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Supreme Beings

Ainz Ooal Gown

Before Nazarick was transported, Ainz jokingly changed Albedo's settings so that she would be in love with him. As such, Albedo is completely infatuated with Ainz and is absolutely loyal to him. Even when he tells her that she only loves him because he made her that way, the only problem she has with it is if it causes him trouble. She wants him to stay in Nazarick forever and worries that someday he too will abandon it.

Secretly, Albedo also longs for the day when she can finally call him by his true name, Momonga. Unknown to him, Albedo is also planning behind his back on making Ainz the sole ruler of Nazarick, confessing that she would also fight against other guardians if they choose to stand in her way. She considers herself a true follower and slave to Ainz's will even though her creator, Tabula, was the one who made her.

Tabula Smaragdina

Tabula is the creator of Albedo and her two sisters. He inputted great detail and care into Albedo's character design and setting. As seen when Pandora's Actor was impersonating him, Albedo greatly respects Tabula and can sense that Pandora's impersonation is a fraud. Despite this, Albedo's private thoughts within her room reveal that she wants only Momonga (Ainz) alone to rule the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

In addition, while requesting a task force to seek out the other forty Supreme Beings, Albedo assures Momonga that, unlike the other Floor Guardians, she will not run wild if she happens to locate her own creator. It is thus implied that her true loyalty remains and lies with only Momonga due to the alteration of her setting being modified by him.

Other Supreme Beings

Albedo seems to vent her hatred on and on privately against the other Supreme Beings, believing that they've abandoned Momonga. It is more upsetting to Albedo that Momonga had to take on their guild's name as she also laid out an insulting word to the other Supreme Beings. She will even go so far as to trample on the guild flag in detest and hatred without showing the slightest remorse, whenever Momonga is not around to see her in that kind of state.



Nigredo is Albedo’s older sister. And as they are both creations of Tabula Smaragdina, Nigerdo and Albedo are shown to get along quite well with each other and is shown to possess a very sisterly relationship with each other. As seen where Nigredo refers to Albedo as her "Lovely Little Sister" and Albedo is shown to refer to Nigredo as "Nee-san," a very respectful tone and word used to show respect for ones older sibling. However despite their largely positive relationship the only real source of schism between them is Nigredo's very negative view of their youngest sister; Rubedo. As seen where Nigredo herself viciously stated that she outright despises Rubedo and warns Albedo that Rubedo might bring a calamity to Nazarick, but Albedo only replies that she thinks Rubedo is an adorable younger sister and that she will never be a scourgeor threat to Nazarick. Nevertheless, due to Albedo's duty as Overseer and her own sense of respect for her older sister, Albedo was still shown to take Nigredo's worries to heart and under consideration for Nigredo and Nazarick's sake. However despite being her sister, she shows no leniency after Nigredo and Pestonya tried to free the captured humans from Operation Gehenna, thus both were placed under house arrest. Albedo showed no remorse, believing such a punishment is not enough for defying Ainz's will.

Due to their different views and opinions, Albedo does not fully trust Nigredo. As seen during Albedo's inner thoughts and planning where she initially considered Nigredo as a viable candidate for the position as head of the forming information agency for the growing Sorcerer Kingdom as a future ally in her plans, but later shot down the idea due to the danger Nigredo would pose to her if she ever figured out her true intentions with her Secret Unit and has even considered the possibility that they could become enemies in the future.


Rubedo is Albedo’s younger sister. Unlike Nigredo, who despises her, Albedo thinks she is an adorable little sister and that she will never be a scourge to Nazarick. She even asks Ainz's permission to get Rubedo into her squad, which he allows.

After getting her into her secret unit, Albedo noted that the only reason Rubedo was following her orders was because Ainz had ordered her to do so and would likely not do as she commands if he didn't tell her to follow Albedo. Suggesting that Rubedo lacks a sense of personal familial attachment to Albedo or her loyalty to Ainz far supersedes her relationship with her elder sister.

Floor Guardians

Shalltear Bloodfallen

She and Shaltear are rivals and compete for the love of Ainz. Their rivalry goes so far that they become hostile to one another, even in front of Ainz himself. But in addition to that, they are also actively recruiting allies among the maids. However, she is willing to work together with Shalltear. This is seen in Drama CD 2, where they work together to push for items, such as a "Sleep with Ainz" coupon and many more.


After discussing together, both Albedo and Demiurge think and agree that Ainz is a genius. Both of them work closely together on many projects regarding Nazarick. She is the most cautious, vigilant, and wary of Demiurge, considering that he is the one who suggests the plan for making the intelligence agency. She is against the idea of having Demiurge be the head of the intelligence agency.


Cocytus is Albedo’s colleague. Albedo scolds him whenever he misjudges Ainz’s orders due to his simple-minded way of thinking.

Aura Bella Fiora

In the Emissary of the King, Aura says that besides Mare and her beasts, Albedo is the one she is closest to. They spend some time together alongside Shalltear and even shared a bath together. When Aura hears that Albedo didn't have many clothes, she offers some of hers and Mare's.

Mare Bello Fiore

Because Mare appears to be scared of her, the two do not interact much.


Since Victim doesn't leave the 8th Floor often, the two don't interact much. However, Albedo appears to respect him as a fellow Floor Guardian.

Area Guardians

Pandora's Actor

She is displeased by being called a young lady by Pandora’s Actor. In truth, Albedo is very jealous of him due to him being Ainz’s creation. When Ainz asks her opinion of him, Albedo replies she respects his intelligence but finds him childish at times.


Despite being comrades who fight for Nazarick, Albedo shows displeasure for him. She doesn't even like the idea of coming near his room or near any of his minions.


Sebas Tian

Sebas is Albedo's colleague. They accompany and serve Ainz in his duties in Nazarick. Albedo has even told Sebas that if any situation arises, he should come back and report to her, especially if it's anything related to Ainz.

Yuri Alpha

Both are displeased when they are called young ladies by Pandora’s Actor. Albedo agrees in letting Yuri be a third party to host the auction. Albedo is interested in recruiting Yuri to her side in the campaign for the position to be Ainz's queen.

Lupusregina Beta

According to Narberal, Lupusregina also supports Albedo’s love for Ainz.

Narberal Gamma

Narberal is Albedo’s loyal follower. She supports Albedo’s love for Ainz and relays her activities and her master’s to Albedo.

CZ2I28 Delta

Albedo is interested in recruiting CZ2I28 to her side in the campaign for the position to be Ainz's queen.

Solution Epsilon

Albedo thinks she has a low-class hobby for having the same interests as Shalltear and for being on Shalltear’s side in the campaign to be Ainz's queen.

Entoma Vasilissa Zeta

Albedo is interested in recruiting Entoma to her side in the campaign for the position to be Ainz's queen. Albedo shares the same opinion as Shalltear of not wanting to go near Entoma because she eats the cockroaches in Kyouhukou’s room. 

Re-Estize Kingdom

Ramposa III

During Albedo's first appearance in the Re-Estize Kingdom after the Massacre at Katze Plains and the opening of diplomatic relations with the Re-Estize Kingdom and the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ramposa was shown to greet Albedo very cordially and respectfully during her introductions to the king and Albedo herself returned such gestures with equal respect during her introduction. Albeit it was quite obvious that Ramposa himself greeted her with open wariness and suspicions due to her being from the Sorcerer Kingdom and hidden hostility due to the nation's actions against the Kingdom and Albedo herself secretly harboring concealed pity, disgust and malignant thoughts for the human king.

However upon their final meeting after the grain-theft incident, Albedo finally showed her true feelings about Rampossa during the Sorcerer Kingdom's formal deceleration of war and showcased open scorn, pity, disgust and condescending arrogance towards the aged king and all of his shortcomings ever since their first meeting as she politely rejected his attempts to diplomatically end the conflict before war breaks out by offering his own life.

Renner Theiere Chardelon Ryle Vaiself

Upon meeting Renner, Albedo is impressed by her lack of regret at betraying her family, her bloodline, and her people and can see why she has piqued Demiurge's interest. She even goes as far as to consider her to be "a spiritual heteromorph." Aside from secretly being superior and subordinate, the two also seem to have a more friendly relationship, openly talking with each other about the obsessive love they each hold for the men they love.

However despite Albedo getting along with Renner and developing a friendly relationship with her, Albedo is shown to also harbor some paranoia and fear towards Renner due to her similarly high intellect and extreme cunning. Having come to deem her as a potential threat to her and her secret plans if she ever found out or suspected of her future plans with her Secret Unit.

Later after Renner successfully accomplishes the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom and proves her worth and loyalty to the Sorcerer Kingdom and the Sorcerer King, Albedo was shown to exert the new master-servant dynamic between her and Renner and proceeded to pleasantly imply that both she and Demiurge are perfectly aware of her capabilities after the large scale operation and silently threatened her to stay in line. Later Albedo made it absolutely clear that should she ever go against her or their master, she would personally kill Climb. Making her stance clear, Albedo then reveals that from now on, Renner was to be her direct subordinate.

Renner in turn is shown to happily follow through with this dynamic and is more than content with their hierarchy and has even made sure to insure to show that she is indeed their loyal "pet" due to her deeming the benefits of siding with Nazarick to be too great to lose and swore to further surpass the Overseer's expectations and serve her more efficiently than ever before.


During the secret alliance between Nazarick and Renner, Albedo was given information on Renner and her "adorable pet" by Demiurge in preparation for the inevitable meeting between the two parties in their future plans. And during the actual meeting between Albedo and Renner during Albedo's diplomatic visit to the Re-Estize Kingdom after the Massacre at Katze Plains. Climb was noted to be on guard against the demoness due to her from being with the Sorcerer Kingdom and was hesitant to allow her to be alone with his mistress. Unknowingly to Climb, he was one of the main topics of conversation between his mistress and the demoness after their formalities and business was concluded, Albedo became quite interested in hearing more of Renner's "puppy" as they engaged in girl talk regarding the men both of them are obsessively in love with, with the latter presumably revealing a lot of personal information on the young warrior. This was done by both parties in order for Albedo to learn of Renner's weakness and "leash" and purposefully revealed by Renner to her in order to get her to trust her.

Later after the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom and Renner officially joining Nazarick as a subordinate, Albedo made it perfectly clear to Renner that she and the rest of the Tomb's hierarchy are aware of Renner's attachment to Climb and made it clear that if she ever was to turn against them or their master, she'd personally slaughter the warrior herself in retaliation. Effectively holding him both as a hostage and a leash to control the former princess as a new agent for the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat

Albedo is using Philip as a pawn to destabilize the Kingdom. While in front of him, she acts kind to him in order to feed his ego and manipulate him. However, she actually greatly despises him for his delusions and antics. After he touches her, she initially wants him dead, but she ultimately decides against it since finding a new pawn will be difficult after all the effort she has already put into him.

During the events of Volume 14 and Philips actions of robbing the Sorcerer Kingdom's grain transports, Albedo has initially assumed that Philip had been manipulated or brainwashed by an unknown third party due to her deeming the action to be too stupid and foolish not to be part of some complex plot and assumed that the third party in question possessed superior or equal intellect to Demiurge or Herself due to her suspicions and immediately began thinking of several counter plans to stop "them".

However upon Ainz revealing his spot on deduction that Philip had likely done this without actually thinking it through, Albedo was left completely slacked jawed and shocked at the extent of his stupidity and foolishness that thus then caused her to feel both embarrassed and ashamed for herself due to severely underestimating just how stupid he could be and felt mortified that the pawn she selected was that foolish. This revealed that although deeming Philip to be trash and an easily manipulated pawn, Albedo still at least expected him to be little bit smarter than he actually was and internally thought to herself that the next time she prepares a disposable pawn, she should first make sure that they are at least little bit more intelligent than Philip.

After the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom ending with the Kingdom's complete destruction, Albedo personally came to Philip's Domain to finish him off and destroy any lose ends with her brief association with him. Albedo in particular took immense personal pleasure in watching him break down upon her presenting the heads of Wayne Delvin and Igor Rokerson to him and showing him the impaled corpses of his former villagers, serfs and family members displayed outside his home for the sole sake of psychologically torturing him as she revealed what she truly thought of him and her expressing her anger as him for having made a fool of her in front of her master due to his stupidity to not even be able to act like an appropriate pawn for her master's plans. Later Albedo, personally decided to prolong his suffering by not granting him a swift death like to his family, "friends" and servants and decided to make use of him as a practice dummy for "Information Gathering Techniques."

Hilma Cygnaeus

Albedo views Hilma and the other leaders of Eight Fingers as nothing more than servants to help carry out the Sorcerer Kingdom's ambitions.

Azuth Aindra

During their battle, Albedo was on guard against Azuth due to him possessing a YGGDRASIL Items and was in full vigilance against him due him possessing a Powered Suit and possibly other Items. However, upon actually fighting him, Albedo soon realized that Aindra posed absolutely no threat against her and later began to mockingly insult him as she began to gradually toy with him upon realizing how weak he was and his lack of powers or abilities to even bypass her basic immunities.

During the course of this battle against him, Azuth made a point to continuously insult and annoy the Guardian Overseer during their battle in order to maintain his cool, causing Albedo to grow even more annoyed/murderous towards him as she tried to kill him in earnest. However despite his outward attitude of confidence against her, Azuth came to genuinely fear her due to realizing that he stood absolutely no chance of actually defeating her in battle and he had to use the sheer entirety of his armor's arsenal just to maintain his distance from her and stay alive and came to the conclusion that if they were to ever fight again, Azuth would stand absolutely no chance of actually surviving.