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Armor of Reinforcement (強化鎧を) is an item that originally came from YGGDRASIL.


A type of full body armor that originated from YGGDRASIL, now in the possession of the leader of Red Drop, Azuth Aindra.


A giant suit that was approximately three meters tall being clad in an odd, blood-red armor with large metallic shoulder wings and a large Heavy Machine Gun.


The suit has flight capabilities and wielded a carbine as its choice of weaponry. When equipped, the user can wield it to the extent of levitating on air and for using the carbine to fight in combat. While using the pipe-shaped carbine object from the armor, it positions itself like a crossbow. The armor allows the user to utilize it on launching some sort of long-range attack at its foe so fast that Scama's kinetic vision could not see it flying through the air at all. Rather, the best Scama could only pick up was its afterimage, which looked like a needle-like projectile.

The armor was quite durable and strong enough that it could tanked through a long-range, sword-throwing hit from the Death Warrior with its own body without a problem. Not only was it able to shoot out single-shot attacks one at a time, but also more uncountable amount of long-ranged projectiles simultaneously if the wielder wishes to. The tiny projectiles flew at a remarkable speed at the foe. It is to the point in which not even the Death Warrior was able to deflect all of its attacks on time, leaving the undead quickly destroyed in a matter of few hits.[1]

The suit is also enchanted with magic spells that can be used by the user to attack an enemy, at least 3 type of spells are known to be used by this armor including:

  • Chain Dragon Lighting: A 7th tier spell that shoots dragon-shaped lightning towards the target. Let alone its intended target, it can also strike other enemies nearby.
  • Fire Storm: A divine area-effect attack spell that cause increased fire damage to enemy opponents.
  • Unnamed Spell: An instant death spell that is shot as a green beam of light.[2]


  • Platinum Dragon Lord coined this item special in a way that it was described as a strengthened armor.[3]
  • The unnamed spell is likely supposed to be Disintegrate, an iconic spell in Dungeons and Dragons similarly described as a beam of green light.


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