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Assassin is a job class that hailed originally from YGGDRASIL.


In the New World, assassins are treated as mercenaries who were hired by several individuals and nations to carry out their covert operations in secrecy. Some have been trained as an assassin from early childhood. The legendary assassin Izaniya of the Thirteen Heroes was well-regarded by Platinum Dragon Lord to be exceptional in her own right since she was able to sneak up on him without getting caught.[1] There was even a group of assassins who named their organization Ijaniya after her.[2]

When tasked with such a mission, sign language was commonly used among fellow assassins as a way to express non-verbal communication. To consummate professionals, these hand signals were as quick as regular speech. For instance, assassins like Tia and Tina had a wide enough vocabulary and sufficient signing speed to use that sign language for everyday speech, and they frequently passed secret messages to each other in that way.

Additionally, assassins on occasions were shown to have efficacious use of drugs like Black Dusts whenever they applied it properly in their missions. An organization such as Ijaniya that consists of assassins had even went as far as growing the right plants needed to make it.[3]

Known Assassins

Known Classes

  • Assassin
  • Master Assassin

Known Assassin Groups

Known Assassin-type Monsters

Abilities and Powers

Those that have levels in assassin-type classes are able to discover or discern traps within their surroundings. At the same time, they have some degree when it comes to hiding their own presence from people.[4]

While they are not as good as pure scouting-type characters, no stealth-specialized character can evade an assassin's eyes.[5]

It was said that stealth and surprise were the hallmarks of fearsome assassination techniques.[6]



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