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Antilene Heran Fouche (アンティリーネ・ヘラン・フーシェ) is the current holder of the Extra Seat in the Slane Theocracy's Black Scripture. She is the illegitimate daughter of Decem Hougan, the King of the Elf Country and the Scripture's former ace.


Antilene is a woman with heterochromia, for both her eyes and hair. One side of her hair is silver, while the other half is black. Moreover, the skin tone of Antilene's body is apparently pale white. Though she looks fairly young to the point of looking like a teenage girl, her current appearance does not actually match up with her current age. As such her looks have presumably not changed or aged for a long time.


It seems that Antilene is bored with everything, as there is no one who can barely stand a chance against her. In spite of that, she was implied to have been a bit hopeful of facing eventual defeat one day by someone stronger than her through combat. In particular, Antilene wanted it to be that kind of individual who she can potentially mate with if such chances are actually possible regardless of their looks or personality or even Race, expressing genuine giddiness and excitement at the prospect and possibility of how powerful their children could be if she indeed mated with such a man. Crazy and overly excited about that sort of idea, Antilene yearns for a very strong guy who can help the former genetically conceived a powerful child that shared both of their respective bloodlines and genetics combined. However, that thought was a lied, Antilene doesn't want to be defeated, and doesn't necessarily care about having a strong child with a stronger male during her fight against Mare.

At the same time, she hardly ever bears emotion or sadness for the death of someone from the same side. According to the Captain of the Black Scripture, Antilene's attitude was similar to asking about something unrelated to her. For him, this type of attitude fits right in with the style of Antilene. As well as usually ignoring an important announcement from the Cardinal Conference, like the circumstances of her own group.

Due to the circumstances of her birth, she seems to be ashamed of her elven heritage and would constantly hide her ears. Antilene didn't like it when others such as the Captain of the Black Scripture looked at her ears. Nevertheless, she is hardly filled with either curiosity or joy on any specific subject until mentioning a potential candidate for doing battle with. It was the urge to fight that spurred her to have such blood-lust emotions excitingly.

Other than her blood-lust and desire for battle, the only other times the Extra Seat has shown strong emotion is when things regarding her mother arise. As it was implied by the Six Cardinals, Antilene felt genuine love for her mother and cherished her deeply enough to feel immense anger, hatred and contempt for her father the Elf King who violated her. Having already known her mother's fate for a long while, she insisted the higher ups of the Slane Theocracy to start a war of retribution against the Elf Country to avenge her. This goes to show that Antilene is indeed capable of developing genuine feelings of love and attachment to someone despite her generally bloodthirsty and bored disposition.



The Extra Seat rubbing her bellybutton at the mere thought of thinking someone monstrously strong beyond her level will plant their seed in it.

The Extra Seat was supposedly described to have been born into the New World by a human woman who was once regarded as the Slane Theocracy's previous trump card and strongest God-kin. Prior to the Extra Seat's birth, the Cardinals stated that her mother was kidnapped by the Elf King of the Elf Country, who later then raped her to the point of pregnancy. Eventually, the Extra Seat's mother was then rescued by the Black Scripture, but by that time they came to her aid, she was already pregnant with his child. In a way, she is technically considered to be a bastard child that was brought to life incidentally as a result of an illegitimate relationship between a female human and a male elf.

Antilene’s mother raised her, though provided no warmth or love to her unwanted daughter. Instead Antilene was subjected to unrelenting training that saw her in tears and pain. Her only friend who every showed love to her was a woman named Aunt Nazaire. However Nazaire eventually died and Antilene was left without any support from her abusive mother until the Cardinals decided to separate them.

Ever since Antilene's birth and at her own urging to the Cardinals, a war of retribution has been waged against the elves for what their King did to her mother. As a half-elf, she dislikes the mere thought of people especially her fellow Black Scripture members looking at her ears, but for unknown reasons why. It had been hinted from the Cardinals' discussion that they didn’t think it was a good idea to snatch Antilene away from her mother’s side. Among the Cardinals, one of them thought it was a mistake done on their part at some point in the past to have raised her with that sort of personality.

As the Extra Seat in the Black Scripture, she was given the sole task of guarding the Treasury within the Slane Theocracy as her way of life. It was wherein which the Six Great Gods' sacred items are supposedly preserved in secrecy. In other words, her main job was to focus on safely protecting that sanctuary, a place that even held their five holy equipment.

Additionally in the Black Scripture, which gathered individuals who had reached the Realm of Heroes, Antilene had the duty of breaking in the newcomers and or those that grew arrogant due to their abilities. Said breaking involved demonstrating her superior power over them.

Although Antilene is willing to fulfill her duty at home, she still yearns to go outside and look to challenge potential foes who're likely more powerful than the former, strong enough to outmatch and impregnate her. On that note, Antilene even holds a certain degree of political influence over the minds of several Cardinals to pull them into going to war with the elves. It was believed by the Cardinals that Antilene remain restless and unease of not getting the opportunity to take revenge for what happened to her mother.


The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

Clementine described to Khajiit how it is impossible to steal items belonging to the Six Great Gods as long as it is guarded by the strongest monster of the Black Scripture (Antilene Heran Fouche). She states that Antilene is the strongest among members of the Black Scripture. Though Khajiit doubted that God-kin's might, she reaffirmed her statement again that Antilene is not a person bound by humanity's ideal strength.

Moreover, information about Antilene is kept a hidden secret to only a very few who know about it and that being the Slane Theocracy's higher-ups or high ranking members of the Black Scripture. Clementine considered a scenario where that if some unknown individual who knew about Antilene was interrogated with mind-affecting magic, the situation wouldn't look good for the Theocracy. For instance, Clementine heard that it will lead to total war with the surviving True Dragon Lords, which means the Theocracy would accidentally get destroyed in the crossfire.[1]

During her brief clashes with Momon, Clementine ranked his superhuman physical abilities to those of the two God-kins like Antilene as a comparison between the three.[2]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Antilene is playing with a Rubik's Cube and asked the Captain of the Black Scripture about the powerful undead that the Black Scripture encountered. She guesses that the vampire's identity might be one of the Dragon Lords, like Vampiric Dragon Lord or Elder Coffin Dragon Lord who they must have fought. He awkwardly responded back, stating that these Dragon Lords are already destroyed. However, she refuted his idea about the said Dragon Lords being dead and said it is close to impossible as they're part of the undead and could possibly be alive even now.

Additionally, Antilene later questions him on which one of the two between her and the vampire is more powerful and that it is her spoken by the Captain of the Black Scripture. Hearing his answer of her being the stronger of the two, she instantly loses her interest in regard to the vampire, believing that the undead may stand no chance against her in a battle. Later, she would engage in a discussion with him concerning his marriage and the rules that follow. For instance, the Captain's future spouse will be forced to stay in the Theocracy indefinitely.[3]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

When a Cardinal thought of calling for a ceasefire with the Elf Country, another one of them rejected that idea after all the sacrifices they have done to get this far. The Cardinal didn't want the fighting to stop as they didn't fully exact their revenge for Antilene or her mother yet. Worried about Antilene's well-being, the unknown Cardinal stated that she was always in the same room near their conference area. Among the Cardinals, there was one who was hoping to give Antilene the chance to seek vengeance for her mother.

To some extent, another Cardinal happens to agree with that notion, so she may finally be at ease once her revenge is carried out successfully. One of the Cardinals then started laying blames about how their predecessors raised Antilene in life. However, a different Cardinal thinks that fault also lies with the Elves as well as not having the Extra Seat be kept by her mother's side. Additionally, they decided not to deploy her to fight against the Elf Country in fear of retaliation by the Platinum Dragon Lord.[4]

The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

Main article: The Craftsman of Dwarf Arc

The Elf King proclaimed Antilene to be his child by birthright exclusive to him. He always believed that the Slane Theocracy must respectfully hand over his daughter back to him ever since the day Antilene had been born. After his country falls to ruin, he considered the idea of invading the Theocracy in person with the intention of reclaiming the lost child who was stolen from him by them. He went on to justify his aggressive action, noting that his interracial child shared the bloodline of himself and the Theocracy's previous ace. Realizing how potentially powerful Antilene can become than his other offspring, he plans in producing and using an army of children such as her to encompass the New World under his rule.[5]

The Half Wood Elf God-kin Arc

Main article: The Half Wood Elf God-kin I and The Half Wood Elf God-kin II Arc

Due to the unprecedented war of annihilation by the Sorcerer Kingdom, the executives of the Theocracy decided to bring their war with the elves to a swift close. To do so they aimed to kill the Elf King, not to avenge their nation’s honor but for Certain Death. For his assassination, they gave the choice to Certain Death.[6]

Antilene was resting in her room, dreaming of a distant memory of her youth, when her mother Faine harshly trained her to death. In the dream she remembered Aunt Nazaire who always tried to defend Antilene from her mother’s indifferent actions. She later awoke from the dream and was busted by the 11th Seat of the Black Scripture who relayed a message to her to get ready for a mission to the Elf Country.[7]

The trump card of the Black Scripture arrived at the frontlines of the Theocracy forces against the elven capital, she did not just bring reinforcements but orders that permitted the army to begin a total assault. Whilst the army surrounded the elven royal castle, Antilene prepared for her inevitable confrontation with the Elf King, she was visited by General Valerian Ein Obinie who she shared some words with on what she wanted and her place in the Theocracy.

The half-elf later infiltrated the castle, finding her way to the bedchambers of Decem, where she slaughtered his three concubines to spare them the horrors of being slaves. Antilene finally met Decem, who fled back to the bedchambers as if escaping something. She was disappointed in seeing the wreck that was her father, and was confused when she asked if she was 'their mother', but decided to play along. However seeing that he did not even recognize her nor comprehend the pain her put her and her mother through, Antilene, brutally incapacitated him. Seeing that there was no point in keeping him alive any further, she first crushed his chest, and did it a second time when he suddenly revived himself.

Before she could savor the feeling of killing her worthless father, Mare Bello Fiore came into the room. Thinking Mare was a girl and due to his eyes, Antilene assumed him to be one of 'her' half-siblings. Though the blood tie was not enough for Antilene to spare the dark elf and she target Mare for execution. To her surprise she found herself struggling to fight the dark elf. Despite her strength, Antilene fell before the Floor Guardian. Defeat and not yet dead, Mare carried the member of the Black Scripture back to Ainz and Aura Bella Fiora. Antilene was then taken back to the Great Tomb of Nazarick after Ainz learned of how strong the woman was and decided that it would be best to interrogate her at the Frozen Prison.[8]

Antilene having been stripped of her equipment, was interrogated by Neuronist Painkill and guarded by Mare. From the interrogation, Ainz learned from Antilene that it was the Black Scripture who was responsible for attacking Shalltear Bloodfallen and brainwashing her against him. This revelation caused Ainz to halt all the Sorcerer Kingdom's operations to focus on preparing for war against the Slane Theocracy.[9]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In this timeline, Antilene while trying to fulfill her role as the protector of humanity was killed in the line of duty. The Theocracy was able to revive her, albeit in an incomplete level as Antilene suffered a loss in memories. Since that incident, Antilene has suffered severe feelings of anxiety and nightmares involving her floating in an empty void. Through those dreams, Antilene for some reason only felt terror but was unable to determine why.

Some days after E-Rantel was attacked by Jaldabaoth, Antilene having heard of the worsening situation in the outside world, wanted to see it for herself. Antilene abandoned her post in the Theocracy and made an unapproved excursion to the Azerlisia Mountains. Whilst traveling to the peak of the mountain to clear her head, Antilene was attacked by various Contaminated Beasts. She engaged the beasts and effortlessly defeated them, but unknown to her display of fighting ability was seen by Shalltear Bloodfallen, Lupusregina Beta and two Vampire Brides. Her power worried Shalltear as she estimated it could rival her own. Once this character was reported to Momonga and the others, Shalltear was given permission to make contact under her pseudonym adventurer name Shall.

Antilene was surprised at meeting Shall at first who claimed to be impressed at her fighting ability, but accepts the cover story she is given. The member of the Black Scripture is still unsure about Shall, and gives the adventurer her name as Anne. When Shall asks on how Anne got so strong, the other girl reveals that she does not remember, due to her memory loss. Upon hearing of Anne's ailment, Shall resolves to help the girl regain her memories, but doing various methods such as stimulating her experiences. Shall chooses to help Anne reach the highest peak of the mountain, thinking it would be the most memorable. Along the way Anne and Shall battle various beasts, and gradually Anne begins to trust Shall finding her a bit annoying but pleasant. The view of the mountain top though does not give any revelation to Anne, however her attention is draw to the Crack hanging in the air above the mountains.

Eager to try out another experience to help Anne remember, Shall takes her to the Great Forest of Tob where a grounded Crack is located. Initially Anne doesn't think much of it the anomaly, but when Chaos Beasts begin emerging, Anne freezes, clutching her head in pain. Whilst Anne is occupied with her unstable mind, Shall is forced to fight the beasts off. It wasn't until all the beasts are defeated did Shall turn her attention on Anne, only to find the girl going berserk and attack the adventurer. Both women clash in the scuffle and are evenly matched, though Shall is holding back to determine Anne is worth the risk to kill. in her fury, Anne unleashes a special technique that leaves Shall shock, but in the end, the battle ends with Anne regaining her senses.

Unaware of what just happened, Anne apologizes for attacking Shall. The experience leaves Anne unwilling to make any more attempts to regain her memories, and Shall is forced to acquiesce to her new friends request to stop. Having decided that her excursion is nearing its end, Anne has Shall bring her to E-Rantel, where she expects to be retrieved by her guardians.

While at the city gate, Anne is introduced to Shall's friends, the protagonist and Surako. Also present is Saint Clementine who Anne warmly greets. After a few seconds of laying eyes on Anne, Clementine quickly makes a fearful excuse to depart to the confusion of the group. Anne then decides to meet her contact, and says her goodbyes to Shall, but not before embracing the adventurer and whispering her real name.

In a discreet alley, Anne’s retriever is none other than Enhela Read Gahi as he is one of the few people unafraid of her. Due to her memory loss Antilene cannot fathom why everyone has such attitudes. Antilene is returned to the Theocracy now at peace with herself. Her previous worries of losing her memories are no longer at the forefront of her mind as she believes that it would be best for them to be lost. Later she has a brief conversation with the Captain of the Black Scripture on her abrupt sojourn, before the latter departs to find Kaire on a mission to locate some demons.[10]

Months after the Invisible Disaster in E-Rantel, the preparations of the rescue operation to the Crack were underway with the finalized completion of the mass production of the Chaos Adaptive Equipment. The Theocracy's Supreme Executive Council gathered together to discuss the news and the plans for a pep rally in E-Rantel.

While the council was in their meeting, Antilene was with the 1st Seat asking about the upcoming auspicious event in E-Rantel. Since there would be a lot of people coming to the event like a festival, Antilene wondered aloud if Shall would be there. The 1st Seat hearing her display some interest about the outside world found this to be amazing, since the Extra Seat never exhibited such behavior.

This information was passed to the council who added whether or not to have her join the delegation to E-Rantel was wise. Due to Antilene being a half-elf some worried about having to explain her existence to the public and other nations. Though it was balanced by the argument that Antilene was still a child and needed some mental stimulus to interact with others of her kin.

Given that the dark elf twins of the Sorcerer Kingdom would be at the pep rally, and due to their unique traits shared by Antilene, the council decided that some public backlash was worth it to have Antilene experience the outside world in a controlled setting and also to gain more insight on the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Antilene was thus included at the rally, where she was introduced to Aura and Mare. While the twins did not think they belonged to the same family or homeland, they were friendly to her and gave her a tour of the city. The Extra Seat had another pleasant surprise when the protagonist and Surako joined the tour with Antilene's acquaintance, Shall which brighten her day.

Her new friends were curious as to how a half-elf was treated with such deference in the Theocracy, given in human supremacist ideals, though Antilene provided vague answers to their queries. She spent her time enjoying the city, learning of how members of her own nation, the Sunlight Scripture were pivotal to its defense and even tried some chocolate sold at the guild. Her biggest shock came when seeing the undead patrol the city, but her worries were alleviated by her friends who explained their significance.

Later a crowd of civilians spotted them, pestering the group about questions on the upcoming rescue operation. The protagonist and Surako stayed behind to distract them so that the others could be left alone. The group found themselves in an alley, where they were interrupted by a disgruntled trio who lashed at the group due to their impatience of the rescue operation, accusing the members of the Sorcerer Kingdom of nefarious purposes. The group easily defeated them, but openly spared them to the awe of Antilene and other watching civilians.

While returning back to the Theocracy, Antilene admitted that she had a fun time with the members of the Sorcerer Kingdom, and shared her own impressions of the group to her guardians. When asked to continue her friendship with them, Antilene voiced that it seemed right and contemplate whether to share her chocolates that she bought as a souvenir.[11]

After Enhela defeated Sebas Tian, he commented that the old man was strong, with one of his blows being enough to defeat the "trump card" of the Theocracy.[12]

END of NON-CANON content

Abilities and Powers

As the strongest Extra Seat within the Black Scripture, Antilene is considered to be extremely powerful in the New World and was an interracial child born from almost impossible odds. Also, she has the blood of the Six Great Gods running in her veins. However, as the Captain have once done battle against Antilene and Shalltear before, he believes that her pure strength alone is inferior in contrast to the vampire's if fought one on one. Still, the Captain of the Black Scripture predicted that Antilene could defeat Shalltear (unequipped) in various ways. This includes him supporting Antilene in battle, her owning the equipment of the Six Great Gods, and many other items at their disposal.

In one of Maruyama's tweets, he acknowledged that Antilene is stronger than Lupusregina Beta, one of the Pleiades when asked a question about it.[13]

According to Clementine, it was stated that Ainz's superhuman physical abilities (without the use of 'Perfect Warrior' spell) were second only to Antilene's and the Captain of the Black Scripture. Clementine sees someone like Antilene as the strongest monster in the Black Scripture. She refers to Antilene as being an "ancient beast" that's beyond the realm of humanity and stronger than the idea of strength. It was to the point where even the higher-ups kept Antilene's abilities confidential to a very few in their country who knows about the extent of it. The only ones who might know something about her true strength so far is the Captain of the Black Scripture, and Clementine. Additionally, her talent is counted among the top ten strongest across the continent.[14]

Job Classes

Martial Arts

  • Greater Wind Stride
  • Steeled Arm Strike
  • Greater Piercing
  • Greater Ability Boost
  • Greater Ability Sense
  • Instant Counter
  • Evasion
  • Greater Evasion
  • Double Air Slash
  • Flow Acceleration
  • Greater Slash Strike
  • Greater Reinforce Defense

Main Equipment

  • Charon's Guidance: It was shown to be stationed beside its owner Antilene. The war scythe looks almost like a polearm. Nonetheless, her war scythe is most likely considered to be a weapon once under the possession of the Six Great Gods.
  • Neko's White Armor: This is an armor set that was worn by the God of Wind, not much is known of its actual abilties however it proved to provide quite a bit of defence as Antilene was able to survive several blows from Mare's Divine level staff and withstand Petite Catastrophe.


Captain of the Black Scripture

Antilene disciplined the captain when he was younger though later she felt regret for doing so and believed she may have gone too far. Despite their past, both appear to interact cordially with one another.

According to the Captain, he considers Antilene to be the "Guardian of Mankind." She apparently knows about the Captain's situation and would offer reminders concerning the conditions when marrying his spouses.

Black Scripture

As seen during her interaction with the 1st Seat, Antilene is shown to possess little to no emotional connection/attachment or a sense of empathy for her teammates despite being in the same Scripture and working together for the Slane Theocracy and cares very little if they die or not during battle. So far Antilene has only shown that she only truly pays attention to them when hearing if one of them is defeated or killed during battle fighting a powerful opponent due to the potential prospect of her fighting against the said opponent who defeated them to satiate her starved craving for a good battle and the prospect of finding a worthy mate for herself.

Her teammates in turn, such as Clementine and the Captain, are shown to be actively wary and even outright fearful of her due to her immense power and unpredictable personality and try to avoid her as much as possible if it can be helped.

Though this is mostly due to Certain Death’s role in breaking them through training to remind them that they are not as powerful as they think. Still such training has been traumatic for some of the members.

11th Seat of the Black Scripture

Antilene met Infinite Magic when the latter was a newcomer to the Scripture. Like many others she was arrogant of her power due to being a hero. However when the 11th Seat engaged in a fight with Antilene, she found herself totally outclassed. During the fight, the 11th Seat was straddled to the ground with Antilene punching her face into a pulp. The magic caster initially refused to give up and kept trying to fight Antilene by throwing spells at her while pinned down. From that battle Antilene admired the 11th Seat for her tenacity and initially had a high opinion of her. Though in the present felt sad that her brutal training left the 11th Seat into sniveling servile whenever she interacted with Certain Death. According to Antilene she believed that the beating she gave the 11th Seat was minor compared to what she gave the captain.

Decem Hougan

Seemingly, Antilene appears to despise her father for what he did to her mother. Since both she and her dad are elves, he may have partly been the reason why Antilene has a dislike for her elven traits inherited from him. With this much hostility held against him, she went as far as to convince the Theocracy's Cardinals in helping her get vengeance on the Elf King. While she was never given the time in carrying out her revenge, the Theocracy decides it was justly right of them to fight a war of retribution over the Elf Country on her behalf. They believed that Antilene's heart won't be at ease as long as her father is still alive and well. However, it was made apparently clear among the Cardinals that they are planning to someday give the Extra Seat an opportunity to do what she really wants. This meant that she will eventually get the chance to avenge her mother at some point in the coming future.


Antilene's exact relationship with her biological mother is unknown due to the circumstances of her birth and her having been snatched away from her by the Theocracy's higher-ups at the time. However, it can be assumed that Antilene cherished or at least greatly respected her. This was even based off her actions of persuading the Theocracy to start a war of retribution on the Elf Country against the Elf King. Her motivation and revenge for wanting to kill the Elf King stems from how her mother was treated by him. Nonetheless, it can be noted that the ones who raised Antilene this way had also purposefully raised her to develop a vicious/vengeful personality. As such, this may have been a factor in how she grew up to hate and loath the Elf King. Before being taken away by the Cardinals, she used to be by her mother's side as a child. In a dream, Antilene’s life under the care of her mother is briefly glimpsed. As a girl, Antilene was mercilessly trained by her mother Faine, who coldly hated her, due to being a reminder of her violation. Under her instruction, Antilene received no encourage or love, but only the harsh physical abused that substituted as training. When Antilene neared her limit, her wounds would be healed by Faine to repeat the process. Nearing close to her goal in killing her father, Antilene reflected on her feelings towards her mother, and mused on whether she should have directed her anger towards her, instead of using her father as a replacement, since Faine was dead. Certain Death even considered destroying everything Faine loved as revenge against the suffering she experienced. Though the option was open to her, Antilene wanted to know exactly what her mother felt towards her.

Six Cardinals

During her early childhood, Antilene was stated to have been snatched away from her mother's side by a previous generation of Cardinals in order to raise and nurture her themselves. They train and develop her potential abilities and powers as a God-kin for the Theocracy's military, effectively taking over as parental figures to her while growing up.

Under the previous generation's guidance, it was noted by the current generation of Cardinals that they had done a terrible job raising Antilene due to her resulting difficult personality. Due to how their predecessors developed Antilene's current mind set and personality, it made the current generation come to grow somewhat sympathetic towards her. It was said that the previous generation of Cardinals had raised her to be vicious, vengeful and somewhat childish based on the circumstances of how she came to be that then ended up negatively affecting her mentality on herself. It ended up causing the current generation feeling actively frustrated on Antilene's situation that has only made their attempt to hold her back from leaving Theocracy to carry out her revenge all the more difficult due to the previous generation's actions of raising her up to have a difficult to manage mindset.

As a result of Antilene's nature and what she was groomed to become over the course of her lifetime, the current generation are now responsible for looking after her in their predecessors' stead. However, the current generation of Cardinals have already plan to take care of Antilene in a positive way differently than what their predecessors had negatively done to influence her in the past. Nevertheless, the current generation are left in a difficult position as they are now having to deal with Antilene's troublesome personality. This made them ponder that if their predecessors should have instead left her by her mother's side little bit longer to make her develop a better personality.

Antilene's exact relationship with the current Cardinals are unknown, but due to her appearance it was noted that they had a tendency to still treat her as a child despite her chronologically being older than them. Antilene in turn is shown to still more or less follow their orders without issue and they in turn they put much care in handling her and giving in to her demands. As she is their "Ace," they did everything to appease her and keep her in a good sense of mind. For that reason, they gave in to Antilene's demands to go to war against the Elf Country to get retribution for her mother against the Elf King. They dislike the idea of offering a temporary ceasefire with the Elf Country as Antilene would likely not take lightly to it. If not for the Cardinals' wariness of Platinum Dragon Lord, they would have considered allowing Antilene to be dispatched to the Elf Country and killed her father.


Nazaire was the one who showed kindness and concern towards Antilene when he mother ‘trained’ her. Antilene loved the woman dearly, especially her cooking and based her judgement of other food on Nazaire’s cooking. After Nazaire passed away, the half-elf still had found memories of her.


  • Unlike the Web Novel where she does not exist, the author Maruyama considered Antilene to be a new character made for the light novel only.[15]
  • Her Epithet means "End of Death, End of Life."
    • Her name "Zesshi Zetsumei" is also the Japanese pronunciation of her Epithet and not her real name.
  • The author expressed her as "Overlord of the New World." She might be one of the most powerful natives alongside Platinum Dragon Lord in the New World.
  • The author said that when Antilene is present, there are five "Godly Equipment" [hashira no soubi], but when that girl is not around, there are only 4 Godly Equipment. There is a possibility that the sacred items are unified with her, or the Extra Seat is wearing a God's full equipment herself.[14]
  • Despite Antilene being much older than the higher-ups, the Cardinals still happen to treat her as a child because of her appearance.
  • The Mass for the Dead game has featured her with the ability to both use time stop and dark and light attribute attacks. Whether this is true in the main light novel is not yet confirmed.[16]
  • Ironically enough, despite her intense hatred for her father, the Elf King, Antilene has displayed the same obsession with him in finding a male more powerful than her to mate with and create powerful children with.
  • Runny omelets are her favorite food.


  • (To the Captain of the Black Scripture about the Rubik's Cube): "It's quite easy to get one side, but it's really hard to get two, right?"
  • (To the Captain of the Black Scripture): "So it's 'Thousand Wall Shield' and 'Divine Chain'. The 'Earth Miko Princess' died from a mysterious explosion recently, and the Black Scripture lost two more good men...what a disaster. Who is the heavily injured?"
  • (To the Captain of the Black Scripture): "What a pity, I thought I had a chance to taste defeat."
  • (To the Captain of the Black Scripture): "After the marriage, your partner will be detained within the Theocracy... but don't worry, she can still raise a child."
  • (To the Captain of the Black Scripture): "That's true. Ah, it would be better to tell your prospective wife that you need to marry multiple wives. There is no problem in the eyes of the law, but there are people who dislike polygamy despite being educated about it."
  • (To the Captain of the Black Scripture): "Well, if there is a man who can defeat me, we could get married. Even if he is ugly and had a twisted personality...It doesn't even matter if he is not human if that man could defeat me. How strong would our child be?"



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Antilene Heran FoucheCaptain of the Black ScriptureCedranBeaumarchaisNigun Grid Luin2nd Seat of the Black Scripture3rd Seat of the Black Scripture4th Seat of the Black ScriptureQuaiesse Hazeia Quintia6th Seat of the Black Scripture7th Seat of the Black Scripture10th Seat of the Black Scripture11th Seat of the Black Scripture12th Seat of the Black ScriptureIan Als HeimSchoen
Generals & Soldiers
Londes Di ClampBeliusElionLilickDazenMauretteGrand MarshalValerian Ein ObinieGael Russells Bulgari
Other Citizens
KaireClementineKhajiit Dale BadantelVice-Head Priest of the Water GodMiko Princess of WaterMiko Princess of EarthMiko Princess of FireRufusFaineNazaire