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Assassination of King Zanac was the assassination of the Re-Estize Kingdom's Crown Prince and acting King Regent, Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself, amidst the nation's conflict with the Sorcerer Kingdom. The assassination was carried out by nobles in a final attempt to avoid a confrontation.


At a distance away from the capital the Sorcerer Kingdom’s army was sighted. Once the report landed in Zanac Valleon Igana Ryle Vaiself hands the entire army of the Kingdom had mobilized under Zanac's command. The Kingdom’s army established a front against the approaching army from the west. The comprised of levies from the neighbouring nobles, the capital’s militia, and able-bodied men drafted from the refugees created an army of 400,000 men. While the formation of such an army was something worthy of praise and their morale high the Kingdom was akin to that of a cornered beast. They knew full well of the fate what awaited them and so only had the option to fight. In contrast the Sorcerer Kingdom’s army numbered only 10,000 but unlike the humans simply had confidence in their imminent victory thanks to their ranks possessing beings who could level an army of 200,000 with a single spell. Due to the devastating loss the Kingdom had experienced during the battle of the Katze Plains as well as the current invasion by the Sorcerer Kingdom, not many noblemen who had the skills to command such a large number of soldiers and cavalry were left. In order to compensate, Zanac had appointed the knights under him to commanding positions. Still the overall chances of their victory against an overwhelming enemy were nil.


Despite the previous failure in the attempt to sue for peace with the Sorcerer Kingdom, newly crowned King Zanac still sought a peaceful alternative. He once again entreated an audience with the Sorcerer King. Though he was able to speak with the fearsome undead directly as he failed to convince the Sorcerer King for a peaceful resolve. However, he managed to coax out Ainz's humanity and came to understand that the undead was more human than he realized. Riding back to his camp, he spoke of his conclusions with his Minister of Military Affairs. Seeing now that a battle was inevitable as well as defeat both prepared to meet their ends honorable and with dignity. However, Zanac's remaining guards surrounding his tent were killed by mercenaries hired by several nobles. They entered his tent with the intent to claim his head and become vassals of the Sorcerer King. Zanac had anticipated that things would come to this, he did not blame them as they were only trying to survive. Instead he blames himself for not being able to empathize with them and unite them under the same banner. Still he did not wish to give up without a fight and goaded the nobles to take his head. None showed any of the courage to do so, and so called on their mercenaries to do the deed.


A group of cavalry emerged from the Kingdom's camp after Albedo had detected some internal fighting. The group, composed of mercenaries and a few noblemen swiftly reached the Sorcerer Kingdom’s front. Ainz Ooal Gown noticing that Zanac was not among them ordered Albedo to bring them to him. In an audience with the Sorcerer King, the lead noble among the men expressed their wish to serve under his reign. To show their commitment, they offered the head of Zanac. Accepting the head, due to having grown to respect the King Regent from their short talk, Ainz ordered his subordinates to give him a popper burial.

Contrary to what the nobles intended, their assassination of their King only angered Ainz, though he skillfully hid his fury. After confirming that Zanac's armor was still intact, Ainz promised to "reward" the noblemen for their efforts. When they asked the same be extended to their families Ainz agreed to it without objection and decided to send them to Neuronist Painkill. After the conspirators were led away, Ainz ordered Aura to ensure that none be given a merciful death.

Zanac's assassination by his own people effectively erased the last lingering hint of guilt Ainz possessed for waging war with the Kingdom and the Sorcerer King ordered the massacre of every territory that hadn't already surrendered.[1]


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