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Archangel Flame (炎の上位天使) are low-level Angel summons armed with magical flame swords. In the New World, they are primarily used by Slane Theocracy's Sunlight Scripture and Priests from the Roble Holy Kingdom.


Archangel Flames appear as a shining white knight in armor. Its back is attached with wings, a halo glows behind its head, and wields a sword of flames.[1]


Archangel Flames are proficient in melee combat and magic. With their shining wings, they are able to fly around a battlefield, striking foes with swords of holy light. These angels had a skill that would greatly reduce any damage done to them unless the attacking weapon was imbued with magic or made of a special material. Although they have a resistance against physical attacks as Stronoff is unable to harm them, a warrior can bypass that immunity through using Martial Arts on them.[2]


  • Requires proficiency in 3rd tier magic in order for Archangel Flames to be summoned.[3]
  • The bodies of Angel-type monsters are made from the summoner's magical energy, so their stats correlate to the summoners power to an extent.[4]
  • These angels were summoned in the Web Novel, by the Sunlight Scripture to wipe out a large goblin colony in the Great Forest of Tob.[5]


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