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Angels (天使) are magical beings that are summoned from another realm and a race players could choose to be. Many people believe that they are God's envoys, especially the people of the Slane Theocracy.


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In the New World, humans, especially those from the Slane Theocracy, view angels as envoys of the divine, though this topic is the subject of much debate and source of conflict between human nations. However, they are regarded as incredibly powerful magical beings that can lay waste to the land.[1] In addition, the Dominion Authority was look upon by the Sunlight Scripture as the highest-tier angels. And the only ones who were on par with them are the Six Great Gods, the Dragon Lords, Landfall, and Demon Gods.[2]

Types of Angels

In YGGDRASIL, the class and power of the angels are ranked accordingly based on the Christian celestial hierarchy. In addition, there were a group of World Enemy bosses called the "Ten Archangels of the Sephira."[3] This is likely an allusion to the Sephiroth (plural: Sephirot/Sephiroth, singular: Sephirah, Sephira), the 10 Attributes, or Emanations in the mystical Judaic tradition of Kabbalah through which God, the Infinite, reveals itself. Below are a list of angels from highest to lowest in rank.

First Sphere - Heavenly Counselors

Second Sphere - Heavenly Governors

Third Sphere - Heavenly Messengers


Angels resemble brilliant and winged humanoids, who are stoic and silent, and decorated in shining armor as well as religious robes. The common trait they all seem to share is the ability to bring a wave of hope and strength to their allies.


All angels have the ability to fly and use divine powers. Their level of power depends on their class. Angels were resistant to unenchanted attacks. For that reason, it was merely damage reduction and is not considered as an immunity of some sort.

Certain extremely high-level angels could use skills that could prevent the use of teleportation in their vicinity.[4]

Angels summoned by the Sunlight Scripture seem to be non-sentient beings as they rely on their summoners to direct them.


Similar to demons, an angel's name holds great significance. Such as if an angel wants to show up in the New World, it has to engrave its name into that world. Therefore, they can't use false names. Experiments show that using a false name might even cause them to disappear on the spot.[5] They are mainly conjured forth by either divine magic casters or priests as shown during the war between the Roble Holy Kingdom and the Demi-Human Alliance.[6]

The native tongue that the angels speak is "Enochian". Moreover, Ainz presumed that angels such as Victim is speaking through such Enoch language.[7]

Known Angels


  • In Christian angelology, particularly from the Pseudo-Dionysian Areopagite tradition, the hierarchy of angels are ranked in three spheres. The First Sphere contains the highest ranking angels: Seraphim, Cherubim, and Ophanim, or Thrones. The Second Sphere contains mid-tier level angels: Dominions or Dominations, Virtues, and Powers. The Third contains low-level angels: Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.
  • The Holy Kingdom’s basic siege tactic was to launch a two-pronged attack with angels from the air and infantry from the ground.[8]
  • There is a Wings of Ascension item which allows a person to change race and become an angel.[9]
  • In YGGDRASIL, There was a guild called Seraphim with members composed entirely of angels only.[10]
  • According to Ainz, the karma values of angels were highly positive.[11]
  • The Theocracy's Cardinals stated that members of the Black Scripture are able to conduct a grand ritual together to summon the highest-ranked angel.[12]
  • As stated by Roberdyck Goltron, there are still numerous theological discussions with the many Religious Temples of the New World regarding if the Angel summoned by them via Faith Class Tier Magic were indeed heralds of the Gods or simply another type of Monster is still an active discussion.


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