Abyssal Lord (アビサル・ロード) is a monster from YGGDRASIL.

Appearance Edit

The Abyssal Lord's staunch figure looks to be covered in black hardened scales with large bat-like wings sprouting from their backs. A dark malevolent aura permeated from its body. That body is supported by a devilish whip-like tail. Sharp fangs protruded from its mouth, with razor sharp claws that cuts like a katana.

On its head was a pair of long and twisted horns. At the same time, on the creature's back is similar but shorter horns. The Abyssal Lord's face was covered with scales, making it look like a twisted hybrid of men and insect.

Abilities Edit

Although it is not the highest level, the Abyssal Lord was considered a high class monster estimated to be level 80.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • This monster only appears in the Web Novel.


  1. Overlord First Half Chapter 18: Categorical Imperatives
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