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"Sixth floor’s Guardian Aura Bella Fiora, at your command."
— Aura's Introduction

Aura Bella Fiora (アウラ・ベラ・フィオーラ) is a dark elf and one of the twin Floor Guardians on the 6th Floor in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is the older twin sister of Mare Bello Fiore and was created by Bukubukuchagama. As a beast tamer and ranger, she is capable of controlling magic beasts and is a master of guerrilla warfare.


Aura is a boyish looking child with dark skin and pointed ears, a signature trait of the dark elves. She has golden hair and heterochromia, her left eye blue and right eye green. She wears reddish-black dragon scale leather covered by a white and gold vest embroidered with the sigil of Ainz Ooal Gown. Below it, she has a matching set of white trousers and gold plated shoes, and around her neck is an acorn necklace emitting golden light. She is equipped with a whip around her waist and a giant, decorated bow on her back. In addition, she wears a watch given to her by Ainz, which has her creator's voice recorded on it.


Unlike her brother Mare, Aura is a very cheerful, boyish girl who is often straightforward and blunt with her remarks. She dominates over her brother, often dragging him around and telling him what to do. At first glance, she does not appear to get along with Shalltear and will usually get into small quarrels with her, but in reality, the two of them are quite close as if they are true sisters. She also inherits this from her creator.

Aura also has a collector's spirit when dealing with creatures. In the New World, she wishes to add any new unfamiliar creature she finds into her collection of beasts. However, Aura's behavior and actions when talking about Kyouhukou's cockroaches, and later, when Ainz orders her to deliver Hekkeran and Imina to Gashokukochuuou, shows that she has a fear of insects and other such creatures, which is unusual, given her role as a beast tamer.

Like all NPCs of Nazarick, Aura is completely loyal to Ainz and will sacrifice everything for his sake. She carries out her duties with great zeal and will give up on her own interests if she is ordered to. She misses her creator Bukubukuchagama dearly and enjoys hearing her voice from Ainz's watch. However, she can be outspoken about Ainz's perverse action. According to Maruyama, since Aura inherit some of the heart of Bukubukuchagama, Aura was the kind who would act in the same manner as her creator who might speak up to the little brother’s friend.[1]


Aura was created by Bukubukuchagama, and much of her personality is based upon her creator's circumstances in real life. Her dominance over Mare is most likely stemmed from her creator Bukubukuchagama's belief that younger brothers should listen to and obey their older sisters.

Whenever they had to visit the other Floor Guardians for fun or do other things, Aura and her brother would always tell each other where they were headed. That was because the two were assigned to guard their Floor together by order of the Supreme Beings.

As Aura tends to go patrol the forest in the meantime, it was Mare's duty to watch over the Amphitheater for the time being. If her brother intends to leave the location, Aura is the primary person Mare needs to inform about his reason for leaving.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

After Momonga teleports to the 6th Floor, Aura takes notice of his presence and jumps down from the Colosseum to greet her master respectfully. She then calls for her brother Mare to also pay his respects, but when he takes too long, she gets angry and begins reprimanding him. Momonga is not bothered by Mare's actions at all, telling Aura to forgive her brother and forget scolding him. Aura admits that she felt bore because there hadn't been any intruders lately to fight against. She had trouble finding someone who can keep sparring with her for more than five minutes. When her master suggested that there is Mare who is worthy of her time to fight with, she sighs and unintentionally activated her skill that caught Ainz's attention. It was to this point that Aura immediately apologizes to her master upon noticing what she had just done and canceled her skill shortly thereafter. Although she knows his undead status was what prevents him from being affected by her mind-affecting skill, she felt it would be rude top have the effect be noticed by her master, hence the deactivation. She informs her master Ainz that he was within her skill's effective radius. When her master said that her skill should not have an effect on people from the same group or guild, she shows concern whether Ainz got it mixed up with the ability to freely change the range of one’s skills.

Wondering why Momonga has come to her floor in the first place, Aura was shocked to hear from her master that he is on her floor to do some training and perform various experiments with his magic and staff. Under Ainz's order, she was given the task of using other effects from her skills which she did on the Moonlight Wolves summoned forth by him using the Staff of Ainz Ooal Gown much to her confusion and his curiosity. She was allowed to use her skill on these creatures along with her master within its radius. Responding to his next experiment appropriately, Aura has her servants bring a scarecrow for him to test his magic on. When Momonga asks if she wants to fight his summoned primal fire elemental, she agrees to do it and waits for him to summon the entity. During the summoning of the elemental, she and her brother was being protected and shielded by her own servants, the Dragonkins from its fire effect that was unleashed along the way. After her master summoned it and letting her do whatever she wants with it, she enthusiastically charges in while dragging Mare with her so that they can fight together side by side. When she and her brother finally defeated the elemental, she returns to Momonga's side and thanking him for giving her an opponent who can make her work her hardest to beat. Feeling tiresome and sweating after the battle, she and his brother were given a drink of water by Ainz to help the two energize. After witnessing the generosity and kindness from Ainz, Aura can't help but whisper that perhaps her master was not as scary as she thought he would be. Aura wonders if she and her brother were the only two who her master is nice to much to her delight while he patted her lightly on the head.

At the same time, the Floor Guardian to arrive before everyone else except she and Mare was Shalltear who later got into an argument with her. Aura would spat out several kinds of insults at the vampire including her fake chest, successfully provoking the latter to become anger by the former's harsh words. Before long, Cocytus arrives and Momonga decided to order both Aura and Shalltear from continuing this verbal exchange any longer. Once every other Floor Guardians after Shalltear finally arrive at the Amphitheater, Aura later joins them in a formal salutation toward Momonga. Together, they collectively pay their respects and admire the powerful presence their master has. She along with her brother Mare are given the order by Ainz to work together on camouflaging the Great Tomb of Nazarick using their own means or anything else they can find from other floors.[2] After the meeting was over and Momonga left, she share the same sentiment as Mare, thinking that her master's Despair Aura emanated by him was squashing her flat. Nonetheless, Aura informs her fellow Floor Guardians that she believes Ainz was a benevolent master around herself and Mare, stating how he was kind enough to offer the two a drink of water that made her colleagues jealous towards them. When Albedo started a heated argument with Shalltear, Aura was suggested by Demiurge as she is a fellow woman like them, it is her job to settle and resolve their dispute peacefully.[3]

The Emissary of the King Arc

Main article: The Emissary of the King Arc

Aura spots a Death Knight approaching the Gigantic Tree and realizes it is a messenger of Ainz. She allows him entry into the tree, giving it a Minimum ring, allowing it to shrink and enter. The dark elf girl calls Mare to get out of bed, while she gives the undead a tour of the tree. Once Mare arrives and greets the Death Knight, they sit down to listen to Ainz's relayed questions. Upon hearing the undead's questions from their master, Aura sees that her brother is confused, but nonetheless believes Ainz has a reason. On their interpersonal relationships, Aura states she has her brother, animals, and female Floor Guardians as company. She answers for Mare, stating that he is a bookworm and hardly goes out. She berates him to make friends, to which Mare meekly agrees. He is recommended by Aura to start with the librarian, Titus Annaeus Secundus, since they have similar interests. On the topic of their desires, Mare wants some plant monsters to raise to protect the floor, as opposed to Aura wanting a new magical beast that can fly.[4]

The Guardians' Vacation Arc

Main article: The Guardians' Vacation Arc

When Ainz calls for a meeting, Aura figures it was about an enemy attack on the tomb. However, upon learning that his master orders them to have a vacation, Aura tells her master that she is fine and doesn't need to rest much to the latter's insistence that the former obeys. Hearing his reason that she is require to have enough rest and nutrition while growing up, this encourages Aura to make harsh remarks indirectly at Shalltear. She provoke Shalltear further, stating that a hundred years from now, she will have already develop big breasts before the vampire could.

While spending her time with the Guardians in private, Aura was deeply stress not knowing what is troubling their master Ainz. She ask them to move on to the next topic, suggesting others to remind which one of the 41 Supreme Beings' words will they be discussing for this meeting. Learning that it was the words of Herohero they had to analyze carefully over health exam, Aura figures "the liver was red" meant that any red-blooded living creature had a red liver. Aura promised the other Guardians that she is willing to do anything as long as it is for their master Ainz.[5]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

After Ainz reads Aura's report, it is shown that they have not yet made contact with YGGDRASIL players nor have they found any trace of them. She has done a search of the forest near the Great Tomb, and she has found a lake among the foothills of the mountain range at the end of the forest.[6]

While Ainz masquerades as an adventurer, Aura is given the task of investigating and controlling the interior of the Great Forest of Tob. At the same time, she has to gather up any lifeforms who are willing to join Nazarick along with setting up the construction of a warehouse for resource storage and emergency shelter.[7]

After Ainz and Narberal enter the Great Forest of Tob with Nfirea and the Swords of Darkness, Aura is shown to have been following behind the two ever since then. On the other hand, she is ordered by Ainz to lure out the Wise King of the Forest and have it attack them. In order to reach her intended destination of where the beast is at, she regroups with her pets Fenn and Quadracile to carry out the task. Upon arrival at the creature's hideout, with her special breath skill, she easily manages to direct and aggro the Wise King of the Beast straight toward them.

Although she wanted to make that creature as her own familiar, Aura refrains from doing it for the sake of Ainz's order as it takes precedence first. She ponders whether it was fine for her to take the creature's pelt after it dies by the hands of her master. When the creature surrenders to Ainz, Aura offers a suggestion where they should kill it and take its hide to make a great pelt. Much to Aura's regret, her master allows the creature to live and pledge its loyalty to him.[8]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

As Ainz proceeds to engage Shalltear in a death battle, Aura and Mare have been ordered to monitor the area. She was also supported by Eyeball Corpses summoned by Ainz to help her with the targeting duties and keeping their surroundings occupied. Having been given World Items for protection, the two are given the additional order of withdrawing when the enemies appear.[9]

While Ainz had a death match with Shalltear, Aura was using her ranger skill [Sky Eye] from afar to keep a close watch over how the battle between the two unfolds. Right before Shalltear lands the killing blow on Ainz, Aura releases one of her skills, making Shalltear feel a sense of hostility from her and hesitate in her attack. This in turn, allows Ainz to regain the initiative and emerge victoriously.

When the battle was over, Aura dispelled [Sky Eye] and silently chastise Shalltear's stupidity for allowing an undead like herself who is supposed to be immune to mind-altering skills end up becoming mind-controlled by the enemy. Since her brother did not know who was the victor of the battle, she informs him that their master have emerge victorious. According to her brother Mare, Aura was upset and in a bad mood upon having to see Shalltear be forced by the enemy to take up arms against their master.

Before the revival of Shalltear, agreeing with Demiurge's sentiment, Aura and the other Floor Guardians beg Ainz to never get in harm's way again and to allow them to handle any future incidents that may come. After Shalltear was resurrected back to life, Aura beckons Ainz to give the vampire a good scolding which she rightfully deserve for all the trouble caused by her until now. Once that matter was taken care of, Albedo reports to Ainz that Aura have discovered a Lizardman Village where they can then plan their next move on.[10]

The Show Must Go On!

Main article: The Show Must Go On! Arc

In the Great Forest of Tob, Aura begins making preparations to build a second Great Tomb of Nazarick. Noticing that her brother Mare is becoming uncomfortable around her, she asks why. Mare is afraid that she is having thoughts in seceding from Nazarick. Aura states that isn't the case, Ainz arrives and he explains that the structure that Aura is building is a fake tomb to detract invaders. Based on the work she had done so far, Ainz is willing to give Aura a reward for her hard work, though she initially refuses. However, due to his continued insistence about it, she consents, but only if the other Floor Guardians receive something similar.

In a meeting with her peers and master, she requests a taming room to train her animals. Later on, Aura and Mare notice a gathering of the NPCs around a bulletin for try-outs for the role of Juliet in a play hosted by Ainz. Aura declines to participate as she doesn't want to get involved in Albedo and Shalltear's shenanigans. The day before the auditions, Aura is approached by both female Guardians, who offer her high-level artifacts for her vote. Aura ultimately votes for Shalltear, and when Albedo finds out and attempts to get her to admit her guilt, the dark elf states she has evidence of the illicit bribes from both Guardians. Demiurge is informed of this, resulting in the disqualification of both women from the competition.[11]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Main article: The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Aura and Hamsuke accompany Ainz to retrieve a rare herb in the northern region of the Great Forest of Tob. The trio encounter a dryad named Pinison Pol Perlia. Through her, Ainz learns of the awakening evil treant, Zy'tl Q'ae. After Zy'tl Q'ae has fully awakened. Aura, along with other Floor Guardians, are ordered to fight together against Zy'tl Q'ae and to secure the herb for Ainz's adventurer quest from the Adventurer's Guild.[12]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc
Overlord II EP01 082

Aura Having Lunch

During the morning, Aura is seen giving out orders to a contingent of golems and elder liches in constructing a warehouse in the northern part of the Great Forest of Tob. With her watch's alarm going off, she decides to take a break for the time being. As a result, she tells her coworkers to return back within an hour or so after her break time is over. In the meantime, Aura is served by Pestonya a hamburger with two pickles, french fries with the skin on, and a cola as requested by the former.[13] After Cocytus loses the war against the lizardmen, she participates in a meeting with the rest of her fellow Floor Guardians about the former's defeat. Before the meeting began though, Aura came across an unknown entity within their ranks which was Victim, a fellow Floor Guardian like them introduced by Demiurge upon asking. During the meeting, she and her brother Mare both cried after seeing how Ainz forgives Shalltear for her betrayal.[14]

As Ainz and the rest of the Floor Guardians, including Aura, are in the fortress built by her, she is praised by her master for the hard work she did to construct it much to her dissatisfaction. Nonetheless, when Albedo intentionally destroys part of the fortress out of jealousy towards Shalltear's punishment, Aura is informed by the former about accidentally destroying the wall and needing to get that fixed. Aura then informs Ainz about the security net where she dispatches the undead borrowed from her master to patrol within a two kilometer radius. She reports to him, stating that they have not picked up any exceptional intrusions. At the same time, she sends out some of her magical beasts who are adept at reconnaissance to patrol a four kilometer radius around where they are, but there haven't been reports of anything suspicious so far. When asked by Ainz if there have been any preparations on her end, Aura tells him that Shalltear is helping her deploy the kind of undead that are good at surveillance.

Later, Aura is among the Floor Guardians to discuss about Ainz's persona, Momon. Aura states her concern to Demiurge on it being more damaging to spread the rumors of working with that Vampire after the adventurer becomes famous. Nonetheless, Aura's concern is dismissed when it is treated as malicious gossips at that time since Momon is a famous adventurer now. When Demiurge asks Aura on what she is going to do if Ainz ends up being mind-controlled by the same person responsible for Shalltear's betrayal, Aura vows she would kill that person who did it.

When Ainz wants to use her warehouse to speak to Crusch Lulu, Aura strongly protests against the idea as she feels that it is not suitable for Ainz. Ainz then comforts her, saying that the place built with her feelings is as good as Nazarick. The Floor Guardians, upon hearing this, immediately proclaim the place as such for Aura to listen and understand while they permit Crusch to enter.[15]

The Search for Hamsuke Arc

Main article: The Search for Hamsuke Arc

Aura is ordered by Ainz to find Hamsuke, who has gotten lost somewhere on the 1st Floor of Nazarick. Learning that Shalltear is also in on the search for Hamsuke, she looks to compete with her of whoever can find it first, mocking the vampire that she lacks a sense of smell compared to herself. She asked Ainz whether it was fine for her to skin Hamsuke's pelt if the hamster was found dead much to the latter's doubt. After checking the 6th Floor and not being able to smell the scent of Hamsuke nearby, Aura and her brother try finding the hamster to the 2nd Floor and are soon joined by Albedo and Shalltear. With Aura picking up an animal scent that is close to them, she teasingly mock Shalltear for not being able to smell Hamsuke's presence while she could.

While Aura is in the lead, the four eventually came across Hamsuke. However, none of the female Floor Guardians including Aura want to approach the beast, as much to their horror, the hamster has a cockroach lying on top of its head. Aura and the two Guardians encouragingly push Mare to use his staff to crush the bug, but the boy is unsure how, afraid of killing Hamsuke. Aura warns his brother that if he were to touch it with his own hands, she promised to never go near him ever again. Realizing how helpless Mare is, Aura threatens Hamsuke to remove the cockroach or else she will peel off its skin. As a result, the antics of the Guardians cause Hamsuke to flee in terror after being threatened with death if it comes any closer.[16]

The Two Leaders Arc

Main article: The Two Leaders Arc

While in Nazarick, Aura informs her master that she did a quick sweep on the forest and in the end, hadn't find any strong enemies nearby except the monster, Zy'tl Q'ae they fought against. It was decided that Aura would join Ainz in helping him eliminate the two remaining rulers of the forest once and for all so that they can finally put their surroundings under Nazarick's complete control. After heading outside the tomb, Aura accompanies Ainz using her pet Fenn to ride together and meet with the Giant of the East and the Serpent of the West at the Great Forest of Tob.

During her travel there with Ainz, she discusses with him about how they should deal with the enemies. Let alone that, Aura is asked by Ainz of her well-being and she tells him that she is still young and well. She vows to eat well enough for her growth to Shalltear regret it. Aura is told by Ainz that he wishes to see her find a lover someday, to which the former believes it is still too early for her due to her age. When asked who she likes the most in Nazarick, Aura admits it to be Ainz, to which the latter reciprocates, much to her dumbfounded surprise. She makes a promise with Ainz to accompany him during his travel to a kingdom of dark elves in the near future if found.

Once they almost reach the lair of the Giant of the East, Aura stations all of the magical beasts she brought along with her around the region to set up an encirclement under Ainz's order. Upon reaching their lair, talks of negotiation begin, but end in failure, as Aura captures Ryraryus, who tries to escape, while Ainz kills Guu and all of his minions with Despair Aura V. Although Ainz wanted to avoid violence and have a peaceful talk before negotiations broke down, Aura reassures her master that it was their fault for trying to lay a finger on him.[17]

Aura, along with Ainz, returns to Nazarick. During her break time, she hangs out with Albedo and Shalltear on the 6th Floor, talking about the Bicorn. After Albedo summons and explains her Bicorn, Aura can't help but be impressed by the latter's appearance while the two starts exchanging words regarding its equipment and Albedo's skills over it. Aura have also discusses problems surrounding Albedo's Bicorn mount, with Albedo being unable to ride it. Aura believes it could have be because of the Bicorn's muscles being wasted away due to the summoner not choosing to ride it regularly enough. Aura informs Albedo that she has to raise all her pet familiars free-range, having to always make sure they were patrolling around the 6th Floor frequently. Aura tries establishing communication with the Bicorn, but fails as it is not one of her minions she controls. According to Aura, this is not the first time this has happened to her before, recalling the time when she failed to communicate with the lizardman's hydra, Rororo.

Having trouble finding the solution to their Bicorn problem, Shalltear brings out her Game Encyclopedia, which was owned by Peroroncino much to Aura and Albedo's jealousy. Although she is initially jealous of the gift Shalltear got from Ainz, Aura's envy immediately goes away when she caresses the silver wristband that was gifted to her by their master. Upon finding information on Bicorn from Shalltear, including how it can only be ridden by impure maidens, Aura is left utterly dumbfounded and shocked after discovering that, despite being a succubus, Albedo, is still a virgin.

On the other hand, Aura gives suggestions to Albedo on what the Bicorn should be equipped with. Additionally, she asks Albedo if there was a name for this Bicorn, to which the latter said there is none, which encourages the former to suggest giving the mount a name. Along the way, Aura reveals to Shalltear and Albedo what her day-to-day life has been like until now, which includes bringing in new residents to the 6th Floor and patrolling the forest. She then gives her colleagues a detour around Green Hole, where the newest residents of Nazarick are at, detailing the role Mare has there and monsters like the Spear Needles under her control. Aura greets Sous-chef during her visit and introduces the Mandrakes that she has trained to the two female Floor Guardians.

On a different topic, when Shalltear shows concern about how Albedo not being familiarized with these new residents may hamper Nazarick's security, Aura makes sure to explain the different floors in details as there is no possible way out of the tomb except death. In addition, Albedo details the progress in Ainz's plan of Project Utopia that was started by the secret base Aura built. Aura decides to part ways with the two after hearing from Mare via communication with her magic item that he needs to head out, which requires her return to the Amphitheater. She learns that Mare is going to pay a visit to Cocytus on his floor much to her suspicion. Nonetheless, before allowing her brother to go, she warns him to come protected on the 5th Floor while visiting the said Floor Guardian as his domain was very cold.

Meanwhile, Aura is ordered by Ainz to keep an eye on the both of them. For that reason, she is placed in charge of the women’s group in the female bath. While in the female bath, the Lion Golem attacks the female Guardians, including Aura, for their bad behavior in the bath and Ainz and the male Guardians prepare to help them.[18]

The Dark Hero's Story Arc

Main article: The Dark Hero's Story Arc

Aura and her brother attend a meeting with the rest of the Floor Guardians to decide what kind of rewards they wish to receive from Ainz. Aura voices her wish to be given Rororo as a reward. Her request is immediately rejected by Cocytus, as the hydra is the property of the lizardmen, which are under his jurisdiction.

Even though Aura's request is denied by Cocytus, she then requests to have the pet's children instead. Simply put, Aura wants to take the children of Rororo to the 6th Floor of Nazarick and raise them in the pond there. Cocytus doesn't turn down the request right away, but will first try asking about it to the lizardmen and reminds Aura that she can't take it from them forcefully.

When hearing Mare's outcry to not lowering the coupon's price for sleeping with Ainz as disrespectful, Aura reassures her brother that the price being low is nothing more than just an example.[19]

Ainz Raises Money Arc

Main article: Ainz Raises Money Arc

Aura is present with her fellow Floor Guardians at a meeting with their master Ainz Ooal Gown. During the meeting, when Ainz inquires the reward that Aura wants, she initially thinks of obtaining Rororo, but cannot do so because it is under the control of Cocytus's lizardman. After Cocytus explains the situation he had with Aura, she then follows it up, stating that she now suggests an "Eat With Ainz-sama" voucher.

Like the others, she is given three gold coins to be used as her salary by Ainz. In the next meeting, Aura presents her liege about meeting a human smith and had that person make those gold coins into a pair of bracelets.

During another meeting with Ainz, Aura presents her master a wooden Momon statue she bought.[20]

Table Game to Understand Humans Arc

Main article: Table Game to Understand Humans Arc

At Ainz's request, Aura, along with several other Floor Guardians, are asked to play a table game as an exercise to better understand humans.[21]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Aura and Mare break into the executive council of Eight Fingers, leaving them utterly shocked by the two elves' sudden entrance. Upon arrival at their base, Aura uses her power on members of the executive council, preventing and paralyzing them from making their escape. At the same time, she informs them that from this moment onward, they will become Ainz's new servants. As a result, Aura dominates them by using her breath ability and celebrates the idea that they will be puppets of Nazarick. While this is happening, she warns Hilma to not think of betraying Nazarick or else, she will be sent back to Kyouhukou's room and stay there for a longer period of time than previously.[22]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

Main article: The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

When the Great Tomb of Nazarick is infiltrated by four groups of workers, Aura is seen at the Amphitheater, where one of the groups, Foresight, has been teleported to. As the group arrives in the arena, Aura announces the arrival of Ainz as their challenger. During the battle, Aura follows her master's order allow one of the members, Arche, to escape, with Shalltear being ordered to tormentingly hunt down and kill Arche mercifully.

Later, after Ainz defeats the group, Aura is then ordered by her master to take two of the members, Hekkeran and Imina, to the large hole, stating that Gashokukochuuou is running out of "nesting room." Hearing this, Aura immediately asks if she can have Mare do it for her, to which he agrees.

After the massacre of the workers, Aura and Mare, as envoys, visit the imperial palace using dragons to fly to their destination. Once there, she introduces herself and then threatens the Emperor Jircniv, telling him that if he doesn't apologize for the invasion, they will destroy the whole Baharuth Empire. In order to make an example out of her words, Aura orders Mare to use his magic and kill the humans present at the courtyard, much to the Emperor's shock.

With the deed done, Aura eggs the Emperor to show himself to them. If not, she will even order the annihilation of their city, Arwintar. As a result, Aura has successfully forced the Emperor to reveal his whereabouts face-to-face with them. Thereafter, she and her brother are prepared and welcomed by the Emperor's subordinates' reception at their palace.[23]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

Main article: The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

In the Imperial Palace, while waiting for talks of negotiation to begin, Aura and her brother Mare are given beverages to drink as part of their reception. Hearing how she didn't find it to be tasteful, Jircniv suggests he will prepare better ones next time, with Aura doubting that they will have any good drinks to impress her. She and Mare are bombarded with question after question by the Emperor much to her annoyance. Finally having enough, she then asks whether he will come to Nazarick and apologize for his actions. If he chooses to not visit Nazarick, she will relay the message to Ainz about it and return back to this city and destroy it thereafter. Aura tells the Emperor that her master wants him to come over once the latter makes his decision.

In the end, the negotiation ends after they hear the Emperor's answer, leaving both Aura and Mare to head back to Nazarick and inform Ainz while waiting for his arrival within five days' time. After the meeting delegation comes to an end, Aura learns from Demiurge that the Emperor is scheming against Ainz, with Aura believing that Jircniv is surprisingly stupid to try and do. She is angered upon learning that the Emperor is trying to have one of them betray their master. While deciding on a name suitable for Ainz, who will ruled over the Sorcerer Kingdom, she suggests he pick the title Powerful King, or Power King in short.[24]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

In the morning, Aura and her brother pay a visit to Ainz, reasoning that they're simply here to greet and see him. Thanks to Aura, the fortress in the Great Forest of Tob as the fake Nazarick, or perhaps a resource depot has been completed for now. Aura’s next task is to conceal the fortress and strengthen its defenses.

At the same time, both of them are picked up by Ainz, placed on each lap, and coddled in fatherly affection. When Albedo is sitting on Ainz's lap, he attempts to breathe in a familiar scent, which Aura later stops her master from doing so, telling him brashly that it is perverted. According to Albedo, Aura has been sitting on Ainz's lap for around 3 minutes and 41 seconds much to her jealousy. When Albedo won't get off Ainz as their master order her to, Aura provoke a reaction from the Overseer, telling her that she was only here to visit him not out of work reasons like the former but because she wanted to see his face.

The silent stare down between the two stopped right after Aura was asked by Ainz what happen to the elves. Aura answers saying that the Elven Slaves are on the 6th Floor of Nazarick taking care of both her and Mare much to her annoyance. She advised Mare to learn how to get dress better independently or else the elves will keep lending him their assistance. Ainz hopes that they can help with Aura's and her brother's development as fellow dark elves and as parental surrogates.

Additionally, Aura, alongside her brother, decides to make a suggestion to Ainz that boys should wear girl clothes, and girls should wear boys' clothes. However, the suggestion is struck down by Ainz when he convinces everyone in the room that the two dark elves are dressed that way because their creator, Bukubukuchagama, wanted them to be special. Hearing Ainz's reasoning because of that, she keenly reflect on her inconsideration towards her creator's feelings and will.

Learning from Albedo that their resources in the Sorcerer Kingdom are turning out insufficient, Aura offers a suggestion that they should grab more from either the Empire or Kingdom.[25]

The Pleiades Day Arc

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Aura is notified of Yuri Alpha's entry to her floor and is informed that she is looking for Shizu. Aura brings Yuri Alpha to Shizu, who had wrapped her body around one of Aura's Spear Needle's, causing it great discomfort.

After Yuri extricates the automaton from Aura's pet, they are joined by Neuronist Painkill, who explains that she is going to a house-warming, bring a gift of perfume. Aura, confused at the gift, inquires what it is, humoring Neuronist on her childish behavior and offers to educate the young dark elf in being a 'lady'. Though due to her close proximity to Neuronist, she causes Aura to run back to her floor.[26]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

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Ainz decides to use the NPCs to be his bodyguards on his journey to the Dwarf Kingdom. According to Ainz, the only suitable bodyguards for him are Aura and Shalltear. In other words, Aura and her magical beasts could be considered an ideal choice for this trip there.

Later, Ainz contacts Aura and Shalltear to meet him in his chambers at E-Rantel. Aura came first, so she was informed by her master that they will be visiting the Dwarf Kingdom along with Shalltear. This surprises Aura because she figured that Shalltear has very limited uses. She presumes Ainz's decision to have Shalltear accompanied them was her master's plan to destroy the nation after foreseeing that peaceful negotiations are bound to break down. Aura's misunderstanding was clear up after she was told by him that Shalltear's reputation as the strongest Floor Guardian has been hampering her growth all this while and wants the vampire to accumulate various experiences to make up for it much to her surprise.

Upon Shalltear's arrival, Aura tells her to wait for Ainz to finish speaking first before she starts getting the wrong idea of why she was recruited into his expedition. Under her master's order, Aura was informed that they will be visiting the Dwarf Kingdom together and how Shalltear must obey her every command throughout the journey. Aura and Shalltear were advised by their master to make sure and bring the right familiars along for traveling.

While her colleague Shalltear vows to redeem herself from her past failure, Aura offers her prayer to her creator to watch over Shalltear. As the vampire thinks she had been given easy tasks as of late, Aura encourages and reason with Shalltear that any work given to her by their master is still very important regardless. When the vampire felt doubts of her own inability to be useful, she convinces Shalltear that Ainz's judgement to have her participate in their mission was his choice that not even Demiurge could have thought of doing. She reasons that since their master is smarter than Demiurge, it was why Ainz chose Shalltear in the first place. She informs Shalltear that Ainz is looking to test her flexibility by exposing the latter to various difficult situations. With that said, Aura advised Shalltear to study and learn her surroundings while they traveled.[27]

Aura and Shalltear gathered at the lakeside near the Lizardman village, accompanied by their hand-picked followers. Among which were 30 of the magical beasts Aura have decided on bringing with her for the expedition. While waiting for other members to arrive before beginning the journey, she and Shalltear started making preparations with their familiars in the meantime.

Once their journey to the Dwarf Kingdom began, it was Aura's duty to record their travels for the day using a memo pad to sketch a map of where they're at whenever they're on a break. During one of those break times, she notice Shalltear was hard at work taking notes of their master's words in great details. Seeing this, Aura advised the vampire to not always write everything word to word what their master says but instead, suggested the former try recording the important things down and using them to teach herself how to deal with similar situations. For instance, Aura hints that Shalltear should think about what Ainz had in mind and then put herself in his place and imagine what she would do in his shoes. She ponders if this was like what her creator went through when taking care of her own sibling.

At some point in their journey, they eventually arrived at the entrance of the dwarven city but discovered that the city was already long since abandoned. Having the best senses, Aura was given the order by Ainz to search for any sign of life in the city. Aura discovers a footprint in one of the abandoned buildings on their way to the home of the dwarf, who took care of Zenberu and it's clearly not a dwarf. As Aura continue to lead the search in the city, Ainz received a message from the Hanzo, informing him that they found a trace of someone's presence in the tunnel. Ainz orders Shalltear, Zenberu, and the others to stay on guard at the entrance of the tunnel while Aura and he proceed to investigate a hidden tunnel. Once there, Aura happens to identify a new set of footprints of a person who was nearby. Aura was encouraged by her master to establish a peaceful contact with that person and have friendly dialogues with it.

As a result, what Aura found was a lone dwarf miner digging in the tunnel all by himself. With her master hiding his presence, Aura then proceeds to meet the Dwarf and ask him a question. The dwarf was startled by the sudden appearance of the dark elf and uses the cloak of invisibility to hide his presence. Aura persuades the dwarf that she doesn't intend to hurt him and wants to look at him.

The dwarf reveals himself and wonders what a dark elf doing here. Aura introduces herself as the emissary from the Sorcerer Kingdom and the dwarf introduces himself as Gondo Firebeard. Aura asks Gondo why there are no dwarves in the city, he tells Aura that the city was abandoned three years ago due to the Quagoa, an underground dwelling race just like the dwarves, and also told her that the Dwarven Army are ready to recapture their old capital city from the Quagoa.

When Ainz revealed himself before Gondo, Aura prevented him from running away much to his horror initially. Upon seeing how trustworthy Aura was and its faith to her master, the dwarf decided to cooperate with Ainz. Later, under Ainz's order, Aura was given the task to tail after Shalltear, keeping close watch over her movement as she is in pursuit of the Quagoa who are nearby. If Shalltear was about to begin massacring them, Aura was tasked with the job of stopping her by any means necessary, even if she have to hit her. Other than that, Aura was told not to interfere with any of Shalltear’s battle plans.

When Ainz is looking to prepare himself before the Regency Council, Aura and Shalltear worked together to decide on a fitting attire that he could wear for the meeting. Later after traveling to Feo Jera to negotiate with the Regency Council, Aura was present when Ainz rallied the remaining runesmiths to his side and praised him for her master's accomplishment of swaying them over to their side. Aura, Shalltear, Ainz, and Gondo traveled together to the old dwarven capital to fight the Frost Dragons and the Quagoa. Aura and Shalltear collaboratively, are ordered to face the Quagoa and have them submit to their master's rule even if they have resort to violence including reducing their population in doing so. To ease her concern of not being able to prevent all the Quagoa's escape, Aura was allow permission to use the World Item, Depiction of Nature and Society on them for that mission.[28]

Along the way, they encounter a young Frost Dragon by the name of Hejinmal, who quickly submitted to Ainz Ooal Gown. After receiving meaningful information about its dragon-kins and abilities, Ainz decided to give Aura this Frost Dragon as her new pet to take care of. Agreeing to his offer, Aura uses some sort of unknown skill or ability to bend the Frost Dragon under her full control as it's boss much to the latter's pain and terror. Although she felt initially disgusted of the dragon peeing, Ainz reasoned with Aura that Ankoro Mocchi Mochi had a pet dog that does the same out of joy and excitement. Hearing this, Aura learns that perhaps her other familiars may undergo the same behavior like Hejinmal to mark their terrain.

Later on, Ainz orders Aura and Shalltear to begin giving the Quagoa an ultimatum while he and Gondo proceed to the Throne Room. Outside of Feo Berkana, Aura activated her World Item to trap the Quagoa from escaping. She order the Hanzo to block off the escape route from within the world they are trapped in. She and Shalltear discuss about what effective powers from the World Item they can used on the Quagoa and how to cull their numbers. At the same time, she and Shallear question the meaning and intention behind Ainz's action surrounding the fall of the Death Knights. Once she sense a massive number of Quagoa are close by, Aura and Shalltear confront its leader Pe Riyuro. She and Shalltear gave him an ultimatum and declared that they had been sent to let the Quagoa know that they were to be taken to the Sorcerer Kingdom. In the end, they successfully accomplished their operation and report back to Ainz.[29]

Shalltear's Travel Diary Arc

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During the night when Ainz's entourage, while heading to the Dwarf Kingdom, camps out in a fortress he created, Aura overhears Shalltear talking to herself. After knocking on the vampire's several times, she barges in to find Shalltear reciting lines from her notebook. Their discussion somehow leads both women in doing imagination training, fantasizing about being useful to Ainz. After hearing Shalltear's story of saving Ainz from an enemy, the dark elf points out some unrealistic details Shalltear used, such as the size of her chest.

When this upsets Shalltear, with the vampire asking how she would like to be praised by Ainz, Aura has her own imaginative spin of how she would help her master. In Aura's imagination, she envisions defeating the enemy with her many pets, and also depicting Albedo of being useless due to arriving late when the enemy is already defeated. For her reward, Aura relies that she wanted to spend a day with Ainz. This request makes Albedo in her imagination feel jealous and also asked the same thing only to be refused by Ainz since Aura did her job perfectly. When asked if Aura also had any other wishes, Aura requests to be petted on the head which Ainz complies.

Even though it is a fantasy, Aura worries if they are being disrespectful to Ainz, though is convinced by Shalltear that their conversation falls within Peroroncino's approval of women's private talk and thus is confidential. Both women agree to keep their fantasies a secret, especially from Albedo.

The next morning they are greeted by Ainz, who asks how their night was. The two mistakenly think that Ainz knows about their musing from last night and apologize, begging for punishment. Though Ainz is confused, states that there is nothing wrong, as he believes they were just chatting about their creators, and that their privacy is important. The two women find Ainz to be such a gentle being and become more motivated in the mission to the Dwarf Kingdom.[30]

Nazarick Mythology Arc

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Aura and her brother Mare attended a meeting to create a mythology of their master in order to solidify his hold over the masses. In the twins' myth story, they weave a classic super sentai story where a group is known as "The Ainz Five" fight monsters to save the world until they decide to eradicate the human race. The humans attempted to resist but the Ainz Five transform into a giant golem wiping out humanity in a never-ending cycle.[31]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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In the Audience Room Aura was present with the other Floor Guardians. There she saw Shalltear bring Hilma Cygnaeus to present her master Ainz a witness who can explain their questions about the attack on the Sorcerer Kingdom's trade caravan of grains. Every Floor Guardian including Aura during the meeting, approved of the punishment Ainz has suggested for Hilma Cygnaeus to do. Once that matter was concluded, discussion about Philip resumes where it left off while the Overseer explains their strategy for the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

When Ainz states that maybe Philip did what he did without thinking about the consequences of his actions first, Albedo doubts the nobleman to be this stupid. However, as Demiurge shows his support to Ainz's notion, so do Aura and her brother. With Ainz permitting questions to be asked by the Floor Guardians, Aura was the first to question the strategy of their operation. Aura wanted to know why they did not draw in as many of the nobility as they could during the beginning of the operation. She thought if they had done that from the start, they could have just killed off the troublesome noble, Philip and continued the operation as they had planned. Demiurge answers Aura's question, stating that would have been troublesome as none of the noblemen are exactly known for their intellect and adding them into their operation could have caused an unexpected leak in intel to occur.

As Demiurge inquires further from the Floor Guardians on what punishment they should impose on Philip, Aura suggests the idea of killing him which her brother also agreed with doing.[32]

Since one month have pass by after the Sorcerer Kingdom's declaration of war, Aura was among one of the Floor Guardians to have been able to successfully lay siege on territories be it a city or village within the Re-Estize Kingdom.[33]

When Ainz was at the Re-Estize capital with his 10,000 undead army from the Sorcerer Kingdom, Aura happens to be present there with him during that moment in time. Like her brother Mare, Aura was also watching the soldiers on the side as they build and manage the fronts. At the same time, she has also been observing her own servants while standing by her master's side. Once Ainz gives her the order that she must protect him using the World Item, Aura obediently obeys her master's command without any hesitation. After Ainz returns from his meeting with Zanac, Aura had a discussion with Mare and Cocytus about the upcoming siege of the capital. She was later issued an order by her master to not heed the wishes of 1) people who do not want to die and 2) people who desire death once the battle begins.

Once the battle began, Aura and her magic beasts set off from the front she had established in front of the capital. Aura was the one in charge of crucial facilities.[34] Standing atop the city wall, she easily found and spotted the Magician's Guild, her first intended destination from afar. Meanwhile, Aura allows her familiars to bring fear to the surrounding soldiers around her in the meantime. When she saw her other familiars bullying Iris Tyrannus Basileus, Aura reprimands them to stop and form a single line before her. She commands her familiars that their special mission is to walk along the city walls and kill any humans they see. Once the mission begins, Aura jumped down from the city walls and successfully entered the capital’s perimeter. She landed on top of some random roof and ran along the rooftops to get to the Magician's Guild while being follow from behind by her familiars. Not long after she had jumped from the city walls, she arrived at her destination.

Before she marches any closer toward the gate, Aura was then confronted by Vesture Kloff Di Laufen and several of his disciples who stood in her way of entering the guild. She threatens them to let her through, promising to spare the humans from being killed by the former and the magical beasts. In truth, even if Aura did spare them, she will allow Mare the honor of killing these humans in her stead after fulfilling her promise to them. Seeing that Vesture refuses to yield and after confirming from him that the Armageddon Evil (Prototype) is in the Magician's Guild, she immediately murders him on the spot without sparing him the time to fully introduce himself or do battle with her. As Aura proceeded to resume her walk towards the entrance gate of the Magician's Guild, she orders her magical beasts to kill the humans standing before her along with the ones inside the building. After which, she begins her task of retrieving Demiurge's possession and the other numerous magic items there.[35]

After the conclusion of the war, Ainz seeking to get away from the burdens of rulership, decided to use the opportunity to take Aura and her brother to the Elf Country so that they could make friends.[36]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc

Main article: The Half Elf God-kin I and The Half Elf God-kin II Arc

Aura received Ainz when he arrived at the 6th Floor. Hearing that Ainz wanted to inspect the new area of the 6th Floor as well as meet with the elves he gave the twins, Aura informed Mare via her necklace. The dark elf then called her pets Fenn and Quadracile to serve as mounts for her, Ainz and Lumière. They traveled to the Field of Flowers where Ainz was introduced to Violet the leader of Alraunes. After Ainz was satisfied with the tour, he went to the Gigantic Tree where Mare and the elven servants were waiting. Upon hearing that Ainz wanted to hold a conversation, Aura offered the outdoors of the 6th Floor, but it was ultimately decided by Ainz that the Canteen on the 9th Floor would suffice. While traveling to the 9th Floor, they were momentarily delayed when one of the elves fainted after seeing Cocytus's subordinates standing guard on the floor.

After the elf regained her senses they came to the Canteen. At Ainz's insistence, she and her brother, as well as the elves were allowed to select their drinks and meals. Once Momonga entertained a warm greeting by Shihoutu Tokitu, he went to business and began asking the former elven slaves about the Elf Country. When the conversation drew to whether the elves wanted to return to their homeland, the trio were hesitant to speak on this matter with Aura and Mare's presence. Ainz then gave Aura and Mare an excuse to leave the table to allow a private conversation with the elves, Aura was able to acutely sense her master's intention and dragged Mare away to allow the conversation to proceed.

Later when Ainz revealed his plan to take a paid vacation to the Elf Country with her and Mare, she and her twin met with Albedo to discuss the intent of their master. Though the were unsure of their master's true aim, both Aura and Mare promised Albedo to safeguard Ainz on his sojourn.[37]

In the Great Forest of Evasha, Aura brought Fenn on the trip and helped her master explore the forest before they reached the elven capital near Crescent Lake. With Ainz's aim to locate the dark elf settlements, he managed to kidnap a lone elf and used magic to charm him to divulge the information of where the dark elf territory was. Once he was finished with his interrogation, Ainz erased the elf's memories and Aura and Mare helped carry and put to sleep the elf in his home.

Using the information from the elf at the capital, Aura rode with Ainz and Mare on Fenn to seek out the nearest dark elf village. When the got to the area, they were unable to locate the village immediately, so Aura decided to scout ahead with her beast to see if she could find the village herself. The two ran into one of the bosses of the forest, the Ankyloursus Lord which tried to intimidate them. Instead of being frightened, Aura found the bear monster to be adorable. Thinking it would make a great pet and also test subject for an experiment, Aura beat the bear into submission with Queen forcing it to follow her commands.

When she returned with the bear, Ainz was initially hesitant to allow such an unknown into Nazarick, but consented to allow Aura to keep it given it seemed to be a rare specimen. He saw another use in the bear and told twins over dinner that they would use it in Mission: Red Ogre Cried.[38]

Under Ainz's orders, Aura set the ankyloursus on a dark elf village where it wrecked havoc and threatened to destroy the village's elf trees. Aura then took the stage to 'save' the village by driving it away through just her strength. The dark elves in the village were in awe of Aura's deed and hailed her a hero. When Aura met with the Council of Elders before the entirety of the village, Aura provided a cover story of being a dark elf from a distant land that had traveled ahead to meet them accompanied by her brother and 'uncle' who would join her in the village in three days. Her story was accepted, though some details that she revealed such as the Trail of the Fey were believed to be dubious.

However she found out that the village was experiencing an internal dispute between two factions. One favoring tradition and the other full of young revolutionaries. Both sides attempted to sway Aura to their faction, though Aura quickly set the boundaries threatening to leave which caused both sides to act more cordial. Finding neither side to be appealing, Aura planned to create her own faction that she could use to pursue Ainz's agenda in bringing the dark elves into the Sorcerer Kingdom. Aura was allowed to stay in the village as a guest and the village awaited the arrival of her family.

After two days Aura continued to awe the elves with her superior ranger abilities, bringing large game to the village. After a successful hunt of a Gigahorn Elk, Plum Ganen, a member of the faction containing the younger elves in opposition of the elders, had become one of Aura's more fanatical followers. Though Aura never ascribed to being part of his faction, Ganen used her ability as precedent to prove that age should not be a factor for leadership roles.[39]

Three days after Aura made contact with the village of dark elves, her “uncle” Ain Bell Fior and her brother Mare arrived. Once Aura welcomed her “uncle” she then followed his instruction to get Mare acclimated with the village whilst Ain spoke with the adults and elders. After Ain finished his introduction, Aura and Mare regrouped with him at the elf tree they were provided. Aura then asked Ain what was the plan while in the village to which her “uncle” informed her and Mare that they would stay for a week to collect information. Specifically everything about the village while acting as regular dark elves. For Aura and Mare, they were instructed by Ain to play with the other dark elf children. This initially confused Aura as she thought they were going to gather information on the Theocracy. However that matter was secondary on her “uncle’s” objective.

While helping Ain organize his wares he had while playing the role of a peddler, Aura detected six sets of footsteps approaching their temporary dwelling. They turned out to be the dark elven children that Ain had bribed with candy to play with Aura and Mare. Ain encouraged his charges to go and interact with them as part of their mission to learn dark elf customs. While Aura complied she harbored doubts on gaining anything of substance from the children given their lack of maturity. This led to her it believe that this was some sort of test by her master, which she communicated via her Golden Acorn necklace to Mare. As she and her brother pondered on what use could the dark elven children could be to their master, Aura’s sensory abilities detected that someone was watching them.  Although it turned out to be just Blueberry who had been discreetly following her since she came to the village. While she found his presence annoying she restrained herself from killing him and kept up the charade that she did not detect him for the sake of Ain’s plans.

Later she and Mare were invited to the game of Play House. Unfamiliar with the term Aura assumed it to be a role playing game of some sort. And though she wanted to suggest some more physical active games, she remembered that she and Mare were leagues above the dark elf children in terms of strength. That in mind Aura and Mare realized the difficulty they would have in being on the level of the children.

The next morning over a meal, Aura and Mare discussed with Ain how their interactions with the village’s children progressed. At the same time she and her brother wrote in their food journals to describe how the taste of the village food was for Ain’s context. While Ain when to study herbs under Plum Ganen, Aura found her assignment less bearable to act like a child. She also noted Ain to be enjoying his learning sessions with the Chief Pharmacist, though the reason why escaped her.

A week passed, Aura and Mare noticed Ain and the adults gathering together for a meeting. Once the meeting was done, she inquired about the tension emanating from the discussion, though learned that it was concerning proposals of marriage between Ain and the single women in the village. Despite Ain claiming that he managed to fool them with an excuse, Aura warned him she could still felt their gazes upon him after he left the meeting. While she assured her master no one was listening to them for now, Aura reported she had eavesdropped on the rest of meeting and relayed the contents to Mare. In regards to Ain recommending the dark elves send a partial armed force to assist the repelling the siege of the elven royal capital, she and Mare believe the advice was sound. As for the possibility of the parents of the dark elf children being casualties in the upcoming conflict, the Floor Guardian voiced her disinterest in their fates. Although she did express concern that Ain helping the dark elves come to this decision might be leaked outside. However she was told by her master that there wasn’t any demerits for the Theocracy finding out that a citizen from the Sorcerer Kingdom influenced the dark elves since they are already an enemy nation. While still not sure of Ain’s plans both Aura and her brother agreed to his decision nonetheless.

Just as they were returning to their elf tree to gather their belongings for their departure, Plum arrived to warn the family that some of the women of the village wanted to follow Ain. This serves for the trio to make a speedy exit from the village to avoid being pursued.  Afterwards, Aura inquired if they would return to Nazarick, but was informed that they would be performing a kill steal.[40]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

When The Great Tomb of Nazarick was transferred to the New World, Aura was among the NPCs that were killed. Once she was revived by Momonga in the aftermath that saw the ruin of the dungeon, Aura like the others found herself facing an abnormal drop in levels. Not only that her collection of magical beasts were also killed including Fenn and Quadracile. Aura worked with her brother to restore her floor which suffered damage in the fallout. To regain her levels as a Beast Tamer, Aura went out to the Great Forest of Tob to gain some actual experience and managed to capture and tame a pack of wolves to add to Nazarick's forces.[41] Despite being weaken, Aura was still very much stronger than Mare, as demonstrated when she sparred with him. The female dark elf told her brother that he needed to improve himself as he relied too much on magic. Later she worked with Mare and Lupusregina Beta in helping disguise the surface of Nazarick, in the process they had a tussle with some Forest Worms. Aura stood guard around the area while Mare worked his magic to create an illusion over their home. It was then Aura located a human scout and quickly captured him. She was present when Mare was awarded the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown for his service to Nazarick.[42]

Aura and Mare would receive a visit from the protagonist who was sent by Momonga to ask about their work satisfaction and hobbies. For Aura she expressed that she liked to play with her pets and sleep outside.[43] Aura and her brother would later be sent outside of Nazarick to assist the protagonist in his mission.[44] The two met up with the protagonist and the field team who were working with the Sunlight Scripture.

The elves had a tense reception by the human supremacists though they were cordial. The elves joined the expedition into the forest to seek out the source of the Chaos Beasts in the area. On the way they Aura learned about the Wise King of the Forest. The dark elf interested wished to tame the beast and had her chance when the Wise King of the Forest attacked their party. In the end Aura subdued and tamed the giant hamster who explained the grave situation of the forest.[45] The hamster knew of the Crack which spawned the Chaos Beasts to be deep in the forest and offered to guide them there and hopefully help her regain her territory. Aura decided to give the hamster the name Hamsuke, taking it as her pet. The party located the Crack though had to retreat after the anomaly began to spew out monsters and miasma. Once they were safe and out of harms way Aura pondered on the mechanics of the Crack.[46]

The dark elves would return back to Nazarick, though Aura left Hamsuke back in the forest to keep watch over the area. Aura gave her report to Momonga and Albedo on her new acquisition. The two were unsure if they should accept Hamsuke into Nazarick, though they agreed that the beast needed to be watched and had Aura take a Death Knight with her to the forest to act as Hamsuke's guard. When Aura returned with the undead in tow, she was surprised to find that her pet had marshaled all the surviving goblins under her command to assist in retaking the forest from the Contaminated Beasts and Chaos Beasts. The beast tamer was proud that her pet took the initiative and together with her pet's minions killed the Warrior Chaos Beast that had claimed Hamsuke territory.[47]

After the two returned to Nazarick, Aura heard about a throne Demiurge was building and helped to provide him materials.[48] Aura would also serve as a confidant to Shalltear, when the latter was feeling sorry for herself taking blame for Nazarick's poor state. The dark elf not wanting to hear such foolishness convinced the vampire to improve herself rather than feel guilty. She noted that Shalltear was not alone as many of the other Floor Guardians felt powerless and yet are not quitting. Her words of rebuke were enough for Shalltear to get out of her stupor and put all her efforts in restoring Nazarick.[49]

Aura's floor still required clean up, so much so that Yuri provided her aid to help relocate the debris piles outside the Amphitheater. As they were an eyesore, Yuri consultant with them and the trio agreed it would be best to turn the stone piles into powder for easier storage.[50] The dark elf had to also contend with putting up with CZ2128 Delta intrusions on her floor, while most her her beasts her gone and yet to be revived, the maid switched her attention to her pack of wolves. During a briefing at the Round Table Room, Aura reported that there were "sheep" near Nazarick. CZ hearing that volunteered to go with Aura to find them. Later the "sheep" were actually humans that Aura was sent to bring back, leaving the maid to be shocked and horrified. Aura had to bring the traumatized maid back so Momonga could coax her mind back using a Spear Needle.[51] At one point while checking out the Crack on her floor, she found Sebas Tina guarding it rather than one of the assigned maids. The butler did not specify why he was present though Aura noticed that his boots were muddy but decided not ot pursue the issue as she trusted Sebas Tian.[52]

In order to cheer up Momonga with a hanami, Albedo ordered several of the Floor Guardians, along with the protagonist's adventurer team to search for the Legendary Tree that was rumored to be in the Great Forest of Tob. Aura had Hamsuke to act as her guide in the forest. After some time, the tree's location was determined to be east, where Aura located a grove of dead trees. The trees turned out to be Zombie Treants which guarded the Legendary Tree and attacked them. The elf served as a distraction to direct their attention to allow Cocytus to chop the tree and claim it for Nazarick.[53]

In a strange turn of events at Nazarick, visitors from another world came through the Crack at the Throne Room. They became guests of Momonga and Aura was assigned to act as their escort outside of Nazarick. As payment for them staying in Nazarick, Aura had them help with some monster extermination of some Fiber-Eating Slimes.[54] Later to assure Momonga's worries that another attack on Nazarick would be repelled, she participated in a mock battle in Fake Nazarick, defending it from Momonga and his summons.[55]

Aura and her brother would be in charge of cultivating a pumpkin field using seeds brought outside Nazarick. It happened on the 6th Floor in the Green Hole, when the found a pumpkin with an odd face. Soon all the pumpkins appeared to have grisly faces on them. Seeing this was odd Aura and Mare brought one of the pumpkins to the protagonist so he could examine it. The pumpkin tried to attacked them when they brought it to Ashurbanipal. It became apparent that their pumpkins were actually a breed of Contaminated Beast and the elves quickly rushed back to their floor to dispose of the dangerous crop. It was took late the pumpkins turned aggressive. The elves and their minions tried to kill them but the pumpkins would regenerate.

It was later determined that the pumpkins were not plant monsters but undead. A method of killing was provided by the protagonist relating to information he found on the Halloween Festival. Aura was given a costume and told to carve and fit the pumpkins with a light to exorcise the evil spirit. Once all the pumpkins in the 6th Floor were eliminated, they move onto the 5th Floor to help Cocytus deal with a Giant Jack-O-Lantern and then on the 10th Floor free Foire from being controlled by a pumpkin. After the crisis, Aura and Mare did trick or treat to celebrate Halloween going around asking for candy.[56]

Another mission Aura was sent out was to determine if a rumor that Caloric Stone was responsible for the rising temperature in the Great Lake. She and Cocytus took part the quest to help the protagonist aid Zaryusu Shasha to solve the mystery. The Nazarick agents though found that the substance that was causing the temperature change was not Caloric Stone but a new item called Heatstones. Still they were taken back to Nazarick as compensation and Aura enjoyed using them to enhance the water heat in the baths of Spa Resort Nazarick. The elf enjoyed the fruits of her labor in the baths, with the female Floor Guardians until Albedo incurred the wrath of the Lion Golem.[57]

To improve her fighting abilities and raise her levels, Aura participated in the Nazarick Fighting Tournament, forming a team called Overseer with Albedo and Mare. Though her team lost in the first match of the event against the Bloody Maidens led by Shalltear.[58] To help prepare for a Christmas party in Nazarick, Aura and Mare came to a field outside the dungeon where Demiurge was breeding treants using seeds from the Legendary Tree. He showcased them the labors of his research like the Enhanced Treant which was then cut down to make a Christmas Tree.[59] Much later Nazarick fell under some sort of New Year's mental spell caused by a being named Shiramochi-ō. Aura and her brother Mare fell under his influence and were led to Fake Nazarick where they wore kimonos and played hanetsuki.[60] After Shiramochi-ō was killed the White Mochi King created a time loop to repeat the events. In the new timeline, Aura and Mare still under the spell played hanetsuki and later befriended a amnesic boy named Shiro and gave their visitors a fishing rod and cane. The spell was broken after Shiro who was actually Shiramochi-ō allowed himself to be killed by Momonga. Before being killed he played one last game with Aura and Mare. After the spell was broken, memories of the New Year's event were wiped from the NPCs minds though Aura still held some fragmented memories of playing with someone named Shiro.[61]

The dark elf would see that she would be assign to entertain more visitors from Nazarick. When they were taken outside Nazarick, she took them to see her pet Hamsuke. It prove be a mistake as Hamsuke went feral and chased one of the visitors. Once the fiasco was done the group assisted her in capturing Earth Worms out in an open plain. Due to the lack of progress, Aura used one of the visitors to act as bait, remembering how his scent drove Hamsuke crazy, and after being told his presence affected all manner of magical beasts, decided to use him to lure the Earth Worms to her.[62]

At the time of the second summit meeting for the Tripartite Alliance, Aura was assigned to monitor all of Nazarick's agents that they inserted in E-Rantel. In addition she culled weak monsters with her wolves outside the city to prevent them from interfering with the summit. She noted that the area seem to be quite empty and encountered a bear that tried to attack her. She easily killed it but noted that the animal was in a previous battle and exhausted. It later seemed that the bear herald a massive Chaos Beast horde that was heading towards E-Rantel. The dark elf and the Pleiades member Entoma headed outside the boundaries of E-Rantel and joined the protagonist's adventurer team in slaying the alpha of the horde thus saving the city from destruction.[63]

On a more distant field mission, Aura was selected by Momonga to serve as his tracker in an expedition to the Roble Holy Kingdom to determine how the nation fell during the Catastrophe. Aura and her hounds served as Momonga's scouts until they reached the Abelion Hills where their delegation was met by Evil Lord Wrath. The expedition were taken to the ruined Great Wall which was now infested with Chaos Beasts. Seeing a lack of human bodies in the area, besides a few undead who numbers did not account for the total of human soldiers stationed at the wall, Aura found what happened to them in a training field. Something massive had scorched the earth in a area of effect leaving nothing. She deduced that the human defenders were on a training excercise when the attack happened. The investigation then took her to Kalinsha where her team found to be destroyed. At a cathedral a Dragon Chaos Beast was found and guarding a strange artifact. It was killed and the spoils were taken back to Nazarick for further study.[64]

When she returned to Nazarick, a new group of visitors were present and Aura befriended them after learning that 'dating' could be used to seal Spirits. Like most of the female NPCs in the tomb, she wanted to learn the secrets of dating to strengthen her relationship with Momonga. [65] The guests provided a recipe for kinako bread though one of them felt that the food produced by the Head Chef was not quite the same like in their world. After the chef produced several samples without any success it was Aura who figured out that the taste was different because their guest needed the same environment. The elf created a setting that simulated the same air and atmosphere at the bakery that served the kinako bread had in their guest's world.[66]

Closer to Nazarick, Aura helped to retrieve the real Legendary Tree for Demiurge security network plan. Soliciting Hamsuke and her minions Aura helped Nazarick's retrieval party locate and eventually subdue their quarry. After it was captured alive it was brought in an underground cavern. To celebrate their victory a feast was held in the cavern with the tree acting as a decoration.[67]

While doing her rounds in Nazarick, Aura spotted Albedo in a maid's uniform which she found surprising though was not adverse o the idea of her superior taking a minor role on the 9th and 10th Floors. [68] Aura attended an experiment at the 10th Floor where Demiurge caused the Crack to open a portal to another world, dragging in new visitors. One of their visitors turned hostile forcing her to use her arrow to hinder his movements. He is eventually released under Momonga's order to allow both parties to trust one another.[69]

Later a series of hauntings in the Tob Forests began occurring. This prompted Aura to investigate the matter with the help of allies from Nazarick. The dark elf took the testimonies of the witnesses and agreed that something abnormal was going on in the forest after sensing something was watching her. The Floor Guardian would go to the nearby lizardmen to ask if there was anything that could be responsible for these occurrences. Zaryusu Shasha would then introduce her to Kyuku Zuzu who believed that the Demons Snake of the West was responsible. The lizardman guided the dark elf to the entity lair. The Demon Snake turned out to be Ryraryus Spenia Ai Indarun though he admitted that he had nothing to do with the strange happenings of the forest. Despite coming to a dead end, Aura made the naga her subordinate under the threat of death. When she was about to return to the Tob Forest, she learned that the entity haunting the forest struck again seemingly going to threaten Hamsuke. Aura arrived to drive it away, though was convinced that whatever it was it definitely was not a ghost or spirit. Despite this information from the protagonist retrieved from refugees in E-Rantel pointed this to be the work of evil spirits that were angry because of the lack of a Harvest Festival. Majority voted to create a festival to draw the spirit to them and hopefully capture it. Aura worked with the Pleiades and the protagonist to host a festival in the abandoned Carne Village. Sure enough they were attacked by the entity which turned out to be a fox named Kyuko. The fox was eventually defeated after some difficulty. It was later revealed that the attacks on the forest was directed towards Aura as the fox believed the elf and her companions were oppressing Hamsuke. Once misunderstandings were cleared up and learning about the fox's lonely life, Aura offered Kyuko to serve her thus making her part of Nazarick.[70]

More visitors from other worlds would continue to come to Nazarick through the Crack. Aura and Mare would encounter a new group brought to them, this one led by a hero and a trio of goddesses. The twins gave the group a tour of the 6th Floor and allowed them help in culling the Chaos Beats at the local Crack. However after the Chaos Beasts were eliminated they found that the hero refused to accept that the foes were defeated, maintaining that they could reconstitute even as particles. Since the elves did not think of it they could not discount it as not true. They did not predict that the hero would take the threat seriously as he then proceeded to repeatedly torch their forest. The arson stunned the elves who were too confused to halt the destruction of their floor. She brought the issue up with Momonga and regretted to have not stopped the human.[71]

During the protagonist's mission to rescue Gazef Stronoff, his team also discovered a new monster species in the Northern Cave. After killing it the protagonist informed Momonga who then sent Aura to retrieve the corpse of the specimen.[72] Aura would take a liking to a new visitor to Nazarick, a Shield Hero, finding parallels with her creator Bukubukuchagama who was also a shield wielder. While grinding monsters outside Nazarick she led the Nazarick agents in protecting the Shield Hero from another party of heroes seeking to kill him and his friends. After soundly defeating the heroes she allowed the Shield Hero and his company to escape through a Crack to hopefully return back to their world. She gave the defeated heroes a chance to leave as well. Once they were gone Aura led a cleanup crew to collect the discarded Chaos Stones in the area.[73]

Aura was involved in helping Momonga find a way to deactivate one of Luci★Fer's remaining golems in the baths. The dark elf got pulled in the Miyoshi Cup, when several female NPCs sought to become Momonga's bating attendant. One of the challenges involved cleaning Neuronist Painkill. In response Aura refused to touch the torturer and was disqualified.[74]

On a personal project, Aura and her brother sought Pandora's Actor for access to the Treasury. In conjunction with the protagonist they acquired Christmas Costumes and presented gifts to Momonga. The talk of Christmas prompted Momonga to host a second Christmas party and Aura offered to help Pestonya to prepare the food for the feast. Just as Nazarick was about to start their festivities, an emergency meeting was called to the Round Table to address a call for aid from the lizardmen. The situation dealt with an abnormal change in temperature where a cold wave was driving the demon beasts from the mountains and towards the Great Lake. Aura lent her peryton to the Pleiades maids to speed their journey to investigate the cause of the cold wave. The dark elf was seen present at the Christmas party giving her praise to the maids once they returned back from the mission.[75]

The Great Tomb of Nazarick would be visited by some old faces from another world. With them was a new face, a young girl with a puppet that her alter ego spoke through. When Aura and Mare were introduced to her by their former guests they were a bit confused by the puppet, but quickly accepted that the toy was its own individual. Aura noted that the girl and her toy were similar in personality like she and her brother.[76]

While having a tea break with Yuri and Pestonya on the 6th Floor, the dark elf was enticed by Yuri to participate in a chocolate tasting competition for Project Valentine. Aiming to win the competition Aura and Yuri went to the Tob Forest to get some insight from Kyuko and Hamsuke. The two beasts were given some samples of chocolate to try which they found delicious and believed that Longevity Nuts could act as a supplement. The two guided the Floor Guardian and maid to a grove where the nuts grew and helped to eliminate the Super Giant Sanitary Slime guarding them. The nuts were collected and Aura used them to make her Natural Forest Chocolate. Her dish was the winner of the competition as it was deemed practical and useful to be used as a gift for diplomatic services.[77]

In an experiment to use idols to capture the hearts of humans in E-Rantel, Aura was selected by Momonga to become an idol with Shalltear. Together they formed the idol group LittleMass, with Aura taking the stage name of "Alkaline" while Shalltear took the stage name of "Acidity". The two made their debut before the general maids of Nazarick, entertaining them with live performances and singing whilst fighting Chaos Beasts.[78] The two hosted handshake events signing memorabilia for their fans in between shows. In their last performance they gave a final farewell to their fanbase in the Amphitheater.[79]

Due to the positive reviews of the idol plan, the next phase was to implement it in E-Rantel. To avoid being linked back to Nazarick, Momonga needed a new face to act as an idol for the plan. Aura having already been seen by the Sunlight Scripture as an associate of the protagonist and by connection a member of the Sorcerer Kingdom could not act as an idol this time. The elf then recommended Kyuko to take her place with Shalltear as the fox was a new face and by no mean related to Nazarick to the outside world. To prepare Kyuko for the role, Aura went with Shalltear, now posing as "Shall", to the forest to get Kyuko ready. The elf and vampire had Kyuko shapeshift into a more mature form and helped to develop her cover story before being sent to E-Rantel for the exchange tournament that the protagonist was coordinating as part of the idol plan.[80]

At the time of the "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet", Aura was initially invited to join by Albedo and Shalltear at a tea party as the two believed that it was part of Momonga's ongoing "Trial of Love". However the dark elf preferred not to get into the drama as she believed that someone needed to keep a cool head to make sure the other two Floor Guardians did not make fools of themselves. Instead she acted as part of the cheerleading alongside her brother. In her case she cheered for Albedo's White Group with other general maids that supported the Overseer Guardian. When the competition ended in a cumulative tie, Aura and her brother, along with the watching general maids accepted the results and viewed it as a intense but fun game, commending both teams on their efforts. She would be present in a meeting with the other Guardians to discuss the success of the event. After Momonga gave all the NPCs his praise for their effort and his love to them, Aura witnessed Albedo and Shalltear clinging to Momonga at the meeting. To restore some decorum to the gathering she and five other Guardians had to pull the women off Momonga. Though even with their combined strength the Guardians were not strong enough until the Eight-Edge Assassins came to help.[81]

Aura later brought to a meeting when Shalltear made contact with a powerful human girl named Anne. Aura at the meeting expressed her doubts at Shalltear's ability at subterfuge, though agreed to assist in observing the encounter via magic. Aura's purpose was to monitor Shalltear as the dark elf was more familiar with her personality, thus if any mind control was cast on the vampire, Aura would be the first to note any discrepancies in her personality.[82]

A crisis in Nazarick would occur when Shalltear Bloodfallen fell under the influence of mental control magic of a World Item. Aura lent her wolves to the summon army, commanded by the protagonist in a complex plan to weaken the vampire. When the vampire was weaken enough by her allies, Aura lurking in the shadows activated Depiction of Nature and Society to draw the Floor Guardian into another dimension where Momonga was waiting to finish her.[83]

Days later Aura attended another meeting to hear about Iguva=41, Lupusregina and CZ2128 Delta successful infiltration of Six Arms and how they foiled a smuggling operation by an alliance of nobles in the Empire. Though she was disappointed that it was not a lead to what happened to Shalltear she was still happy at the news on Nazarick's agents. At the meeting, she also learned of Momonga's next target to be the Dwarf Kingdom.[84]

Once the mystery of the Fake Sun was solved, evidently by a so-called prophecy by one of the Supreme Beings found by the protagonist in the library and his announcement that Momonga understood and knew its contents, Aura praised her master's wisdom. Later at the Tsukimi, Aura enjoyed the moon-viewing party with Mare eating dango, though became annoyed by Shalltear and Albedo getting into another squabble.[85]

The 6th Floor produced a plentiful harvest of pumpkin crops, thanks to the work of Aura and her brother Mare. Due to the harvest, Albedo proposed to host a formal Halloween Festival. Although Aura and Mare were unsure of hosting another Halloween due to the past experience with the Pumpkin Monsters they were convinced. For the party, Aura wore the same Halloween costume from the previous incident. Aura and Mare encountered the surprise event in the form of a defense training session prepared by Albedo, which involved several Eight-Edge Assassins disguised as Jack-O-Lanterns led by Albedo and Narberal who were acting as evil witches attacking Nazarick. Once Aura and Mare successfully defeated them on the 6th Floor, they were directed by Albedo to obtain the participation of Kyuko and Hamsuke to invade Nazarick's 1st Floor. The fox and hamster complied while Aura and Mare stayed to protect the Tob Forest. After the defense training, Aura joined her peers at the pumpkin patch to celebrate Halloween and was happy to see Shalltear to regain her confidence from the morale boosting event.[86]

In a general meeting on a report from the protagonist on the progress of the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute, Aura was assigned to use her summons to collect more Contaminated Beast specimens for the researchers. There was also news of an illness spreading among the orphans of the city and after some discussion it was believed that it was a result of the bad status effect from one of Demiurge's demons. To cure the bad dtatus, the Longevity Nuts were required to make a natural cure. Momonga then had Aura check the forest to see if the tree that bore the nuts bore any new ones for the humans to use. Aura would then be dispatched to the Tob Forest to carry out her duties and sedate a vulture from the mountains captured by the protagonist, Soi, Yuri and Entoma.

When the expected human presence arrived to collect the fruit to make a cure for the illneess in E-Rantel arrived, Aura led the monitoring team with Yuri and Kyuko. The trio watched in secret as Hamsuke and the members of Darkness guide Evileye and Nfirea Bareare into the forest whilst Aura's group let loose several Chaos Beasts to attack them to create the impression that the forest was still unsafe and dangerous. Though the target of their attacks, Nifrea, did not waver, Aura and her team witnessed enough of Nfirea's magical powers and talent to recognize him as a significant threat. Since their mission to intimidate Nfirea failed, Aura and the others decided to allow the protagonist to handle him with his schemes. Aura and Yuri then separated from Kyuko to return to Nazarick to prepare for a party, but promised to bring the fox-girl a treat. Later at the Christmas party hosted to celebrate the protagonist's and his allies success in curing the illness in E-Rantel, Aura was present with Mare when Momonga gave a toast.[87]

At a general meeting, Aura learned of Momonga's concern about the "New Year" phenomena that was approaching. Despite Momonga's retelling of how many Floor Guardians fell under some kind of mental influence at the previous "New Year", Aura only had vague recollections. To prepare for another incursion by the "New Year", Aura and Mare conducted a "general cleaning" of their floor. Finding nothing in the landscape the two returned to the Gigantic Tree as a final check. While Aura checked the house, Mare took the opportunity to take a nap, until he was roused back to awareness by Aura when Momonga arrived to conduct his own tour of the floors. Aura and her brother gave their report about their investigation. As for request, Aura suggested that an alarm clock be given to Mare, much to his embarrassment. Together with Momonga's party the twins did a subjugation of the Chaos Beast emerging from the Crack on the 6th Floor.

Later at another meeting, Aura was informed by Momonga that he decided to forgo all caution against the approaching "New Year" and instead celebrate it with a Kakushigei Tournament. Aura was placed in Red Team and faced off against Mare who was in White Team during the first match. In the match, Aura demonstrated the mastery of her skill of Queen by picking up a golem from the audience, dance it in the air and carefully land on the ground. Aura lost to Mare against his [Earth Surge] and the tournament ended in a tie between the teams. The celebration though invited the Bishamonten Shrine to transport everyone in the Amphitheater to the alternate Chaos Zone. To return home, Aura joined Shalltear and Mare in fighting against a new incarnation of Shiramochi-ō. Even when working together the three Guardians were not strong enough to defeat the White Mochi King. However the trio gained the aid from an unlikely ally, Shiro. Upon his arrival Aura regained all her repressed memories of the trio White Mochi King. Once the copy of Shiro was defeated, Aura returned back to Nazarick where she and Mare continued to celebrate New Year and reconnect with Shiro.[88]

Aura would be involve in a plan to convince a pair of new visitors from another world to take up permanent residence in Nazarick to fulfill Momonga wish to strengthen the tomb. She and her brother met with the guests on a Chaos Beast subjugation mission on the 6th Floor. There was some tension from the visiting Demon Lord due to some hatred against the elven race. Aura and Mare would give their report to Momonga on their guests capabilities and later participate in a mock battle of all the Floor Guardians fighting the two visitors.[89]

At the announcement of the Sorcerer Kingdom's National Foundation Day Ceremony, Aura was excited by the news. And even more about plans for the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue, which would be installed on a floor on Nazarick to the Floor Guardians with the best etiquette and mannerism when interacting with guests to Nazarick. Per Demiurge's request, Aura went to the Tob Forest to invite Hamsuke and Kyuko to attend the foundation ceremony. While the other Floor Guardians were busy preparing for the event, Aura and Shalltear were called to Albedo's room so that they could practice dancing, as it was a skill that was used in an indicator of class withing a country's elite. Their attempts to dance were less than promising as they required an actual dance teacher. To solve that Albedo suggested that they train with Kyouhukou, but both she and Shalltear reacted in revulsion to the idea. However caught between their disgust of the cockroach and their need to maintain their nation's honor, the two women reluctantly agreed to the training regime.[90]

Aura and Shalltear would commit to the training regime under Kyouhukou in time for the ceremony. Aura was present for the ceremony at Fake Nazarick where Momonga commemorated the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom. For the banquet portion, Aura changed into more formal attire, though was annoyed Mare had not done so. On the ballroom floor she was able to demonstrate her dancing skills which impressed her teacher. She also had to restrain Shalltear from acting vulgar before the guests when Momonga was dancing with Albedo, suggesting that the vampire could dance with her next. Like many at the party, she admired the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue created by Demiurge. A day after the event, Aura accepted the decision of Momonga to install the statue on the 7th Floor, though she and Mare petitioned to keep one of the many prototypes as a souvenir.[91]

Aura would resume her role as "Alkaline" for a return of LittleMass, to help in an experiment to test out for Nazarick, though this time it would introduce new idol. During the idol selection meeting Aura proposed that Kyuko could be a perfect candidate, though it was ultimately decided that Albedo would be the new idol as "Neutrally". With the new idol joining their ranks the group changed the group name from LittleMass to LittleMasStar.[92]

Aura participated in the trial test of Casino Resort Nazarick. After three days playing baccarat and roulette, the Floor Guardian came in fifth place with the most chips. Using her winnings she selected the tablecloth of Momonga made by Albedo as her prize.[93]

The dark elf was approached by Albedo concerning resuming the Queen War with Shalltear as the rivalry had been on a unofficial truce since Shalltear's mind control incident. In the elf's opinion she felt that such a thing could be put on hold at least until Nazarick was fully secured, given the many unknown dangers in the world. Though she did not dissuade Albedo from pursuing the idea to resume the Queen War, with some preparations. Aura and Shalltear were told of Albedo's intent to craft a wedding dress to impress Momonga. After hearing this Shalltear was adamant to not give up against her rivals, which included not just Albedo but Aura, who insisted that she had no interest in their childish game. Aura's services were called to assist the protagonist, Slimeko and Albedo in collecting information on fiber plants for a sustainable source to help produce the "Dark Warrior" dolls in E-Rantel. Acting as a guide and escort, Aura went with them to the village of the Lizardmen Alliance and to the Tob Forests to do their survey. Once the survey was done, Aura returned to Nazarick where Albedo showcased an amigurumi doll made from local fiber plant materials.[94]

At a meeting, Aura witnessed Momonga approve Shalltear's petition to resume [Gate] experiments. Aura then proceeded to head back to the 6th Floor to guard the Crack located there. Afterwards the twins headed to the 2nd Floor where the experiments were taking place. The experiments resulted in Shalltear opening a stable route to what seems to be the isolated island that the Pleiades had explored. The members of the Sorcerer Kingdom want to capitalize on new territory, selected Aura and Mare to lead a scouting party with Entoma to ascertain the island's exact position. Due to the dark elves lack of experience in using swimsuits and aquatic combat, it was decided that the elves would receive training from the lizardmen. The protagonist and Slimeko guided the twins to their destination. stopping by the Tob Forests to visit Hamsuke and Kyuko. When they reached the lizardmen village in the wetlands, Zaryusu Shasha, Kyuku Zuzu, and Shasuryu Shasha agreed to help the Floor Guardians familiarize themselves in marine battle. Once training finished, Zaryusu requested permission to join the expedition to the island, which Aura passed to Momonga personally and was approved. Later Aura, Mare and Shalltear spent some time with Shalltear as a thank you for guarding the 6th Floor while they were away.[95]

Aura acted as team leader for the survey. While exploring the island she was eager to search for any rare beasts that were indigenous to the island, though was disappointed that only insects, birds and small animals existed in the forest. She was open to the idea that the sea was just another forest and hoped maybe that there was a rare aquatic monster somewhere in the area. Once the mission was over, Aura enjoyed some tea with Mare, Shalltear and Albedo on the 6th Floor to chat about the events of the mission. The Floor Guardian commented on enjoying the change in environment from Nazarick, though still felt the later was superior to any other place. Afterwards she and the Floor Guardians decided to head out to the Great Lake where a Swimsuit Sports Festival was being held.[96]

During the time when the Great Tomb of Nazarick was transformed into Nazarick Academy, Aura was mentally controlled and made to believe she was a student and head of the Breeding Committee. At the "school" she acted as the class announcer leading the class in greetings the other Guardians who had been manipulated into acting as teachers.[97] Aura witnessed Shalltear join the class as a transfer student, as then her memories were suppressed Aura quickly became friends with the new student. Later after school was seen as a member of the Archery Club which was being advised by Momonga. When Shalltear came with Narberal and fellow member CZ, she invited Shalltear to join the club. After the incident, Aura regained her memories and learned of what transpired. Hearing that Shalltear felt responisble, Aura comforted her stating that she should not treat it as a disgrace but a blessing as the experience led her to have a deeper connection to her creator Peroroncino and also her role in abandoning the role in attacking Momonga led to the resolution of the incident.[98]

Aura and her brother acted as escorts for a new visitor from beyond the Crack. They led him to E-Rantel, where hopefully they could find the whereabouts of his missing lover. Their searched took them to village of the lizardmen where their affiliates reported that a outsider was under their care. While en-route, the team was stopped at the the Tob Forest where a mass of Chaos Beasts were flooding in. Aura joined the others in fighting not just the Chaos Beasts but a new manifestation from the Sea of Possibilities.[99]

For the upcoming E-Rantel's Harvest Festival, Aura took the initiative to assist by going to the Tob Forest to retrieve a Longevity Nut for the protagonist as she was going there to check on her subordinates there. Later she attended the festival with Mare in costume and at Momonga's orders tried to gleam any information from Nigun and Ian. While she did not obtain any useful intelligence, she did determine that both priests did not perceive the protagonist or the Sorcerer Kingdom as threats and believed that in the future her nation could take advantage of this for the "Three Kingdoms Puppetization Plan".[100]

Aura assist in the "Daily Household Magic Item Improvement Plan", collaborating with Yuri to come up with the Warm Pot, basing it off the Warm Bottle. Their idea was passed to Tsuibayaya to craft, though the dwarf ended up combining their idea with Shalltear's Heating Box. Nevertheless all three women shared credit and presented it at the "Sorcerer Kingdom Daily Household Magic Item Fair".[101]

When Shiro became active after his long seclusion on the 6th Floor, signaling the approach of New Year's, Aura and Mare escorted him to Momonga. Aura and several others were among those who were unaffected by the New Year's mood phenomena due to her physical contact with Shiro. To deal with the threat of the new White Mochi King, Aura and Mare helped Shiro regain his vestments to empower himself by playing hanetsuki. From their game the cane and fishing rod appeared. She and her brother were assigned to guard the 6th Floor whilst Momonga led a subjugation team through the Hatsumōde. After the crisis was over, Aura starred as Alkaline and performed with LittleMasStar in the Amphitheater for the general maids to celebrate New Year's Day.[102]

Upon hearing new that Momonga was planning to order the creation of a new chocolate product, Aura hosted a tea party on her floor with Yuri and Pestonya to get a head start on brainstorming ideas. Later in the official New Valentine Plan, Aura worked with the development team to produce Golden Chocolate In A Bottle which later became a raging success in E-Rantel.[103]

Aura while waiting for Mare to meet up with her on the 6th Floor for a subjugation of the Crack, scolded the male dark elf for being late after he returned from helping Cocytus in the library. During a reenactment of the taste party, Aura observed Narberal tasting the previous chocolate dishes such as the Chocolate Layered Cake being called fluffy, the Healthy Blood Marriage being crispy and the Crispy Delicious Bites being sakutoro. Later the research by Cocytus and Narberal culminated in the Chilled Chocolate Confectionary, Aura told Momonga that the confection was sure to be popular with humans.[104]

More visitors from another world appeared in Nazarick after a summoning experiment conducted on the Crack by Momonga. This time being a peddler and his pet bird. Aura was present when the peddler showcased his wares to Momonga to sell. When Albedo commented how creepy the human smile was when he fawned over Momonga, Aura thought to herself that the demon was one to talk, as she wore a similar expression when it came to their master.

Since the peddler was looking for a human girl that he got separated when he was transferred to the New World, via a Crack, Aura headed to the Tob Forests to pass the news for Hamsuke and Kyuko to be on the look out. By chance a girl with the same description that the peddler provided was with her two subordinates. The dark elf rushed back to Nazarick to inform Momonga, and then took the peddler back to the forest to confirm her identity. Once her identity was confirmed, Aura learned from the girl that the Longevity Nuts were in stock again in the forest, meaning that another Super Giant Sanitary Slime would arise after eating the nuts. The eld then invited the visitors to help her subdue the monster.[105]

During a meeting that was related to the Sorcerer Kingdom's next phase to sell the inventions created by the NPCs, Lupusregina brought up the issue of wanting to learn basic money skills. Going around the room of who was familiar with using human currency, Aura confessed that she did shop in E-Rantel but did not have confidence in the concept of money. Momonga then decided to arrange a money lecture that would be taught by Pandora's Actor for the field agents and those interested in learning.

After the meeting Aura and Mare were accompanying a depressed Shalltear still mopping of her previous mishap of being mind controlled and her lack of achievements. Aura tried to cheer her up, but failed to get the vampire out of her stupor before she went to her next assignment. Aura and her brother went to the 6th Floor to handle the Crack locate there and the two discussed about joining the lecture so as to be there to support Shalltear and make her more comfortable.

At the lecture in Casino Resort Nazarick, as Pandora's Actor explained that money was "power" in human society, Aura felt it was a pity that humanity relied on money and lacked an absolute ruler like Momonga. The lecture later incorporated guest speakers, being Shalltera and Albedo both who discussed the organization structure of Nazarick. From Shalltear's lecture, Aura found it to be easy to understand, cheering her friend on.

Shortly after the lecture, an emergency session was held to address the lost shipment of luxury chocolates meant for a noble's party. As the Sorcerer Kingdom could not afford to lose trust from this noble client, it was decided that a new batch of special chocolates would be created. Aura led a team composed of herself, Cocytus, Mare, Kyuko, Hamsuke and their Death Knight summon to collect new Longevity Nuts from the Tob Forest as ingredients. Once they brought the ingredients to the maids to cook, Aura tasting the new treats noted that the sweets were more fresh than usual.[106]

In the aftermath of the Calamity of Cracks, the humans of E-Rantel requested the Sorcerer Kingdom to host another Greetings and Victory Festival, though this time with Shall and Ku as the guests of honor. Given the danger of allowing Shalltear a public appearance in her alter ego, Momonga assigned Aura to escort her and Kyuko to the city and be on the look out for any enemies. Aura helped brainstorm Shall's cover story to add details to what her adventurer identity had been doing in case any of her fans or adventurer acquaintances asked. At the festival, Aura dressed as beastman girl and served as a representative for the Sorcerer Kingdom and met with Mayor Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier and Prince Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself. Later she participated in the dedication demonstration fighting alongside Soi, against Nimble and Leinas, winning the first match. Aura took part in the final match, joining all the undercover field agents against Blue Roses which ended in a draw. Then upon returning to Nazarick, when Shalltear requested more opportunities to use her adventurer identity, Aura offered to help her work on her cover story so that there would be an account of her "journey".[107]

Aura attended a meeting with the Floor Guardians, the protagonist and Momonga to talk about their organization's efforts to find clues as to who mind controlled Shalltear and also more about the Incident. She watched as Momonga approve a proposal by the protagonist to lead a mission to the Dwarf Kingdom not only to establish a trade agreement but to seek the knowledge of the long-lived races in the mountains to learn more about the Incident. Before the protagonist left for the mountains, he stopped by the Tob Forest, where Aura showed his party the finishing touches of Fake Nazarick, which was now a exact visual replica of the original from the surface. Since incident with Shalltear, Aura helped to speed up the construction to make a decoy base for any enemies that might track them. Once the party helped patrol the grounds, they bid the elf farewell. Aura also lent the party some of her magical beasts to be used as mounts for the journey to the Dwarf Kingdom.[108]

At the return of the protagonist and the members of the Pleiades from the "other side" of the Crack, Aura and her peers were made aware that the homunculus was not really a creation of the Supreme Beings, but an idea that was realized through the power of the Sea of Possibilities. In addition they learned that he may have shared a possible connection to Enhela Read Gahi who claimed that they were compatriots, serving Kuyō for some specific purpose. Due to the dubious nature of the protagonist's origins, he could not stay within Nazarick and be isolated in E-Rantel. Aura voiced her worries if this was fine as now the protagonist was being targeted by Enhela, so leaving him in the city would make him tempting target. Momonga though explained to her and the others that the protagonist would be acting as bait, and so until they could determine his exact loyalties the homunculus was to remain at his post as the Territory Guardian of E-Rantel. When she and the rest of the Guardians were asked on their personal feelings about the protagonist, Aura voiced that even though she was disheartened to find out that the homunculus was not a creation of the Supreme Beings, she still regarded him as a friend.[109]

Aura was given the task of aiding Princess Renner in faking her death. To this end, Aura had her subordinates clean up the abandoned Carne Village of all stray monsters so that the humans Nazarick captured and entranced as refugees could make it into a sanctuary form the Calamity of Cracks. This plan though was all an elaborate plan to draw the elite warriors of the Kingdom to the village to rescue Princess Renner after she sent word to her brother of her survival. When they let their guard down she poisoned them and the refugees. After which Aura had Hamsuke rip apart the bodies to make it look like the Contaminated Beasts were responsible. The dark elf was amazed of how willing Renner was to get her hands dirty in blood in order to fake her demise. She was among the Floor Guardians who welcomed Renner at a banquet on her floor as a member of Nazarick after the former human became an imp.[110]

During the Bard Plan, Aura and Mare were visited by Lupusregina, CZ and Narberal who were working on creating a rock band to promote the Sorcerer Kingdom through music. The twins permitted the maids in clearing out the Chaos Beasts on the 6th Floor for them to practice using their equipment. On the topic of writing anti-establishment lyrics on the Sorcerer Kingdom, Lupusregina had difficulty as she could not criticize the her own faction, so it was suggested by Aura that she mix lies with the truth to make it easier. When the maids' efforts coalesced into Βγδth, Aura assumed her persona a Alkaline in LittleMasStar to have a band battle with the new group in a live show.[111]

While being served tea by Pestonya on the 6th Floor, she and Mare heard about the upcoming "Rare Item Acquisition Day" event at Casino Resort Nazarick being held for the general maids. Aura deduced that it was part of another experiment by Demiurge. Mare who wanted to contribute to the event was then suggested by his sister to provide strategy lecture on gambling, given he came out on top when the casino first opened. At the lecture, Aura acted as Mare's assistant in instructing the general maids on tips on baccarat and roulette to get them to willingly play the games at the casino.[112]

After Kyuko was selected to be a member of an field team to investigate an illegal gambling den, Aura lent two members of the team, Solution and CZ her wolf to get to the Tob Forest to pick up the fox. Several days later, after Kyuko finished her mission, the dark elf informed Hamsuke and the Death Knight of the fox's return.[113]

At a Christmas banquet held on the 6th Floor, Aura congratulated Renner in her contribution on collecting ingredients for the party, having been regaled by Slimeko on the imp's role.[114]

When New Year's came, Aura with Mare helped Shiro to select a new activity in order to gain the last Seven Lucky God Key Item in order to defeat the White Mochi King. While in the library, Aura and Mare recalled all the past activities done for New Year's, until Shiro selected the "first sunrise". Since the event needed to take place in the mountains, Shiro needed to go to the Azerlisia Mountains. Upon hearing Momonga decision to go along on the trip, Aura was shocked by this. Before there was an argument, Aura asked her master to explain. Later on though Momonga stated that he wanted to go outside of Nazarick as part of a New Year's visit of the occupied territory, Aura wondered if Momonga wanted to chaperone Shiro in case he went berserk. Even so Aura and Mare joined the expedition, wearing their kimono wielding their hagoitas.

They first made their way to the Tob Forests, meeting with their caretakers, Kyuko and Hamsuke. Then heading to the Great Lake to deliver fish as New Year's gifts to the lizardmen. And then heading to Feo Jera to offer sake to the dwarves. Aura and Mare contributed to the entertainment of the dwarves by hosting a hanetsuki. The group then made their way to the domain of the Frost Dragon to deliver its gift, before being offered a ride on its back to the mountain summit to view the "first sunrise". After completing the activity, Aura and the others returned to Nazarick to receive the last key item before heading off to the Bishamonten Shrine where Aura participated in a raid to defeat the White Mochi King. In the last hours of New Year, Aura played another game of hanetsuki with Mare in the Amphitheater, along with Lupusregina and Shiro.[115]

Aura as it turns out has been keeping Yuri company at scheduled tea parties she hosted on her floor while the rest of the Pleiades maids were on undercover assignment. While clearing the Chaos Beasts from her floor, Aura was eager to head to the tea party and not be later. Then at a meeting where Albedo and Shalltear began to argue who should be given the honor of being taught etiquette and dancing first and have Momonga as their dance partner, Aura defused the situation, by suggesting that Momonga should be taught first as he lacked any dancing knowledge and to have Lupusregina be his dance partner since she had hands on experience from her recent infiltration at the Anti-Imperial Faction's party.[116]

At a pep rally in prelude to the rescue operation that would be conducted by the Quadripartite Alliance to save those trapped on the other side of the Crack, Aura and Mare were sent to act as representatives of the Sorcerer Kingdom and provided a stirring speech at the rally. A secondary mission was given to the twins to make contact with one of the guests at the event: Antilene Heran Fouche. Their mission was to befriend the half-elf and gain any information about the Theocracy's inner workings. Aura and her brother acted the roles of playful children wanting to know more about Antilene, and later gave her a tour of the city.

As he tour progressed, Antilene was reunited with Shall, who she befriended in the past. While trying to fish for information, the group was interrupted by a crowd of civilians who wanted more information on the upcoming rescue operation to save their loved ones, forcing the protagonist and Slimeko to distract them whilst the others slipped away. Though when they took refuge in an alley, they were absconded by a trio of dissenters who demanded more action from the Sorcerer Kingdom to save their loved ones. The group easily defeated the trio, though instead of enacting more violence showed mercy by giving them a stern chastisement to the awe of onlookers.

After the pep rally, Aura and Mare gave their report to Momonga and the others, successfully befriending Antilene which Momonga believed would pay off in the future. Aura witnessed an argument soon formed between Sebas and Demiurge, where the former accused the latter of inserting a variable in the mission, which was the dissenters, as a form of experiment to test Antilene's reaction. Both twins accepted the bantering to be just a normal day between Sebas and Demiurge. Momonga took the sight in good humor as it reminded him of their creators, and decided to celebrate their victory of subsuming control over the humans and hosting a great feast. Since the feast would be held on her floor, Aura went there to make arrangements.[117]

During the latest crisis of miasma spilling out and affecting every major city in the Three Kingdoms, Aura attended a meeting with her peers to monitor the situation. After the protagonist chose to save the humans in E-Rantel, Aura was among those who were suspicious that going to the ruined city would be a trap. However she also understood that if no action was done then Nazarick would be a target without their human shields. In regards to the cure for the miasma, there was concern that the technique could backfire on Nazarick as those who were cured received enhancements close to the level of a Pleiades.

To avoid a situation where humanity could grow into a potential threat, Aura recommended that they cull generationally at a moderate level. Though she agreed with her master that if they did so, they could potentially destroy individuals with valuable talents and so it was better to manipulate the humans so that they serve Nazarick's interests.

When Enhela Read Gahi, the mastermind behind the miasma crisis, revealed himself and his and the protagonist's connection to the Devourer of the Nine Worlds, Aura expressed concern that the homunculus loyalties were growing more checkered, making it very unlikely for him to return to Nazarick. At the time when Enhela used his "Divine Right" to take control of Nazarick, Aura evacuated the dungeon at Momonga's order using the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. Outside the Central Mausoleum she met with the protagonist and his team who were transported to the surface of Nazarick via the Cracks. Angered that a human took control of Nazarick, Aura agreed with Shalltear in wanting to kill Enhela though caution her peer as the man's power was still unknown.[118]

END of NON-CANON content


  • In the Web Novel, Aura Bella Fiora is called Aura Debay Fiora.
  • Since Mare Bello Fiore does not exist in the Web Novel, it could be said that Aura Debay Fiora never has a brother from that setting, unlike her Light Novel counterpart.
  • Aura and her brother are among the few races in Nazarick that will age over time, but its unknown if they will die or remain a certain age forever.
  • According to the author Maruyama, after 100 years had passed, Aura will already have developed enormous breasts by then, where Shalltear will look down in a sense of utter defeat and become listless even though she is a queen.[119]


  • (To Shalltear): "Hmph, it’s so obvious — damn, that is one weird chest, how many pads did you stuff in there?"
  • (To Shalltear): "You packed so much in there...I bet it shifts when you run, right?"
  • (To Shallear): "I was right, wasn't I? Kukuku! Where have they gone—!? So that's why you didn’t run, even though you were worried, and instead you used a Gate—"
  • (To Shalltear): "...I'm only 76, and I've got lots more time to grow, unlike an undead with no future like you. Ah, how sad — you will never grow again~"
  • (To Momonga): "A merciful leader with great foresight."
  • (To the Floor Guardians about Momonga): "He didn't radiate that aura when he was with us. Momonga-sama was kind, and gave us something to drink when we were thirsty."
  • (To Ainz about Hamsuke): "Want to kill it? If you want to kill it, I want its skin. I think it would yield great leather."
  • (To Herself about Shalltear): "You dummy...how could you let yourself get mind-controlled, even though you were undead? That's just so stupid of you."
  • (To Ryraryus Spenia Ai Indarun): "Hey, I can't see Ainz-sama's handsome figure like this. I will rip out your throat if you are too noisy, alright? But I will be careful and not kill you."
  • (To Ainz): "Yes! I think boys should dress like girls, and girls should dress like boys!"
  • (To Ainz about her creator): "Yes! I was so stupid that I didn't think about how Bukubukuchagama-sama felt!"
  • (To Neuronist Painkill): "Perfume is essential for ladies? Isn't it just for stinky people?"
  • (To Shalltear): "Ainz-sama wanted to test your flexibility by exposing you to various situations, so I think encountering difficulty isn't a bad thing. Until then, if you take notes and learn from around you, you'll be able to impress Ainz-sama and the others."
  • (To Shalltear): "That's right. Think about it, you're travelling with the greatest person in all of Nazarick, right? Doesn't that mean you can learn something from Ainz-sama?"
  • (To herself about Shalltear): "Bukubukuchagama-sama, please watch over Shalltear, who was made by your little brother Peroroncino-sama!"
  • (To Shalltear): "So you've already received orders like that? All these tasks were for you to learn, Shalltear."
  • (To Shalltear about the Quagoa): "Although, don't they get stronger by eating metals as children? And if we're going to rule them, wouldn't children be easier to brainwash? Shalltear─"
  • (To Ainz): "Ainz-sama can always think of situations we couldn't!"


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