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Ankyloursus Lord (アンキロウルスス・ロード) is a powerful Ankyloursus that lived in the Great Forest of Evasha and later on became Aura Bella Fiora's pet after she successfully dominated it.


Typically an Ankyloursus grows to a length of 2-3 meters long. However the Ankyloursus Lord being a variant is 4 meters long.


Though not able to speak, Aura believes that the ursus to be highly intelligent. It knew and understood that different species could work together, having seen some examples of inter-species cooperation in the forest between animals.

The Ankyloursus Lord doesn't like meat that's frozen in fear, and prefers "meat that gives up life" and "tender meat" which translates as half-killed victims which the ursus consumes while they are still alive.

Like many ankyloursi, it has a strong sense of territory and is merciless to intruders even when its stomach is full. When hunting it is very meticulous and makes preparations in advance before attacking, such as removing odors with magic and removing trees that get in the way of movement. However, it is not good at climbing trees, so there are times when it ignores the dark elves living in the trees.

Due to its pride of being one of the strongest creatures in the Great Sea of Trees, it doesn't seem to have a sense caution to look out for unknown opponents. It was always like that when it brought down prey. If it could see them, then it could be seen by them. It never rushed until they could see each other, and while cautiously discerning the scent it crept closer, and all at once—closing the distance in the blink of an eye, to hunt.

However when it felt genuine fear its instinct was to run away without hesitation and even then it does not feel any shame as it is a matter of survival.


According to its vague memories, when it first left the nest, it ran away from many overwhelming opponents, many times. At one point it was even bitten by a huge poisonous snake and survived,

However over time it grew to become a fearsome magical beast that was known throughout the Great Forest of Evasha. Due to its reputation it was given the name of Ankyloursus Lord.

The ursus eventually carved a territory to the north of the Great Sea of Trees, in the vicinity of a dark elf village known as Aju who passed on the knowledge of this Lord's existence to the other dark elven villages.


The Half Elf God-kin Arc[]

Main article: The Half Elf God-kin I and The Half Elf God-kin II Arc

Whilst enjoying a meal of a recent kill, the Ankyloursus Lord detected the scents of two intruders in its territory. Even though it had already eaten and could have ignored the trespassers, the Ankyloursus Lord felt as if it needed to reiterate that they were in its territory. The ankyloursus found the intruders, being Fenn and Aura Bella Fiora. Oddly the two did not react in fear as it expected even when it believed that had no chance to escape. The bear wanting its prey to taste better when it killed them, tried to provoke the two to run away, by roaring but Aura only found the act to be cute.

The Ankyloursus Lord getting a closer look at her realized that she was a dark elf, though the knowledge changed little of its intent and swung a paw at them. However limb was caught by Aura using Queen which the bear believed to be some sort of snake. It witnessed Aura demonstrate her strength but using the length of Queen to destroy a tree.

Little by little the bear began to become frightened by the dark elf despite the smaller creature giving it comforting words to it. Having never faced with this kind of attitude by any creature it faced, save when it was very young, the bear saw Aura as a predator and tried to flee.

Unfortunately Aura caught it by the leg using her whip and swung it around in circles until it hit the ground. The bear then tried to bit the whip off its leg to no avail, and Aura believing that it still needed to learn how to obey, released it. The Ankyloursus Lord then tried to run once more, but was showered by pain all over it body. It was then pinned to the ground by Fenn and faced Aura who asked it if it was ready to obey. The bear is left terrified of Aura wondering now that it had become prey, will it be eaten?

The Ankyloursus Lord is later seen accompanying Fenn back to the Green Secret House where Ainz Ooal Gown and Mare Bello Fiore are waiting for Aura to return. With Aura upon it back, it is soaked in sweat due to terror as it is whipped towards the camp. There Aura informed her master of its power and strength and also uniqueness. Ainz was wary of Aura taming it could be putting her control of her magical beasts to the limits of her ability. Though Aura assured that she did not use her skill as a Beast Tamer to put the bear under her control and planned to experiment using just sheer dominance. Still worried of letting it loose on the 6th Floor of Nazarick, a compromise was made to have the beast moved to Fake Nazarick and isolated until Aura completed its training. At the Green Secret House the bear was permitted in the dining area where it watched its new master and her companions dine. Later it was revealed by Ainz that the bear would be used in a plan to make friends with the dark elves.[1]

The bear was sent out under Aura's command to intimidate a Dark Elf Village further south of its territory. The Ankyloursus Lord initiated its attack on the village soon after the rangers spotted it and began to attack the elf trees. It ignored the dark elves that scurried above it, as it was ordered not to harm any of them, and gave a show that it was trying to destroy the village. The behavior of the Ankyloursus Lord confused the dark elves, but were more concerned about saving and protecting their homes to put much thought as to why the bear was behaving erratically. The rangers attempted to fight it, but their weapons proved useless to his armored body. When it approached the village plaza, Blueberry Egnia, one of the best rangers in the village tried climbing it to reach a soft spot to land a blow, but was knocked off by the beast. The Ankyloursus Lord then resumed its attacks on the elf trees, but stopped upon seeing Aura, who gave a show of 'driving' away the bear who was genuinely afraid of her. The Ankyloursus Lord then fled as instructed, and met with Fenn somewhere outside the vicinity of the forest. The Ankyloursus Lord then rode on Fenn, the latter using his special ability to carry the bear from the area without leaving any tracks.[2]

Later while Ainz, Mare and Aura infiltrated the royal castle near Crescent Lake, during the assault on the city, they captured a female elf in the castle, Though after interrogating her found she had no useful information she was killed. The trio then stripped the corpse of its clothes and dumped through a [Gate] in the old Ankyloursus Lord's territory where the wild animals in the area would destroy the evidence.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

According to its profile the Ankyloursus Lord has no equivalent job classes or racial classes in YGGDRASIL.[4] However, it is regarded as a variant amongst the Ankyloursus race as it deviates in greater size and is considered the apex of its race, hence why the elves of the forest gave it the title "Lord".

The magical beast is said to be able to slaughter monsters in the Great Sea of ​​Trees that can use powerful special abilities and magic with just its physical ability. Even a swing of its arms can gouge a tree.

According to Aura's comparison to Hamsuke, the Ankyloursus Lord could probably defeat the Wise King of the Forest when it was still a level 30 monster. However the current Hamsuke would definitely win due to her newly obtained warrior class and her armor.


Aura Bella Fiora[]

Ankyloursus Lord became Aura's newest acquisition for her collection of magical beasts. After seeing that the dark elf was not afraid of it, the ursus felt fear and tried to flee after the elf began launching its unrelenting attacks. After being captured, the monster submitted to Aura in fear it would be eaten like prey. Since being captured by the Floor Guardian, the ankyloursus follows her orders out of fear.


  • To mark its territory, the Lord makes a scratch on trees with its claws and rubs its body against them.
  • Before meeting Aura, all animals in the forest fear this being, and ran away, save for its own kind.
  • Aura originally did not know the bear's species name and called it a "monster bear", but later was informed of its name the locals gave it from Apple.
  • According to the author, the bear is in good health, though still scared, in Nazarick.[5]


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