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Albedo vs Azuth Aindra was a duel between the Sorcerer Kingdom's prime minister, Albedo, and the Re-Estize Kingdom's adamantite-ranked adventurer, Azuth Aindra, during the war between the two nations. However, it was really a distraction to isolate Sorcerer King Ainz.


Before the battle begins, Azuth of Red Drop alone flew towards the Sorcerer Kingdom's military encampment. Upon arriving at the scene, he confronted both Prime Minister Albedo and the Sorcerer King Ainz. After briefly making eye contact with the two, the battle immediately began with Azuth first using [Chain Dragon Lightning] on their bodyguards which were tens of the Death Knights quickly killed off by him. Shortly thereafter, he would cast [Fire Storm] against Ainz, but the latter didn't flinch. Upset by the manner of Azuth's attack on them, she was given the order from her master Ainz to battle the Powered Suit wearer. In response to his command, she took flight to the sky and met face-to-face with Azuth for a battle.

Meanwhile, the battle plan for Azuth was to serve himself as the bait and decoy against Albedo. He has to draw Albedo further away from Ainz's side so that Platinum Dragon Lord can be able to fight the Sorcerer King alone one-on-one without help from the enemy's aide. Azuth has to ensure that Albedo is not within the range of the [World-Isolating Barrier] where the Sorcerer King is trapped in which was set up by Platinum Dragon Lord to not let Ainz escape. Additionally, Azuth needed to buy as much time as possible for Platinum Dragon Lord so that the latter could be able to finish off the Sorcerer King while he distracts Albedo.


Albedo using her wings, flew to the air and pursued the adventurer. Before she could land her halberd on the enemy, he quickly fled from her and headed north. Likewise, Albedo followed her prey. Though the adventurer had a head start, using items borrowed from Ainz Albedo immediately closed the distance with her enemy. However, during the chase, she slowly realized that the adventurer was intentionally leading her way from Ainz and the camp.

Rather than continue chasing down her enemy, she chose to stay on standby and wait for further actions from the former while analyzing what his next course of action. Azuth no longer on flying away chose to attack Albedo, pointing his Heavy Machine Gun back at her. As the projectiles are shot Albedo prepares herself for a long-range attack from afar. While doing so, she quickly began chasing Azuth down, attempting to tank the stream of bullets that were being aimed at her. To her surprise, none of the bullets were able to land a hit on her or her armor. Now realizing her foe's weapon was not magically enchanted she shortens the distance between herself and Azuth while the latter attempts to shoot out an unknown instant death spell at her. After Albedo naturally resists it with her passive magic resistance, she instantaneously throws a punch at Azuth, sending him and his Power Suit flying away which shakes the adventurer to the core. She triumphantly starts exchanging harsh, mocking words with Azuth back and forth.

Upon receiving a message from Ainz, the battle between the two came to an end when Albedo chooses to retreat back to his master's side while leaving the Red Drop adventurer alone.


Azuth felt it was his complete loss against Albedo as he wasn't able to hold out long enough until Platinum Dragon Lord could successfully kill the Sorcerer King. Although he survived his battle with Albedo, he admits to having to use the full arsenal of the Powered Suit while creating as much distance from her as possible to barely even hang on to dear life. Azuth notes how the likelihood that there might be no escape for himself the second time is probable if he ends up fighting and delaying Albedo again.[1]


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