Ainz-sama's Portrait (アインズ様の肖像画) by Tsuneishi Tsuneo (常石ツネオ) is the thirtieth chapter of the Overlord Official Comic A La Carte series.


Aura Bella Fiora asks Ainz Ooal Gown why there is a scandalous portrait of Albedo hanging on the wall. Ainz answers her stating Albedo wished to be always by his side thus decided to decorate Nazarick with images of herself. The elf think that the portrait is not a suitable decoration. The Overlord doesn't really care for the painting though he encourages Aura to paint picture to replace the one on the wall. Aura decides to do just that getting paint and canvas, and is joined by her brother Mare Bello Fiore. The incentive of having their art displayed and praised by Ainz motivates them to paint. However Aura's painting looks miserably childish horrifying her drawing skills. Mare in the other hands drew an image of a blushing Ainz much to the envy of his sister. The two argue over the depiction of their master, when Shalltear Bloodfallen comes to investigate. Taking note of Aura's painting she notes that it is indeed their master, though it was done by one with childish skill, jabbing at Aura's pride. Aura tells her to try painting, which ends with Shalltear producing a work that is even more embarrassing than Aura's.

The three pictures as they are, Aura states that she can't show them to Ainz, drawing a question from Shalltear who soon learns of the situation. Ainz spontaneously appears, shocking Shalltear and Aura. Mare takes the opportunity to show Ainz his painting. Mentally Ainz is confused by Mare colored his cheeks red, he nonetheless praises the art work. The other two ladies are dumbstruck at Ainz's praises. Ainz asks for their paintings to see. They try to avoid showing him their painting but Ainz is insistent. Complying they tell Ainz that their pieces are just practice and not to judge to critically. But Ainz states he likes them and decides to display them where Albedo's painting is. Albedo seeing the paintings hanging where her portrait was demands to know who placed them. Mare happily informs her it to be Ainz. Meanwhile Shalltear and Aura quietly sneak away deciding that despite their poor art skills that at least got rid of Albedo's portrait.

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Chapter Notes

  • The portraits are hanged outside a corridor near Ashurbanipal.
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