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Aberage is a type of DMMO-RPG played by inhabitants in the World of 2138.


The DMMO-RPG, Aberage involved players building their own power suits, and then using them to fight each other.

Moreover, there are players who could utilize their own respective character build through customization. This includes a balanced type with average armor or the kind that uses paper armor, high speed and high firepower.

Apparently, Aberage is able to categorize the system the player is using based on their ranking in the game. They would label these machines with a title by color. Such colors known so far is Violet and Green.

On the other hand, it seems the game is open to players working in groups such as Nishikienrai is willing to lend a hand to his friend, Beast King Mekongawa.[1]

List of Players


  • At the formation of Ainz Ooal Gown, Beast King Mekongawa was thinking of quitting Aberage.
  • According to Nishikienrai, it was said that Aberage is played with a different machine other than the Neural Nano-Interface.
  • Nishikienrai even stated that the unknown machine he used to play Aberage is among the upper ranks, with the title of "Violet."
  • When Amanomahitotsu had procured a Powered Suit he got easily wrecked by Peroroncino in a mock battle. The thing was never seen again after that but Nishikienrai recommended he play Aberage.[2]


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