Automaton's Rampage (自動人形の暴走) by Sakano Anriya (坂野杏梨) is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.

Summary Edit

CZ2I28 Delta begins to act in a cheerful manner, contrary to her usual stoic nature, making the rest of the Pleiades realize that something is wrong with her. They wonder if she is malfunctioning as the Automaton makes jokes and obscene statements. The sisters wish to fix her to preserve her dignity however are at a loss on how to achieve it. Shizu hearing this tells them not o touch and starts crying begging for her big brother to save her. It becomes obvious that Shizu has developed a moe imouto with a brother complex. The maids they resolve to fix her, though their efforts only result in more bizarre behavior. Seeing that their efforts are fruitless and the need to remain on schedule with their duties Yuri brings the issue to Ainz Ooal Gown. Ainz is stunned that Shizu has become bugged. He then gives the maid a quick karate chop on the head as he hoping that it would fix her. To the surprise of everyone, Shizu returns to her default personality. Yuri praises Ainz for his understanding while Ainz looks uncomfortable that such an old technique actually worked.

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  • Narberal is the only one who laughs at Shizu's jokes during the ordeal.
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