Anime Overlord Complete Art Book or アニメ「オーバーロード」完全設定資料集 is an art book containing material of season one of the Overlord Anime Series. It was published by KADOKAWA/Enterbrain.

Main Summary

The first season for this anime, Overlord first broadcasted in July 2015 and it became a big hit in a blink of an eye. This book delves into detail about the background of its production. It includes hundreds of images, ranging from the likes of various characters who are present in the anime. For instance, their expressions, costumes, and accessories sticking to details, fine arts drawn carefully.


  • Character Images
  • Art Images
  • Accessory Images
  • Interview 1 / Maruyama Kugane × Itoh Furuhito × Sugawara Yukie
  • Interview 2 / so-bin × Kentaro Hashimoto × Takahiro Yoshimatsu
  • Illustrations by so-bin
  • Collection of comments by production staff


  • Thus far, it is the first art book of the Overlord series released in Japan.
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