Anime Overlord II III Complete Art Book or アニメ「オーバーロード II III」完全設定資料集 is an art book containing material of season two and three of the Overlord Anime Series. It was published by KADOKAWA/Enterbrain and released on December 29, 2018.

Main Summary

Around the overwhelming dark fantasy anime "Overlord" behind the scenes!

Season 2 from January 2018 and Season 3 from July 2018 were broadcasted, and a lot of people were fascinated by the heavy worldview.

This book is one volume that digs down into the production background. Also included are illustrations galleries by Mr. so-bin, original design illustrator, designs and expressions of newly appeared characters in the 2nd and 3rd terms, costumes and accessories made up to details, fine artboards, and original illustrator. Further closer to the backside of the work that can only be seen here! In addition, Mr. Maruyama and Mr. so-bin also joined the staff interview which the fans must have!


  • Character Images
  • Monster Images
  • Accessory Images
  • Art Images
  • Staff Discussion
  • Art Board
  • so-bin Images + ED Illustration Gallery


  • This is the third Overlord artbook to have an official release date. However, unlike the first artbook where only the 1st Season is covered, this artbook was said to contain contents from the following two seasons that come after it.
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