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Argland Council State (アーグランド評議国) is a demi-human nation located northwest of the Re-Estize Kingdom and surrounded by mountains.


The Argland Council State, usually referred to as simply the "Council State", is located northwest of the former Re-Estize Kingdom. It was founded by the Platinum Dragon Lord, Tsaindorcus Vaision, as part of his experiments with communities, being one of the nations formed following the defeat of the Evil Deities two hundred years ago. It is a mixed-race nation inhabited by various human and demi-human species all living together harmoniously.

As the name implies, the nation is led by a council composed of representatives of each race inhabiting the country. There are also five Dragon Lords that are a part of the council, known as the "Five Dragon Councilors", who are said to be very powerful and help guide the nation by passing their wisdom down to its citizens.

Web Novel

In the Web Novel, the demi-humans that are part of this country are comprised of various races. For instance, Panasolei Gruze Day Rettenmaier stated that there were goblins and ogres who reside in their nation.[1] Also it appears that marine races like the Sea Lizardmen and Mermen are also members of the Council State.[2]


The Dark Warrior Arc

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The Argland Council State was briefly mentioned by the Swords of Darkness as they listed the various prominent figures in the New World.[3]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

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While reviewing a map of the New World with Albedo, Ainz concluded that Nazarick would have to be careful with approaching the Argland Council State, likely wary of the Dragon Councilors that rule it.[4]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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After Nazarick took control over Eight Fingers, Ainz noted that the tomb still had very little information available regarding the Council State.[5]

When the various Worker groups hired to raid Nazarick discussed the strongest individuals they know of one of them brought up the Dragon Lords leading the Council State. Also, when comparing the strength of human warriors, the Workers decided to exclude the Council State's swordsmen, since they are mostly composed of demi-humans.[6]

After Aura and Mare invaded the imperial palace of the Baharuth Empire with their dragons, someone almost mistakenly thought it was one of the Council State's Dragon Councilors.[7]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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When Ainz tried to convince Pluton Ainzach of humans need to coexist alongside other races, he makes a comparison to the Council State with its diversity of races living peacefully together.[8]

Later, during a conference of the Slane Theocracy's leadership, it was noted that the reason why they had not conquered the Re-Estize Kingdom themselves was that would leave them bordering the Council State, which would inevitably lead to war.[9]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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The Council State was said to be actively negotiating with the Re-Estize Kingdom for an alliance against the Sorcerer Kingdom.[10] Unfortunately, during the emergency meeting held after the Sorcerer Kingdom declared war on the Kingdom, when King Ramposa III asked how talks with the Council State were progressing, Crown Prince Zanac regretfully informed his father that nothing had been agreed on yet, effectively leaving the Kingdom to fend for itself.

After news of the Sorcerer Kingdom's declaration of war became public, the Council State was one of the nations that the Kingdom's citizens who could afford it considered fleeing to, due to its proximity. However, the Karsanas City-State Alliance was ultimately the more popular option, as it had a higher human population.[11]

Unbeknownst to the Kingdom, while the Sorcerer Kingdom claimed that they would commence with their invasion in a month, they had already begun their attack, focussing mainly on the nation's northern regions to cut them off from the Council State.[12]

While their attempt at an alliance had fallen through, one of the Council State's Dragon Councilors, Tsaindorcus Vaision, still ended up coming to the Kingdom's aid by attempting to assassinate the Sorcerer King, although he was likely acting on his own here. Unfortunately, the attempt failed and, despite operating under an alias, Demiurge managed to deduce his connection to the Council State.[13]

The Half Elf God-kin Arc

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The Slane Theocracy's Cardinals believed that the Council State would not interfere with their plot to assassinate Elf King Decem due to the nation's poor relationship with the Elf Country.[14]


The nation appears to be composed of demi-humans, humans being a minority. In fact, humans made up less than 10% of the country’s population.


It is currently unknown what the Council State's primary religion is. However, since it is a nation composed of various races, it likely has similarly numerous amount of religions.


The Council State is the only known democracy in the New World. It functions on a loose parliamentary system, with each race inhabiting the country typically holding a single seat and the person who gets to represent their kind being chosen through a periodic popular vote amongst said race. However, Dragon race is exempt from this "one seat per race rule", with them instead having five representatives, known as the "Five Dragon Councelors", who each hold a permanent seat in the parliament.

The Council-State is also one of only two nations in the region capable of setting national-level organizations.

Military Strength

As of yet, there is no concrete knowledge or evidence of the Argland Council State's military background. However, it was noted that this nation is one of the few places where Wild Magic may still be practiced. From the perspective of the Slane Theocracy's Cardinals, they were said to be very powerful, with the Platinum Dragon Lord being among their councilors.

In the Web Novel, the country seems to enlist Dragon Knights in their ranks. As well as the adventurers are mostly comprised of demi-humans.[15] There are about four adventurer parties that are around the same rank as Blue Roses.[16]

Foreign Relations

Despite the Council State being one of two military superpowers of its region of the New World, the other being the Slane Theocracy, it has historically only had minimal interaction with the neighboring human nations, perhaps fearing potential retaliation from their counterpart. After the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, however, the Council State has begun to take a more active role on the international stage.

Slane Theocracy

According to the Theocracy's leadership, citizens of the Council State and Theocracy actively hate each other. This is mostly due to the Theocracy's doctrine promoting discrimination against demi-humans, prompting the Council State to hate them right back in kind.

However, both nations are aware of their military limitations and thus hesitant to wage open war against each other, which would most likely result in mutual destruction. In a way, the two nations keep each other in check, with neither being willing to overreach out of fear of provoking the other. The Council State particularly tries to restrict the movements of the Theocracy's God-kin.

Overall, despite their extremely tense relationship, the Council State and Theocracy still maintain political dialogue with each other.

Baharuth Empire

According to Jircniv Rune Farlord El-Nix, the Baharuth Empire maintains political dialogue with the Council through its ministry of foreign affairs.

Sorcerer Kingdom

After the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, the Council State seems to regard them as a severe threat to the New World. As a result, one Dragon Councilor, Tsaindorcus Vaision, had been actively pushing for a military alliance with the Kingdom against the Sorcerer Kingdom. However, the other Dragon Councilors and regular Councilors had been more hesitant to take an aggressive stance, seemingly preferring to remain neutral while maintaining a political dialogue with the nascent country. Unfortunately, as a result of Tsaindorcus' attempting to assassinate the Sorcerer King without his fellow councilors' consent, tensions between the Council State and the Sorcerer Kingdom are likely to only escalate further.

Re-Estize Kingdom

The Kingdom was the Council State's neighbor to the south and served as a buffer country between itself and the Theocracy. Perhaps because of this, the Council State had seemingly little-to-no political dialogue with the Kingdom for the longest time, fearing potential retaliation from the Theocracy.

However, following the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom, the Council State attempted to form an alliance with the Kingdom against their mutual foe. Unfortunately, talks were progressing slowly, with not many councilors being sold on the idea, causing the Alliance to ultimately not be formed on time before the Sorcerer Kingdom began their conquest of the Kingdom. Afterward, the idea of an alliance was seemingly abandoned, since it was the Kingdom who technically instigated their conflict with the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Despite their attempt at a military alliance falling through, at least one councilor still came to the Kingdom's aid by attempting to assassinate the Sorcerer King. However, it seems that the said counselor acted on his own and the rest of the Council State's leadership had no intention of aiding the Kingdom.

Elf Country

While the Council State's exact relationship with the Elf Country is unknown, the fact the Slane Theocracy's Cardinals believed that they would not interfere with their attempt to assassinate the Elf King implies that the two nations are not on good terms.

Known Characters

Five Dragon Councillors



  • The Argland Council State was one of Platinum Dragon Lord experiments, and has created many strongholds over the years, and experimented with building various communities.[18]


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