Akemi (あけみ) is the younger sister of Yamaiko. Little is known about her other than the fact that she was one of the few non-members of Ainz Ooal Gown who visited Nazarick as a guest in YGGDRASIL.


Akemi is an elf from the Humanoid Race in YGGDRASIL.


Unknown about Akemi's personality, she usually visited her older sister's guild at Nazarick as a guest.


Akemi was a renown child genius comparable to her older sister. Akemi and her older sister played YGGDRASIL together. However, Akemi picked to play as an elf from the human race, while her older sister chose to play as a Nephilim, one of the heteromorphic race. Despite being from a different guild and race, Akemi usually visited her older sister at Nazarick as a guest and was always welcomed by the guild members of Ainz Ooal Gown.


The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Main article: The Men in the Kingdom Arc

Akemi's name was mentioned by Ainz after Sebas Tian's loyalty has been confirmed at the Royal Capital of the Re-Estize Kingdom.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Her abilities are unknown, but Akemi is presumed to be a skilled player in YGGDRASIL.



Yamaiko is the older sister of Akemi and she's usually visited her older sister's guild. Though Akemi herself was regarded as a child genius, she had a strong admiration for her older sister.[2]


  • In the Web Novel, a plush toy of Akemi, riding a lion, was made by Yamaiko for Aura.[3]
  • Despite being a guest of Nazarick, some guild members believed that Akemi came there to observe their guild headquarters.
  • Akemi used to argue with a girl who confessed to her older sister. This girl was Yamaiko's kouhai.


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