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Assault on the Elven Capital was the besieging of the capital of the Elf Country by the Slane Theocracy amidst the war between the two countries. It happened concurrently with the Sorcerer Kingdom's looting of the Elf Kingdom's treasury and the Theocracy's assassination of the Elf King.


The army of the Slane Theocracy encroached upon the territory of the Elf Country via cutting through the cut be carving a earthen road into the Great Forest of Evasha that led directly from the Theocracy's homeland to the frontlines of the war.

To an outside view, it displayed the level of the Theocracy's obsession to wipe of the elven nation. Though it seemed rather inefficient as a more simply method to defeat the elves would be to create forest fires rather than laboriously felling down the trees to create a path for the army.[1]

However the road that the Theocracy created in the Great Sea of Trees served a two fold purpose. Besides providing a direct route to the front lines of the war, it also served a a escape route for citizens to use in order to evacuate from the homeland to the forest in the inevitable confrontation between the Slane Theocracy and the Sorcerer Kingdom.

While the Supreme Executive Council did not know the exact date, they acted on the presumption that the war between the nations would be on the horizon. General Valerian Ein Obinie who commanded the warfront at the frontlines, was given clear orders to refrain from using large-scale attacks against the elves as well as high fire-power magic support to break the enemy’s interception line. The restrictions placed on his armies included siege weapons such as catapults and even fire arrows to be forbidden when they approached the capital.

Under such constraints the army of Slane Theocracy suffered high fatalities against the guerilla warfare tactics of the elven defenders. However the army eventually reached the capital, having stopped cutting the trees from a point mid-route to march through the rest of the way into the clearing that surrounded the capital and Crescent Lake. Though having reached the destination, the army was still constrained by orders to refrain from launching a full on assault on the city. The reason being why was that the higher-ups of the Theocracy knowing that they could not avoid a confrontation with the evil Sorcerer Kingdom planned to take the elven city to be used as a refuge for their populace, though the city needed to be taken without damage to make it useable. Hence why they stopped cutting the trees mid way to serve as a defensive buffer.

The command staff of the army were aware that elven city was built using the magic of the elf trees and while it should be possible to rebuild the city using the captured elves, the time it would take would be too long after confirming through experiments conducted with captive elves.

The only method of capturing the city that was permitted was to break through the elven city through brute force. The Supreme Executive Council accepted the fact that their military forces would take heavy casualties and while they did not wish for their people to die they were thinking of the long term for humanity's survival.


The Theocracy's army reached the capital and laid siege on it. However they were given strict orders to maintain their position at a defensive stance. The army was to act as bait to draw out the elf elites and perhaps the Elf King.

Under the constraints placed on them, the army suffered multiple casualties due to stealth night raids by the elves. Since they were closer to the capital, more and more stronger elf elites were coming out to defend their home. The human army casualties were far greater than the elves, but the losses were still tolerable due to the large number of divine magic caster that healed their forces. Even so morale was beginning to plummet, and many strategists urged the general to plea to the Supreme Executive Council to lift the constraints. Such efforts proved in vain as their superiors did not want to disrupt their carefully laid plans.

Even worse, the army did not receive any further support from the Holocaust Scripture which after the death of its vice captain during a mission, members of the Scripture were withdrawn from the frontlines. Officially the Scripture was on another mission, but the general and his aides knew that the army was on its own and would not receive any aid from the other Six Scriptures. The Supreme Executive Council, knowing that elven capital would eventually be used to shelter their people, hoped that the battle experience from the surviving soldiers would cultivate them skills of hunter and acquire professions, such as Ranger, that would be useful in safeguarding the civilians in the forest territory. They believed the war was an opportunity to strengthen the human race to produce new heroes. The Theocracy’s policy was that one hero was better than a thousand soldiers thus the war was a method into improving each soldier’s individual strength and why they were waging this war in such a brutal way.

Despite the losses, General Valerian and his men held true to continue to follow their orders and hope that the battles they faced would produce heroes their country desperately needed. However the command staff received an update from the homeland with serendipitous news. Their reinforcements have arrived and they were ordered begin launching a full-scale offensive against the capital.

The elves of the capital were not blind to the dangers of the human army and sent out a messenger to the villages of the dark elves to request for aid. In one such village was where Ainz Ooal Gown was going under the alias of Ain Bell Fior. The dark elves of the village were split on the decision of whether to come to the aid of their cousin elves or sit out in the conflict. Ain though provided them with a compromise, in that they should send a small force of their warriors from each village to provide aid which would satisfy the capital's requirement for reinforcement, whilst the rest remained behind to be safe and prepare to evacuate should the humans come for them. The compromise was acceptable and the forces of the dark elves began to follow through with the plans.[2]

Now free of the constraints, the soldiers of the army dutifully marched towards the capital using palisades out of trees and proceeded forward. Their progress was observed by the Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown who after observing the theater for a week found their efforts wasteful due to the heavy deaths from the awfully precise elven arrows. The battle strategy of the humans confounded him and his aides Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore who could not understand why the humans would not support their troops with magic or area effects. Unable to construe a probably reason, it was suggested that perhaps the baffling actions was to fool them or members of the Sorcerer Kingdom to give a appearance of incompetence, though Ainz believed such conclusions were too hasty. The trio then put aside the ongoing battle to move forward with the plan to enact a kill steal by robbing the treasury of the elves to deny the Theocracy a complete victory.

By the time the trio infiltrated the city, the Theocracy's forces had become much fiercer and broke through the city's outer defenses. While the human invaders pushed deeper into the city, they were ignorant of a duel being waged in the Elven Royal Castle. The castle was eventually targeted by the Theocracy forces who then began to use battering rams to force their way in.

Whilst the human soldiers tried breaking down the castle defenses and massacring the elves, Antilene Heran Fouche of the Black Scripture entered the castle through her own power. Once inside, the half-elf slaughtered the Elf King's concubines in his private chambers and waited for her prey. Elf King Decem Hougan shortly arrived, fleeing for his life to escape his humiliating loss against Ainz Ooal Gown and his 'grandchildren'. Upon seeing the unknown women before him, he was confused by her presence though it did not matter as Antilene quickly killed him once and then twice after he revived himself. Her assassination was stumbled upon by Mare Bello Fiore who was sent ahead by Ainz to capture the Elf King, Mare was disappointed that his mission was prevented due to the interference of an unknown. While he did not want to fight, Antilene instigated one forcing the dark elf to defend himself. Despite her formidable ability, Antilene was no match for the Floor Guardian of Nazarick, and after a stressing battle she was knocked unconscious by her opponent.


For Ainz and Aura's mission, they located the treasury in the castle, though were disappointed by the lack of impressive treasures. Nonetheless they took everything in the treasury dumping it through a [Gate] to be stored in the log cabin where Pandora's Actor would retrieve them to have all the items appraised. The duo then quickly located Mare by following the blood trail of the Elf King. From Mare, Momonga learned that Decem was dead and that the woman had killed him. Though the most shocking news Mare had for his master was that the woman was able to fight equally against him for a short while. Though Ainz wanted to retrieve the corpse of Decem, he decided to prioritize bringing their captive to the Frozen Prison. The group then teleported to Nazarick and then later traveled to the Frozen Prison where Antilene was devested of her equipment and brough to Neuronist Painkill to be interrogated. Not forgetting about Decem's corpse, and Ainz suspected that the fallen king still had some valuable magic items on him. Though knowing that the humans were in possession of the castle, Ainz still wanted to retrieve the items and was debating on whether to send out Pandora's Actor or a certain human to do so in his stead.[3]

However the prospect of treasure paled in comparison to the information that the new prisoner possessed. After Neuronist interrogated the half-elf, Ainz received startling news that the unknown perpetrators who attacked and brainwashed Shalltear Bloodfallen was none other than the Slane Theocracy.[4]


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