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Abyss Demon (深淵の悪魔) is a demon summon from Mass for the Dead.


A muscular demon with the bare-bone head of a ram with black wings sprouting from the back.


Abyss Demon possesses the intelligence to speak human language and strength to crush rocks. He combines obedience that faithfully carries out its life in the service of Demiurge and Momonga. Ferocious in that, if he considers those as an enemy, he will crush them without mercy. Abyss Demon may look like a thug, but he has a prudent mind and can sense an enemy's power. He is not without his insecurities, as after surviving a near-death experience from fighting Blue Roses, he became agitated and fearful of their faces.


One of the subordinates summoned by Demiurge during the Great Tomb of Nazarick's crisis.


Mass for the Dead Arc

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Abyss Demon appears alongside his superior Demiurge on the 6th Floor after sweeping through wiping out the Chaos Beasts. He listened to the Floor Guardian's theory concerning the fissures on the 6th and 10th Floors and the possibility that they were connected. It was his summoner's belief that the randomness of the Chaos Beasts' attacks were part of some intelligent design. Abyss Demon was shocked at such a possibility that there was someone out there that could possess such power. Though he was relieved of his worries by Demiurge that all this was just pure speculation.[1]

In order to obtain resources to promote and revitalize Nazarick, Momonga launches an asset acquisition plan. However, the mine for resource acquisition secured by Demiurge, become threaten when word is received that a teams of adventurers led by Blue Roses is coming. Abyss Demon aids Demiurge in turning the mind into a dungeon. The theme for the dungeon is decided as a place for demons, and Abyss Demon is installed as the nominal boss. While the minions placed by the demons kill the weak adventurers, they fail to stop Blue Roses. Abyss Demon is forced to confront them as the lord of dungeon.

Demiurge using his abilities from afar, temporarily increases Abyss Demon's defensive stats to make him seemingly invulnerable. In the end, he allows a killing blow to hit him and is defeated by Lakyus Alvein Dale Aindra's weapon, Kilineiram using [Dark Blade Mega Impact]. The demon is severely injured and near defeat, but before the adventurers land a killing blow, agents from Nazarick, working undercover as adventurers, secretly activate poison gas that emits seemingly from Abyss Demon's body. The adventurers quickly evacuate the mine, whilst Abyss Demon is rescued and taken to Nazarick to be resuscitated by Demiurge. After being healed by his summoner, he is traumatized by the experience at the hands of the humans. Though he was defeated, the mission was a success as the mine is now indefinitely free from human interference.[2]

Eventually a quake occurred in the vicinity of the hidden mine, revealing several untouched underground caverns filled with precious ores. This new area was surveyed and explored by Demiurge, Solution Epsilon, Sebas Tian, Slimeko, the protagonist. After the survey, the Abyss Demon was granted to rule the area, nominally promoting him as an Area Guardian, an honor that he took with pride.[3]

Abilities and Powers

Abyss Demon belongs to the sub-type of demonic beings known as devils, ones who are the intellectuals of the race.


  • Abyss: Inflicts physical damage on a single enemy.
  • Angel Killing: Increases damage a single enemy of the "Angel" species.
  • Body Strengthening: Increases physical attack power.
  • Duplicate Slash: An attack that gives the damage to a single enemy.

Main Equipment

  • Halberd



Abyss Demon's summoner, and due to that he is loyal to him. He also listens to his summoner's theories on the origins of the Cracks. While he does not understand the hypothetical questions regarding the phenomena, he also shares Demiurge's wariness of that the Cracks could be a form of attack by some unseen mastermind.


Momonga being Demiurge's master is also loyal to him.



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