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Arachnoid (蜘蛛人) is one of the heteromorphic races in YGGDRASIL.


An Arachnoid appears to be a spider-like human with four spider legs extending from behind their backside.


Arachnoids have great jumping ability to the point that it almost made the onlookers believed they were flying. The Arachnoid also had a high level of resistance or nullifying ability against ninjutsu skills like Immobility Binding Paralysis. However, as they are insects, Arachnoids can be effectively damaged by anti-insect spells from Insecticide Magic.[1]


  • Spiderweb: Arachnoids can shoot webs from their mouth. They can control whether to use a sticky web for capture or a sharp web for chopping the enemy.
  • Slashing Spiderweb: Like the Spiderweb attack, an Arachnoid can also spit out sticky web but with more rigid radiance to it. It was strong enough to split apart Evileye's "Crystal Wall" spell.
  • Breath of Fly: An Arachnoid's trump card that can shoot a swarm of small flies and deals piercing damage on their targets. These flies then lay eggs in their victims. The maggots quickly hatch and eat the victim's flesh and rapidly grow to flies, only to repeat the process with new victims. This ability can only be used 3 times per day.
  • Keen Sense (Not an official name): An Arachnoid's compound eyes give them a large field of vision. Even if an attack comes from their blind spot, Arachnoids can still easily perceive it with their antennae that react to air displacement.

Known Arachnoids


  • Entoma is the only Arachnoid introduced in the Overlord series.


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