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Aina Miscegenation League (エナ多種同盟国) was a nation that neighbored Inveria.


The Aina Miscegenation League was located near the Kaidinias Mountain Range. It sat between two nations, one being Inveria on its eastern border. Forty years ago, the populations of the League along with three other nations had mysteriously been transformed into zombies.

Twenty years passed, the undead populace for some reason moved into the neighboring countries causing the Undead Disaster. After much death and blood, the surrounding nations managed to quarantine the area. All roads leading to the Aina League were blocked off and patrols were established to prevent the undead and living from crossing into the no man's land.


 The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc

Main article: The Vampire Princess of the Lost Country Arc

After five years of traveling together Suzuki and Keno, at the former’s insistence decided to visit a city of the Aina League. To avoid the patrol guarding the paths to the League, Suzuki had to teleport to avoid obstacles. Upon reaching Seruk No.3 they found the entire city to be empty. Determining that the source of what happened to Keno's country was near, Suzuki ordered Keno to remain in the city whilst he faced the one responsible.[1]


The Aina League had originally been a country formed from the union of many races. Among them were highly intelligent Giants.

Foreign Relations


Inveria laid to its eastern border. Other than that it suffered the same fate as the League in which all its populace were turned into undead.


  • The Aina Miscegenation League has one of the largest cities in the surrounding countries called Seruk No.3.


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