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"Overseer of the Floor Guardians Albedo, at your command."
- Albedo's Introduction

Albedo (アルベド) is the Overseer of the Guardians of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She is in charge of the general management and supervision of the activities done by the seven Floor Guardians, meaning that she ranks above the other NPCs in Nazarick. She is the middle sister of the older sister Nigredo and younger sister Rubedo. Along with her sisters, she was created by Tabula Smaragdina.


An impeccable beauty, Albedo is a tall woman with lustrous jet-black hair and the face of a goddess. She has golden irises and vertically split pupils; on her left and right temples are two thick horns protruding crookedly, and on her waist are a pair of black angel wings.

Albedo wears a pure white dress with silky gloves covering her slender hands and a golden spiderweb necklace that covers her shoulders and chest. In combat, she wears an impressive black full plate armor with an unique helmet and carries a battle-axe with her.


Extremely loyal and in love, Albedo is infatuated and needy/clingy with Ainz, often showing obsessive tendencies when it comes to his affairs. She is always vying for Ainz's affections, showcasing outbursts of jealousy whenever anyone else appears to be getting close to him. Yet despite this, she states that as the Supreme Ruler, it would be bizarre for him to only take one wife, implying that she would be content with him taking others as wives as long as she is the one he loves the most. Due to her nature as a succubus and how she was programmed by Ainz to be in love with him, Albedo is quite assertive to a fault. She sometimes loses control of herself around what Ainz says to the point of going to extreme actions, such as almost raping him against his will.

Among all the Guardians, she is the most vocal when it comes to expressing her opinions. Albedo will openly denounce any statement or action she deems inappropriate, reaching the point where Ainz sometimes considers it an annoyance. As the Overseer of the Floor Guardians, she is very levelheaded. Albedo can make calm and collected judgments that even Ainz sometimes doesn't think of. She takes Ainz's orders as a top priority and absolute, punishing anyone, even a Floor Guardian, who'd dare to belittle or not take it seriously. According to Ainz, he can sense that Albedo harbors hatred and hostility toward humans, whom she calls an inferior species.

Albedo can easily lose self-restraint and go mad if Ainz is harmed, even by an attack that may not hurt him whatsoever. She becomes very emotional whenever Ainz is put under mortal danger, such as a life-or-death situation, or if he considers abandoning her.


Albedo and her sisters were created by Tabula Smaragdina. She was originally programmed to prefer frequent sexual activity, but Momonga altered her personality and changed her setting to be madly in love with him instead.

As the Guardian Overseer of Nazarick, she has to keep in mind where every Floor Guardian is at all times.


She is a demoness who holds the title of Guardian Overseer, which is the highest-ranking position in the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. With flowing raven hair and golden pupils, her beauty could bewitch a nation. She is proud of her position and confronts intruders as a confident, dignified superior being. Regardless of how brilliant or brave her foes are or whether she considers them strong, she will never acknowledge them as being equal to herself. This is because she understands the meaning of the position bestowed upon her. Her abilities befit the title of Guardian Overseer, with outstanding intelligence and combat ability. That said, she is not omnicompetent. For instance, in pure wits, Demiurge is her superior, while Shalltear is superior in fighting ability. Yet, nobody in Nazarick can rival her administrative ability. In addition, her feminine skills—particularly those pertaining to being a housewife—are excellent, and during her free time, she can be seen sweeping, sewing, and so on. Though the reason is unknown, she enjoys cleanliness, and her desire for such frequently drives her to clean things up. In particular, her ability to sort out bookshelves knows no peer. However, she recognizes the possessions of others as belonging to them, so she rarely insists on cleaning up. That said, the items accumulated through her collector’s habit are typically very messy. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether she actually likes being tidy. This might well be an act—in order to appear as the perfect woman—though the truth of that is unknown. It is too scary to confirm. She always has a gentle smile on her, and her elegant way of speech has made many people think she is a goddess or an angel. That mistake is not particularly laughable, given that she is surrounded by that sort of atmosphere and acts in an appropriate way. The fact is, it would not be wrong to view her in that way. She was originally planned to be an angel of the highest order, but she ended up with a greatly distorted appearance after being fused with a monster from the land of dreams. Because of that, her personality is similarly twisted, being merciless and cruel, cunning, and savage. She gives her enemies despair and revels in their agonizing deaths. Her usual expression seems to be there to suppress the urges that flow from her heart—a mask that exists to conceal her desire to perform ruthless acts upon the weak. If the mask breaks, she would probably end up being like Empress Lu Zhi or Empress Wu Zetian. However, that only applies when dealing with those not of Nazarick. Fortunately for those who serve Nazarick, one can take comfort in the fact that the mask is very sturdy and will not break easily. She feels very strongly about her duties as the Guardian Overseer of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. Naturally, the fact that she has ears everywhere listening for information goes without saying. In addition, she smiles all the time—to the point where one might say she does not show any other emotion. Her smile is nothing more than a poker face to her. She can also show emotions like anger, grimaces, and fake tears. Her sophisticated lady’s face will not break, even when she is torturing the fools who oppose her. She is a bitch deeply in love with Momonga.


The Undead King Arc

Main article: The Undead King Arc

Moments before YGGDRASIL is expected to shut down, Momonga changed Albedo's character information to be in love with him as a joke. Albedo is the first NPC to speak to Momonga when the Great Tomb of Nazarick is transported to the New World. Confused at Momonga's strange behavior, Albedo asks him if there is something wrong and whether he requires anything of her. She apologizes to Ainz for not meeting his expectation, such as her own inability to answer the latter's questions about the "GM Call" he spoke of. Under Momonga's order, Albedo is experimented upon by her master to see what changes had been done to the NPC after the end of YGGDRASIL when she became sentient.

Albedo is ordered by Momonga to assemble the Floor Guardians, except for Victim and Gargantua, at the 6th Floor Amphitheater.[1] She and Demiurge are the last Floor Guardians to arrive. She and the other Floor Guardians introduce themselves and pledge their absolute loyalty to Momonga. Representing the Guardians, she goes on to offer several statements of respect to Momonga before personally describing the love she has for his greatness in her own words. She informs Momonga about the exchange of security information between the Guardians of the various floors and how everyone can share information with Nazarick's defense commander Demiurge. She is ordered by Momonga to work together with Demiurge in drawing up a more comprehensive administrative system for managing the Great Tomb of Nazarick, barring the 8th Floor.[2]

After the meeting is over and Momonga leaves the Amphitheater, she and the Floor Guardians discuss their impression of their master's Despair Aura that they felt while in his presence. Although she is envious at first by how Aura states that Momonga is kind to her and her brother Mare, Albedo lets go of the jealousy and expresses honor and fondness for what their master has shown them. Before allowing the butler to return to their master's side, Albedo tells Sebas Tian to call her immediately if Momonga asks for her summons, which she will promptly obey in the event that it happens. Seeing Shalltear Bloodfallen wetting herself after feeling Momonga's presence, she scorns and belittles the vampire's behavior as sluttish. Shortly thereafter, she gets into a catfight with Shalltear Bloodfallen, throwing harsh slurs at each other and quarreling about who is worthy of becoming Momonga's first wife. She puts her argument with Shalltear on hold when it is time for her to issue orders which Floor Guardians like themselves have to carry out.[3]

Later, she comes across the Evil Lord without Demiurge present alongside them. Suspicious of his whereabouts, Albedo inquires Demiurge's servants where the demon is at and who he is with. She is angered by the fact that the Evil Lords are trying to deceive her with false information of there being a Dark Warrior among Nazarick's lowly servants who accompanies Demiurge. Upon threatening them to spill the beans, she learns that the Dark Warrior is none other than their master Momonga, much to her shock. Albedo is convinced by the Evil Lord Envy to not take a bath and change her clothes whatsoever as it will be enough to appeal to Momonga that she has been working very hard. She part ways with them soon after to chase down Momonga and Demiurge. She confronts Demiurge at some point during her searching and is brought along to where Momonga is at with Mare Bello Fiore. She reasons with Mare why Momonga is wearing armor is so that their master can silently conceal his identity because he does not wish to disturb the others at work. Albedo explains to Mare that Momonga's disguise as a Dark Warrior is to prevent others like themselves from ceasing in their labors. She elaborates that if Mare was to find out the Dark Warrior is his master all along, he will stop working to pay their respect to him afterward. Due to her duty in the tomb as the Guardian Overseer, she is given the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown by Momonga to help with navigating around Nazarick.

Albedo is informed by Sebas that she is to be by Momonga's side fully equipped with the exception of her World Item, Ginnungagap. As a result, Albedo accompanies Momonga to save Carne Village and stop the Sunlight Scripture who arrive to attack it. She is ordered not to kill any innocent humans like Enri Emmot and Nemu Emmot, as their objective in the first place is to prevent such harm from happening and to rescue them from danger initiated by the Sunlight Scripture.[4] During the fight, she dislikes seeing her beloved Ainz get disrespected and hurt by the enemy's attacks and sometimes intervene if the situation spirals out of control.[5] Along the way, she becomes the first to learn and acknowledge Momonga's new identity that he will go by from now on, which is Ainz Ooal Gown. After the fight with Sunlight Scripture, she and Ainz return to Nazarick with the Sunlight Scripture members they have captured being brought to the Frozen Prison for interrogation. She even learns from Ainz why he has chosen to spare the humans in Carne Village and leave Gazef Stronoff alive for supposed reasons that gets the Overseer to believe they have some uses in the end. Upon returning back to the tomb, Albedo and other Floor Guardians prepare for their own future plan of taking over the New World for Ainz.

Besides that, she works on her latest task of collecting enemy corpses lying on the battlefield outside Nazarick that they have killed to prepare for the creation of permanent undead minions. She also collects their items to be sent off to Nazarick's Treasury for further investigation. Although Ainz feels guilty of changing the Overseer's character setting, Albedo reassures him not to fret over it as she is fine with whatever modifications he had done to her. She has no intention of returning to her old original self, telling her master that her creator Tabula Smaragdina will approve his action while giving herself away for marriage to Ainz.[6]

The Emissary of the King Arc

Main article: The Emissary of the King Arc

Albedo is visited by Ainz, who is taking a survey on his subject's relationships and desires. Being the last on his list, Ainz realizes that she has been living in the Throne Room since her creation. He resolves to give Albedo a room of her own, despite Albedo believing her place is in the Throne Room. But she quickly accepts, thinking she will be staying in Ainz's room, but she is declined. Ainz grants her a room on the 9th Floor as she gathers her belongings from a hidden wall in the chamber. She shows an embarrassed Ainz that it contains lingerie that had been given to her by Tabula. In her new room, Albedo takes out the flag of Ainz Ooal Gown and begins desecrating it, cursing it and 'them' for taking her lover's name.[7]

The Guardians' Vacation Arc

Main article: The Guardians' Vacation Arc

Albedo is given the order to restrict the creation of new magic scrolls in Nazarick while also making sure to minimize their uses as well. Along the way, she has to try and find new materials in the New World that Nazarick can substitute from YGGDRASIL. Seeing how restless Ainz is working, she suggests that her master take some time off and rest by having a break.

When Ainz suggests that the Guardians take a vacation, Albedo is deeply agonized at the thought of having to lose one whole day just for a break time without work suggested by their master. Albedo frantically admits that if someone as herself can't be allowed to service to Ainz for such a long period of time, she'd much rather be tortured by Neuronist Painkill instead. Albedo even goes as far as to say that she will accompany Ainz and stay by his side at all times. Seeing this, Albedo is ordered by Ainz to calm down, insisting she and the other Guardians need to take daily rests from now on.

While on her walk to the meeting room, she spots a stain within her line of sight and vows to tell Éclair Éklair Éklare to clean it up later. Spending her time with the Guardians in private, Albedo evaluates the result of the health examination for Ainz being estimated between yellow to red. She recalls during her previous discussion with them where they agreed "black" represents "darkness," concluding the meaning of this color to be the result of an unknown spell or curse related to "darkness" that has an effect on Ainz.

However, upon looking at the current result of the health exam, she sees it to be in the "almost all yellow," presuming that it has something to do with paralysis among the bad status effects. She laments at her powerlessness to support Ainz during his hour of need, remembering how he made mention of a "GM Call" to her, much to her own ignorance. She informs everyone that if they continue receiving their master's kindness, Guardians like themselves, including her, will be nothing more than failures in the end. She promises the Guardians that they must show Ainz the value of their existence to him by devoting themselves to their master's orders from here on out.[8]

The Dark Warrior Arc

Main article: The Dark Warrior Arc

In Ainz's office, Albedo is present to give her master different reports involving Nazarick's advancements and missions within the New World. When Shalltear receives an audience with Ainz, Albedo tells the vampire that she should leave as she and Ainz are currently focusing on important work, like deciding the future of Nazarick. This later escalates into a catfight between Albedo and Shalltear until Ainz orders them to refrain from such action in front of him.[9]

When Ainz departs from Nazarick with Narberal Gamma as his partner in E-Rantel, she, unlike the other Guardians, objects to his decision the most strenuously. Although she is frustrated at not being able to accompany her master on his journey, Albedo is convinced by Demiurge to leave their master be when he suggests the Guardian Overseer be a good wife and wait for her husband at home and mind the house in his absence. Hearing this, she decides to stop resisting Ainz's decision and instead act like a wife and stand watch over her master's room while waiting for his return to Nazarick. In the meantime, she discusses with Éclair about his duties on the 9th Floor of Nazarick since Sebas is absent from the tomb. Once Éclair is gone, she starts enveloping Ainz's bed with her fragrance before she heads to her room. She even pretends to talk with an Ainz Dakimakura that look like her master, much to Demiurge's disbelief. Albedo tells Demiurge that she has not only made this body pillow, but also clothes and socks for Ainz's future child as well, welcoming any kind of gender the baby will end up being.

With Demiurge preparing to set off from Nazarick, Albedo is informed about his departure beforehand. She has already made preparations for Nazarick's defenses in the event that an emergency arises within the tomb. Prior to him living, she discusses with Demiurge about the ways and rules that he has been conducting with his healing experiments. As NPCs are created by the 41 Supreme Beings to remain loyal to their creators, she is disturbed to see that the human captives trapped in Nazarick will go to great lengths in betraying their own masters to ensure their own survival.[10]

While Ainz is away gathering more information as an adventurer at E-Rantel, Albedo is left in charge of managing Nazarick. Albedo is seen lying naked in Ainz's bedroom when Narberal contacts her, updating the Guardian Overseer on their master's status and what he is doing as an adventurer. She is informed by Narberal about how Ainz states that there is nobody else in Nazarick who he can trust apart from her with the task of overseeing the tomb in his place. She is seeking to better understand where her relationship with Ainz is at by using Narberal to relay news to her of what their master think of the Overseer. She learns that three members of the Pleiades, particularly Narberal Gamma, Yuri Alpha, and Lupusregina Beta, are supportive of her intimate relationship with Ainz.

Hearing this, she orders Narberal to quickly win over Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, CZ2128 Delta, and Solution Epsilon to her side instead of Shalltear. Albedo is appalled when she hears that Narberal is sharing a room with Ainz to the point that she fusses about it, much to her master's annoyance.[11]

When Ainz contacts the Overseer, Albedo immediately informs her master that Shalltear Bloodfallen has betrayed Nazarick.[12]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

After Albedo informs Ainz that Shalltear has rebelled, she accompanies him to visit Nigredo to the Throne Room. During their walk together there, she answers her master's questions, one of which being how only Shalltear has betrayed them, but Sebas did not. She learns from Sebas that he and Shalltear parted ways after they encountered a group of bandits, leaving the vampire to take down the bandits' hideout before her betrayal of Nazarick happened thereafter. Albedo deduces that Shalltear has rebelled against Nazarick solely because her name is written in black, which represents betrayal.

She proposes to Ainz that they assemble a strike force immediately to deal with Shalltear, wishing to nominate herself as the commander of this expedition. Besides having already so many level 80 vassals that possess holy elemental attacks effective against undead prepared ahead of time, she requests that Ainz allow her to enlist Cocytus and Mare among her forces. She reasons with Ainz that there is no need to show mercy to a traitor like Shallear, but the latter refutes her reasoning, stating that they need to find out why the vampire has chosen to betray them. When Ainz asks her of Shalltear's whereabouts, Albedo admits to not have it pinpointed yet because she was focused on placing the vampire's direct subordinates under arrest. Afterwards, Albedo dispatches other vassals to reinforce the first floor of Nazarick in the event that Shalltear plots to attack the tomb.

Equipped with Ainz's cape-like item to protect herself from the cold, she follows Ainz to the fifth floor, Frozen Prison and tells Nigredo to locate Shalltear for them. While Ainz is discussing the Adventurer's Guild, Albedo is tasked with sending several vassals to keep a close eye on Shalltear as her master handles talks of negotiation with the organization. With her master gone, she briefly talks with Nigredo about Shalltear becoming a turncoat, her older sister's distrust and hate towards Rubedo, who may one day bring calamity to Nazarick. Before heading out with Ainz to Shalltear's location, she and Mare are ordered to dispose of the adventurer team Kralgra, who ignored their master's advice after his meeting with the Adventurer's Guild came to an end. She has Mare send the corpses to the tomb for experimentation in creating undead. After the Wish Upon a Star spell fails to work on Shalltear, Albedo is told by Ainz to retreat back to Nazarick.

Albedo is then ordered to recall all the Guardians from the outside world to Nazarick quickly. She and her master revisit the Throne Room to verify if any of the Guardians have ended up being mind-controlled like Shalltear.[13] Once that is done, Albedo accompanies Ainz to the Treasury to get a World Item. She encounters someone who she thinks is her creator, Tabula Smaragdina, but discovers that it isn't him and tries to threaten the shape-sifter to reveal its true form until her master stops the Overseer in her tracks. Shortly thereafter, she is introduced to Pandora's Actor, Ainz's personal NPC creation and Area Guardian of Nazarick's Treasury. Under Ainz's order, Albedo informs the vassals of Nazarick about Pandora’s Actor.

Later, in the Mausoleum, she tries to persuade Ainz to never leave or abandon Nazarick, kneeling down before her master pleadingly and crying emotionally. However, Albedo is reassured by Ainz that although he is fighting a one-on-one death battle with Shalltear alone, he promises her that he will win and return to the tomb alive. Ainz orders Albedo to restrain anyone who tries to intervene in his fight with Shalltear. With permission from Ainz, she has already temporarily taken control of the the seventh floor and Demiurge's servants ahead of time until her master finishes his battle with Shalltear. She restrains and tells Demiurge to have faith in their master as Ainz has the conviction to emerge victorious against Shalltear. She even wagers her own position as the Guardian Overseer against Demiurge, betting it on the match between Ainz and Shalltear where if their master loses, she will resign from that role. She tells Demiurge that when their master returns safely, the demon must yield to her in a similar situation if it arises.[14]

While watching her master's battle with Shalltear turn to Ainz's advantages, Albedo can't help but be awed by his flawless strategy. Albedo notes how Shalltear has no idea what other weapons Ainz possesses due to how many times their master has already switched between them unpredictably. Albedo deduces that under these circumstances where the vampire lacks further knowledge, she believes Shalltear will regard running away to be a foolish option after seeing Ainz's bow. To reassure Demiurge, Albedo reasons that since Shalltear ran out of skill and magic uses, all the vampire can do is close the distance with Ainz to the attack range of her Spuit Lance and fight on.

As Ainz defeats and kills the vampire in combat, Albedo and the rest of the Guardians head back to the Throne Room where they await their master's return from the battlefield. Before the revival of Shalltear, Albedo and the other Floor Guardians beg Ainz to never do such a thing again and to allow them to handle any future incidents that may come. After Shalltear is resurrected, Albedo tells her master to be at ease as the vampire is no longer under mind-control, advising Ainz to let her rest for the time being. On the behalf of the rest of the Guardians, Albedo also makes sure to rebuke Shalltear for behaving in an unsightly manner without knowing about the sin she had committed to Ainz. She suggests Ainz to reprimand Shalltear with a stern punishment that is suitable for the former traitor.

On the other hand, Albedo is then ordered to select a few clandestine operatives to keep an eye on Sebas and his surroundings as the butler will be the bait to lure out the enemies responsible for Shalltear's brainwashing. While doing so, she is given the order to lay a few scratches on Nigun's Sealing Crystal and have Nazarick's Blacksmith repair the adventurer Momon's armor as damaged and scorched so that they can create a cover-up story for the people of E-Rantel to believe. She informs Ainz that Aura has discovered a Lizardman Village, proposing to her master they can use the demi-human corpses from there for their undead creation experiment rather than humans alone.[15]

The Show Must Go On!

Main article: The Show Must Go On! Arc

Albedo sneaks into Ainz's chambers and overhears her master’s lamentation of his acting skills. The Overseer believes it to be some sort of class he wishes to improve, and then moves ahead to get the support from the other Floor Guardians to construct a theatre and organizes Nazarick's first theatre production. She selects the play Romeo and Juliet and is intending to have the role of the latter while Ainz plays the former. Albedo intends to steal a kiss from Ainz, but her plan is discovered by Shalltear, who brings it to the attention of Ainz. Demiurge also agrees that the selection of the female protagonist needs to be fair and organizes auditions for the role. Albedo, undeterred by the spoiling of her plan, attempts to bribe one of the judges, Aura, to vote for her. In the end, after both her and Shalltear's performances, the two are disqualified after their bribery is brought to light.[16]

The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Main article: The Sealed Evil Tree Arc

Albedo, alongside the other Floor Guardians, is ordered to fight together against Zy'tl Q'ae and to secure the herb and to complete Ainz's adventurer quest from Pluton Ainzach.[17]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Once Ainz returns to the tomb, she prepares Nazarick's intelligence briefing with him. She is given an unknown amount of money to fund various experiments, such as the summoning of monsters and activate Nazarick's defense systems. At the same time, she has to use the New World's currency coins to make items, such as Magic Scrolls and so on. She is also ordered to duplicate the New World map Ainz has given her and distribute it to each Guardian.

While doing this, Albedo learns from Ainz about the various areas on the map after he explains it to her with the latter telling the Overseer to be wary of all the locations surrounding Nazarick. She is refrained by her master from sending vassals outside the tomb for a reconnaissance mission in those places. Albedo informs Ainz of Shalltear's mental state, where she is feeling intense guilt for raising her lance against him and not receiving any punishment for it. Hence, she suggests that Ainz punish Shalltear as it is the only way to help erase the vampire's guilt. Since Ainz is planning to head outside the tomb once again, Albedo reminds him to be careful and wary of the unknown perpetrator who mind-controlled Shalltear with a World Item.

Before Ainz leaves Nazarick to complete his tasks as the adventurer Momon, Albedo informs him that Cocytus and Entoma are preparing to make contact with the Lizardman Village. Under Ainz's order, she is instructed to help Ainz record the battle between the Lizardmen and the forces of Nazarick.[18]

At some point, Albedo carries out a plan to replenish the tomb's consumables, where they grow seeds of apples from the outside in Nazarick.[19]

After Cocytus loses the war against the lizardmen, she is present in the meeting with Ainz and fellow Guardians, who talk about it and other subjects, including Demiurge's various experiments and the fate of Shalltear's punishment. She believes the meting out of appropriate punishment and reward is the way of the world, feeling that Shalltear must still be punished, which the latter agrees on accepting. On the other hand, she is threateningly stern of Cocytus' behavior towards Ainz and the request he made to her master before Ainz restrains the Overseer in her tracks.

With the meeting concludes, Albedo is ordered to prepare the tomb's troops, dispatching various kinds of Nazarick Guarders and Gargantua as the main body of their forces that are approved by her master. She is also commanded to transfer the warning grid of both Nigredo and Pandora's Actor to Ainz. After their army arrives at the Great Lake, Albedo, along with the other Floor Guardians, threatens and intimidates the lizardman so that they become part of Nazarick.[20]

When she sees what Shalltear's punishment from Ainz is like, Albedo asks her master for a temporary leave from the room for a minute, only to hit a wall out of pure anger and jealousy before returning shortly thereafter. Albedo then tells Aura that she accidentally bumped into a wall on her way out and damaged it in the process. Although it was her fault she did it, Albedo kindly apologizes to Aura and convinces her to fix the wall. Later, she is angered by the old story of how the opposition in YGGDRASIL stole one of Ainz Ooal Gown's territories. She asks her master to allow the Guardians like herself to retake it at once before Ainz stops to reason with them that this was all in the past long ago.

While divining the enemy's intention, she speculates to Ainz that perhaps the reason of why the ones who brainwashed Shalltear have not appeared to confront Nazarick is because they have yet to be exposed. She thinks Momon's announcement of the vampire being defeated by a magic item is not completely believable at best when it would only work well against people who think Sealing Crystals are rare items in the world. She reasons that there is a likely chance their enemy has many of these items within their grasp. Permitted by Ainz, she explains her concerns to the other Guardians, stating that anyone who knows the Sealing Crystal's abilities will probably see through Momon's news immediately and how they will think that Shalltear was not defeated by it. She declare that although the enemy may not know if Shalltear fought with all her strength, anyone with a World Item will probably reckon that the vampire and Momon were of equivalent strength. Therefore, she concludes that the enemy might consider Momon, a mysterious warrior who recently appeared in E-Rantel, a threat to them. In addition to that, she judges that the opposition is likely to suspect something suspicious and odd about the link between Shalltear and Momon.

As the other Floor Guardians are having trouble understanding Demiurge's explanation, Albedo assists the demon in explaining it to them so that they can better understand Nazarick's plan. To explain Demiurge's idea, she states that by pretending to support another country, Ainz and Guardians like themselves have an excuse for any action which Nazarick takes. By saying that Nazarick is ordered to do so by that country and the former has no choice but to obey, they can use that to deflect blame from themselves, presuming there is an enemy on their level. She ends Demiurge's explanation with the notion that if the other party does not want an open conflict, they will have no choice but to bear with it. Albedo is awed by Ainz's intellect to make humans seem surprisingly useful within the scope of his supposed plan after she and Demiurge explain it in their master's stead.[21]

The Search for Hamsuke Arc

Main article: The Search for Hamsuke Arc

Albedo informs Ainz that Narberal Gamma wishes to see him. Learning of the disappearance of Hamsuke from Narberal, Albedo suggests that a search be conducted in order to locate her, to which Ainz agrees.

When Albedo and Shalltear begin to bicker with one another during their search, Ainz orders the two Floor Guardians to work together on improving their relationship. Eventually, she and Shalltear are able to find Hamsuke on the 2nd Floor, but become frightened by Kyouhukou's insect guide riding on top of her head. As Hamsuke approaches the Floor Guardians, Albedo tells the beast to stop moving and she is later threatened by Aura and Shalltear. Hence, the beast immediately runs away in terror while she and her fellow Floor Guardians report back to Ainz that Hamsuke is still alive and well.

After fulfilling Ainz's order, Albedo, Shalltear, and Aura have chosen to take a break in Spa Resort Nazarick while relaxing. All seems peaceful until a brief conversation ensues between Albedo and Shalltear regarding the difference in their chest sizes that turns into a conflict among the two.[22]

The Two Leaders Arc

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While Albedo, Shalltear, and Aura are having their day off on the 6th Floor of Nazarick, the Guardian Overseer summons forth her mount, a level 100 War Bicorn Lord for experimentation. She discusses with Aura and Shalltear about its abilities and the needs of various skills/equipment to strengthen it. As Aura recommends that she gives the Bicorn a pet name, she decides to call it "Top of the World" in reverence to her master Ainz.

Upon touching the Bicorn and mounting herself on top of it, she notices something is awfully amiss with her summoned monster. Because the Bicorn is unable to carry her, Albedo has to hear out Aura and Shalltear's claims of the reason behind why she cannot ride it. After a thorough discussion, Albedo discovers, from Shalltear's Encyclopedia, that bicorns can only be ridden by impure maidens. When Shalltear and Aura confront her about this, Albedo sadly reveals that despite being a succubus, she has no experience with men and is still a virgin. She then harshly asks Shalltear about her love life, only for Shalltear to reveal that she has only been with girls.

This in turn, leads to a very brief catfight between Albedo and Shalltear, who calls out the Guardian Overseer to be sly in using her position and duties as an excuse to have sex with Ainz. She is provoked by the vampire for failing to charm Ainz or win over her master's love by resulting to this. Such talk comes to an end after Albedo is asked by Aura to think of using a different mount than the Bicorn, which she obliges. With advice from the beast tamer Aura, she decides to modify her battle plans and tactics whenever it involves using her Bicorn in combat.

Later, she and the female Floor Guardians visit the small village Green Hole and meet up with Sous-chef there to have a discussion about the new residents like the Mandrakes who migrated into Nazarick. She informs them about Ainz's true motives and setup behind Project Utopia, where Nazarick is now in the phase of gathering all kinds of creatures besides plant-type monsters from outside the tomb onto the 6th Floor. From here on out, she implores them to try their best in understanding Ainz's intentions from the words their master spout.

Outside of Ainz's bedroom, after hearing what Ainz has said to her, Mare, and Cixous, Albedo tackles her master to the ground and plots to rape him on the spot. However, before she can proceed any further on top of Ainz while attempting to strip her master naked, Albedo is restrained by Mare and several Eight-Edge Assassins. Afterwards, she is then given three days of solitary confinement.

After reaching the Spa Resort Nazarick, she attempts to inappropriately flirt with Ainz and touch him until Cocytus stands in her way to protect their master from the former. Albedo and Shalltear express their wish to follow after their master in the men's bath, but Ainz refuses and sends them to the ladies' bath with a stern reason. She and Shalltear try to search for peepholes and go to the men's bath, but are attacked by the Lion Golem in response. While she, Shalltear, and Aura are fending off the Lion Golem, they are promptly assisted by the male Floor Guardians and Ainz, who enter the women's bath to assist them.[23]

The Dark Hero's Story Arc

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During the Floor Guardians' meeting on what to ask Ainz as a compensation, the Guardians are unable to come up with anything at first. Albedo suggests clothing, since the wardrobe she possesses contains only the same style of dresses and numerous lingerie given to her by her creator, Tabula. She conducts the meeting accordingly until Shalltear requests a coupon to sleep with Ainz, throwing the meeting in disarray. This results in the Guardians having to organize an auction for said item as a template.[24]

Ainz Raises Money Arc

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Albedo is present with her fellow Floor Guardians at a meeting with their master. During this meeting, she makes a request to him that she and her fellow Floor Guardians do not require a salary for their work as they are only doing it out of loyalty. When Albedo begins stating her suggestion to her master, Demiurge abruptly interrupts and states that every suggestion has been rejected.

When Ainz gives her gold coins to spend in the human city, she uses them to buy some expensive cloth. Afterwards, she uses the cloth as a material to make a life-size dakimakura of her master and shows it to him. Her item ends up stirring discussion among the Floor Guardians about it. She then starts venting to Shalltear over the matter of what she does with the object during nightly hours.

During another meeting with Ainz, Albedo shows her master a talking Momon statuette she bought, insisting that she can now talk to it every day.[25]

Table Game to Understand Humans Arc

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At Ainz's request, Albedo, along with several other Floor Guardians, are asked to play a table game as an exercise to better understand humans.[26]

The Men in the Kingdom Arc

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Within Nazarick, she appears to be in her personal room crafting a spherical wool doll of Ainz and playing with her Dakimakura. She is then contacted by Ainz to put together a set of reinforcements for Sebas to rescue Tuareninya Veyron. She questions why Ainz would go to great lengths in having her draft a team to save a human that doesn't connect to the mastermind of the Shalltear incident. Seeing her master's determination to save Tuare due to an oath he swore to her in his name, she vows to severely punish the humans who dared enrage him at the same time she mounts the rescue as ordered. She is commanded to have Demiurge handle the grain transportation.

When Ainz's [Message] call is over, Albedo voices her hate of the name Ainz Ooal Gown to herself and wishes that Ainz go by his original name again. She goes on to state that the Great Tomb of Nazarick belongs to her master only and him alone. She throws the Flag of Ainz Ooal Gown into the corner of the room where it gathers dust while paying her respect to the Flag of Momonga that she has hanged on her room's wall.[27]

Before Operation Gehenna is commenced by Demiurge, Albedo sternly tells him and the other NPCs that that due to Shalltear's, Cocytus', and now Sebas’ mistakes, any further errors from now on might lead to the abilities of the Floor Guardians themselves coming into question. According to Demiurge, Albedo is standing by in the Throne Room to keep tabs on Sebas, who is Nazarick's bait to lure out the mastermind who manipulated Shalltear.[28]

The Invaders of the Large Tomb Arc

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When Demiurge proposes the idea of forming a nation using Nazarick as its basis, Albedo is down with that proposal. She tells Ainz that if they are to make themselves known to the world, Nazarick can deal with problems in an aboveboard manner. She reasons that they will no longer have any further need to keep sending small amounts of personnel from Nazarick to conduct secret investigations outside the tomb. More so, Albedo dislikes the idea of allowing the Great Tomb of Nazarick which Ainz presides over to become part of any other country but his own, which is why Demiurge suggests that Ainz create a nation.[29]

Once Ainz returns from the adventurer's campsite around the Tomb, she and her master monitor the workers and prepare their deaths by Nazarick's defense systems while excluding Foresight, as Ainz plans to test his swordsmanship against them later. While managing the tomb's systems and being cautionary around the Ariadne mechanism, she is instructed to avoid using poison gas traps and instead work with just the traps that involve the POP monsters. She also orders all the other Floor Guardians apart from herself to gather in the Throne Room and watch the invasion live with their master Ainz together.[30]

She later accompanies Ainz as he confronts and fights Foresight, who have been teleported to the 6th floor Amphitheater. She recommends her master end the charade with Foresight and finish them off, considering how merciful Ainz has been towards them until they lie to him, using the name of the 41 Supreme Beings. When Imina warns Ainz that the strongest person in the world will arrive to save them if they do not return to their camp, Albedo believes she is merely spouting meaningless lies. However, upon learning from Arche that the adventurer is Momon of Darkness, she rescinds her statement and frantically apologizes to Ainz. Now that the intruders are eliminated, Albedo has earned the trust of Ainz to be fully entrusted with the task of Nazarick's defenses in the future if an invasion were to occur again.

Considering that her master's top priority is to search for the other 40 Supreme Beings in the world, she proposes to Ainz the creation of a Secret Unit led by herself to do the job. Albedo successfully convinces Ainz to give her permission in using Pandora's Actor, Rubedo, and other high-level vassals as she sees fit for this expedition, with Ainz believing her. She reasons that they need such squad to help verify the legitimacy and accuracy of the information regarding a Supreme Being's whereabouts so that enemies like Foresight won't be able to falsify it to their advantage anymore against them. She also reasonably cautions her master to keep the squad a secret from the Guardians and why they should never assist her on this long-term task she made it her duty to do. On the other hand, she lavishes praise for her master Ainz after he kindly makes use of what was leftover of the invader Arche's corpse.[31]

The Magic Caster of Destroy Arc

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Albedo and the Floor Guardians are present with Emperor Jircniv of the Baharuth Empire and his Imperial delegation present themselves before Ainz Ooal Gown. After the Imperial delegation leaves and Demiurge explains how the Empire is planning to betray Nazarick, Albedo is the second after Sebas to calm the Guardians down, reassuring them that everything is within the scope of their master's plan. She states that if their master Ainz had not created the heroic adventurer Momon, it would be impossible to rule E-Rantel peacefully, but by violence and terror. Albedo wishfully expresses her desire to Demiurge that she seeks to meet Renner, which the latter promises her after the Sorcerer Kingdom is created.

To decide on a title for her master's position as the ruler of such nation, Albedo suggests addressing Ainz as Supreme King. Despite the proposal, Ainz chooses Cocytus' suggestion and crowns himself as Sorcerer King, which makes Albedo a little disappointed since he didn't choose her suggestion.[32]

After the massacre at Katze Plains, Albedo accompanies Ainz and his army to E-Rantel. Albedo then decides to kill a young boy who is disturbing their arrival march, but is stopped by Momon. Albedo threatens the adventurer Momon and tells him to be Ainz's enforcer for this city, which the latter has no other choice but to accept for the sake of the people before they continue on their way.[33]

The Pleiades Day Arc

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Albedo has taken an interest in researching whether the undead can experience strong emotions. Albedo has taken it upon herself (apparently) to experimentally investigate the matter.

She gathers various types of undead: mercenaries, monsters, summoned undead, and POP in order to collect various data from all of them. She even includes Yuri in the experiment.

These experiments begin with a special experiment just for Shalltear and it sparks a great uproar between Albedo and Shalltear that soon spirals out of control. In the end, the experiment is terminated with no definite findings. Albedo, for her part in causing an uproar, is punished by cleaning with a mop.[34]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

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After the annexation of E-Rantel and its surrounding territory, Albedo has been training undead minions like the elder liches created by Ainz to act as administrators and public servants for the Sorcerer Kingdom.[35] It is shown that Albedo and Demiurge have discussed ways to draft and push new laws carefully into the nation without inciting widespread discontent. She and Demiurge consider simply retaining the first edict of the Re-Estize Kingdom's law before then pushing it through by force. She agrees with Demiurge that there is a need to give Ainz as much absolute power as they can enact.

On the other hand, she also gives her input and feedback with Ainz on the various suggestions proposed by denizens of Nazarick, such as the creation of an orphanage, to help better the Sorcerer Kingdom before implementing them. At the same time, Albedo follows Ainz's order to limit Nazarick's technologies to only a handful of people who they can trust and not spread its innovation freely to the Sorcerer Kingdom or beyond. In addition to that, she informs both Aura and Mare that the Sorcerer Kingdom is short on resources and explains why that is so, where they cannot easily incorporate the elves' proposal of cross-dressing.

She is permitted by Ainz to arrange a political visitation as the Sorcerer Kingdom's envoy to the Re-Estize Kingdom's Royal Capital. She plans to conduct some talks of negotiations with King Ramposa III. Before leaving the Sorcerer Kingdom to head to Re-Estize, Albedo hands control of Nazarick and E-Rantel to Pandora's Actor for the time being while she is away. Since the shape-shifter won't assume the role of Momon during that existing time frame, she makes it her plan to have the adventurer group Darkness accept a request and be sent abroad for reconnaissance. Leaving the courtyard of Ainz's residence, she departs for Re-Estize via carriages using the twenty Death Cavaliers summoned by her master.[36]

The purpose of Albedo's visit to the Royal Capital is to open formal relations with the Re-Estize Kingdom. Upon arriving at Re-Estize, she and Prince Zanac respectfully greet each other with an introduction to their names and respective positions. Albedo is escorted by Prince Zanac to Ro-Lente Castle. Before diplomatic negotiation between the two nations begin, she settles down in the suites within the palace for the night. The following day, Albedo and Zanac tour the theaters to watch the dances and hold the Royal Family's dinner party at night, where all the nobles of the Kingdom will be invited. There, Albedo meets King Ramposa III and Princess Renner, who she converses with, before being greeted by a minor noble called Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat, who invites her to go to the ball with him, leaving the noble to escort her on the way there. After talking with the other nobles, Albedo leaves Philip's side and is escorted away by her associate Hilma Cygnaeus. Upon leaving the ballroom, she vents her frustration at the noble Philip and how he has inappropriately touched her in places that are supposed to be reserved for Ainz.

After being guided to a specific room managed by the Eight Fingers, she commands the submissive executives to begin the transportation of resources to the Sorcerer Kingdom. All the while, she explains to them how they are expected to do it, including the preparation for setting up a casus belli to justify their planned invasion against the Re-Estize Kingdom in the future. Along the way, she reminds them to be on the lookout for a powerful mind-control item and regularly record findings about it in parchments before sending them to her. Later, after laying out the foundation for her personal objectives, she meets up with Princess Renner in private. She gives Renner a reward from Ainz, along with another item bestowed upon her, reminding the girl to finish making preparations before the Sorcerer Kingdom invades the Re-Estize Kingdom. With the matter settled for now, she initiates a girl talk with the princess about their respective lover thereafter.[37]

Later on, she informs Demiurge about the Baharuth Empire wanting to become a vassal state under the Sorcerer Kingdom. Under Ainz's order, she proceeds to work together with Demiurge on drafting a plan where they have to decide how to handle the vassalage of the Empire.[38]

Ainz's Ambition Arc

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Albedo, hearing that Ainz Ooal Gown wishes to take a vacation, as he wants to provide an example to his subjects, misunderstands and assumes that he wishes to be serviced by the entire maid and butler staff. She calls forth not only the Homunculus Maids, but Pestonya Shortcake Wanko, Manservant, and even the Pleiades to Ainz's quarters. Since Albedo does not know how many maids he will need to help her master out during his vacation, she feels it prudent to have everyone take part.[39]

Shalltear's Travel Diary Arc

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During the night when Ainz's entourage, while heading to the Dwarf Kingdom, camps out in a fortress he created, Shalltear and Aura exchange stories of who they imagine being useful to their master. In Shalltear's fantasy, Ainz encounters a powerful enemy in which even Albedo is powerless against and is defeated. In the vampire's analogy the Overseer Guardian is completely overshadowed by the timely appearance of Shalltear in her armor and lance.

In Aura's fantasy, it involves Ainz in a once in a million mistake he's made in which he is surrounded on all sides by a million monsters. There in that instance, Aura rides on Fenn leading her own beasts to save the day, and have him ride with her to bring him away to safety. Albedo soon arrives wheezing to the scene apologizing for her lateness and becomes distressed at seeing Aura being rewarded by being given the privilege of sitting on Ainz's lap, which Albedo is denied. The two women decide to keep their fantasies just between them from the other Floor Guardians, especially Albedo given how negative she would react.

Unknown to the two who are talking about their peer, back in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the real Albedo at the same time feels an unnatural chill up her spine. Though Albedo wonders if it is related to Shalltear on her mission with Ainz, she decides not to worry as Aura is with the other Floor Guardian. Since it has been a long time since she has seen Ainz, she attributes the chill to just excessive loneliness and having to deal with people who are indescribably stupider other than stupid people. To make herself feel better, Albedo decides to rest in Ainz's bed.[40]

Nazarick Mythology Arc

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Albedo attends a meeting to create a mythology of her master in order to solidify his hold over the masses. In her myth story, the world was abandoned by the gods and nearly destroyed with the humans facing extinction. Albedo integrates herself in the creation myth of how she remained loyal to the gods, only to be punished by those around her. Ainz is rendered as the hero who saves her and takes her as his bride. Ainz purifies the world and the two return to Earth and marry, which marks the beginning of this world. After she finishes, Albedo thinks her myth praiseworthy. However, the Floor Guardians point out some holes, as they are not comfortable with the ideas that suggest that all of humanity are Ainz's descendants.[41]

The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom Arc

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Albedo, now acting as Prime Minister of the Sorcerer Kingdom, greets the representatives of the Holy Kingdom Liberation Army when they seek an audience with Ainz Ooal Gown. Before guiding them to the audience hall where the Sorcerer King is at, she tells the envoys that the Sorcerer King has also shown deep concerns over the developments within the Holy Kingdom. She allows the envoys to keep their weapons equipped, telling them that this is to establish trust between the two nations and keep the latter at ease while being surrounded by undead creatures.

In the presence of the Sorcerer King, she provides time estimations of the Sorcerer Kingdom's ability to mobilize its forces to assist the Holy Kingdom against Jaldabaoth. She suggests that it will take around a period of five years at most, which is the safest option to choose without incurring any problem on the Sorcerer Kingdom's end. She advises Ainz that assisting the Holy Kingdom within a matter of three years instead of five will only end up leading to civil unrest in the Sorcerer Kingdom. Nevertheless, Albedo is ordered by her master to accelerate the plan to assist the Holy Kingdom further under two years time as the goal. Once the meeting with Ainz is over, Albedo escorts the envoys outside the audience hall and has their soldiers except Remedios Custodio retrieve their weapons.[42]

Later on, she and Demiurge are seen together in a log cabin during a meeting with Ainz while accompanied by Lupusregina Beta. When her master begins questioning his own actions to both Albedo and Demiurge, the Guardian Overseer states that she has no problem with what her master does or the changes he has made with the original plan until now. She is informed by Ainz that almost none of the Floor Guardians, including herself, will be put to the test except for Demiurge, who is under the order to adapt to her master's scheme.

However, as Ainz suggests faking his death during his battle with Jaldabaoth, this leaves Albedo utterly shocked and upset at the idea of allowing this to happen. When Demiurge accepts such an idea from Ainz, it angers Albedo to the point that she inquires whether he will agree with the modified plan if his creator Ulbert Alain Odle was the one who proposed it instead of their master. The exchange of words between the two gets more tense and continues to be so until it is immediately gone upon Ainz's shout over them.

When asked about her opinion, Albedo reasons that if Ainz were to ever die, she would immediately subject the person who dared disrespect her master to all the suffering in this world and resurrect him. She feels that Demiurge is being too lenient with merely gathering information on her master's killer. She suggests capturing the perpetrator with all the strength Nazarick can bring to bear and then torment them to the point where their ego breaks down. Regarding a different matter brought up by her master, Albedo is ordered by Ainz to freeze all progress on the giant Statue of Ainz Ooal Gown that is currently in planning, which she obliges to do.

To prepare Ainz's battle, Albedo orders the Pleiades except Narberal Gamma and Aureole Omega to temporarily hand over their main equipment to the Erich String Orchestra. She instructs a group of doppelgängers to transform into Yuri Alpha, Solution Epsilon, Lupusregina Beta, Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, and CZ2128 Delta while using their respective set of equipment. She is hoping to have these demon maids assist Jaldabaoth in winning against her master. Although Aureole Omega is not on the battlefield with the Doppel-Pleiades, Albedo still commands her to buff them ahead of time before they set off to fight Ainz.

On the other hand, as the new plan is set forth by their master, Doppel-Yuri tells Ainz about a condition insisted by Albedo so she can fully support his plan. Particularly, if Ainz gets defeated by Jaldabaoth and his demon maids in battle, he will not be allowed to leave the Great Tomb of Nazarick for the coming year. Furthermore, she insists that he will have to work hard within Nazarick with herself in the same room as her master. Unfortunately, Albedo's plea to have Ainz stay back in Nazarick with her does not come to pass as the latter is able to vanquish Jaldabaoth.[43]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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While quickly skimming through the documents in her office regarding internal affairs and human resources of Nazarick/Sorcerer Kingdom, Albedo comes across a complicated problem from one of the reports that is titled, "Regarding the problems faced by the team supporting the Holy Kingdom’s grain management". After noticing this, Albedo thinks of discussing the matter with Demiurge, who she presumes is deeply linked to the problem. As a result, Albedo decides to inform her maid subordinate that she will be holding an emergency meeting on the 7th Floor of Nazarick first to discuss private matters with Demiurge about it.[44]

Later on, she and her fellow Floor Guardians meet up on the 10th Floor of Nazarick, Audience Room and wait on standby for Ainz's return. Once the Overlord arrives, Albedo begins explaining to her master about what has happened to the Sorcerer Kingdom's trade caravan of grains. She has Shalltear bring Hilma Cygnaeus to their meeting as a witness who can answer Ainz's questions and concerns. Albedo suggests giving the witness a severe punishment, but is denied by Ainz after he interrogates Hilma. Although Albedo claims that it is only natural for the superior to take the fall for their subordinate, Ainz counters her argument by stating that both he and Albedo will have also been responsible for Hilma and this incident to occur. In that regard, her master gives Hilma a punishment that is far from severe than what she suggested. In the end, Albedo and the rest of the Floor Guardians approve their master's reasoning for giving out his punishment in that manner. Once that matter is concluded, discussion about Philip resumes where it left off while Albedo explains their strategy for the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom.

When Ainz states that maybe Philip did what he did without first thinking through about the consequence of his actions beforehand, Albedo doubts that to be the case. She thinks that someone like Philip couldn't have been this stupid to take action in such a manner as attacking their country's caravan. However, Demiurge tries reasoning with Albedo out of support for his master's opinion that it could have been the case as Philip is an idiot who makes irrational decisions.[45]

Later, Albedo pays a visit to the Re-Estize Kingdom, traveling to the capital city in order to have a political meeting with King Ramposa III. She informs Ramposa that her country’s grain caravan, which was intended to be humanitarian aid to the Holy Kingdom, has been robbed by one of his own countrymen. When Ramposa gives suggestions, like offering the head of the person responsible, she states that the Sorcerer Kingdom will not change their policies towards this matter. After this, Albedo formally declares war between their two nations, stating that the Sorcerer Kingdom will deploy their troops a month from now at noon. She warns Ramposa that if he is to march his troops towards E-Rantel, which is within the Sorcerer Kingdom’s borders, then the latter will no longer follow that plan. In addition, she relays the Sorcerer King's message to Ramposa of not using his grand magic in this war.

A month later, after the Sorcerer Kingdom's declaration of war against the Re-Estize Kingdom, Albedo contributes to the campaign by threatening a portion of the enemy nation’s nobility into rebelling. Because of this, her work is commended by Ainz during a meeting with the Floor Guardians in Nazarick.

While overseeing the battlefield with her master and fellow Floor Guardians, she tells her colleagues about the adventurer team Red Drop, thanks to intel from Sebas, Demiurge, and their corroborators. She explains it to them that Red Drop's presence in the northern end of the Re-Estize Kingdom is part of their master's ploy to lure out one of these adventurers with insufficient troops deployed into the city of E-Naeurl. She elaborates how the Red Drop adventurer must have viewed that amount of troops as easily defeatable and enough to conquer the city without feeling the need to bring their companions along for the fight. When asked by Ainz to explain how credible their intel about Red Drop appearing in the city E-Naeurl is, Albedo apologizes and says that it was a surface-level deduction based on their foe wearing an adamantite adventurer plate with their signature color.[46]

Later on, she is present with Ainz and his 10,000 undead army outside the Re-Estize capital. According to Ainz, she is shown to have been working hard at building the front. Shortly after doing her job, she returns back to the tent with Cocytus and informs Ainz that the humans have sent an envoy their way for an audience. She is then asked by Ainz to prepare a reception and receptive drinks for his guest. However, Albedo suggests that he turn down the envoy's request if it is not in anyways related to declaring the start of the battle. At the same time, she advises her master to start the battle now as it is while her fellow Floor Guardian Cocytus disagrees with the idea. Albedo can't help but sneer at Cocytus's reasoning, stating that rumors will not spread if the ones responsible for it are all killed off through this battle. However, when Ainz reasons that they can still spread rumors using magical means, Albedo immediately offers up an apology to her master shortly thereafter. When Ainz says he is going to talk alone with the envoy, she shows her concern whether his action was for the best. Nonetheless, she is reassured by her master that he has Aura with a World Item to protect him if something bad happens to him.

After Ainz returns from his meeting with King Zanac, Albedo is seen conducting the final inspection of their army's formations. However, Albedo immediately stops what she is doing to report to Ainz that there is commotion going on at the enemy's camp. Under Ainz's orders, she guides ten noblemen from the enemy side to their camp as envoys. Not long after, she receives Zanac's head from her master and is ordered to give the dead king a proper burial. Afterwards, she is then ordered by Ainz to send the envoys and their families over to Neuronist Painkill so that the Area Guardian can "take care" of them.[47]

Once the battle begins, Albedo, while protecting her master, is soon ordered to engage Azuth Aindra in his Powered Suit after he tries to deal damage to Ainz at his camp. Using her abilities, she pursues the adventurer in the skies. After traveling some distance from her camp, she realizes that he is leading her away on purpose. Stopping herself, she decides to wait for what kind of actions her opponent will take. Azuth then chooses to attack her with his Heavy Machine Gun. Though she expects her opponent to be difficult, she finds him lacking in strength and quickly turns the battle in her favor. However, after sensing that "Ainz Ooal Gown" is in trouble, she quickly returns to his side and drives away his challenger, Riku Aganeia, just as he is about to kill the former. After successfully driving him away, the two then teleport to Nazarick for safety.

The two arrive on the 9th Floor, where they are greeted by Ainz, Demiurge, and Shalltear. The trio had been observing the battle that took place and are eager to learn from Pandora's Actor and Albedo's comments on their opponent Riku. While Pandora's Actor views Riku as a tank whose level is around 90, Albedo disagrees with him on that analysis. For her opinion, as a tank, she does not believe him to be that strong, estimating Riku to be around level 80 or so. Her estimation of Riku is also not the same as Shalltear, who believes he is around level 85. Since the three are unsure of Riku's exact level, the meeting turns to the Area Guardian's conversations with Riku, from which she hears how he handled his performance as Ainz. Albedo expresses her annoyance at Pandora's Actor kneeling before the enemy to lower Riku's guard, as the Sorcerer King, calling it out of line and disrespectful of their master. However, Ainz finds it to be an acceptable performance from Pandora's Actor, while letting the matter drop entirely. Due to the lack of concrete information of Riku's identity, Ainz believes that the next time they meet, he will allow himself to be defeated by the other to gain more information. The other Guardians, including Albedo, are apprehensive of putting Ainz in harm's way, even if it is a logical step. Albedo even urges her master to stay within the dungeon and limit his excursions. Albedo admits that if she was in Riku's shoes when fighting Pandora's Actor, she would have killed him immediately if he was just a regular civilian. However, if Riku's opponent was the king of a nation, Albedo did consider capturing them for intel while likely getting careless about it.

On the identity of Riku Aganeia, she iterates that based on Pandora's Actor's dialogue with the warrior, he could either be a member of the Thirteen Heroes or the Platinum Dragon Lord. Ainz states the possibility that this could be a lie on the enemy's part. However, to sniff out for information of this Riku, Ainz decides that once the Re-Estize Kingdom is taken care of, the Sorcerer Kingdom will turn their attention to the Council State. The main purpose will be to send envoys to the Council-State to greet the heads of state and sarcastically scoff at the Platinum Dragon Lord to determine if he is Riku. The missive for this plan will be handled by Albedo. Just as the meeting is about to end, Shalltear raises a question on whether Ainz's offer to Riku Aganeia to join as a vassal is sincere. Ainz admits that the offer is a sham, as he is unsure if he can reign in a dangerous individual. Riku's death, however, will secure his position as the ruler of the world. Though Albedo believes it will be a waste to kill him and they should hold off on Riku's elimination and see if they can convert him, at least until they obtain more information. She manages to get Ainz's approval for this plan and he allows her to take the necessary steps for its success.

Later on, she and Demiurge accompany Ainz to the Royal Capital, where they head towards Ro-Lente Castle. Upon stepping foot in the castle, she and Ainz proceed to enter the throne room, where Renner and Ramposa III await them. She is later seen by Ainz's side as he sits upon the throne while watching Renner kill her father. She later watches as Ainz fights and kills Climb.

After Re-Estize is conquered, she returns to Nazarick with Renner, thanking the girl for showing everyone the extent of her capabilities. Through the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Albedo acknowledges that both she and Demiurge have a full grasp on her capabilities thanks to the operation's success. Respecting Renner's exceptional abilities, Albedo decides to put the girl under her command in working for Nazarick. All the while, she awards Renner another Fallen Seed for her to use on Climb after he recovers his strength from being resurrected. Before parting ways with the girl, Albedo tells Renner that she has only earned this gift through her actions and the trust that has been built up between them rather than the latter's inherent value as a hostage.[48]

Albedo later joins her master outside the former royal palace to address the surviving nobles gathered by the turncoat, Marquis Raeven. She listens to her master informing them of their forces' progress and recall after eliminating all the territories to the west and south. Later, she listens to a few proposals made by Marquis Raeven and summons Guren to burn the capital.

Later, Albedo goes to the Montserrat fief, where she locates Philip, the man who caused the fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom. When he sees her, the noble believes that she came to personally reward him for his efforts in allowing it to be possible. The sheer stupidity of the man stuns her and then she presents him with a box containing the heads of his fellow barons who orchestrated the raid on the Sorcerer Kingdom's caravan. She then reveals her hatred and contempt for the man. When he attempts to escape, she grabs him and drags him outside his home, where she shows him the fate of his family, servants, and serfs, who have all been impaled on stakes surrounding the mansion. She tells him that she considered letting the villagers execute him themselves, but believed that it would have been boring. Thus she decides to use him to test out some intel-gathering torture methods. That way, she can fulfill Philip's late father's request: to ensure that his son suffers as much as he and the villagers did due to Philip's incompetence.[49]

The Current Situation of Various People. A Prologue Arc

Main article: The Current Situation of Various People. A Prologue Arc

Albedo later sends an invite to Emperor Jircniv to attend a welcoming ceremony in the Sorcerer Kingdom for the Faceless One from the Roble Holy Kingdom.[50]

The Half Wood Elf God-kin Arc

Main article: The Half Wood Elf God-kin I and The Half Wood Elf God-kin II Arc

Whilst approving the various documents for the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ainz takes notice the lack of Albedo's hovering company. Since the Fall of the Re-Estize Kingdom, Albedo is noted to being occupied with traveling around Nazarick or going abroad to negotiation with someone, so much so her presence next to Ainz has become rare. When Ainz questions the Homunculus Maids on this, they reveal that the Overseer Guardian has become more on edge, though the Overlord attributes it her overworking.

After Ainz hears what little the Elven Slaves know about the Elf Country, the Sorcerer King calls for Albedo, who is occupied in the Frozen Prison. Then and there, Ainz asserts himself to Albedo, stating that he will be taking a paid vacation. Though her only response is declaring that everything in the Sorcerer Kingdom belongs to her master. Though when she is informed that she misunderstood her master's meaning, she begs forgiveness, only putting Ainz more down by seeing her bowing head. When he in turn apologizes to her for confusing her, Albedo pleads to her master do otherwise. Once apologies are given, Albedo, reviewing the phrase "paid vacation," deduces that her master wants to go abroad with Aura and Mare. Upon learning his destination is the Elf Country she affirms his decision.

Before he makes preparations to depart, Ainz shares his concerns on the expanded territory of the Sorcerer Kingdom and is worried that they do not have enough personnel to manage their organization. Albedo assures her master that there shouldn't be any problems, as she, Demiurge, and Pandora's Actor can handle the workload together. When she is asked if she or Demiurge should take a vacation, she is confident that the other Floor Guardians can substitute for them if need be. Mare, who is present, convinces his own opinion, admitting that he does not feel confident that he can do Albedo's duties if she were absent. His honest remark only causes her to rebuke him for such words, which even Ainz finds to be unwarranted and reprimands her behavior for berating a person who does not possess her organization abilities. However, she argues that if that were the case, then Mare can work harder to remedy his weakness, to which Aura agrees. Their words are quickly silenced by Ainz before they can condemn Mare, but do advise the male dark elf to improve himself. On the matter of his vacation. Albedo asks her master to refrain from taking the Hanzos, as there have been complaints that they are being shown favoritism, though also hiding that she needs the Hanzos for a future mission.

After the meeting, Albedo meets with Aura and Mare privately to discuss the purpose of Ainz's vacation to the Elf Country. From her guess, Albedo believes that it is related to the lack of personnel in the Kingdom and that Ainz wants to gather intel about the Theocracy. She believes that Demiurge can construe Ainz's intent more accurately, though it opens up a thought that the 7th Floor Guardian is secretly plotting something due to his absence and lack of interest in Ainz's vacation. Though she believes it is unlikely due to his nature. When asked by the twins on whether this is an indicator that their nation will fight the Theocracy next, Albedo confesses her thoughts on Ainz's vacation of being an excuse to investigate the other nation. That being said, she instructs the twins to remain on guard whilst traveling with their master before returning to her other duties. She, on the other hand, not taking any chances, decides to discuss this with Demiurge and prepare Nazarick for total mobilization.[51]

Albedo later receives a summons from Ainz when he returns from the Elf Country to come to the Frozen Prison. She fears that the Overlord may have discovered her illicit operation and when she sees her enraged master, she tries to apologize. However, it turns out that it has nothing to do with her and Ainz's anger is focused on the revelations he received from a prisoner after Neuronist Painkill interrogated her. Said interrogation revealed that it was the Slane Theocracy who was responsible for Shalltear Bloodfallen turning against him and forcing him to slay her. This information in mind, Albedo receives the order from Ainz to halt all field operations in the Sorcerer Kingdom and prepare for war against the Theocracy in retaliation.[52]

Ainz (Isekai Quartet) NOTICE: The following section and subsequent subsections are considered NON-CANON to the Overlord Light Novels.

Mass for the Dead Arc

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At the start of the game, Albedo was in the Throne Room. When the Great Tomb of Nazarick was transported to the New World, Albedo and the other NPCs were defeated by an unknown foe that left Nazarick in ruins. Momonga and the protagonist were the only ones still active to take action to restore order, but after they defeated the invading Chaos Beasts, Momonga quickly revived her. The Overseer Guardian was shocked that she had died but could provide no information of her death or who the perpetrator was.[53] Like the other NPCs she found that her powers were diminished due to the strange laws of the New World. Due to her limited abilities she agreed with Momonga to allow the protagonist to explore beyond the confines of Nazarick in order to gather knowledge. To aid the homunculus on his quest, Albedo had Narberal Gamma act as his escort.[54]

Through Narberal, Albedo kept progress on the protagonist's exploits. In a private meeting with Momonga and Demiurge she gave him an assessment of the damage to the dungeon. Frankly she saw that Nazarick had become a foothold to an unknown enemy and advised that perhaps that they evacuate or build another base outside the dungeon. She was outvoted by Momonga and Demiurge much to her disappointment. The next agenda is focused on doing a survey of the Crack. To obtain more information decide to send in their human type members to access the situation of the Crack in the Throne Room, for which Albedo then recommends members of the Pleiades. There decision could not come sooner as later Albedo is informed that that Crack is spewing Chaos Beasts and pushing back the undead forces containing the area. She immediately sends the Pleiades to deal with the Chaos Beasts and from them learns of the cycles that the phenomena goes through leading Nazarick to one step closer in understanding the mechanism.[55]

At the same time she worked with the other revived Floor Guardians to reclaim Nazarick from the Chaos Beasts. Albedo busied herself with Demiurge to create a schedule to handle the times when the Cracks activated and unleashed Chaos Beasts. To demonstrate she implement this on the 6th Floor where another Crack had formed, preparing Aura on her new vigilance.[56] Additionally she would train with other Floor Guardians to get them back into fighting shape.[57] Albedo would later hear back from Narberal Gamma after she returned from escorting the protagonist and his companion Slimeko, learning that the two were successful in infiltrating a human community.[58]

She continued to work with Momonga through night and day. Eventually Momonga still coming to grips that the NPCs becoming self-aware became worried that he was overworking them. Despite Albedo's assurances that the NPCs were operating at optimal levels, she acquiesced to his plan to implement a vacation system. With the help of the protagonist she created a work-break outline that she believed would make the management of Nazarick more effective.[59]

Albedo's inability to recall the events of her death and the path of Nazarick's ruination, leads her to feel guilty. More so when she and Momonga look upon the ruined remains of the Throne of Kings. She comes to the conclusion that she may have caused the fall of Nazarick. Despite Albedo offering herself to be punished to Momonga, she receives no punishment as Momonga believes she cannot be blamed. The Overseer Guardian eventually regains her confidence, thanks to some consoling words from Demiurge that rather than feeling sorry she should improve herself as he believes that this is a test from Momonga with a grander agenda. Embolden by her fellow Floor Guardian, Albedo then proceeds to put her efforts in constructing a new surveillance team to explore the New World with Momonga's approval.[60]

As the work to rid the monsters from the dungeon continued, Albedo met with Shalltear looking refreshed. Upon hearing that the vampire took a bath, it gave the idea to the Overseer Guardian to prioritize the repairs of the communal baths to allow the exhausted Guardians rest and recuperation.[61] When Demiurge started work on building a replacement throne for Momonga, she was all for the idea though accepted Momonga's decision to store it until Nazarick was fully restored.[62] The Overseer Guardian would provide some consultation with a depressed Shalltear who felt guilty of her failure in defending Nazarick and wanted to resign as a Floor Guardian.[63] And she encouraged the other Guardians to continue to regain their previous strength.[64] Albedo would later meet Pandora's Actor in the Treasury to review the financial status of the dungeon. On the first time she met him, he attempted to impersonate Momonga, but Albedo was not fooled, though on the second time the shape-shifter succeeded.[65] After the recruitment of Hamsuke into the ranks of Nazarick Albedo unsure of the beast's loyalties advised that Death Knight be paired with it to monitor the hamster.[66]

The reconstruction efforts saw Nazarick slowly being cleaned up, Albedo authorized Yuri and her sisters to remove the stone debris in the 6th Floor. To her shock she found that the maid had broken the stones to sand for storage. Initially angry for the maids destroying apiece of Nazarick Albedo accepted it as it was logically the most efficient way to retain its resources.[67] Albedo would be ordered to take Lupusregina off guard duty for the Crack on the 6th Floor for failing to meet Momonga's expectations. She shared the same opinion of the maid but would later change her stance when she saw Lupusregina trying to improve herself.[68] Albedo would also note the mental health of CZ2128 Delta which led to Momonga gifting the mad her very own Spear Needle.[69] When Miyoshi, Momonga's bathing attendant vanished it was assumed he had been kidnapped forcing Albedo to put Nazarick on high alert as it was believed that an intruder was a culprit. It was eventually revealed to be a case of jealousy by Solution.[70] Albedo would later start assigning other tasks to the maids like CZ2128 and Entoma though unaware they were competing with each other.[71] Despite Momonga asking for her and the other NPCs to take mental breaks, she and the other continued to push themselves to restore Nazarick. She only momentarily relaxed when Lupusregina offered her and Demiurge tea during a defense meeting at which point she allowed herself some respite.[72]

Albedo eventually noticed the weariness affecting her master Momonga. Hearing him mention cherry blossoms, and talking about how he enjoyed the sight with the other Supreme Beings, she decided to seek a cherry tree for a hanami for him. With the protagonist's help Albedo managed to acquire Momonga a rare tree for Nazarick's cherry blossom viewing.[73] The Overseer Guardian was also by Momonga's side following the progress of a delicate operation conducted by Demiurge to drive away Blue Roses from a mine Nazarick was secretly mining.[74]

At the time of Neuronist Painkill's return to active duty, she and Momonga listened to her findings from her tortured victims. Sadly the information was already obsolete by their standards. Though she did witness the torturer redeem herself by learning that a noble would soon be arriving near Nazarick. The information prevented Nazarick from being exposed and Momonga granted Neuronist any request which turned out to be a kiss. Before Neuronist could collect Albedo out of pettiness had her interened in the Frozen Prison.[75]

Albedo got involved in an argument with Shalltear over their affections of Momonga. To avoid a potential schism in Nazarick, Demiurge and the protagonist quickly devised a scheme to distract the two women in a contest. The contest would decide to determine who was worthy to be Momonga's queen. Through four contests, the two Floor Guardians end up being tied 2:2. To find a way to break the tie, the two try to leave the decision to Momonga, but the Overlord ends the contest as ambiguous.[76]

Much later Albedo was present with Momonga when her master conducted an experiment with a [Gate] to determine if they were safe to use. The experiment was initially a failure as the spell opened an unstable portal to an unknown island, which prompted the Pleiades, protagonist and Slimeko to be sent to scout the area and extract any available resources.[77]

The Overseer Guardian participated in a mock combat drill with her fellow Floor Guardians in Fake Nazarick. She provided a Momonga Plushie to be used as a target for the mock combat. Albedo defended the doll from Momonga who was acting as the enemy for the scenario. While the Guardians fought together against Momonga, due to their weaken state they were no match for him. However Albedo managed to avoid a defeat by switching the real doll with a fake thus ensuring she and the Floor Guardians were victorious before the time for the mock combat session ended.[78] Albedo oversaw other projects with Momonga such as the experimental field producing pumpkins. Though the experiment led to the creation of a breed of mutated Pumpkin Monsters. Once the monsters were eliminated the Overseer Guardian had to lend a hand to free a general maid that was being controlled by one ofthe creatures.[79]

On another project involved fully repairing the facilities in Spa Resort Nazarick however without materials it was an uphill battle. Reprieve came in the form of news that Caloric Stone could be found in the Great Lake. Momonga was expecially excited at the news, though Albedo was dubious that they could be so lucky. In the end what their agents found was not Caloric Stone but actually Heatstones. It still proved to be a boon as the ores were used to supplement the heat of the baths in the resort. All of the Floor Guardians and Momonga enjoyed a break soaking in the baths, during which Albedo tried to lead the female Floor Guardians to peep at Momonga. They were caught by one of the only surviving bath golems, the Lion Golem.[80]

When several members of Nazarick began to utilize the newly discovered Prismatic Crystals to recover their lost levels, it was deemed that they still needed fighting experience to move the process along.Thus the Nazarick Fighting Tournament was organized by Momonga. In the first match Albedo led her team Overseer, composed of herself, Aura and Mare, to fight against the Bloody Maidens, composed of Shalltear and two of her Vampire Brides. Her team was eliminated in the first match losing to Shalltear's team.[81]

After the protagonist and his team successfully infiltrated E-Rantel posing as an adventurer, Albedo was present with Demiurge and Momonga when the homunculus presented an invitation of Princess Renner for a meeting. Despite the oddity that a princess would summon the protagonist who was a newly rising adventurer, Albedo believed that the meeting was an opportunity to gather more intel on the Tripartite Alliance's summit. Since the origin of Nazarick's downfall was still unknown to them, Albedo suggested that they could use the human nation as a decoy. Though Momonga is dismissive of the idea of being tied to a outside power, making a non-committal comment that it would be better to build a new system of their own. Albedo then suggests that Momonga appoints a strategic assistance to handle these political decisions which Momonga agrees and entrusts Demiurge to handle these duties.[82]

While eavesdropping on Momonga's office, Albedo heard him mention "Christmas". After the Overlord explained the significance o the holiday, Albedo suggested that Nazarick host a Christmas party. As it was a good distraction, Momonga agreed to the idea, leaving its organization to Albedo. The Overseer Guardian then assigned members of Nazarick to acquire certain items needed for the party. For her she went to the Treasury to collect decorations, where she was introduced to the Christmas Costume by Pandora's Actor. At the start of the Christmas party, Albedo made her debut in the costume causing Momonga to be flustered. Albedo believed she succeeded in getting his approval and final verdict for the Queen War, though Momonga chided her that the celebration was a family event and not for personal agenda. Miffed by the disappointment, Albedo's spirits were raised by Momonga after he began to distribute out gifts to her and the NPCs.[83]

When Shiramochi-ō manifested into Nazarick, Albedo and many of the other NPCs fell under his subtle New Year's influence. Momonga found her and Demiurge relaxing in the 10th Floor warming themselves under a kotatsu and eating mandarin oranges. They were no wiser to the danger of the state Nazarick was in, forcing Momonga to set out to correct whatever was corrupting his subordinates. One Momonga with his allies located the mastermind and defeated Shiramochi-ō, his death freed Albedo and the others from the spell.[84]

However the defeat of Shiramochi-ō was not the end. After the entity was defeated, Shiramochi-ō transferred his essence into parallel reality that existed at a time before the intruder invaded Nazraick, effectively rewinding time. It was not without a toll as Shiramochi-ō regressed into a little boy named Shiro with no memories. Albedo and Demiurge were once again under the thrall of the New Year's spell and happily accepted Shiro's existence when he wandered on the 10th Floor. Like in the original timeline they were found by Momonga who detected something was amiss judging by their behavior. However taking notice of Shiro the Overlord took the boy with him to discover the mystery of the New Year's atmosphere. After Momonga killed Shiro, Albedo and the other NPCs were once again freed from the spell and broken out of the time loop but had no memories of what happened.[85]

At the time of the summit meeting for the Tripartite Alliance, agents of Nazarick were monitoring the venue with permission from Demiurge, Momonga, and Albedo.[86] Later Albedo expressed her disapproval for Shalltear's new role as a field agent outside of Nazarick, mostly due to her jealousy of the vampire when Momonga compliments Shalltear's codename "Shall". Due to this Albedo wishes to create her own pseudonym so as not to fall short from her rival. When the quarry near E-Rantel was attacked by a horde of Chaos Beasts, Albedo and the rest of Nazarick viewed the events of the attack from the Mirror of Remote Viewing. She voiced her surprise when the emperor of the Baharuth Empire willingly sacrificed his own workers just to wipe out the enemy in a trap and was impressed at the human's foresight.[87]

After news about Miyoshi spread and that he was Momonga's bathing attendant, Albedo and many of the female NPCs petitioned to Momonga to allowed to challenge the Sapphire Slime for the position. To give them an opportunity to have the chance the Miyoshi Cup was created to determine if any of the participants had what it took to be a bathing attendant. The event also served as a way to select women that were needed to create a harem so as to activate a dangerous golem in Spa Resort Nazarick so CZ could disarm it. Albedo was among the finalists to be selected for the harem, but as for who would be the bathing attendant, Momonga defeated all of the participants in the final test thus allowing Miyoshi to go unchallenged.[88]

Just as Nazarick was preparing for their second Christmas party, an emergency meeting was held to address a call for aid from the Great Lake as an unusual cold wave was threatening to destroy the area. Originally wanting to send Shalltear and Yuri to investigate, Momonga disagreed and opted to send other members of the Pleiades. Later at the Christmas party, Albedo wore her Christmas Costume for Momonga hoping of a night of passion as was described in a book she read though Momonga was angst at the action.[89]

Nazarick would receive some old guests from another world, and Albedo would greet the visitors as she had befriended some of the previously through dating advice. During the reunion, Albedo learned that their friends were being stalked by some sort of clone with a grudge against them that came from the Crack. Albedo recalling that an entity like the Grim Reaper originated from the Crack believed it to be related and offered her support along with her master.[90] Though she did order surveillance on one of them members of the group as she did not still trust them.[91]

A new endeavor called Project Valentine was put in place by Momonga which involved using leftover Valentine Chocolate to make sweets for the New World inhabitants. After hearing Aura take an interest in the event, Albedo and Shalltear thought the dark elf was trying to make sweets for Momonga and participating in another Queen War event. The two also joined the project to impress Momonga. Albedo with the help of Narberal's magic was able to create the Crispy Delicious Bites for the cook-off of the event. Though in the end it was Aura's dish of Natural Forest Chocolate that won as it was deemed to be simple yet delicious enough to be used for diplomacy.[92]

Once the protagonist was on the way to claiming E-Rantel for the Sorcerer Kingdom, the homunculus requested to devise a way to win the hearts of the citizens. Albedo suggested in building an effigy of the protagonist who saved the city from Jaldabaoth in his jet-black armor. Though it was Momonga's idea of creating an idol group called LittleMass composed of Aura and Shalltear. Albedo provided her expertise in crafting to make commemorative gifts for the general maids during the idol plan.[93]

She also caused LittleMass's eventual dissolution after she informed Shalltear being an idol would make her ineligible to be Momonga's queen. By the end of the second campaign, Shalltear found some inconsistencies of idol romance and was confident that she could still pursue Momonga even while being a idol. Seeing the vampire motivated to returning to the spotlight, Albedo tried to asks Momonga the opportunity to become an idol as well.[94]

Albedo who hear of the success of the implementation of the idol plan in the form of an exchange tournament in E-Rantel. Not only that the plan was a success in introducing Shall and Ku as aspiring adventurers but also kept them from stealing the spotlight from the the protagonist's "Dark Warrior" persona.[95]

Albedo and Shalltear would be seen at the Round Table, after Narberal returned from a mission in Re-Blumrushur which involved wearing a wedding dress. There Momonga interviewed her on the experience and her opinion of wearing the bridal gown. The two would take notes on the exchange, no doubt to further their own plans to get Momonga to ask them to marry him.[96]

Albedo would be present at a meeting with the other Floor Guardians. There she witnessed Cocytus give a status report on the situation of he Great Lake. To prepare for future combat in the area to protect the lizardmen, he requested the Pleiades to be sent out in the swimsuit as they proven to be adaptable in aquatic environments. This request would develop into a performance test on the swimsuits from Nazarick against those made by their collaborator Tsuibayaya. Once the idea was approved by Momonga, Albedo supervised the performance tests of the swimsuits, Shalltear enjoying what she saw as a swimsuit show made allusion that this was another hidden "Trial of Love". Eager to pursue her love for Momonga, Albedo was quick to assume that it was connecting various unrelated comments and a series of events to conclude this. They convinced Demiurge that this was a great plan by Momonga who also agreed to help organize the event as ordain by the will of Momonga.

After they officially get his permission to host a "Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet", who assume it to be a multifaceted event to serve only to conduct tests on swimsuits and implementation of idols, Albedo and Shalltear scheme at a tea party to complete the fallacy that is the "Trial of Love". As Albedo does not have a swimsuit to use Shalltear offers to loan one of her from her creator. The women try to tempt Aura to join in the trial but gets a hard pass. Once Demiurge gathered all the necessary research into idols and their use of swimsuit activities he gets a greenlight from Momonga to host it. At this time Albedo and Shalltear test out "gap moe" by wearing their swimsuits in the Round Table before Momonga, causing him to get flustered by the scene as it is inappropriate. They mistake his "Despair Aura" that he casted over himself as a sign that the event is a serious concern not just because of the "Trial of Love", but it will also lead to finally selecting a Queen and produce a heir for the continuation of Nazarick.

At the competition Albedo becomes the leader of White Group. Her team wins the first competition "Sandy Beach Obstacle Race". Though her teammates made it last in the race, they gained enough points when eliminating monsters in the obstacle stretch. White Group though would lose in the "Floating Island Survival" competition as she and her teammates caused the float that they were balancing on to crack and break. While the next competition was being prepared she and the other members in the audience enjoyed a special mini-live show of the returned LittleMass. Seeing Shalltear as "Acidity" caused Albedo to feel jealous as her popularity as an idol had spread among the general maids in the crowd.

The last competition was the "Mix Gender Water Cavalry" match, where Albedo rode on the shoulders of Yuri and Narberal to fight not just Shalltear's team but also Mmomonga who rode Cocytus and Neuronist. In rare occasion of solidarity, Albedo and Shalltear joined forces to knock Neuronist out of the game as a small revenge for her being chosen to carry their master. After that was done both women leaped off their mounts and pushed Momonga of his mounts and into the water, making the athletic meet into a tie.

Though the women failed to get a decisive victory they enjoyed the praise from Momonga and their fans. Later at a meeting with the Guardians at the Round Table, Momonga was made aware that they had assumed that the athletic meet was another "Trial of Love". Momonga preferring not to correct them as he believed it was best for the mental development then instead hailed all of their work and expressed his value of them as his precious children. Enamored by the praise Albedo leaped and cling to Momonga and was followed by Shalltear. The scene prompted the other Guardians to remove the women from Momonga, but even five Guardians did not have the strength and so the Eight-Edge Assassins were called to help. Both women though were punished in confinement for a few days.[97]

Sometime after the attack on E-Rantel, Albedo was brought to a meeting with her liege and Demiurge after Shalltear reported from the Azerlisia Mountains of encountering a strange but powerful human girl named Anne. When Anne's strength was compared to Shalltear's own, Albedo believed the girl was possible threat. As more information was learned about Anne and her religious vernacular, Albedo was quick to point a link to her being from the Slane Theocracy. After the completion of the mission which saw Anne being safely dropped off at E-Rantel and retrieved by her handlers, Shalltear was disappointed in the lack of actual information gained. Albedo though encouraged Shalltear that it was indeed a success due to having confirmed that Anne or Antilene as they learned was indeed an associate of Enhela and a member of the Slane Theocracy.[98]

Upon the success of Nazarick's conspiracy in making the protagonist "the leader of mankind" by creating the identity of the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and fooling the Tripartite Alliance into trusting the protagonist who defeated the said demon Albedo and her peers celebrated the fruition of Momonga's plan. The Alliance now grateful to the nation of the protagonist were about to secede E-Rantel to them. Nazrick now was in a position to use the Alliance to further its agenda not just to acquire knowledge on the Cracks and the Chaos Beasts, but use the human nations as a shield against whatever attacked Nazarick in the past.

During a meeting with the Floor Guardians, Momonga and the protagonist, Albedo was shocked to hear that the latter wanted to remain outside of Nazarick. The homunculus request sounded like treason to her but the protagonist's questioning was taken over by Momonga. It was elaborated that the protagonist only wanted to remain a field agent on a long-term assignment as he was now a celebrity with administrative duties to take care of E-Rantel and also as a representative for his nation, which was the Sorcerer Kingdom.

Since E-Rantel's administration rights would be signed to the protagonist's country, Albedo requested that she attended the transfer in an official capacity to give more credibility to the protagonist's cover. It was permitted by Momonga and Albedo, acting as Prime Minster for her nation, attended a meeting of the leaders of the Alliance where they witnessed the transfer of rights of the city to the Sorcerer Kingdom. When Albedo returned back to Nazarick to report to Momonga, she was interrupted by Demiurge who reported that Shalltear Bloodfallen had gone missing. The trio then turned to searching for their comrade via scrying which they traced to the Kazte Plains where they found signs of a battle.[99]

After Shalltear is located within a crater in the plains and was under some sort of mental influence, Albedo went with Momonga, Cocytus and Mare to investigate the site. Once it was determined that Shalltear's condition was incomplete, Momonga attempted to free Shalltear using his Shooting Star. It failed causing Momonga to call a full retreat. Once back in Nazarick she witnesses Momonga throw a tantrum at the situation, before she manages to calm him down and is shocked at the revelations that Shalltear was affected by a World Item. Momonga then heads to the Treasury to gather the World Items stored there. Momonga cannot help but feel he is responsible but Albedo tries to convince that he was not at fault.

At the gathering of Floor Guardians when Momonga tried to take responsibility and fight Shalltear by himself, Albedo stepped up and rejected the decision wishing to do battle with Shalltear herself so that Momonga would not put himself in danger. The protagonist eventually came up with a solution by having Albedo and Mare and himself coordinate a legion of summons to defeat Shalltear. The group weakened Shalltear enough so that Aura was able to pull her into another space using Depiction of Nature and Society where Momonga was waiting to finish her. Once Shalltear was revived and informed of her crime when she was controlled, Albedo taking pity refrained from publicly berating believing the vampire was already punished enough.[100]

Albedo followed the developments when Nazarick's spies infiltrated the Six Arms after the workers conducted as massive undead subjugation to search for the elder lich in command of the Ghost Ship in the Katze Plains. It was believed that the plot had something to do with who controlled Shalltear, but after their spies gained the confidence of Zero and the other workers, it proved that it was actually the foundations of a brewing rebellion against Emperor Jircniv by several disgruntled nobles. Albedo though found it odd that the emperor was not taking action as the rumors of him being called cowardly and traumatized did not match to to the impression of him when she first met him.

After the events played out it turned out Jircniv was allowing the nobles to organize so that he could capture them in one swoop thanks with Zero acting as the inside man. The success of the implantation of spies and Nazarick being key to preventing the emperor from being deposed was praised by Albedo to be attributed to Momonga's foresight as she believed he set the pieces for the events to happen. In a stray word from Momonga musing his interest of the Dwarf Kingdom and its rune weapons, Albedo and many others believed it to be her master's next target.[101]

For a Tsukimi was about to be hosted on the surface of Nazraick, at Momonga's order, Albedo tried to assure her liege that everything will be perfect for him, despite his reminders that the event was for her and the other Guardians enjoyment. Albedo received a [Message] from the protagonist who was returning to dungeon and she relayed that the moon-viewing party would be postponed as the sun for some reason was still in the sky despite it being night according to the time. Toe find out what was causing this phenomenon Albedo worked with Demiurge to compile all the reports from summons in the field. The mystery of the extended day was solved, and the protagonist at a briefing attributed the success of a "prophecy" he found that was written by a Supreme Being and Momonga's wisdom in deciphering the text and using subtle hints to him and his team which Albedo expected nothing less from her master. At the Tsukimi, Albedo was seen with Aura, Mare and Shalltear, where she tried to get the vampire to limit intaking alcohol as she appeared to be drunk, though her concern was brushed aside by Shalltear commenting that the demon had a low alcohol tolerance, sparking a fight between them.[102]

To celebrate the successful harvest of crops on the 6th Floor, Albedo managed to convince Momonga to revive the Halloween Festival. After it was announced to the Floor Guardians, Albedo noticed that Shalltear was still feeling down for the mind-control incident. When she and Shalltear did research on Halloween to prepare for the event, Albedo gauged the level of Shalltear's depression. Later the protagonist and Slimeko would arrive to inform her that there was a high demand of chocolate in E-Rantel that was threatening to unseat the guildmaster of the Adventurer's Guild. To profit from this, Albedo allowed the protagonist to send word back to the humans that the Sorcerer Kingdom would be working on producing a new mass produced confection.

For the Halloween Festival, Albedo initially dressed as a maid and then later as a witch. Her costume was part of a surprise event for the festival which was a defense training event to test the defenses of the floors. She played the role as a villainous witch with Narberla and started the attack on the 6th Floor to the 5th Floor and finally the 9th Floor. To make it more interesting and to include the Kyuko and Hamsuke, Albedo invited to participate as her minions to attack the 1st Floor. On the 9th Floor the witches confronted Shalltear where their battle became a draw. The whole purpose of the defense training was to give Shalltear a morale boost in confidence which was a success. To celebrate her peers achievements, Albedo joined them at the banquet on the 6th Floor.[103]

When a trio of magical girls were summoned to Nazarick through the Crack, Albedo under orders from Momonga was courteous to them. Though she believed using them as leverage would be effective, Momonga disagreed as the trio were members of a powerful organization that administered many different worlds. Hence harming the girls would have dire consequences.[104]

In a general meeting on a report from the protagonist on the progress of the E-Rantel Magic Research Institute, a request was made to collect more specimens for the researchers. When Cocytus suggested sending Lupusregina, CZ and Entoma, Albedo stated that two of three were away in the Baharuth Empire on an undercover assignment. There was also news of an illness spreading among the orphans of the city. Mare had asked why Momonga showed concern for those being affected and was answered by Albedo and Shalltear who explained to him that Momonga was merely concerned that the orphans lack of treatment would reflect badly on him as E-Rantel was being administered by the Sorcerer Kingdom. In her view Albedo believed Momonga' care for the children was to subtly manipulate them into loyal subjects through gifts and candy. Later at a Christmas party to celebrate the protagonist's and his allies success in curing the illness in E-Rantel, Albedo asked Momonga to give a toast to those assembled.[105]

In a management meeting with Momonga over Nazarick's gains and expenses in its operations in E-Rantel, Albedo and Demiurge voiced excitement at the fruition of their master's plan. There was concern from her master on the approaching year's end which would bring about "New Year", an event Albedo recalled little in the previous year due to being under some kind of mental influence. Even so she recognized the potential threat of the "New Year" and agreed to his plan to conduct "general cleaning" of all floors to find any anomalies. Initially she wanted to go patrol with Momonga but was turned down by him so busied herself in gaining knowledge from Ashurbanipal about the "New Year" holiday. Whilst Albedo was researching, she ordered the Head Chef to prepare some mochi to further her study. Eventually Momonga decided that the "New Year" event should not be avoided but embraced considering that in the previous instance no one was harm and that he hoped to see the entity known as Shiro again.

Albedo seconded the idea and proposed that they host a Kakushigei Tournament, as she mistakenly believing the term "kakushigei" was associate with some kind of martial art they could practice. The plan was greenlighted by Momonga, and Albedo became the leader of White Team for the tournament. Her match was the third and last one, and was against Demiurge, the leader of Red Team. The debuts started out with a collaborated firedance that she and Demiurge planned together. During the dance, Demiurge snuck a hairpin with the image of Momonga on her person. Due to the item, it limited Albedo's ability to fight ass she did not wanted to damage it. Despite the handicap, she managed to hold out on her own against Demiurge, so much so that Momonga declared the mock battle to be a tie.

The unexpected happened, with the entire audience and participants in the Amphitheater being teleported into the Chaos Zone containing the Bishamonten Shrine. In the unknown realm, Albedo and a few others stayed behind to protect the general maids, while Momonga took a team to find the mastermind of the phenomena. In the aftermath of the death of the White Mochi King's death, Albedo found herself returned back to Nazraick. There she formally met with Shiro the new Ruler of New Year, who was welcomed by Momonga as a friend. Albedo accepted the new friendship with Shiro as it was the will of her master, though believed Nazarick could gain much from the boy in his knowledge of the Sea of Possibilities and his creators.[106]

In an ambitious plan to convince a pair of new visitors from another world to take up permanent residence in Nazarick, Albedo agreed to Demiurge's plan to show the pair the utmost hospitality that they would forget about their old world. Albedo went along with the plan despite her dislike for outsiders as it was believe the plan was part of Momonga's wishes and to also strengthen Nazarick. Later Albedo would participate in a mock combat battle pitting Momonga and the Floor Guardians against the guests. She was present when Momonga offered one of their guests, a giant spider, to remain in Nazarick, only to have a mysterious entity stop time and take their guests away. Albedo and Demiurge who were immune to the temporal freeze observed Momonga say his goodbyes to his guest and were disappointed by the turnout.[107]

Albedo and her colleague Demiurge would present a proposal to Momonga who then unanimously approved it. Said proposal was the development of a National Foundation Day Ceremony to celebrate the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom. The event was preliminary test to give Nazarick a national identity as well as practice impressing foreign nations of their master's nation and power. Albedo present the plan to the Floor Guardians to be on their best diplomatic behavior for the duration of the exercise, using the privilege of having a statue of Momonga be install on floor as a reward for whoever displayed the best etiquette and adherence to diplomatic protocol.

The Overseer Guardian would then meet with Shalltear and Mare to prepare themselves. Since they were the only females among the Floor Guardians Albedo believed that they needed to express the best peerage of the Sorcerer Kingdom through not just their beauty but also their dancing skills to impress the visiting nations. In that end Albedo guided them through a dance lesson using Death Knights as their dance partners. However the results were not sufficient, and Albedo considered seeking help from the dreaded Kyouhukou as he was the only one in Nazarick with excellent dancing skills.[108]

After Demiurge received a report from Wrath that a new vein of adamantite was located in the Abelion Hills, Albedo was informed by the development which led to the two in presenting a proposal to Momonga. Once Momonga glanced and approved it, the two initiated the start of the National Foundation Day Ceremony. The event was to officiate the founding of the Sorcerer Kingdom and also serve as a test bed for when the Sorcerer Kingdom would interact with delegates from other countries. After the two Floor Guardians presented the plan to the other Floor Guardians, Albedo and Demiurge enticed their fellows to practice their diplomatic etiquette and manners. Whoever presented the best skills would be rewarded the first Sorcerer King Momonga Statue and have it install on their floor. Albedo would work with the other females Floor Guardians to practice their dance skills, as since they needed to all present to be noble ladies for the venues. They worked with a trio of Death Knights, though the results were less than satisfactory. To heighten their training regime, Albedo advised that they meet with Kyouhukou to train as he was the only one in the dungeon who knew how to dance.[109]

Albedo's assistance would be called for by Demiurge who hit a snag in creating his statue of Momonga. The Overseer Guardian quickly found his problem, Demiurge was too focused on using exact numbers and thus his need for accuracy was clouding his passion for artistry. Once the hurdle was determined, the two collaborated together in a frenzy to design the perfect model of Momonga. On the day of the ceremony for the commemoration of the Sorcerer Kingdom, Albedo announced Momonga's arrival to the assembled crowd in Fake Nazarick. Later in the ball portion of the event, Albedo was given the honor of dancing with Momonga leaving her speechless. Once the Sorcerer King Momonga Statue was unveiled, Albedo, Demiurge and Mare were praised in their roles for its completion. A day later Albedo accepted a decision by Momonga to install the statue on the 7th Floor, though when she mentioned that there were many prototypes available, it sparked a fury of requests by the NPCs to possess one.[110]

To assist in an experiment, LittleMass was called back into service, though this time a new idol was required. Albedo was selected to be the third idol with a stage name of Neutrally. The idol group introduced her to their maid fans now under the new idol group of LittleMasStar and entertained them using a musical score. Albedo though new to the role found the being idol to be satisfying and fun, gaining a following from the maids.[111]

When a returning visitor came back to Nazarick for a third time, Albedo briefly encountered the leader of the group passed out on the floor with Solution trying to assist him. Albedo took charge in watching the human guest to allow Solution to fetch Pestonya. When the maid left, the human came to and began to make advances on her to her shock, causing the Overseer Guardian to punch him across the room. The act was witnessed by not just Solution but also Pestonya and Shalltear who were horrified by what the demoness did. Before they could condemn her actions, the human to their disbelief was unhurt. Now seeing something strange was afoot, Albedo ordered them to help her detain the human for questioning. The human turned out to be more than a match to their abilities and gave them the slip by transforming everyone in the 9th Floor into exact copies of him, allowing him to escape in the crowd. The only ones unaffected were Albedo and Shalltear who were left to sort out was who. Afterwards when the guests vanished, supposedly returned to their world, Albedo expressed her disappointment in not being able to speak with one of the guests.[112]

When Casino Resort Nazarick was created and a trial run of the new area was initiated, Albedo contributed by crafting numerous Momonga theme items to serve as prizes for the participants. After the experiment ended in a success, she and Momonga had a private session at the casino, being entertained by Narberal and Solution.[113]

Since the incident involving Shalltear being mind controlled, Albedo and Shalltear entered in an unofficial truce over the Queen War. Albedo having noticed the lull of interest in the trial then brought up the issue with Shalltear as she was unsure if it was appropriate to resume due the uncertainty of Shalltear's mental state but also the wisdom in being queen and producing a heir in a still dangerous world. Such as decision needed to have Momonga's approval, though due to the Overlord's apathy to the competition, Albedo revealed to Shalltear and Aura of her plan to create a wedding dress to impress and reignite Momonga's need for a queen.

When Albedo went out in the field to locate a new source of fiber plants to produce "Dark Warrior" dolls, Shalltear was left in charge of Nazarick's security in the Overseer Guardian's absence. During the mission, Albedo formally met Crusch Lulu and seeing her pregnancy gave her congratulations to the demi-human. Additionally after finding that the lizardmen used canvas fabric in their weaving and was able, Albedo was able to learn how to weave it herself. The journey then took her to the Tob Forests and with the help of Nazarick's allies stationed there, Albedo was able to acquire her samples of fiber plants.

After Albedo returned and showed her peers the amigurumi doll she made using local materials, Shalltear was among those that complimented it. Then whilst Albedo was busy sewing her wedding dress to show Momonga, Shalltear enacted her own scheme to flirt and seduce Momonga in his office. Her plot was caught on by Albedo when she arrived there and the two getting physically by pulling Momonga between them, trying to vie for his attention. The altercation officially ended the truce and re-opened the Queen War. The situation ended getting more physical, prompting the Eight-Edge Assassins to get involved and Momonga punishing both of them for their behavior.[114]

Albedo was present with Momonga and the Floor Guardians when Shalltear made a petition to resume [Gate] experiments to repair the teleportation traps on her floor. Albedo though believed that since the inter-floor [Gate]s and Rings of Ainz Ooal Gown were functioning normally such experiments were unnecessary. In the end Albedo was overruled by Momonga who believed that [Gate] experiments needed to be tested in order to verify if the Cracks influence had waned and independent teleportation magic could resume. A test was set up to connect the 2nd Floor of Nazarick to the quarry under Nazarick's control. Instead the [Gate] connected to isolated island that Nazarick discovered in the first [Gate] experiments. While the results were unexpected the rediscovery of the island opened new horizons for the Sorcerer Kingdom. Albedo believed that the uninhabited island in the middle nowhere could serve their nation in serving as a base of operation away from prying eyes from the other nations. However as they did not know the exact location of the island, there were concerns that other locals powers could be in the area. Still Albedo supported the idea to send an expedition to explore the island and pinpoint its exact coordinates. Due to the lack of people available with aquatic combat training, it was suggested that another water competition could be organized to train Aura and Mare who would be sent to scout the island. Albedo though discouraged the idea, as it would complicate things and waste time. Instead she and her peers went with Cocytus's idea to ask the lizardmen to train Aura and Mare in marine combat.[115]

When Zaryusu Shasha joined the survey team to the island, Albedo along with Demiurge thanked him for his participation and encouraged the traveler to collect as much samples of seafood for his people to try. As reports trickled from the team to Momonga, Albedo was excited about the progress and the potential of the island. Later when the team finished the survey, Albedo and Victim escorted Momonga to the island. At the beach she wore her own swimsuit to try to attract Momonga's attention, but he managed to maintain his professionalism and had her carry Victim whilst he addressed the survey team. She listened to Zaryusu request for the fishing grounds of the island as a reward for his aid, offering to convince his people to help build a base on the island for the Sorcerer Kingdom. To Albedo the terms of the request were good, which Momonga agreed and accepted. A few days after the investigation, Albedo was at a tea party with some of the Floor Guardians before they planned to head out to a Swimsuit Sports Festival hosted in the Great Lake.[116]

Albedo brought a proposal to Momonga asking for Momonga direct his personal attention towards the Area Guardians to boost their morale. The idea was receptive to Momonga, who planned to implement it by doing personal visits to the Area Guardians. Around the same time, the protagonist brought news that the Adventurer's Guild was facing slander by the other guilds for being "greedy" and uncaring to the deaths of its adventurers. Albedo saw through the slander as a cheap tactic of those jealous of the guild's success, which annoyed her as the guild was being indirectly sponsored by the Sorcerer Kingdom, and that the humans were casting aside the benefits they given them. In order to resolve the public relations issue, the protagonist told his superiors that he needed to retrieve the mithril adventurer plates of Kralgra. To help find the relics, Albedo suggested they seek the aid of Nigredo as her sibling was specialized in this type of investigation. Not only that, Albedo seeing it was a chance to socialize with her older sibling, wore her Prime Minister dress to show off when the visited the Area Guardian at the Frozen Prison. While at the Frozen Prison, Albedo with her sister observed Regi and Shizuni lure Six Arms into the Katze Plains. Once the mission was over, Albedo was among those that celebrated the success. Thanks to the recovery of the plates, the Adventurer's Guild reputation was saved and the other guilds that once criticized it then began to rethink their stances of developing a relationship with the Sorcerer Kingdom. Albedo with permission from Momonga decided that it was the perfect time to greet the representatives of the guilds as the Prime Minister of the Sorcerer Kingdom in order form new partnerships for her nation's benefit.[117]

During the incident that saw the Great Tomb of Nazarick transform into Nazarick Academy, Albedo was mentally controlled and made to believe that she was the Vice Principal at the academic institution. Despite her new role, her feelings for Momonga, the principal, were constant. Due to her behavior she was chastised by Yuri Alpha, playing the role as a professor, for showing it in front of the student. She assisted Momonga, unaffected by the mental spell, in providing the school's blueprints and documents.[118]

Albedo was seen again as the physical education instructor for 6th period, though she started her class by fishing information on how to seduce the principal, This disgusted the new transfer student Shalltear Bloodfallen, as it was inappropriate, earning Albedo the dislike of the student. However despite her memories being suppressed by the mental effect, she and Shalltear noted that on a subconscious level they respected one another. Later she attended Momonga's lecture on information warfare. After the incident she profusely tried to accept blame for the event, but Momonga did not as they could not have predict a situation like this. For Shalltear who felt responsible, Albedo provided words of comfort to the vampire noting that Shalltear while being the focal of the incident was also the resolution to restoring Nazarick.[119]

After a new visitor emerged from the Crack, Momonga provided cooperation in helping him search for his missing lover. During the initial search, no leads were found leading Albedo to suggest they ask Nigredo for aid, before a communique from a summon in the field reported that they located the missing person. Albedo observed the unusual behavior of the Chaos Beasts that seemed determined to keep the other worlder couple apart. After the fiasco, and the lovers reunited, Albedo spent some time with one of the pair to talk about the secret of how to touch a man, but was unable to get full details as the couple were being returned to their world by a friend.[120]

At a meeting, Albedo heard of the protagonist's proposal to host a Halloween theme Harvest Festival in E-Rantel. She and so may others misconstrued Momonga's muses as ulterior motive to use the event to deceive the human populace of the Sorcerer Kingdom's origins by associating themselves with the Boastful Sage. To aid in the festival, Albedo with the assistance of the general maids created many costumes for the masquerade. Later after the success of the festival, Albedo wanted to launch a line of magic items to expand the lie that the Sorcerer Kingdom's legacy was tied to the sage and hopefully use them as trade items with the Baharuth Empire. She celebrated the victory by wearing her idol costume for Nazarick's Halloween Festival.[121]

Albedo supported Momonga's "Daily Household Magic Item Improvement Plan" and aimed to develop a new magic item based on the samples brought by Lupusregina and CZ from Arwintar. During a dip in the baths at Spa Resort Nazarick, Albedo tried the fan from the outside world that was installed there. She also encountered Lupusregina there enjoying the baths, and the two women collaborated in devising the Scented Moisture Fan as a tool to allow people like the general maids to enjoy the sensation of a forest indoors. It was later presented at the "Sorcerer Kingdom Daily Household Magic Item Fair" at Spa Resort Nazraick. At the baths, most of the attendees wore swimsuits, though Albedo opted to wear a bath towel arouse Momonga. Though the scent and breeze produced by the new fan was well-received, the strength of the fan was too much, but their item gain praise from Momonga.[122]

Albedo was at a general meeting with Momonga and a few of the Floor Guardians on Nazarick's operations. She became reacquainted with Shiro when he came to warn Momonga about the approach of New Year's Day. Due to being in physical contact with Shiro, Albedo was among those unaffected by the New Year's epidemic. The same could not be said about Cocytus who she found to have laxing about due to the mental effect. Albedo initially berated the Floor Guardian, until he mentioned talk about Nazarick's heir. Albedo was part of Momonga's subjugation team to defeat the new Ruler of New Year on the other side of the Hatsumōde. After defeating the entity, Albedo assumed her role as Neutrally and did a live performance with LittleMasStar, Narberal and Lupusregina.[123]

The protagonist would bring news to Nazarick that the Sorcerer Kingdom's chocolate sales in E-Rantel were down. To amend this, Albedo and the other Floor Guardians, with Momonga agreed that a new chocolate product would be created. Due to Momonga forgetting to mention Valentine's Day in associate with the chocolates, Albedo and Demiurge assumed it was some sort of test for the Floor Guardians, compelling them to conduct their own independent research to prepare for the new development plan. Albedo knowing the amorous nature of Valentine's Day, promised to refrain from competing with Shalltear over the Trial of Love. However she would see Mare's aid in the library to clarify some details such as how to seduce one through chocolate, under the pretense of improving the chocolate product. Later she participated in New Valentine Plan to make a new chocolate confection and wore a naked apron to catch Momonga eye. After Golden Chocolate In A Bottle was released in E-Rantel, Albedo tried using a tactic from a book she read of seducing her lover by offering her body smeared with chocolate to Momonga, which brought ire from Shalltear for violating their agreement.[124]

During the reconstruction of E-Rantel from the staged attack by Jaldabaoth, Albedo reported on the situation of the Baharuth Empire from their spies, Lupusregina and CZ, stating that no new movements were apparent. After a incident involving the remnants of Zurrernorn creating a dangerous Super Giant Sanitary Slime was resolved by the human defenders and the protagonist, Albedo queried to her lord on how they should handle the cult. While Demiurge knew the general whereabouts of the leaders of Zurrernorn, the true culprits of the incident turned out to be rogue agents, which Albedo complained that the organization's lack of control over its agents were troublesome and foolish. True to her faith in Momonga, she believed that her master had forsaw the events would transpire and hence allowed the protagonist to handle it himself. After hearing that Tsuibayaya developed a new swimsuit, she asked about its performance traits during the incident.[125]

In a report from the protagonist, Albedo would learn that the humans in E-Rantel were demanding new chocolate products, leading to the Adventurer's Guild announcing the upcoming "chilled chocolate". To Albedo she found the humans desire to be nothing short of greedy given the sweet's relatively newness. Still the Sorcerer Kingdom was expected to profit from humanity's desire, so plans were made to begin the development of a new chocolate product. To the shock of many it was Cocytus who volunteered for the task, as he argued ice magic was his specialty. Albedo was dubious of Cocytus's ability to craft a new dish, given that he was a non-human who probably could noy understand human taste.

Momonga had to agree with her, though asked a second opinion from Demiurge. It was he who argued that Cocytus should not be excluded from carrying out this task base on racial presumptions. His argument won Momonga over who then assigned Narberal to act as Cocytus's assistant. Even though the task was not a priority, Albedo secretly met with Demiurge so he could elaborate why he put much trust in Cocytus's abilities. After learning that Cocytus was a having a crisis of his position, Albedo was still concerned on future of the chocolate project. Later on she and a few others in Nazarick did a reenactment of the taste party for the benefit of the would be chocolatiers to give them inspiration on a new dish. The help of her and the others allows Cocytus to envision Chilled Chocolate Confectionary which Albedo commented to be the essence of "fluffy," "crunchy," and "sakutoro."[126]

A new visitor from another world arrive, this being a human peddler who offered Momonga to conduct a business negotiation for the merchandise he brought through the Crack. While Albedo had reservation of dealing with a lowly human, she was surprised when her colleague admired the human. She learned this was due to Demiurge taking a liking to the human's fawning attitude before Momonga. Even so Albedo was not impressed as it was expected of such lowly creatures to worship Momonga.

Albedo attended the human's presentation of goods he wanted to sell to Momonga. The deal concluded with Momonga purchasing everything, which causes the peddler to graciously smile to his undead patron. The said smile of the man disturbed the female demon. For the payment of the goods, Albedo supported the idea of paying the man Chaos Stones as a means to return back to his original world.[127]

Previously the protagonist had approached Momonga with a proposal of an idea of an orphanage run by the Sorcerer Kingdom, where orphans would be educated. Albedo disagreed with the idea as there was no need to give inferior humans any knowledge or skills beyond the minimum level of education to allow them to become cogs in society. Though after naming the benefits of the orphanage in indoctrinating the children to become faithful followers of their nations and scouting out any useful talents, Momonga approved of the plan to propose it in E-Rantel. Later she was present when the protagonist reported the details of the incident regarding a noble from the Nobility Faction operating a child slave trafficking ring.[128]

Later in the next meeting with the Floor Guardians, the protagonist and Momonga, Albedo noted her annoyance at Shalltear of making noise when she was being used as a chair by Momonga. She casted doubt that this was an actual punishment to the vampire. As for determining who was responsible for Shalltear's mind control, Albedo believed that it wasn't just a group of strong people, but one backed by a powerful organization. She and her peers listened to the protagonist's proposal to make the first move to acquire information from the Dwarf Kingdom about the Incident from the long-lived races that inhabited the region.[129]

In a meeting brought up by Lupusregina on the lack of knowledge of human currency among the field agents of Nazarick, it was then decided that a money lecture would be held to provide a standard. When the protagonist recommended Pandora's Actor to be the lecturer, Albedo was in agreement of the choice as the Area Guardian was in charge of Nazarick's finances.

Albedo assisted Momonga in accompanying him to the Treasury to recruit Pandora's Actor for being the lecturer. While at the Treasury, Albedo commented to her master that they needed to rethink about placing some of their inventory, specifically the inventions created by Nazarick that were being kept in a corner of the area. She gave Momonga a small briefing on Shalltear's mental state, noting that the vampire wanted to find a way to make up for her short rebellion.

As for the money lecture Albedo had high hopes for the workshop as she believed gaining foreign currency for the Sorcerer Kingdom was vital. Upon meeting with Pandora's Actor who was working on imprinting his special "Made in the Magical Kingdom" logo on the invention, Albedo asked him to shelf the idea for now to focus on the current assignment which they relayed to him. To assist him in his lecture, Albedo and Demiurge offered to help him prepare his notes and presentation.

While gathering material on money in Ashurbanipal, Albedo found Shalltear in the stacks. She was surprised that Shalltear was doing a preliminary study and be participating in the lecture. But took an interest in Shalltear's work particularly romance in the business organization.

Taking inspiration from their reading, both Albedo and Shalltear appeared in business suits at the end of Pandora's Actor's lecture and gave their own lecture on the business organization of Nazarick. For Albedo she provided a summary on the roles in Nazarick and their contributions to the Sorcerer Kingdom. After their successful presentation, both women regrouped in Albedo's room, to discuss their work and hope of using their professional dignity and business suits to make Momonga have a fetish for them as part of their ongoing Trial of Love.

Though an emergency session was held in Nazarick, as it was reported from E-Rantel that their chocolate luxuries goods that were being kept in storage were eaten by sanitary slimes. In order to fulfill a chocolate order made by a noble, Albedo at Momonga's order took command and began directing assignments to prepare a new batch of sweets. Given the situation, she and Shalltear agreed to postpone their Trial of Love competition until after the crisis. Once it was over, and after a comment by Momonga complimenting them on their suits, it devolved into both female Floor Guardians vying for his attention.[130]

After the city of E-Rantel was attacked by a series of Crack explosions and invasions by Chaos Beasts, the Sorcerer Kingdom still was able to profit from the disaster, by expanding their influence over the Re-Estize Kingdom and Baharuth Empire. Despite the gains, Nazarick still suffered losses as the protagonist and his team, along with half the Pleiades disappeared at the time of the attack on the city.

Albedo commented to her master that the puppetization of the Re-Estize Kingdom would soon be realized, all thanks to their human collaborator Princess Renner and looked forward to rewarding her by making her wish to be a demon come true.

When the humans in E-Rantel request that another "Greetings and Victory" Festival be hosted to boost morale and have Shall and Ku participate in the dedication demonstration, Albedo was all for the idea. Even though there was risk of letting Shalltear out into the field, the Overseer Guardians believed the benefits outweighed the risks. She contributed to the event by providing costumes for Shalltear and the Nazarick agents. Later when the festival ended and the members of Nazarick discussed on why Shalltear was not approached by any enemies, eyes turned to the absent Theocracy.[131]

Later when the protagonist returned after months of being missing in action, he asked to have a private audience with Momonga. Albedo and Demiurge initially denied the request as they were concerned that the homunculus was under the influence of another party. They were overruled by Momonga who allowed the NPC to speak with him in private. Afterwards the protagonist revealed to everyone that the remaining members of Nazarick who were assumed lost, were incapacitated and trapped on the "other side" of the Crack.[132]

At the return of the protagonist and the members of the Pleiades from the "other side" of the Crack, Albedo and her peers were made aware that the homunculus was not really a creation of the Supreme Beings, but an idea that was realized through the power of the Sea of Possibilities. In addition they learned that he may have shared a possible connection to Enhela Read Gahi who claimed that they were compatriots, serving Kuyō for some specific purpose. Upon the mention of the Devourer of the Nine Worlds, Albedo noticed Momonga to be emotionally conflicted, and managed to snap him back to his senses. Given what they knew so far about the protagonist, Albedo as a matter of fact stated it was too dangerous to keep the protagonist is Nazarick. To her it was better to let the homunculus leave Nazarick and plant false information to misdirect their enemies. She also worried that the protagonist could possibly lead Enhela or anyone else to Nazarick. When it was decided that the protagonist would remain in E-Rantel as its Territory Guardian, Albedo agreed that assigning Sebas Tian as his escort was the best decision.

When she and the rest of the Guardians were asked on their personal feelings about the protagonist, Albedo expressed that she was half sympathetic and also wary towards her comrade, but given her duties as Overseer Guardian, her heart went towards the latter.[133]

Later Albedo sponsored Princess Renner's ascension in becoming a full member of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. She recognized how ambitious and valuable Renner could be in service to her master. At her encouragement, Momonga formally recognized Renner as a member of Nazarick and become Albedo's direct subordinate. The Overseer Guardian arranged for the princess to fake her death using Carne Village and several captured humans as bait to lure the elites of the Re-Estize Kingdom so Renner could poison them and thus weaken her country further.

Once Renner used Fallen Seed on herself to turn from a human into an imp. Since this was the first time Fallen Seed was used on a human, Albedo wanted to test Renner's capabilities and did a mock battle with the new imp at the Amphitheater.

After the duel, Albedo and the rest of Nazarick hosted a banquet in Renner's honor to welcome her. Albedo bore witness to Momonga rewarding her servant a second Fallen Seed and later observed Renner dance.[134]

During the initiation of Lupusregina's and CZ's Bard Plan, Albedo was supportive of the endeavor to create bards for the Sorcerer Kingdom. She was taken with the idea of using rock music which was proposed by the maids' as when applied towards the Sorcerer Kingdom, the theme would critical of the status quo of the nation, but would cause other nations to lower their guard thinking the Sorcerer Kingdom to be weak if they saw their citizens allowed to do this kind of criticism. When Βγδth was formed and made a promising impact on the general maids, Albedo reprised her role as Neutrally and joined LittleMasStar in a final collaboration show that involved a mock battle. After the battle, Albedo agreed with her master's decision to move forward with the plan and begin the creation of prototypes for the electric guitar and stand mic to be introduced into E-Rantel.[135]

While receiving a general report on the operation of Casino Resort Nazarick, Albedo learned that there was waning interest in the earning prizes. To correct this Albedo created the Momonga Hanger to stimulate the interest of the general maids in hopes they would play at the casino games to win chips. But from some information collected by Lupusregina, the item was now just being admired.

To liven things up, Albedo suggested that they organize a event like they did with the Idol Plan at the casino. Demiurge was consulted who expanded the plan to involve limited-time items for the venue. After being given permission by Momonga, Albedo worked with Lupusregina on preparing the new prizes as well as determining how to liven things up. Adhering to the advice of Lupusregina that they should focus attention on a pair of competing maids, Foire and Cixous, she and the Pleiades maids became the designated moderators for the event.

During the event Albedo wore a qipao while Lupusregina wore a cat cosplay outfit. They interacted with the general maids at the "Rare Item Acquisition Day" while steering attention to the two aforementioned competing maids. After the relative success of the event, she and Demiurge were directed by Momonga to work with the protagonist to adapt the experiment in E-Rantel as a way to affect humans.[136]

From her new imp subordinate Renner, Albedo received a report on the progress of the facilities on the island claimed by Nazarick. In addition was news that investigation teams sent beyond the fog surrounding the island revealed it was part of an archipelago infested with Chaos Beasts. The Overseer Guardian my with Renner in person to consult with her on the latter issue.

Afterwards Albedo then went to get permission from Momonga to lead a follow-up investigation to deal with the Chaos Beasts and possibly make contact with any intelligent cultures in the area. And although it was technically an external matter and reserve for Demiurge, Albedo argued to be the lead on the case due to the [Gate] connecting the seas and island to be within Nazarick and thus and internal affair under her charge.

Momonga ruled in her favor and allowed her to take Narberal as an escort. For the mission Albedo and Narberal selected ninja-theme swimsuits. They then went to the island controlled by their nation and with Renner’s permission took Climb as an escort along with several lizardmen on a ship to explore the site of the source of Chaos Beasts. During the mission Albedo noticed how Narberal was struggling to tolerate the outsiders. Knowing her companion’s animosity was expected by not just her, but others in Nazarick Albedo saw it would be an issue in the future.

Considerate of the feelings of those within Nazarick, Albedo concocted a lie to Climb and the lizardmen to explain Narberal’s coldness towards them as a result of negative experiences with outsiders from the Sorcerer Kingdom. In doing so, Albedo successfully fooled them changing wariness to sympathy. After the mission saw that the Crack where the Chaos Beast emerged in the region was under control, Albedo reported back to Nazarick of her results. Once she received praise from Momonga, Albedo attempted to seduce him forcible, prompting the Eight Edge Assassins to come to their masters aid and restrain Albedo.

Later confined to her quarters, Albedo commented that she successfully fooled Demiurge into allow her to have authority on an expedition in the field. It was all part for her plan to propose to Momonga in the future about a new intelligence unit under her command once the puppetization of the Three Kingdoms was complete. Officially the purpose of the unit would be to investigate and locate any signs of other Supreme Beings. However unbeknownst to Momonga and the other NPCs, if any other Supreme Beings were out in the New World Albedo would eliminate them so that only Momonga was the only creator. [137]

At the time of the first report of an team led by Soi began to come in on the investigation of an illegal gambling den in the Re-Estize Kingdom, Albedo was in counsel with Momonga along with Demiurge. After hearing some of the illegal sports being hosted at the den, such as rat killing, the succubus along with Demiurge expressed humor on human sadistic nature, though found the idea of playing on weaker creatures appealing. On the topic of he gambling den, Albedo noted that it was now a prominent smuggling operation after such crime were stamped out in E-Rantel. At the same time she also provided Momonga on an update concerning Renner's management of the island. After the boss of the casino, Succulent, was captured and imprisoned in the Frozen Prison, Albedo mused it was for the best as his existence could be troublesome for Regi and Shizuni's undercover identities. She still believed that the investigation was a wonderful harvest as they now had a prisoner with useful information.[138]

Albedo was called to the Round Table Room along with Demiurge by Momonga to discuss the protagonist's suggestion in gathering information on the dwarven bathhouses to help alleviate the people of E-Rantel's physical and mental trauma. On whether the information that dwarves bathed were true, Albedo informed her master that she received reports that dwarves took baths to clean themselves after work. She regarded the information to be interesting and wanted to see if bathhouses could be used as a relatively low-cost means of healing the body and mind of humans. This brought up the possibility of re-opening the possible market for the water-based inventions Nazarick produced and sell them to the Dwarf Kingdom. Albedo was for the idea, as they did not have much success with the human markets, as they lacked a bathing culture unlike the dwarves.

After Entoma and Yuri on a audit at the lizardman village confirmed from Zenberu that the dwarves bathed, Momonga told his two advisor this since the lizardman was more knowledgeable on the dwarven customs. Demiurge that they did not have much to go on, which caused Albedo to ask why it was a shame. The male demon elaborated that Zenberu only confirmed the bathhouses existence but was unable to go any further on how the dwarves drew hot water, which Albedo suggested that perhaps they drew it from another location.

When it was evident that an expedition was needed to be sent to investigate the dwarven bathhouses, the protagonist being part of the team drew some concern. It was unanimously agreed Sebas would join to keep an eye on the homunculus and Albedo added that the butler would be handy if the group had to deal with the ruling Frost Dragon. For more escorts, Momonga had Albedo summon all the Pleiades s he may select who would go. To the surprise of many, including Albedo, it was Solution who volunteered, before Momonga made a selection. For this Albedo felt her master was slighted for being interrupted, but Momonga forgave the maid's impetuousness. When the expedition returned successfully, gaining the trust of the dwarves by renovating the bathhouse in Feo Berkana, and even making the Frost Dragon pay tribute to them, Albedo believed that the Sorcerer Kingdom would expect future trade with the Dwarf Kingdom.[139]

While Renner was managing the isolated island, Albedo made a surprise visit in order to hear from Renner directly on how the procurement of materials on the island was going. The procurement was going well, especially in the supply of fish, which Renner recommended rewarding the lizardmen. Albedo made it sound as if a reward to the demi-humans was not necessary, though Renner surprisingly held her ground on the idea, which impressed the demon to relent.

After the request of the reward was relayed to the leadership of Nazarick, that being an ice room and a statue of Momonga, after being in awe with Demiurge's Sorcerer King Momonga Statue. The Overseer Guardian did not have any objections to the requests. At Momonga's request she left the job of fulfilling the reward of the lizardmen to Renner. For the ice needed for the ice room, Albedo assigned Slimeko to be Renner's assistant and guide her to the 5th Floor to meet with Cocytus. She also gifted them winter equipment from the Treasury to help them with the task.

Sometime later, Cocytus with Renner's prompting came with a proposal to gift the lizardmen an ice statue of Momonga to place within the ice room. Albedo found the idea ingenious as they would naturally cultivate feelings of gratitude from the lizardmen and they would be directed at Momonga in a worshipful way as part of their daily life.

Once the statue and ice room was approved by the lizardmen, Albedo sent Renner on a task to collect materials, game animals, from the Azerlisia Mountains. For what purpose, Renner did not know but she managed hunt several vultures with her team. Upon returning to Nazarick, Renner and Cocytus went to build the ice room and install the ice statue, before returning to deliver a report to the Floor Guardians and Momonga. There were no issues in the fulfilling the lizardmen's reward, only finding resistance in a slime nest that had infested a cave where the ice room was built, which Renner blamed herself for not carefully checking the site. Her error though was mitigated by Cocytus, who added that Renner aided in killing the monsters. And Albedo calls her deed to be the right one as the image of her defending the ice room has now embedded itself in the lizardmen leaving the demi-humans in greater debt to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Thus no punishment was given.

Albedo then revealed that the ingredients that Renner collected were ready, and it was for a Christmas banquet that Momonga ordered. All off duty Floor Guardians and NPCs were summoned to join in the festivities. Albedo invited Renner and even her bodyguard Climb to participate. During the party, Albedo who had been watching Renner socialize with the other members of Nazarick, came over to see how she was doing. Renner took the opportunity to ask about her suspicions that Albedo arranged for this in order to bolster Renner's reputation, but having her become the main contributor for this party, as Slimeko spared no expense at regaling the rest of Nazarick on her part in the procurement of materials. Albedo admitted that she gave no such order to Slimeko, though did send Renner on the food collection in order to learn about Renner's "food preferences". Given that subsistence is not necessary for a demon, Albedo wanted to learn a little more about her and also try to help Renner retain a little taste of her humanity. Seeing that Renner had been too busy to eat something for herself, Albedo kindly offered to bring something warm for the imp.[140]

Soon after New Year's arrive and Nazarick made preparations for the event and the eventual arrival of the White Mochi King. Though unlike the previous years, the arrival of the raid boss was delayed due to Nazarick being unable to acquire the last Seven Lucky God Key Item. Shiro who was necessary to defeat and protect Nazarick from the White Mochi King, selected the activity of the "first sunrise" in order to experience a meaningful New Year's experience for the last key item. Such an event required Shiro to head out to the Azerlisia Mountains. Momonga to the surprise of many decided to come along with Shiro despite the protests of Albedo and the others.

Albedo having convinced Momonga to allow her to be an escort, suspected Momonga insistence to be included on the trip was not just mere curiosity but a form of caution to monitor Shiro outside the dungeon. For the excursion outside it was official called a "New Year's visit" to tour the occupied territories of the Sorcerer Kingdom starting from the Great Forest of Tob, the Great Lake, and the Dwarf Kingdom. At each of those locations New Year's greetings and gifts were given to the locals, making Momonga magnanimous to Albedo's joy. At the city of Feo Berkana they met with the Frost Dragon and after intimidating the creature, secured a ride to the mountain summit to see the sunrise.

Shortly then the group returned to Nazarick for Shiro absorb the last key item and regain his full powers. This then led to a raid on the Bishamonten Shrine where Shiro defeated his counterpart. After the raid, Albedo and the others discussed the potential of studying Shiro further in order to expand their knowledge of the Sea of Possibilities.[141]

A new mission concerning Lupusregina and CZ in their worker identities in New Six Arms required them to infiltrate a venue hosted by the Anti-Imperial Faction to steal a Blood Oath. The problem that Albedo brought up was that the venue was being hosted by those of the nobility class, and Lupusregina nor CZ were educated in the culture of the aristocracy. To give them some training or at least a base on etiquette, Albedo believed Yuri would be a suited teacher, as well as Renner.

The Overseer Guardian brough the two Pleiades to meet Yuri to begin their training, while she went off to see Renner at the island and ask her for her assistance. When Albedo arrived at the island she became aware that she at a bad time since her subordinate was about to take a break, which she apologized for. Regardless Renner came to Nazarick with Albedo to expand on the training with the Pleiades maids.

Albedo watched Renner and Yuri train Lupusregina and CZ, and also took a break with them. Later as Yuri continued the lesson, Albedo took Renner aside to help her in sewing a new dress for Lupusregina to wear at the venue. She needed her opinion on styles nobility would wear, making sure it was not too extravagant and within the norms of the social class of nobles.

After the undercover workers stole the Blood Oath, Albedo and Renner were praised for their contributions. At the debriefing Albedo expressed interest in continuing these lessons in etiquette since such knowledge was necessary as the Prime Minister of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Though she insinuated that meant she could spend personal time with Momonga as his dance partner. Shalltear took an issue in this complaining that since she had an undercover identity as a former noble turned adventurer she should get the priority. The tension though was diffused by Aura reminding them that since Lupusregina has first hand experiencing in dancing in a noble setting she should be Momonga's dance partner, which neither women could argue.

Albedo later visited the island again, this time to personally thank Renner for her help and to inform her and inform her dance lessons were taking place in Nazarick. She was going to hurry back and brought Renner a new dress and an invitation to attend if she wanted to, before she left to return to the dungeon.[142]

For the upcoming pep rally, in a prelude for the rescue operation to the other side of the Crack, a representative from the Sorcerer Kingdom was needed. Since Albedo was the Prime Minister, she believed that she was the best choice. However Demiurge had another idea of sending someone unexpected in order to gain more from the responses of the other dignitaries at the rally. Thus Aura and Mare were chosen instead to stir up the political pot.

Later when news came to Nazarick, that Antilene Heran Fouche would be attending, the selection of sending dark elves to the rally was considered a stroke of genius on her master's part. As now they could observe how the Theocracy would react to being faced with elves who they spurned. Given Antilene was a half-elf herself, Albedo and the others were extremely curious to learn how a girl was able to achieve such a role in the humancentric nation. While they were uncertain of what role she would play at the event, they could not ignore that she was dangerous, but believed that the dark elf twins would be able to make a bond with her. For good measure, Albedo and the others dispatched Shalltear as Shall, as she made a prior connection with Antilene before.

At the end of the event, they trio were able to get close to Antilene, but still had many unanswered questions about the half-elf. Albedo noted that Antilene was regarded as a treasure to the Theocracy and noted that the girl was quite sheltered. During the meeting of the Floor Guardians, she was appalled when Demiurge and Sebas Tian began to argue over the 7th Floor Guardian's spur of the moment additions to the plan to observe Antilene in E-Rantel. However the situation calmed down, when the bickering invoked laughter from Momonga, as they reminded him of good memories of the past. Rather than renumerate over fault, Momonga opted to celebrate their success in enthralling the humans in the city, by hosting a feast that would be many time more festive than the pep rally. Albedo happy to please started the groundwork to prepare such a party.[143]

Albedo was in attendance of a meeting to address the miasma crisis happening throughout the cities of the Three Kingdoms. Based on the evidence, she and the Floor Guardians concluded that Enhela Read Gahi was responsible, although they were unable to determine his exact plan. When it was decided that Nazarick concentrate its efforts in saving E-Rantel, Albedo supported the idea as the city and humans were useful shields for Nazarick.

Later when Enhela confronted the protagonist and his team, Albedo listening in on their conversation was disturbed that the protagonist supposedly had the same power of "Divine Right" as the priest.

After a disembodied voice, supposedly belonging to the Devourer of the Nine Worlds, Albedo obeyed Momonga's order to evacuate the dungeon using the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown. She regrouped with her master at the Central Mausoleum where they found the protagonist and his team, who had been teleported there by Enhela. Enhela before them announced that he had taken control of Nazarick via his "Hacking" ability. Albedo was the first to come to understand that the situation with all the Cracks in the world activate was a method for the priest to extend his senses in an effort to track down the single Crack within Nazarick to extrapolate its location. Her cleverness earned her praise from the usurper.

After Enhela listed his terms for the protagonist to be turned over to him and be forced to use his innate ability, Albedo followed Momonga's decision to reject the ultimatum and instead launch an attack to retake Nazarick.[24]

END of NON-CANON content


  • In the Web Novel, Albedo and her sisters do not exist.
  • Albedo is a Latin word meaning "whiteness."
  • Her white and black color palette is a reference to the Albedo Effect, where lighter colors are capable of reflecting heat while darker colors tend to attract heat.
  • Albedo is the second NPC to be given the Ring of Ainz Ooal Gown.
  • While Albedo was limited to only one set of clothes, she possesses several different kinds of underwear.
  • In the manga, Albedo's armor looks bulky instead of feminine-shaped like in the anime. Others could have mistaken her for a man if it wasn't for her voice.
  • Although Albedo is a succubus, she is revealed to still be a virgin, which is why she isn't able to meet the requirements in riding her bicorn, which can only be ridden by impure maidens.
  • Among the Floor Guardians and NPCs, Albedo is the only one who harbors hateful thoughts toward their creators, including her own, but Momonga.
  • Unlike in the Web Novel, Maruyama states that he included Albedo in the Light Novel for a reason, so Ainz would be able to freely move around outside the Great Tomb of Nazarick.[144]
  • Every time he sees Albedo, and every time she declares her love for him, Ainz is reminded of the mistake he made in altering Albedo's settings.


  • (To Momonga): "Will I have my first time here? Should I undress myself? Or would I trouble Momonga-sama? Wearing clothes, later on they might get dirty. No, if Momonga-sama wants me to wear these clothes, then I have no objections."
  • (To Momonga):"The man who rules over the Supreme Beings, and our highest, most exalted master. In addition, the man I love most deeply."
  • (To the Evil Lords): "That makes sense...it seems I panicked because I have not seen Momonga-sama for such a long time. I can only meet Momonga-sama after 18 hours, don't you think 18 hours is too long?"
  • (To the Evil Lords): "For the last time, do you really think Momonga-sama will approve of seeing me dirtied like this?"
  • (To Momonga about humans): "I don't like them. Humans are fragile and inferior creatures. If I crush them like insects, there would be a pretty sight to behold."
  • (To the Sunlight Scripture): "You lower lifeforms! T-, to dare to do this kind of thing to our most beloved ruler Ainz-sama! To make my favorite and most loved person feel pain, is to not know your own abilities! I absolutely will not forgive you. I will let you taste the most amount of pain you have ever felt until you go mad! Using acid to corrode your four limbs, then cut off your genitals, make them into mincemeat and make you eat them! After that use healing spells to cure you! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Damn! Damn damn damn damn, my heart is about to explode!"
  • (To Narberal): "I'll slowly decrease the distance between myself and Ainz-sama while Shalltear is out on business! Although the objective is hard to breach, as long as I keep up the pressure and gain a beachhead, I'll be able to bring it down one day! On that glorious day, Shalltear will weep bitter tears of regret!"
  • (To Demiurge): "Be it cleaning, laundry or sewing skills, I am at the level of professionals. For the child that might be born in the future, I had made clothes and socks. All the way till five years old."
  • (To Demiurge): "It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl...ah! What if the child is a hermaphrodite, or sexless?"
  • (During Shalltear's betrayal): "Ainz-sama, my beloved, I am your faithful dog, your slave. Even if all of Nazarick were to turn against you, I would still stand by your side."
  • (To Ainz): "Why!? Why can you not make that promise? Did you have thoughts about abandoning us already? Why!? Is there something which makes you unhappy? If you would just explain, I will immediately remedy it! If you think of me as a hindrance, I shall immediately take my own life!"
  • (To Demiurge about Ainz): "He is the one who wears the name of Ainz Ooal Gown, the one who rules over us all, the one who is both high and supreme. Such a being has declared his victory with his name."
  • (To herself): "The Ainz Ooal Gown which abandoned us… It makes me mad."
  • (To Ainz about anonymous suggestion): "...If there was a lower limit to the definition of the word ’inferior’, that idea has certainly managed to break through it."
  • (To Ainz): "How could anyone contradict a decision that the Supreme Being has made, Ainz-sama? If you say it is white, then it will be white even though it is black. That is all."
  • (To Demiurge): "No, Demiurge. How could someone like you, no, how could people like us ever hope to be able to fully comprehend Ainz-sama's ingenious plans? To have forgotten that Ainz-sama's every move was made with a multitude of intents may have been our greatest failure."
  • (To King Ramposa III): "If you wish to treat this incident as our nation’s scheme, that is fine by me. History is written by the victors. All of your false accusations will soon be erased."


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  97. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Queen War -Nazarick Swimsuit Athletic Meet-
  98. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Valkyrie Memories
  99. Mass for the Dead Chapter 12: Leader of Mankind
  100. Mass for the Dead Chapter 13: End of Date
  101. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Worker Within The Fog
  102. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Moon, Rabbit And Prophecy
  103. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Witches' Costume Party
  104. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Magical Girl and the King of Magic
  105. Mass for the Dead Special Event: E-Rantel's Santa Claus
  106. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Counterattack Guardian Kakushigei Tournament
  107. Mass for the Dead Special Event: A Spider and an Undead, So What?
  108. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 2) Undercover Adventurer
  109. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 1) Nazarick Revitalization Plan -Anniversary-
  110. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 2) Nazarick Revitalization Plan -Anniversary-
  111. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Underground-Tomb-IDOL 2ndP
  112. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Date A Nazarick III
  113. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Casino Resort Nazarick
  114. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Bride Costume Is Self-Made
  115. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 1) Swimsuits, Lizards, and Dark Elves
  116. Mass for the Dead Special Event (Part 2) Swimsuits, Lizards, and Dark Elves
  117. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Mithril Sleeping In Light Mist
  118. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 1) Heart Pounding★Nazarick Academy
  119. Mass for the Dead Special Event: (Part 2) Heart Pounding★Nazarick Academy
  120. Mass for the Dead Special Event: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Ruler of Death
  121. Mass for the Dead Special Event: E-Rantel's Harvest Festival
  122. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Charming Lie Inside The Invention
  123. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Dyed White and New Year's Ruler
  124. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Chocolate Is Colored With Gems
  125. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Saints Who Dive In The Water
  126. Mass for the Dead Special Event: A Sweet Plan
  127. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Sasaki, the Mage and the Undead King
  128. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Prayers for Mother's Day
  129. Mass for the Dead Chapter 14: Mountain Range Lord
  130. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Work Style Reform in a Suit
  131. Mass for the Dead Special Event: E-Rantel In Disguise
  132. Mass for the Dead Chapter 16: Name of God
  133. Mass for the Dead Chapter 17: Eve of the Storm
  134. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Golden Dance Festival of the Fallen
  135. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Rock the Pleiades
  136. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Casino Resort 2nd Bet
  137. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Islands of the Unknown and Chaos
  138. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Harvest Moon Survey
  139. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Thermae Dwarf
  140. Mass for the Dead Special Event: An Ice Room Is Built and a Holy Night Is Celebrated
  141. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Azerlisia's First Sunrise
  142. Mass for the Dead Special Event: A Young Lady Casting a Shadow of Ambition
  143. Mass for the Dead Special Event: Achievements for Tomorrow, Variations of the Past
  144. Syosetsu Blog Post: Novermber 30th 2012


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