Abyss Demon (アビス・デーモン) is a demon summon from Mass for the Dead.

Appearance Edit

A muscular demon with the bare-bone head of a ram with black wings sprouting from the back.

Personality Edit

Abyss Demon possesses intelligence to speak human language and strength to crush rocks. He combines obedience that faithfully carries out its life in the service of Demiurge and Momonga. Ferocious in that, if he considers those as an enemy, he will crush them without mercy. Abyss Demon may look like a thug, but he has a prudent mind and can sense an enemy's power.

Background Edit

One of the subordinates summoned by Demiurge during the Great Tomb of Nazarick's crisis.

Chronology Edit

Mass for the Dead ArcEdit

Main article: Mass for the Dead Arc

In order to obtain resources to promote and revitalize Nazarick, Momonga launches an asset acquisition plan. However, the mines for resource acquisition secured by Demiurge receive the information that a team of adventurers Blue Roses is coming. Abyss Demon is forced to confront them and the player determines the course of the match.[1]

Abilities and Powers Edit

Abyss Demon belongs to the sub-type of demonic beings known as devils, ones who are the intellectuals of the race.

Active Edit

  • Abyss: Inflicts physical damage on a single enemy.
  • Angel Killing: Increases damage a single enemy of the "Angel" species.
  • Body Strengthening: Increases physical attack power.
  • Duplicate Slash: An attack that gives the damage to a single enemy.

Main Equipment Edit

  • Halberd

Relationships Edit

Demiurge Edit

Abyss Demon's summoner, and due to that he is loyal to him.

Momonga Edit

Momonga being Demiurge's master is also loyal to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Abyss Demon is the second summoned character in Mass for the Dead.
  • Abyss Demon appeared in the limited event, Killing Blue Roses, that was held on April 26, 2019.


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