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Armageddon Evil (Prototype) is a statue and a magic item originally created by Ulbert Alain Odle.


In the past, back when Ainz Ooal Gown's power was at its peak, there was once talk of a World Item which could summon an unlimited number of demons that would eventually consume the entire world. Despite knowing of the dangerous power of the World Item, Ulbert was intrigued and attempted to create an item to imitate it. However, Ulbert was unable to perfect the item as he was hoping it to be. Thus, Ulbert started losing interest in making any more of it and he eventually gave up.[1]


A prototype of the final product of the item; it is much cruder and only possesses three arms to a lesser degree.


Ulbert's first attempt to replicate the World Item was deemed a failure, before creating the final product, however, each of the gems attached to the statue, contained the 10th tier spell 'Armageddon Evil' that could summon a demon army.


  • Ulbert gave Momonga his prototype, who in turn gave it to Demiurge to use for his task in Operation Gehenna. Such prototype also has three arms rather than six.
  • After the Demonic Disturbance, this item is in the possession of the Re-Estize Kingdom housed and studied in the Magician's Guild of the human nation.


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