful as in addition to the key item there are other things that can further improve their luck. Shiro agrees and as he observes the sunrise it looks so divine and feels like he's been filled with more power than ever before. He gives Momonga his thanks, promising to use the power he gained to the best of my ability for everyone.

Albedo also feels refreshed by traveling to the various places. By tracing the accomplishments that her colleagues and the protagonist have achieved, she was able to get a new sense of the impact of diplomacy. Mare adds that they were able to confirm that nothing unusual happened when Shiro went outside and came into contact with other people. And Aura states that Shiro is also stable and there doesn't seem to be any worry about him going out of control. By everything appear to have went well which Albedo agrees.

Momonga too, admits that he was able to realize once again that this world is a beautiful thing. Touched by his words, Albedo states that they all vow to continue to push forward so that we can offer everything to Momonga which is met with approval by the others.

The Azerlisia Mountains soon come to life illuminated by the sunlight as the group gazes at the scenery spreading out below them.

Much later at the 2nd Floor of Nazarick, the remaining Floor Guardians all in their kimono attire, greet a returning Momonga and his party. Demiurge welcomes them back, finding them early than expected. Momonga ascribes their earliness to the Frost Dragon that carried them to the foot of the mountains. The treasure that was given to Momonga by the Frost Dragon is then delivered to Pandora's Actor for appraisal to see if there is anything valuable which the Area Guardian accepts with glee and takes the loot back to the Treasury.

Momonga having received reports from time to time while away, confirms that there were no particular changes in Nazarick. Afterwards he then moves forward to go ahead and give Shiro the seventh key item as planned.

Shalltear takes Shiro aside so as to speak to him on New Year's traditions. Such as is it true that they are not allowed to clean, cook with fire, or use cutlery. Shiro is impressed Shalltear knows this, glad the vampire looked into it. The boy is eager to go through their "test of strength" against Shalltear so he can demonstrate the unprecedented power that overflows within his body. The vampire obliges and then begins sparring with Shiro.

The clash is brief, but Shalltear is left satisfied on the duel. Shiro compliments Shalltear happy to have been able to borrow her. Somehow Shalltear thinks she is complimenting her chest, though in reality her kimono, which Albedo takes an opportunity to tease the other female on her flatness. While Demiurge finds the banter....interesting, his main focus turns back to Shiro as he wants to know for a fact that Shiro has become so strong. If that is so that would indicate that he had a really good New Year.

The biwa the appears and at Momonga's direction Shiro accepts in, in order to become the protector of Nazaraick and fulfill the event. Now at full power, Shiro directs everyone to the Hatsumōde on the 1st Floor. Through the boundary, they enter to a golden haze. Momonga studying his surroundings  states that the space resembles the Chaos Zone, like so many times he came. They are soon attacked by Kadomatsu Type Beasts. Instead of reacting in fear the group celebrate, carried away by the New Year's mood to dish out some pain to the enemy. Demiurge even jokes about that they will soon be enjoying "Kagami Biraki" as they descend on the monsters.[7]

This New Year's Day, Momonga and his friends proceeded through the expected space, and as expected, they found themselves in the grounds of a shrine... confronting the “Ruler of the New Year”. The boss as usual remained stationary awaiting for their approach. As soon as they were within his vicinity, he responded and attacked. The attack is fended off by Albedo using [Walls of Jericho].

Momonga examining the opponent, confirms that White Mochi King’s physical strength with [Essence of Life] and that his power is about double to what it was last time. But it seems that the attack power has also increased accordingly. In normal circumstances, this would have been a dangerous situation. However, Albedo holds confidence that this time is different. Momonga is in agreement as the boss is not worth being afraid of. However, this is not an opponent they can let their guard down against. As the While Mochi King a being with special abilities derived from the Sea of ​​Possibilities.

In addition, Demiurge finds that the battles here can be said rare and valuable data. And asks everyone, to fight to their heart's content. Everyone is ready, and Momonga gives the signal for them to attack. Their coordination having already been formalized is already becoming a tradition to the denizens of Nazarick, but for Shiramochi-ō this time, it's probably the first and last highlight.

Shiro then approaches his older self and the two engage in combat for the title of Ruler of New Year. Shiro proves to be superior and defeats the other, turning him into motes of light. After his opponent is vanquished, Shiro reverts to his normal form. All in all the boy found the victory funny, or rather, he is starting to think it's pitiful for the other White Mochi King, though still can't forgive someone who causes trouble to Nazarick.

This year proved to be quite a time for Shiro as he learned about the outside world and learned about the people of Nazarick. And acknowledges that he is different from an ordinary event character like his counterpart and vows that he will continue to do so to the best of his ability to keep Momonga and everyone safe. That is his future ambition of the Ruler of New Year.

The speech is met with praise by Momonga for its simplicity, and feels like an offering. And likewise sends best wishes to his young subordinate by wishing him good health. His words is met by laughter from the other NPCs, finding enjoyment in this new holiday tradition that has since become a standard, or rather, a natural phenomenon for Nazarick thanks to their countermeasures and planning. Demiurge suggests that they do something the "Kagami-biraki" ritual next as described in literature.

Albedo who remembers correctly, after that ceremony, everyone would eat a dish made with rice cakes. Thinking it to be a splendid idea, Momonga ushers everyone to all go to the party waiting for them back home that was prepared by the general maid and the others to celebrate a safe New Year. The canteen on the 9th Floor is where the banquet venue is held and will host everyone in Nazarick who is free.


Not long after Nazarick successfully celebrated the New Year. The protagonist who is working hard at E-Rantel, receives a letter that has arrived from the Sorcerer Kingdom. The letter is a New Year's card title: "Welcoming spring". Slimeko studying the item recognizes it from the literature she read. The card proves to the protagonist that it is a sign that everyone was able to celebrate the New Year safely.

It is a pity for him, as right now he is busy with various things and can't go back, but at least Momonga still cares about me to send him a card. While the homunculus still don't fully believe in himself, he takes comfort that Momonga-sama's trust will come true someday and hopes to repay it. The card in mind, Slimeko suggests that they write a New Year's reply back, which he agrees.

Meanwhile Aura and Mare playing hanetsuki in the Amphitheater. Aura loses a game to her brother, before the next match is up between Shiro and Lupusregina. While the four are playing the paddle game, a meeting is held in the Round Table with the other Floor Guardians and Momonga. The game as it turns out was arranged by Albedo so Shiro is occupied while Lupusregina monitors him with Aura and Mare. It is only a matter of time before Shiro become obsolete, but before that happens, Albedo hopes the young boy can enjoy his last moments of the New Year.

What is agreed among the Floor Guardians is to maintain Shiro's loyalty and use him as a reserve force in the event of an emergency, hence they will monitor and manage him to the fullest. To Demiurge it is imperative to continue to focus their research on Shiro's potential combat power and abilities derived from the "Sea of ​​Possibilities." For this, everyone, including Aura and Mare, are aware of this.

Momonga makes a noncommittal comment that is not really all, and mentally complains that the Floor Guardians are reading way too deep into his actions. Regardless he allows Demiurge to state that the research will be a boon to them. Albedo is in agreement, and speaking of being can't believe in themselves, she feels in that sense, Shiro and the protagonist are similar.

If Shiro can be determined to be a trustworthy being, then I'm sure that is true for the other. Momonga is impressed Albedo spoke such words, making him proud she and Demiurge actually thought of the more important lessons of this event. That being settle, Momonga hopes the Sorcerer Kingdom can have a wonderful "spring". Although Momonga senses that there will be a big battle in the not-so-distant future, he smiles fearlessly at his trusted vassals.[8]


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