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Adventurer's Promotion Test is an exam conducted for qualified adventurers attempting to rank up in the Adventurer's Guild. It is taken place in a cemetery graveyard located at the city of E-Rantel.


Pluton Ainzach noted that the designated time for when the Promotion Test will begin was at 1700 and ends at 0600 the next day. The loops required are three. The first will end at 2000 today, the second tomorrow at 0100, and the last at 0500. He estimated that it can take at least about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete one round. The places an adventurer basically need to be alerted about are basically the grave keeper’s building which they could use.

Adventurers above the novice rank are not allowed to participate in the Promotion Test. When being tested on, the person taking it are expected to act in a manner appropriate as an adventurer. Ainzach even advised that if numerous monsters with high difficulty appear in the scene, the adventurer must prioritize information gathering. It was due to the fact during the beginning of the promotion test, it would start off with intelligence gathering first.

Mostly, the adventurer will tend to have a common encounter with undead like zombies and skeletons. After a skirmish, they would stumbled upon armed zombie warriors and also skeleton soldiers.[1]

Nonetheless, the contents provided from the promotion test was that the adventurer had to spend a night in the cemetery and patrol through it all as a night watchman. And if an undead shows up in the middle of nighttime, the task of that adventurer was to defeat it. In the end, if no undead were to appear, then the job as a watchman was already completed. In Momon's case, after passing the test, he is promoted to the rank of an F-Class adventurer.[2]


  • In the Web Novel, Nabe posing as Momon was given permission to qualify for taking the test.
  • Calling an A Class adventurer such as Bebei Autumn to judge the promotion test of a novice was next to impossible.[3]


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