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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

An Ice Room Is Built and a Holy Night Is Celebrated (築く氷室と迎えた聖夜) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on December 1, 2023 to December 15, 2023.


An isolated island beyond the teleportation gate, which is being developed with Renner in charge. In response to the Lizardmen's dedication, Renner proposes to Albedo that they should reward the Lizardmen’s efforts from the perspective of reward and punishment, and the idea is approved.

However, the Lizardmen's requests are too modest to be called rewards...[1]


On the isolated island claimed by the Sorcerer Kingdom, former princess Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself is seen accompanied by Climb, speaking to a lizardman who has finished relaying his people's request in regards to the safety of fishing in the waters around the island. After the demi-human is dismissed once Renner assures him that his concerns will be raised to the attention of her superiors, he departs.

Renner noticing Climb looking grim, tries to tell him to cheer up as these talks with the locals are expected to garner cooperation. She even teases him, hinting perhaps he was jealous of the lizardman giving her so much attention, which flusters him. To be frank he is worried about the amount of fish caught by the lizardmen. Since Renner was entrusted with the care of the island, in acquiring materials such as wood and plant fibers, the progress has been smooth thanks to his mistress and the ingenuity of the demi-humans. The amount of catch that the lizardmen bought is staggering to say the least. His concern is not alone, as the lizardmen wish to make an inquiry to the Sorcerer Kingdom on how to deal with the surplus. The idea that an abundance of catch being a problem is stunning to Climb, which Renner responds that the work was due to the lizardmen's ingenuity and must separate hard work and poor response when dealing with this.

A voice comments Renner for employing Nazarick's idea of reward and punishment. Albedo has arrived to the shock of Renner and Climb. Renner greets her superior on visiting the island, adding that she would have made preparations to meet Albedo is she had alerted when she was arriving. Albedo tells her it is alright as this visit is nothing more to sate her curiosity on how the imp is doing. Plus if things are going well, there should be no need for Renner to worry.

Renner acknowledges that is correct and that Albedo is welcome to visit anytime. Although Renner regularly submits reports, she suspects that sudden visits like this are probably meant to keep the site in check. Based on what Albedo sees she notes everything to be going well. Still she wants to her what has occurred directly from Renner. Though it is unknown how long Albedo has been watching her converse with the lizardman from before, it seems it is better to assume that she heard everything earlier. But still Renner complies as she suspects Nazarick is probably observing her response to make sure there is nothing arbitrary left out in the official reports and wants to show her superiors that she has no ill intentions.

For the report it is stated that the procurement of various material from the island is going well. In particular the increase of the amount of fish caught is regarded as welcoming news to Albedo especially for the Sorcerer Kingdom in its state of emergency. Renners adds that the lizardmen found the abundance to be shocking as they did not expect to catch so much fish in an unfamiliar land and attributes their success to their ingenuity. Albedo surmises from this statement that Renner is asking to reward the demi-humans, despite not reward having ever been granted to them by the Sorcerer Kingdom. Renner apologizes if she overstepped herself, but thinks that if a reward is achieved the Sorcerer Kingdom will be etched into the hearts of the lizardmen becoming faithful to the nation that rewards hard work.

Albedo is silently impressed by this argument from the former human princess, as the young imp did not back down even before her superior. Additionally though she sought to reward her lizardmen subordinates, she did so in the interests of the Sorcerer Kingdom. So boldness is allotted to Renner being a former royal or perhaps maybe the girl wants to have her way. Albedo acquiesces that Renner's idea has a point in strengthening their cooperative relationship with the lizardmen and promises to inform Momonga.

This touches Climb’s heart, as he think his mistress doesn’t just think of the lizardmen as mere labor, but considers them kindly. Alas he is unaware that Renner is just using the demi-humans for the Sorcerer Kingdom’s benefit so she can continue to live with Climb.

There is a cry out in the distance alerting everyone of trouble in the rocky area of the island. When Albedo inquires what that was, Renner explains that it’s probably slimes occasionally appear in that area. Renner asks Climb to go and take a group of lizardmen to exterminate the monsters promising to send reinforcements and a relief team.

Climb unsheathes sword and obeys her command. The readiness of the bodyguard and the lizardmen makes Albedo surmise incidents like this happen often. Renner comments that the activities are have caused some widespread harm, but so far as she reported there have been no deaths.

Albedo takes the opportunity to participate in the culling, which Renner is supportive as this is a meaningful move to show the lizardman she has a strong sense of righteousness.The two women then head to the site so that their actions speak louder than words.

A few days after the commotion on the beach. Zaryusu, who had collected everyone's opinions regarding the reward from the Sorcerer Kingdom, came up with an unexpected answer.

They request is unexpected as the lizardmen wish to obtain an ice room. Zaryusu had heard from Cocytus previously that in the Sorcerer Kingdom, food can be preserved for long periods of time by being frozen. After discussions, it was decided that this would be possible.

Of course, a magical storehouse would be fine, but if possible, I'd appreciate it if it was the ice room that Cocytus was talking about. Thanks to everyone's tireless efforts, the amount of fish caught has increased, and now the lizardmen have more than enough but can't bear to let it rot. The concern about the surplus is warranted, at least to Climb, though to Renner, rather than a reward it feels like an extension of work to Renner, and asks if the lizardmen are really alright with it.

Zaryusu stands behind their request, adding that his people do have some additional reasons. One being they feel a little hot on the island. This makes Renner to realize that compared to the wetlands where the lizardmen originated the isolated island is a hotter. She thought that it would be more efficient if the lizardmen could take breaks between tasks to cool down to remedy this. This is true to Zaryusu adding that the forest area provides shade, but states that his kind are not good at walking on land, much to his shame on this as it feels like he is whining to his superior.

The imp still thanks Zaryusu for his honesty as these voices of concern need to be heard. She understands the necessity of cooling equipment for the lizardmen, so asks Zaryusu to provide as much explanation as possible. It will take some time as there were a lot of opinions expressed that Zaryusu heard, but Renner is patient to hear them all. But Zaryusu believes that she might find them a bit unreasonable and is embarrassed to state them, much to Renner and Climb's confusion.[2]

Not long after Renner sent her report to Albedo, at a debriefing meeting in the Round Table Room, the Floor Guardians gathered to convey the lizardmen's small request to Momonga. The request is a statute to pray for the big catch they received. Demiurge knows that the lizardmen other request being an ice room, was heard from Cocytus, but question on where they got the idea of a statue.

Albedo elaborates it was when they invited representatives of the lizardmen to Nazarick. The group were impressed by the statue that was on display at the time resulting in a tour de force as it is coined by Momonga. Demiurge is awed at this and asks if they should prepare a replica?

Momonga rejects the idea as he doesn’t want a repeat of that embarrassing moment from the Sorcerer Kingdom  Founding Ceremony. Though to avoid hurting Demourge’a feeling reasons his decision is that the statue is a masterpiece that Demiurge made using adamantite which is a rare metal.

Albedo feels that the request should be approved as the lizardmen did express their opinion with some humility. In regards to Momonga’s image she would like permission to make a new statue and install it on the island.

On this Momonga is in agreement as it would be more profitable to respect the wishes of the local collaborators. Demiurge finds it fascinating that the lizardmen wish to pray to the statue for their good catch. He wasn’t aware that the demi-humans had such a custom, but thinks this could be used as an experiment in idol worship.

Momonga is of the same mind in that the situation can be of use to the Idol Project in E-Rantel. He is receptive to the idea as he would like to help the protagonist, who has been in a lot of trouble lately. However, calling the homunculus back for this matter would be putting the cart before the horse.

So, in addition to ice room’s case, he will leave this matter to Renner, who offered a reward to the lizardmen so that it can be used for future measures in E-Rantel, which he will leave to Slimeko. Albedo is unsure if it is alright to leave Renner in charge of the matter, but Momonga believes it would be a good opportunity for her to improve his relationship with the lizardmen. Additionally Slimeko has also been helping the protagonist for a long time and is confident she will also do a good job of helping Ranner. So it would be better to have someone involved to report the idol project to him. Acknowledging this Albedo plans to start the plan right away, which Momonga affirms, though secretly hopes they don’t make another embarrassing statue of him.

After the debriefing session, permission to create the ice room and the statue was granted. Albedo called the people involved to report the matter in the Guest Room. Renner and Slimeko are ready to serve and cooperate. Albedo informs Renner she will be working with the slime who is a familiar face and that she will be allowed to move to the other floors if she is accompanied by Slimeko. The two thanking Albedo, Slimeko then guides Renner to the 5th Floor to speak with Cocytus about the ice room.

As they are going to the 5th Floor, Albedo recommends they prepare their equipment first. Hence she brought them two sets of gear from the Treasury she received at Momonga’s request. Albedo also wants to add Shalltear, who is strong against the cold, to guide them to the 5th floor...but right she should be  dealing with the Crack in the Throne Room. Slimeko is fine with being Renner’s guide for the time being.

Renner finds the Crack to be truly troublesome in that it continues to spawn Chaos Beasts in Nazarick. Albedo is with Renner that the creatures are indeed disgusting to be in Nazarick, though they do serve a use in Progressing her and the other leveling without going outside in the world.

This leaves Renner impressed as those from Nazarick seem to have the strategy and spirit to make use of such a terrifying existence and looks forward to learning from them. Though to Renner’s perplexity, Albedo comments that the one who is dealing with the Crack is now more probably preoccupied with earning other things rather than leveling up.

Elsewhere in the Lemegeton, Shalltear’s is annoyed about the endless hordes of Chaos Beasts in front of her. However, extermination is for the sake of the one she loves. So she vows to do her best to fulfill her duties.[3]

The scene then goes to a snowy field on the 5th Floor where Slimeko guides Renner  through. Both are bedecked in their winter equipment and Slimeko asks her charge to see if she is bearing the journey well. The imp actually is comfortable with her new equipment, feeling honored to receive such blessing from the Supreme One.

Slimeko explains that the equipment they were given is associated with the Christmas event, and has even been used when climbing the Azerlisia Mountains. The former princess has heard, this from Zaryusu, of the time when the wetlands were in deep trouble due to a cold wave, and how it was the Pleiades who took the lead in solving the problem. It is also mentioned by the slime that the equipment was used in E-Rantel at Christmas time, which Renner recalls from when Evileye had told her it was when she dressed in red and handed out sweets to children. The slime admits that the red costumes then were different then but all equipment related to Christmas are strong against the cold. When Renner compliments Slimeko's cute attire, the slime can only beam with pride at being being only natural for a item from the Treasury. Slimeko returns the compliment to Renner, citing that she looks cool and elegant.

Renner turns her attention to the beautiful scenery of the 5th Floor having never imagined such a place underground. Though her impression of a huge white ball that resembles a hornet's nest surrounded by six gigantic crystals leaves her stunned. Slimeko introduces her to the Snowball Earth, the residence of Cocytus the Floor Guardian of the 5th Floor. They are greeted by a Frost Virgin who the slime introduces to the imp. While the Frost Virgin leaves to fetch her master, Slimeko tells Renner a little about the Frost Virgins, that they are ice-type monsters and serve as personal guards to Cocytus. She admires their position, though personally holds her idol Solution Epsilon on a higher pedestal.

Cocytus arrives and greets his visitors, having heard from Momonga the reason for their visit and is happy to contribute to improve the work relationship with the lizardmen. He is fill with anticipation on the new statue for Momonga. To elaborate he the shows the two women by using his magic to create a column of ice and then using his sword with fluid motion sculpts the image of Momonga. The ice statue is impressive though Cocytus confesses hat his technique is too poor to reproduce every exact detail of his master. Renner finds the work beautiful regardless, stating that Albedo had told her if you try too hard to reproduce the exact details in vain, the differences from the real thing will become more apparent.

Rather than be obsessed with the details, it is better to make use of bold omissions and emphasis in order to express the greatness of the Supreme One, who would be impossible to replicate. This statue on the other hand gives a sense of charm due to its rough outline. The words from the former human, leaves Cocytus humbled as he learned two lessons from making this statue, for the merit of his poor technique and his expression of his master as a mighty man. With this statue replicating the usual calm and collected figure or Momonga it will truly be an object of worship to the lizardmen.

In terms of where the statue will be put, it is believed that the ice room will be most suitable. While Slimeko feels that the statue is gorgeous, she had thought that the idea for giving the demi-humans a statue was cancelled at the order of Momonga.

This leaves Cocytus pause momentarily, but Renner then takes the lead on the discussion, by having Cocytus explain why he made a statue of his master. The answer being to idolize him. And while their action may seem presumptuous to Momonga’s order, it does serve a benefit.

She goes on why the lizardmen wanted the statue. It is probably to pray for success in work or safety. It is not uncommon for fishermen to take on this role. Such actions are done because demi-humans were dealing with nature such as large waves, turbulence, and sometimes storms, so until now they had no choice but to cling to and pray to invisible entities like their ancestral spirits.

But now, for all the lizardmen, Renner thinks there is another being that they should pray to - Momonga who is clearly worthy of worship. In addition, they have left their villages to work as migrant workers for the Sorcerer Kingdom to which they owe a great debt, as well as to improve their own food situation, and that is also progressing smoothly.

When things are going smoothly, they feel at ease...and in fact, they feel anxious. Cocytus agrees as he had went to the lizardman village, he worried about the demi-humans who go to work, and sometimes see them praying.

Everyone is grateful for the Sorcerer Kingdom’s patronage. So it’s hard to understand how someone who is worried about their family or loved one's feelings might be worried about them. Renner explains that the people, pray for the safety of their loved ones and themselves. In order to relieve their anxiety about powerful forces beyond their control, such as the weather and natural disasters, people seek out greater powers or in layman terms gods. To Cocytus the Supreme Being is one who deserving of prayer Momonga saved the village many times. On this both Cocytus and Renner are in agreement for the desires of the lizardmen.

Renner attributes her awareness of people needing faith due to being a former human, though adds Cocytus's insight on the lizardmen is valuable as he observed then in the field. Which sadly she failed to do, which Renner notes is her inadequacy. The conversation garners a respect from the two, with Renner acknowledging that Cocytus despite being a terrifying monster is someone who thoughtfulness is a force to be reckoned with. This leaves her to fathom how deep the wisdom the Sorcerer King is who commands such a minion.[4]

Back in the Round Table Room, Cocytus accompanied by Renner and Slimeko report his proposal to make an ice statue of Momonga. Momonga still has his doubts on this, as if the lizardmen wish to pray for success and safety while fishing, there should be more appropriate objects to use. This is a headache to Momonga has he thought he withdrawn this proposal, but now is faced with it again, but this time with a valid reason. The Overlord still has no idea what to decide as panics of a statue of him being built even on an isolated island as it still is embarrassing. Worse everyone looks set on the idea. But now it looks bad since he as the boss rejected it.

To his relief Demiurge and Albedo offer additional dialogue on the matter, allow them to explain his opinions on the matter. The two demons are receptive to the idea of creating a place to cultivate feelings towards Momonga, though ask why an ice statue? Cocytus then gives his reason as adding the ice statue will make Momonga presence an every day part of their lives. Especially if added into the ice room, which Demiurge they will always go to affirm their loyalty to Momonga. Still not wanting another statue of him, Momonga has one last resort, which is to have Renner speak her opinion on this proposal.

Although it backfires as Renner supports Cocytus's idea and is confident that the ice statue will make Momonga a part of the lizardmen's emotional support. Momonga admits to himself that he is outvoted, but takes solace that the proposal is for the benefit of Nazarick. Before he approves of the proposal, he asks that his servants listen to the opinions of the lizardmen first and to avoid forcing them to worship him.

Renner complies, as this is a heavy responsibility on her part and vows to make a thorough and steady approach so as to avoid destroying their relationship with the demi-humans. Momonga uncertain where this will lead has no choice to go with the flow. Likewise Renner contemplates on despite Momonga having the option of making ice statues of himself to give to the lizardmen to worship, is hesitant on the idea unless they voluntarily worship him. Although she thinks that Momonga is seeking a more subtler approach to turn the belief of the lizardmen towards him until they realize it is too late and under his total control. This makes her all more admiring of his keen mind and that failure for the current mission is not an option and unforgivable.

After meeting with the Supreme Being, Ranner returns to the isolated island. It wasn't until she returned to her room late at night that she took care of her remaining chores and took a breather. There with Climb, she confesses that she was nervous upon meeting Momonga, though Climb thinks that from how she described the encounter she took it reasonably well.

Even so Renner thinks that is she said something careless, she would be wiped out in an instant. She claims she can feel a heavy collar around her next when in Momonga's presence, however, could just be because she wasn't used to being in the presence of the Supreme Being, and she just ended up being more agitated than necessary. The imp would like to do whatever it takes to meet the expectations of Albedo, who found and selected her.

Climb chuckles that Renner is lucky to be her, causing Renner to be miffed at the empty compliment, calling Climb to being lazy and saying random things. The knight tries to appease her that it was not the case, but it doesn't matter to Renner as she was only teasing him not insulting his cleverness. Renner takes a moment to cuddle close to Climb, taking solace that he will be with her.

The former princess fine with her situation fine, as she can instill in Climb that she is sincerely loyal to Nazarick so that he doesn't harbor any resentful feelings towards their new benefactors. It would be unnatural if there wasn't a little bit of dissatisfaction, and she should have been able to hear more motivation than that...from the beings who are probably still watching over her. As Renner huddles with her beloved there is an expression on her face was both peaceful and dangerous -- having sharpness of a double-edged sword.

At the same time, at E-Rantel——-Slimeko under her alias of Surako visits the protagonist to report on Renner's actions in Nazarick. The protagonist accepts the news, though is disappointed that it should have been him involved in the mission. Surako though tells him that Momonga knows all too well that the protagonist is working hard, thus has entrusted her with following up on him.

To Surako she finds it a great honor, and will do her best to fulfill the mission for the future of E-Rantel! The protagonist is glad the slime is achieving her ambition, then asks if she as any future plans. Such as instructions from Albedo? The slime states that she is planning on going to the lizardman village with Lupusregina, Entoma, CZ, and Renner.

After they checked with their reaction to the construction of the ice statue, and seeing that if there were no problems, they will promptly take a walk through the Azerlisia Mountains. There after securing the specified materials there, they will be transported to the isolated island. Where the construction of the ice house and the ice statue will take place!

The protagonist asks why the Azerlisia Mountains? Surako asks if he found the location selection odd? It is since, Cocytus should be able to prepare the materials needed for the icehouse and the ice statue. Is there something wrong? Surako adds that what they need to secure is not the materials for the ice room or the ice statue. She then hands her comrade a list of things Albedo has requested. The protagonist taking a read off it, asks his partner if she is absolutely sure, which the slime confirms, stating to leave everything to her so she can help. Touched by this the protagonist can only feel how the people of Nazarick are truly wonderful.[5]

Later, at the lizardman village, representatives such as Zaryusu, Shasuryu Shasha, Kyuku Zuzu, and Crusch Lulu were gathered together and informed that the request to build the ice room and the statue had been approved. Zaryusu is stunned as he never expected that the Sorcerer Kingdom would accept all the requests. On behalf of everyone, the lizardman expresses his deepest gratitude.

Shasuryu finds it more than he imagined. The ice statue of His Majesty the Sorcerer King in the ice room though begs some clarification. And Crusch is unsure of it being a good idea to go that far. Lupusregina espouses that the ice statue is a result of everyone's hard work, a gift from the Sorcerer Kingdom where reward and punishment are inevitable. In any event the nation wants the lizardmen to keep doing their best at this rate.

The idea is sold to Shasuryu and gratefully accepts it. When Slimeko mentions that Cocytus will build the ice room and ice statue himself, this brings praise from Zaryusu of not just being a martial artist but also multi-talented. The statue of His Majesty the Sorcerer King is deemed to be a very profitable feature, where they can see it every day and pray. Crusch though says she would pray for everyone's safety every day. This causes her to be teased by Shasuryu if it would just be for Zaryusu, earning him a scolding from his sister-in-law for saying such inappropriate things. To their guests the lizardman priest apologizes for the unsightly scene, but Renner does not mind, as they wish to maintain their cooperative relationship and was just relieved to receive such a positive reaction.

Shasuryu is also appreciative that they seriously considered their request, and there is nothing better than the statue of His Majesty the Sorcerer King, who has saved them many times in the past. As always, Zaryusu wants to repay the kindness he has received, but doesn't think he'll ever be able to return it. So when Lupusregina mentions how very compassionate, or rather very duty-bound he is and that they need to head to the Azerlisia Mountains, with Renner adding that they need to go before the sun sets, Zaryusu offers to lend them assistance. Since this is a separate matter, Lupusregina tell him not to worry about it. Understanding Zaryusu hopes for another time then.

The group is seen off by the lizardmen and heads towards the Azerlisia Mountains. Eventually, when their village was no longer visible, Entoma and CZ appear to join the group. Lupusregina expresses her surprise on what was suppose to be a small collection of lizardmen seeing them off, but instead was more lie a grand send-off.

Entoma muses that it was like the lizardmen were sending them out to fight, which CZ comments that it is proof of their strong relationship that they have built. Having enough talk, Lupusregina reminds her sister that if they keep up with the lizardman's pace, the sun will set causing her sisters to worry. Renner tells them that there is no need to worry as they will be fine. Slimeko having been to the mountains many times acts as a guide and is confident on her skills.

The Pleiades though arm themselves when three vultures and a Chaos Beast appear. Climb following suit, stands in front of Renner to protect her. The three maids handle their opponents easily, though Climb experiences some trouble with his vulture, prompting Slimeko to hurry to help him, and Renner express worry. Climb assures her he is alright, just getting used to some good exercise from climbing up the hill so far, and he is fine with the armor she given him. With single swipe he kills the beast.

After the last vulture is burned away by Lupusregina, the party goes to collect the killed birds. The maids ask the imp if they have collected enough, to which Renner takes a moment to decide. Since Albedo did not explain the purpose of why they have to collect vultures from the mountains, Slimeko to wonder if this is some sort of test.

Renner deemed that they have enough, having deduce what the vultures are for, given Slimeko's Christmas attire and how she gave out candy before or such an occasion previously. Slimeko is grateful that Renner figure it out as it puts her at ease. The mission is complete as declared by Lupusregina and gives the command to return to to Nazarick right away. Only Climb is left perplex as Renner tells them she looks forward to "it".[6]

Renner and her friends returned to the Great Tomb of Nazarick, entrusting the transportation of the materials to others, and waited for Cocytus on the 2nd floor. Cocytus came bringing materials from the 5th Floor. For this Renner apologizes for the trouble of having him bring it up, though Cocytus feels that the material should be his responsibility given it is ice.

Shalltear having been waiting for all of them to arrive prepares to open the [Gate] to the isolated island. Before letting them pass, Shalltear asks if they will be fine in their current Christmas outfits, which Slimeko thinks they should stay in them since Cocytus will be creating the ice room and make an ice sculpture of Momonga.

Just for that Shalltear expresses her envy of wanting to have at least a glimpse if possible. Before the vampire gets too enthralled by the idea of the statue, Slimeko requests her to open the [Gate]. Back on focus, the Floor Guardian then wisher her peers well on their task.

Renner and her group passed through the [Gate]. When Cocytus was spotted, the lizardmen who were working around began to gather all at once, thrilled to have the Floor Guardian among them. Slimeko then announces that they are present to make an ice statue in the ice house of His Majesty the Sorcerer King, bringing cheers. With this the lizardmen exclaim that they will show great enthusiasm for fishing and assurances that the ice house made by Cocytus will be safe and help reduce food waste.

More so the statue statue of His Majesty the Sorcerer King will be watching over them, ensuring them that they will be safe and have a good catch. Renner beckons Cocytus to be the man of the hour for the unveiling of the ice house. Cocytus is then taken to a cave, large enough for the lizardmen settlement.

Renner examining it deems that the temperature is relatively low and stable, and there are several tributaries to the cave, so there will not be any problems with convenience. For the ice statue of Momonga, it is placed in a space that is enough for it. However he becomes distracted when a swarm of slimes appear. It seems the cleaning of the cave was not so thorough, which Renner apologizes for. Cocytus is not mad as a few pests as to be expected. Both he and Climb arm up to cull the monsters, before Cocytus resumes building the ice r.oom

When it is done, Renner and Cocytus are left speechless at his work, as his ice room is beautiful like the 5th Floor itself. What's more, as Renner observes, the entire tributary of the cave has been turned into an icehouse. The ice statue of Momonga is also amazing, and as expected. Renner again apologizes for the slime fiasco, blaming herself for failing to check the area and is prepared to receive any punishment for this mismanagement.

Cocytus declines to do this, and instead gestures to the ice statue he carved. So instead, Renner offers her apology to the effigy of her master as if in prayer. This extremely pleases Cocytus as his work exemplifies the peerless traits of his master to its fullest effect. In any event it proves that its appearance will impress the lizardmen to worship it, as if it were the real thing. The group from Nazarick, then praise the work to be good as according to the will of Momonga, feeling affirmed in their roles for the sake of the Sorcerer Kingdom.[7]


Shortly after the group returned to Nazarick, upon completing the construction of the ice statue and icehouse on the isolated island. A debriefing session about the isolated island was held with the Floor Guardians gathered in the Round Table Room.

Momonga calls for a report from Renner. To that end, Renner moved quickly but without any sense of haste, reverently curtsying and gathering her wits to prepare her report. Before her are all the leaders of the Great Tomb of Nazarick towering over her. Though her instincts are screaming that this is a critical situation where she can't even afford to feel how small she is.

Even so, the imp was able to finish the bow gracefully without losing consciousness, simply because her behavior as a member of the royal family still had roots in her body. Renner's other self calmly checks the report that come from her mouth without any hesitation, and carefully selects which details that are important. She starts by giving credit to Cocytus, of the installation of the ice statues in the ice room.

The lizardmen were deeply moved by the ice sculpture in the ice room, as they were bigger than they had imagined, and firmly declared that they would pray to and preserve it. It seems that their work motivation has significantly improved and their mental stability has improved, and their dependence on the Sorcerer Kingdom has steadily increased. In addition, during the construction of ice room, a swarm of slimes appeared necessitating in combat. For that she will take any punishment for this clumsiness.

Albedo is briefly silent on this, but Cocytus speaks noting that both Climb and Renner participated in the incident, resulting in the destruction of the slime nest. As a result, the lizardmen noted their deed and future damage was reduced. Furthermore the lizardmen were impressed by Renner prayed before it and vowed to protect the statue. Momonga takes all this information in, especially the unexpected situation that occurred, but is glad they were able to deal with it safely. As for the ice statue, it is not only an object to be prayed to, but it will also have a role to play as an object that truly needs to be protected.

Albedo cannot help but comments how the image of Renner praying to Momonga's ice statue must have been etched in the eyes of the lizardmen. Momonga cannot find any fault in Renner as everyone makes mistakes. The question now is how to recover from this and make use of it in the future. Since they immediately responded to the unexpected situation that occurred on-site, he will not have to worry about it this time. On this Albedo shares the same assessment.

Momonga then asks Renner to please continue to push forward for the further development of the isolated island. The Overlrd's compassion id deeply thanked by the imp. In retrospect, Momonga feels as if she is taking care of him, and hopes to avoid treating her maliciously, but cautions himself if he others take care of him too much, it will cause a problem. Demiurge mentions that it looks like the results obtained this time will be useful for E-Rantel as well. Before that, is determining how to use it.

Albedo informs Momonga on thecollection of materials that Renner is well. They have made all the necessary preparations. Seeing it's about time, Momonga declares that they will hold a Christmas party to celebrate the solidification of the cooperative relationship with the lizardmen and the improvement of the food problem! The Floor Guardians and those without duties are to head to the 6th Floor.

To Renner, Momonga voices how much he appreciate her hard work this time. And hopes that she will continue to make him feel glad that I entrusted her with the isolated island. His words of praise give Renner much satisfaction and she pledges once again to His Majesty the Sorcerer King and Nazarick, swearing not to drown this honor and will continue to be even more loyal to him.

Momonga looks forward to it. Privately he was a little worried before he made the nomination, but is glad that everything seems to have come together somehow. Save that his statue has ended up being worshiped by more people than ever. He suspects that this incident won’t die down in the future.

At Albedo’s prodding, Momonga maintains his stoic face to head to the festivities on the 6th Floor. Albedo accompanies him, and before she departs passes Renner who she tells bring Climb to the party.

On the 6th floor of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, in the Amphitheater, it had a different look than usual. A small party was being held, decorated with Christmas decorations and using ingredients obtained from the Azerlisia Mountains.

Many of the core members of Nazarick are present. Including Lupusregina, Entoma, and CZ, all dressed in their Christmas Costumes. For Lupusregina she sings a tune enjoying the party after a hard day’s work. Although her sisters claim it was a normal day as usual.

Renner approaches them to thank them for their help during the mission, especially in the mountains. The werewolf maid though feels that she benefited as she was able to do something in the end. The same is said by CZ who says such thanks is unnecessary. Entoma for her enjoys a dish of delicious cooked vulture and offers it to the newcomers Renner and Climb.

Climb declines the offer, saving it for later after the greetings, though Entoma provides some advice on how to savor the meat. Renner then excuses herself to say hello to the other Floor Guardians. Both she and Climb, pass the other Pleiades, Yuri Alpha, Solution Epsilon, and Narberal Gamma, two out of three which are garbed in Christmas attire. Seeing them, Climb feels a bit out of place but Renner assures him is doing fun and just need to keep looking dignified, after all he is also one of the key players in this event.

Climb is so sure, but Renner dismisses his negativity, as it doesn't matter if he is aware of it or not, it is certain that he holds that position because of her. Before Climb can inquire the last part of Renner's statement, Aura Bella Fiora comes over to congratulate Renner having heard her story. Mare Bello Fiore also approaches to thank her for procuring the ingredients.

Renner thanks the twins, admitting she is not solely responsible for the ingredients. This was possible thanks to the cooperation of all the Pleiades. On who told Aura about her success, the dark elf replies that she heard it from Slimeko, as she was exaggerating a bit, but was bragging about it as if it were her own.

Renner hopes that the retelling was a worthy story and not too embarrassing. The conversation is soon joined by Shalltear who voices that it would be fine to Renner just accept compliments honestly, but isn't it typical story for former royals in social greetings. Cocytus too appears adding Renner became the bridge for their relations with lizardmen, making a big difference.

Faced with the flattery of her peers, she asks them not to cause too much trouble by flattering he and jokes if this continues, she may end up with hot flashes. Shalltear responds that is was a part is for. The people at the Christmas party keep changing, and Renner's nerves are getting more and more nervous each time.

However, strangely, she felt something different from what she had felt before. At first, it was only a slight premonition, but by the time she reached the end of the party, her thoughts had come to fruition. Albedo soon is by her side, hoping the former human is having fun and notes that Climb is absent at her side. It seems that everyone's presence has affected him, so he is resting somewhere far away.

Albedo muses that Climb managed to keep it together fairly well, which Renner thanks as a compliment. Still Albedo asks if she has noticed if anything has changed? Renner attributes the change in everyone behavior toward her was due to Albedo trusting her with the responsibility of collecting ingredients for this party. While it may be presumptuous, but Renner believes that this was all arranged by Albedi, by pretending that she, a newcomer, had collected the material, she thinks the purpose was to raise her reputation within the organization and make her better remembered.

Albedo admits that initially Renner had a certain reputation for being able to manipulate human psychology, which is difficult for the denizens of Nazarick to understand, but she was still shackled by the fact that Renner was a former human.

Not all of that feeling has disappeared because of this work, but Renner's evaluation has changed a little. Though there were a few mistakes. Cocytus sheltering her from her mistakes, means Renner is valued. In that case, Albedo has no complaints and also appreciate that Renner did a good job. Renner confesses Albedo's undue consideration is more than she can handle.

Albedo asks if that is all she noticed. At first Renner asks if this she was responsible for Slimeko spreading the word about her deeds and manipulate the impression of others, which Albedo states no as that was something the slime did on her own and not on her instructions. If that's the case, then it must be about the procuring of food mentioned earlier. The reason for the food collection is revealed to have been a test by Albedo to check her "food preferences."

It's explained by the Overseer Guardian that it has been a while since Renner became a demon. Now she can sleep, eat and drink, but she's probably already realized that it's not essential. The denizens of Nazarick's "food preferences" are different from what Renner had when she was human. In order to confirm this, Albedo prepared different ingredients than usual.

Albedo reminded Renner that she chose to live forever. However, there is no need to forget everything about yourself. As long as it doesn't cause any harm to Nazarick. Though Renner voices that she would never do something like that and would rather trade her life than commit treason. The Overseer Guardian hopes so, and resumes the conversation such as how Renner like the taste of the dishes.

Renner doesn't know as she has been so busy greeting everyone. Albedo who had been watching from a distance and thought that was the case. It can't be helped, so she sends someone to prepare something warm for Renner. At first Renner resists the care Albedo gives her, though the Overseer Guardian insists she show her kindness which Renner after much hesitation warmly accepts.

The two little devils leave together and are spied by Momonga. He then turns to his conversation partner Slimeko asking if it is lonely not being able to call out to the protagonist. And asks if he is doing well, to which she replies that her comrade has been busy. Momonga then requests Slimeko take some souvenirs with her and to keep him in the loop on the protagonist's well being. Slimeko promises to carry his order.

Demiurge soon asks his master it is time to deliver a speech to those gathered.

Momonga concludes the banquet with a toast and raises a glass, encouraging others to do the same as she says: “Merry Christmas!”

The hand of the Sorcerer King was raised high. Everyone present turned their attention to him, worshipful, admiration, respect - their gazes varied, but all of them made their loyalty to the Sorcerer King even stronger. [8]