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Abilities and Powers

Abilities and Powers

As a master ranger and beast tamer, Aura specializes in guerrilla warfare and group combat.[1] While she is the second weakest Floor Guardian in terms of single-combat ability, she is more than capable of overwhelming anyone with her huge collection of pets. Derived from her job classes, Aura possesses a keen hearing ability to the extent where she can hear anything based on the distance set between herself and the foe. When working together with Mare, Aura plays as a frontliner perfectly, with flawless teamwork as a pair.

Although she is not a powerful melee combatant in close combat, Aura is capable of performing amazing maneuvers in wide-open areas or terrains due to the extraordinary physical abilities she possesses. She has a high-leveled detection ability that lets her perceive camouflaged foes that are using the [Invisibility] spell.[2][3] However, she can still fall short against a [Perfect Unknownable] user, having a very hard time spotting anyone who utilizes it. Such user of that potent spell will end up registering on her senses as a vague presence.[4]

Among Aura’s skills as a Beast Tamer, there are certain passive skills she possesses that have buffing and debuffing effects. These abilities act through her breath and have a radius of several meters, some even up to ten meters. With the effect of certain skills, that radius can be enlarged to unbelievable proportions.

Reasonably so, she is the type of skirmisher who can summon beasts. In addition, she has the power to tame wild beasts, including ones from the New World with her beast tamer skills.[5] Of the hundreds of monsters which Aura can summon, the highest level among them is 80. Through the aid of Aura's skills, they can reach level 90 or higher. Since she is also a ranger, Aura and the monsters under her command are capable of scouting their surroundings in open-space areas like a forest, tracking down their foes without a problem. Aura conducts such actions silently to the extent where her stealth is unnoticed by Narberal Gamma who is not even aware that she is there with her until mentioned, much to the latter's surprise.

Aura's fighting strength is second from the bottom among the Floor Guardians of Great Tomb of Nazarick, in fact, even some of the Area Guardians are stronger than her based on their solo abilities. This is because her forte doesn't lie in fighting as a lone unit.

Instead, Aura's specialty is working alongside her group of beasts. With these beasts at her command, her combat abilities far surpass those of any other Guardian in terms of group battle.[6]

In the Sorcerer Kingdom, Aura's scope of work has increased by a wide margin. Besides having to command her own magical beasts, she now has to operate a department that deploys a warning net that provides adequate coverage over the ever-increasing boundaries of the Sorcerer Kingdom’s territories.[7]



  • Breath Composition (not an official name): The breath Aura exhales is capable of controlling others' emotions in its range.


  • Beast Killing: Physical attack with increased damage against a Beast.
  • Breath Composition (ranged): It's a mind-affecting skill that can induce terror to a target through her breath effects. When combined with her ranger's targeting skills, Aura is able to hit any single target up to two kilometers away with perfect accuracy, even in a forest.[8]
  • Erase Presence (not an official name): Makes the user undetectable.
  • Galactic Shot
  • Immovable Binding Force
  • Petrification (Mass for the Dead Only): Magical attack and inflicts [Petrified] on foes.[9]
  • Rain Arrow: Fires a downpour of arrows on an area.
  • Shadow-piercing Arrow: An arrow combined with this skill can immobilize the target if the arrow hits the target's shadow.
  • Sky Eye: A long-range skill that permits its user to watch a scene from afar.
  • Sigh (Mass for the Dead Only): It decreases the physical attack and speed of the foe.
  • Targeting Skill: It is used for shooting foes and can affect an open-wide area.[10]
  • Various Magical-Beast Eye Of Catoblepas (Web Novel Only): It turns Aura's eyes into something that resembles a magical beast.

Main Equipment

  • Unnamed Bow: This is Aura's main choice of weaponry. She would used it shoot out lightning-fast arrows aim at her foe, letting loose the projectiles to pierce them upon fire.
  • Queen: Aura's whip. It is used in the battle with the Primal Fire Elemental.
  • Ring of Sustenance: A magical ring that grants vitality to the user.[11]
  • Depiction of Nature and Society: World Item. Ainz gives this item to her, so that she can be protected from the effects of World Item users. It has the power to isolate an object to a different dimension.
  • Bukubukuchagama's Wristwatch: It is a gift awarded by Ainz for her hard work.
  • Unnamed Necklace: A magical item that seems to increase either the sound or range of Aura's voice to the point that others from a far distance can hear her speak.
  • Unnamed Earring: Aura possessed a magical earring that allow her to stay in contact with Mare and have him relay messages to her using it. She uses it to maintain communication and dialogue with her brother.
  • Unnamed Magic item: An unknown item that Aura have to protect herself from gas-vector attacks. It was the kind of item which surrounded her in a bubble of fresh air.


  • While Aura has the ability to communicate with monsters, it is limited to creatures that she has tamed herself.
  • Aura desires to possess a flying magical beast to add to her collection as well as a unicorn.[12]
  • Ainz had planned to give Aura a Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown in Special Drama CD 04, but before he could do it, Aura had already left together with Mare.[13]
  • In the Web Novel, with her servants, her battle abilities would go up to 2.25 of their original.[14]
  • In the Web Novel, Aura could also use simple healing magic.[15]
  • The Web Novel Version of Level 100 Aura possessed the personal combat ability of a Level 80 warrior.[16]
  • When she patrolled a large field area, Aura preferred to do so while riding the magical beasts under her dominion rather than choosing to run by foot.


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