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GA Non-Canon: REMINDER! This page is considered as among one of the many pure game contents found exclusive in Mass for the Dead only. It includes the new standalone characters that had a first-time appearance in the game. Meanwhile, the old characters had a different role and fate than from the main storyline in the official books. For that reason, it has no connections to the canon story materials of Overlord Light Novel series. The content that you had read here are based on the Overlord mobile game.

A Young Lady Casting a Shadow of Ambition (野心と影引くご令嬢) is a game event in Mass for the Dead that was released on May 31, 2024 to June 14, 2024.


News of the arrest of a noble suspected of rebellion by the Bloody Emperor spread quickly among the ambitious nobles.

Time has passed since then, and those with grievances have begun to stir once again...[1]


Several months have passed since the Calamity of Cracks. That day, a group of people with very unlikeable features passed through the Katze Plains, an area teeming with undead. And there was a group of people watching them leave.

While the carriage rumbles away, the onlookers are revealed to be the worker team New Six Arms. Malmvist watching the carriage depart is incredulous that they just allowed them to leave. Regi adds that she recognized the group to be former nobles of the Empire, right. And asks Zero is it was really okay to let them escape. Zero though is not troubled, stating this is normal given they are workers and will do anything for money. This fact Peshurian makes no doubt is correct, but asks if Zero intends to give up becoming a knight. Shizuni points out to her boss that the action of letting the former nobles escape would be tantamount to a betrayal to the Emperor.

Zero is actually happy that they see it that way, as that means his scheme will work. To put it simply he explains to his comrades that this is all part of a setup at the request of His Majesty the Emperor. The revelation confuses members Regi and Shizuni, but Zero promises to give them the details once they return to the hideout. In the meantime since they came all the way to the wasteland, Zero tells them that they might as well hunt some undead. He then has Iguva who has been scouting the area to lead them to their prey who complies.

Sometime later, after having completed their work in New Six Arms, Lupusregina and CZ temporarily returned to Nazarick to report to Momonga and his Floor Guardians about what they heard from Zero at the hideout.

Zero as it turns out is planning an undercover mission to infiltrate a noble’s party. An anti-imperial party, at that.

From what Lupusregina and CZ reports apparently, there will be a "rally" soon where anti-imperial nobles and former nobles will gather. They are united by a "Blood Oath" and will each show off their activities and power. It seems that they are trying to unite while checking their own position within the faction.

Momonga remembers that seems that the anti-imperial faction's power was greatly weakened due to the work of New Six Arms in the past. And thus are probably hinting after realizing the limitations of individual action.

Demiurge comments, that it has been confirmed by some that information about Fluder Paradyne's defection is beginning to leak out. This means that the nobles who underestimated the Emperor's military power now have enough reason to rise up in revolt.

Albedo though asks even if the workers go undercover, what are they planning to do? Lupusregina answers that Zero has prepared a plot in which the two women will go undercover as nobles who are secretly arranging for people to defect to the Theocracy. The plan is to lure the nobles into signing the blood oath, then steal it.

The blood oath apparently includes the names of many powerful anti-imperial figures, including not only those from the Empire but also slave traders and arms dealers from the Theocracy.

Information from the Theocracy would be beneficial to Nazarick, so they will need to make sure the undercover operation is a success at all costs. Momonga understands the situation. However Lupusregina and CZ infiltrating as nobles is cause for concern. Albedo agrees as they don't have any information about the knowledge, general education, etiquette, and behavior that aristocrats should have.

First of all, Demiurge asks why did Zero give that role to Lupusregina and CZ as it is not a role that's really suited to them. Lupusregina explains that apparently there was suppose to be another nobleman acting as a decoy, but he apparently got scared. Zero said he was in a hurry to find a replacement, fearing that information would be leaked to the anti-imperial forces. In addition, after stealing the blood oath, there will be an engagement with the guards employed by the nobles, so Zero said that at the moment, leaving it to Regi and Shizuni, even though they may not be suited to the job, would give them the best chance of success.

This makes sense to Demiurge. As members of the New Six Arms, the two of them haven't revealed their faces to the outside world yet. Albedo though questions if the Pleiades have the confidence to see it through. The maids answer in the affirmative. And while Albedo sees that they are very motivated, she believes them to be needing  some proper etiquette training, and suggests they go see Yuri.

Momonga also comes to the same conclusion, as when it comes to etiquette, Yuri is probably the best choice. Also, when infiltrating, the maids will need to dress like nobles. Normally, they would pick something out from the Treasury, but since the venue will be a rally to plot a rebellion, they will have to select carefully. After all the nobles would naturally be scrutinizing the newcomers Lupusregina and CZ. The quality of the Treasury's items may be too high compared to the local items. Not only that it seems that people from the Theocracy, who are assumed to have connections to a player, will also be attending. Momonga wants to eliminate the risk that someone from Theocracy would see this and suspect the involvement of the Sorcerer Kingdom, which is also said to have ties to the player...the "Boastful Sage."

Just to be on the safe side, Momonga believes they should prepare new items that meet the standards of the people in the New World, so that they don't suspect any ties to the Sorcerer Kingdom. Albedo then suggests that why not have Renner oversee the dress and etiquette, as she is well versed in both human and aristocratic society. Momonga finds that acceptable and has the Oversee Guardian proceed with the arrangements for Renner and Yuri. Momonga addresses both, Lupusregina and CZ. Starting from them on they will once again learn etiquette from Yuri, and then after that, together with Renner, they will work to align themselves with the real human world.[2]

Lupusregina, CZ, and Albedo headed to the room where Yuri was waiting. Albedo asks the maid if what Yuri thinks if it will not be too difficult for her. If it helps the two of you out and about, Yuri says she will do her best. However there may be times when the manners differ from those of humans. About that matter, Albedo will be having Renner join them later, so they can iron out any discrepancies then. Yuri understands and gets started. Albedo is glad Yuri is so reliable. However, CZ is a little too young to be a young lady attending a party where her name will be on the oath. Yuri agrees, so suggests that she be assigned as Lupusregina's servant. It seems appropriate to Albedo. It would be considered unnatural for a young lady to go to an anti-imperial party alone without any guards. CZ finds this to be acceptable. This makes Lupusregina jealous of CZ of being assigned as a servant, as the other maid won't be disciplined by Yuri. Still both intend to do their best, although Lupusregina promises to herself she will head to the spa after this mission.

Yuri then conveys to CZ that she will be taking lessons at the same time so that she can behave more perfectly as a servant. Lupusregina mentally discerns that this training is in a way, a test. Following that combat maids' main job is fighting, and being a maid is more like a side job. Lupusregina inquires if Yuri will be instructing them at the same which the dullahan asserts, before telling the other maid to cease with the flippant remarks. The maid complies, stating she will can speak properly in front of Momonga, as she is a capable woman after all. Lupusregina practices walking with a posture. Yuri who is observing takes in that the maid’s posture is perfect, and her walking style is also very steady. It makes her feel at ease knowing that Lupusregina is normally this good. But Yuri reprimands herself as now is not the time to think about that. Lupusregina is supposed to be wearing a dress this time. If that's the case she then asks her sister to walk a little slower for her.

The maid follows Yuri’s direction which Yuri finds better. She also would probably prefer Lupusregina wear something longer than a maid's skirt, so it would give a more elegant look. She has Lupusregina walk again back and forth to correct a contrived position in her posture. Lupusregina understands and CZ sees that this is really hard, but Yuri states they still have a long way to go.

After completing her morning patrol with the Lizardmen, Renner was walking along the beach of the mysterious isolated island with Climb.

As they walk, Climb asks if it wouldn't be about time for Renner to take a break? Renner considers taking one, which is agreed by Albedo who suddenly appears, mentioning that Momonga always advises her servants to take a break on occasion.

Renner and Climb greet their superior to the island, kneeling in respect. Albedo is happy to see them well. Although Renner is worried that Albedo is here to investigate but still asks what’s he can do for the Overseer Guardian.

Albedo as it so happens would like to ask for Renner for help this time. Renner hearing this is willing to provide any assistance she can. The answer satisfies Albedo, though before she gets into the details she apologizes for intruding on her break. Though the imp does not mind.

Albedo then goes into how Yuri is training her on the basics, but she can't say that even she is knowledgeable about how human nobles behave. Thus she'd like Renner to make some fine adjustments to it, and Albedo would especially like her input on creating a dress suitable for a human noble.

Renner now sees, as she was once human her knowledge on how to interact with human nobles is vital for whatever Nazarick has planned. The same goes true with Albedo requesting her help in making a suitable dress. The fabric and stitching of the dresses made in the Sorcerer Kingdom are so much better than those worn by humans that it might feel strange.

However, Renner is not very confident about her specific knowledge of sewing but thinks she would be able to give Albedo some advice if she could see the actual fabric. Albedo knows it's a bit early, but requests if Renner could please join Lupusregina and the others for their lesson now. Renner obeys and has Climb manage the island in her place. The women then leave, with Climb feeling relieved for Renner. Lately the former princess has always been worried about whether she is being of any use to the Sorcerer Kingdom and now he thinks that this should be a golden opportunity for her. But still, being alone in a den like Nazarick, he hope Renner will be careful.[3]

Renner accompanied Albedo to visit Lupusregina and CZ, who were practicing in the room of the Pleiades.

Albedo asks Yuri how the two’s training is coming along. Yuri answers that everything is going as expected. Albedo has Renner join in the instruction of Lupusregina and Cz with Yuri. At Yuri’s request, Lupusregina shows Renner her posture that she practiced and mastered. Renner impressed by the movements of the student and teacher, as expected of being from Nazarick, hopes she can be of use in the tutelage.

Yuri tells her new assistant that she drilled everything she knew into Lupusregina and now  would love to hear her honest opinion on it. Not wanting to be timid, Renner gives her honest opinion. She commended Lupusregina’swalking style and posture to be well within the standard. The way she handle the hem is also beautiful, but just needs to make some minor adjustments.

Yuri is relieved to hear the critique, as she was worried since she doesn’t know the correct answer to etiquette when dealing with humans, so she wasn't sure how far it would go. If she making her students do something completely meaningless, she was a little concerned. Lupusregina likewise expresses relief, only to be chided by her sister to continue using proper language as if it were the real thing. Renner then asks Lupusregina to say something with etiquette. After complying, the former princess believes the maid’s movements are polite and good. However, suggests that she does not need to bow her head.

The reason being is that, since others may assume the power relationship between her and the person she greets, it is normal to refrain from doing so unless Lupusregina want others to perceive her as inferior. Yuri comments if Lupusregina were a maid it would be natural for her to bow her head, but if she was a young lady she could choose to show deference. Hearing all these complicated rules makes Lupusregina envious of CZ having the easy task at being a servant.

Their banter is interrupted as Yuri has a lot of other things she need them to check. Renner continues the lesion, instructing Lupusregina that when she asks someone to greet her, she can hold out your hand and ask for a kiss on the back of the hand. Lupusregina does not hide her revulsion of this, causing Yuri to tell her to correct her language. Even if she decide not to let the other person do it, it might be useful to remember the gesture. The maid grudgingly agrees as Renner's intensive training in the customs and manners of the nobility continued. At the same time Lupusregina was growing increasingly mentally exhausted.

After Lupusregina was exhausted, Renner’s lesson continued with CZ’s lesson and was reaching its climax. CZ inquires about her role as a servant, and Renner advises for the Pleiades to stay close to the young lady as much as possible, and if she feels it is necessary, offer her something to drink. Being considerate to her mistress and having a good servant will also lead to increased respect for a young lady and her family.

CZ following this advice sets down a tray of drinks and curtsey to Albedo, Lupusregina, Yuri and Renner for their break. Following Yamaiko’s creed to avoid cramming too much into something Yuri believes a short reprieve is in order as does Renner. Renner taking a sip of the offered drink finds it to be really sweet.

CZ replies it to be chocolate flavor. The taste brings back Renner’s memory of the chocolate she received in E-Rantel. CZ informs the imp that the drink has a bit more calories …about 2,000. Lupusregina briefly drops her noble facade to casually comment on the number. Yuri lightly scolds her, as even though she is on break, she should still be in character.

Still Yuri does acknowledge that what CZ said is true. CZ states that she once heard a great person once said that a woman's wish is to eat delicious food and gain weight. That being said they should not worry. CZ offers another bottle of chocolate to Lupusregina who accepts, while Renner declines as is Albedo glad that the two are now familiar with etiquette.

Now the success of the mission depends on how well Albedo make the dress for Lupusregina, which Renner promises to assist. Before leaving with Renner to discuss dress designs , Albedo directs Lupusregina to please continue her lessons with Yuri. For Lupusregina, Renner commends the maid in appearing as a very dignified and gracious, but as a young lady, perhaps it would be better if she were a bit more ladylike, which Lupusregina says she will keep it in mind.

After the demons leave, Yuri starts a conversation about the ex-human Renner. The maid remembers she had only exchanged greetings with her at the Christmas party, but this was the first time they had a proper conversation. Lupusregina who met her a few times, is glad she was helpful again this time. CZ interjects that everyone has their own rules of etiquette. Yuri says that is true and is sure their master Momonga had anticipated something like this when he agreed to recruit human subordinates.

Lupusregina hails Momonga as truly the king of wisdom and strategy. That the Guardians who proposed to recruit Renner all have a lot to learn from him. To which Yuri is in agreement before ushering her student to resume her lesson.[4]

Meanwhile Renner is brought to Albedo's room for her advice about dresses. On the table between the two women is a selection of colorful fabrics. Albedo make it clear she appreciates Renner help and is considerate enough to ask if the young demon is tired. Renner is a little embarrassed she is, but finds that Albedo’s quiet room to be a great way to relax both her body and mind. Here they will have no distraction to continue their work hence why Albedo moved to their current location.

Renner then begins looking at the materials arrayed before her. She suggests using materials that are shiny and smooth against the skin as they are especially treasured by nobles and royalty as materials for dresses. Albedo think it's a fine suggestion, but decides to use a more luxurious type of fabric. Renner comments that it's a wonderful fabric, but doesn’t really like stiff or heavy fabrics that make the shoulders stiff after wearing them for a long time.

Albedo is incredulous on this information, as she thought that even at an occasion like a party it's better to appear wealthy and have money. On that Renner tells her superior that a solemn atmosphere is appropriate for ceremonies and festivals, but at a party like the one in the mission, there will be dancing, so it would be safer to avoid anything too heavy. When dancing, moving lightly will give one a more graceful impression and will not make one’s partner feel uncomfortable. Albedo agrees that it is a good idea to choose a skirt that is easy to move in, light, and flutters beautifully.

The imp also adds that a noblewoman would wat to show that she has the financial means to buy a new dress in line with the latest trends, while still maintaining a classical impression to show she has a good family background. Taking that information, Albedo starts her work by temporarily attaching a few pieces and using them to create a light shape for the dress.

Whilst Albedo works, Renner watches marveling the demon's handiwork. She was aware that Albedo created hand-made prototypes for the goods sold in E-Rantel, the prizes for events, but seeing she in action is totally different. Renner compliments Albedo on her graceful skill with a needle like a seamstress. Albedo is touched by the praise, admitting her threadwork is a hobby and nothing to be intimidated by. The Overseer Guardian finishes her dress, and its so beautiful that even Renner wants to try it. Hearing that Albedo confesses that she would like to make a new dress for herself to show off to Momonga. Renner believes that would please Momonga, but Albedo promises to improve her skills by even more by then, and the two demons laugh happily at each other.

Meanwhile, Lupusregina was sitting down for another break. She is exhausted physically as well as mentally from the harsh words Yuri threw at her. Even so Yuri tells her that she is doing a great job. As the maids al rest, Yuri thinks it must be very tough for her sisters, including Solution and Narberal, to go out and assume false identities. Honestly Lupusregina finds the undercover assignment to be tiring, and is thankful that Iguva is was lent to her by Momonga, otherwise their cover in New Six Arms would be blown.

CZ feels like she can infiltrate anywhere thanks to the training. In reward for their hard work, Yuri offers to give them shoulder massage. Lupusregina is excited on the idea, though asks if it’s alright since Yuri has been working hard as well. Besides that Yuri who stays in Nazarick has to keep an eye out for enemies and do the work inside to make up for the Pleiades who are away.

It is thanks to this, Lupusregina and the others can go outside and move around with peace of mind. Yuri thanks them for their words. And as CZ mentions, it’s thanks to Yuri, that they wi have enough time to complete the basic etiquette preparations in time for the party.

Yuri tells the two it is all thanks to their hard work, and that she will be able to make it to the party on time. CZ is intrigued that Yuri will be attending, and according to the dullahan she has been practicing by spending a little time with Aura and Pestonya. The party mentioned is for a regular tea party.

The two younger Pleiades are elated at Yuri’s attendance, with Lupusregina cheering adding she hopes that she will enjoy herself. In reaction to her enthusiasm, Yuri wishes the younger maid would act more refine in her daily life, only for Lupusregina to say this is how it should be. At the 6th Floor, away from the Amphitheater, Aura wants to hurry and finish her task as she and Mare have a tea party to attend. So as not to keep Yuri and Pestonya waiting.

Later on, at the Round Table, Lupusregina and CZ having overcome various lesson are about to undergo their final check by Momonga. Lupusregina wearing a splendent dress and CZ in a mantle are presented to the Overlord. To Momonga they are the visual image of a noblewoman and her servant. But he asks if they they can play the part? Albedo standing next to him, assures her master that the two women have been taught a wide range of subjects, including etiquette, manners and dancing.

Momonga wants to see for himself, given he is ignorant of such customs of nobility. With some hesitation from Momonga, the unveiling of Lupusregina and CZ's training begins. Yuri watching her sister perform, is proud that she has absorbed what she learned so well. Noting she is handling the hem of her dress and brushing her hair back to the point of perfection. Even Renner agrees, finding the littlest detail of Lupusregina's fingertips perfect that no one will doubt her she was born a rich girl. Demiurge is impressed never imagining Lupusregina was capable of such eloquence telling his peers did a great hob, musing that the human Zero assessment of Lupusregina being able to crack this to be spot on.

Albedo direct praise to Momonga for his judgement in immediately seeing Lupusregina was capable from just a few lessons. Momonga seeing how everyone one is praising the Pleiades maid, thinks that his judgement was nothing too it. As sending Lupusregina was just sensible as given to him, her speech and posture was always good. But it looks like now the maid has undergone a dramatic transformation. Still while he as no understanding of noble culture, Momonga deems Lupusregina and CZ have done a good job.

Momonga underlines that their mission will strengthen their identities as undercover workers in New SIx Arms and help gather more information on the mysterious Slane Theocracy. And while it will not be an easy job, he knows that they will bring good news for him. Thus the two Pleiades set out to begin the operation of infiltrating the anti-imperial faction's party.[5]

That day, many nobles gathered at a certain noble's mansion. The venue was gorgeous, and the nobles were beautifully dressed. All present are members of the anti-imperial faction. There is a clamor of voices but quiet down as the host noble welcomes them to the event and is met with applause. The nobles present express their desire to strip away the power of the so-called "Bloody Emperor" now that Tri-Arts Fluder Paradyne is no longer aligned with the monarch.

Some believe that Jircniv has grown soft as moreover, a while age, the emperor captured many slave traders and anti-imperial factions, but the slavers were not beheaded but handed over to the Re-Estize Kingdom. This is an atypical move by Jircniv which the nobles interpret that the emperor has lost his taste for bloodshed and his power has weaken greatly. There is high hopes that the meeting held today will be fruitful in how they can gain from the waning imperial power. Shizuni who is among the crowd, notes that there is some inaccuracy, as the slavers were handed over by Jircniv to the Kingdom was a sign of cooperation with the other nation to avoid the shame within his country.

The next phase of the event begins, which is dancing. One person though has all the attention of the nobles, The person who dominates the dance floor being none other than Regi who captivates everyone in silent awe at her graceful movements. Some in the crowd of nobles who have been watching Regi muse that after observing her etiquette and clothes assume without a doubt that she belongs to a noble family. There are also rumors that Regi helped a fellow anti-imperialist defect, hence the nobles believe that is why Regi was highly recommended by an old noble family. Regi's background is further made believable as her "family" is also providing the faction with financial assistance and they have already received weapons for their movement.

One of the nobles is gratified that there operations are moving accordingly, but in regards to Regi, he remarks that he never heard of the young lady before. There is a story, that Regi caught the eye of the emperor who was impressed by her talent and beauty, and thus was appointed to the Imperial Palace at an early age. Though the lady lost patience with the emperor's recent spinelessness and is secretly lending her support to the anti-imperial faction. That reason all the more make the nobles consider Regi a fellow comrade. Shizuni listening to the banter, is relaxed that the behind-the-scenes work that Zero was busy with while the two Pleiades were training paid off.

While the undercover workers mingle with the anti-imperials, using the fake reputation, the rest of New Six Arms were hiding out at the back of the venue. Zero comments that Regi’s infiltration seems to be going well. Malmvist would think it’s going well with all that money prepared, everyone at the party should be in a bad mood.

Peshurian remarks that it must have been a desperate event for those on the brink of ruin. Better yet it would have been a good idea to display all the weapons confiscated by the Emperor. And most importantly, these nobles are the one who actually forced anti-imperial nobles into exile. Humans tend to believe what they want to believe. People on the verge of ruin tend to do this more than most, and they're very good at showing off and evaluating themselves.

Malmvist calls that kind of incompetence unnecessary in the meritocratic Empire advocated by the Bloody Emperor. To Peshurian it’s unsurprising, after all, these insurgents are former nobles who have been purged, or nobles who don't know when they will be purged. Even now Zero laughs how they don’t realize they are in a trap.

Before New Six Arms helped the anti-imperial faction defect...Zero had responded to Jircniv's summons. At the Imperial Palace, the emperor called him because he was impressed with the skills he showed as a worker. To put it bluntly, Jircniv wanted someone to help him. The emperor is planning to recruit an anti-imperial noble and send a decoy to infiltrate a rally the nobles are hosting. The worker finds that it sounds like an interesting story. And asks if the emperor wants or hear more about the rebellious nobles? Though Jircniv won't let it end there by just asking. There is a blood oath listing the names of those against the emperor at the rally. Securing it is his ultimate goal. Originally he was planning to use the daughter of a noble family, that he recruited to infiltrate the venue, but the girl seems hesitant and unlikely to be of much use. Thus she asks Zero if he has someone suitable.

In fact Zero does, recommending two of his new teammates. The emperor is doubtful if these rookies can be of use to his plan, but Zero assures him that they are trustworthy and will keep his secret. Better yet they will be skilled enough to escape safely even in a melee that follows after the theft of the Oath. After all the two were able to survive the Chaos Beast attack on E-Rantel and the battle with the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth. Another good points they have is that they don't have the righteous facade of adventurers, just a straightforward pair who love money. While Jircniv is convinced on Zero's word that the women are good at making a bloody scene, he asks if they are capable in etiquette and the unspoken rules of nobility? The worker is a little worried about that, but if they can make money, he is sure the women will be able to figure it out.

In the end Zero is proud that they manage to do something. Malmvist listening for any disturbances comments that there doesn't seem to be any chaos at the venue. But soon hears some frightening commotion. Peshurian recognizes that to be the signal and Zero urges his two men to move out as planned.[6]

Back at the venue, the host taps on a glass to get everyone's attention. He thanks all of his like-minded friends for coming to this part, to express his heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful time they he would like to personally thank their new friend joining them today.

Thus the ceremony of the "Blood Oath" using a blood pact was about to begin...and Regi steps forward in front of all present. Regi maintains her attitude of being a vengeful anti-imperial and that time of the nobles will soon be at hand. At the end of her speech she thanks the aristocrats for the warm welcome eliciting cheers.

The nobles are excited by their new ally more so that not only is she willing to provide them with weapons and funding, but rumor has it that if something were to happen, Regi would even use her connections in Theocracy to arrange living arrangement for them. The host then calls for a servant wielding two mailbreaker to present Regi the Blood Oath. It turns out to be a portrait of the emperor. The host then asks the noblewoman to mutilate the portrait of the hated emperor.

Shizuni approaching close to Regi signals the agent to be ready to go. The undercover servant studying her surroundings of the coveted Blood Oath, notes the number of guards around the venue. Two guards near the document. Along the escape route, four guards. By the window, three guards. In the garden, six guards. They are not deemed to be a problem and the sniper signal an all clear.

The host instructs Regi to cut her finger with a knife as proof of her determination. Regi plays along, and to her inner disgust and humor sees that the Blood Oath is a painting of the emperor containing the names of all the members of the Anti-Imperial Faction written in blood. Regi mentally comments that this must be what the insurgents hope to one day turn the emperor into any day now. Keeping her emotions to herself, she calls the work to be fitting for the fool of the emperor to the delight of the crowd as she readies write her name on the portrait. However instead of using the knife to cut her hand, she instead uses it to slash the bodyguard holding the Blood Oath.

The host and the artistocracts are all in shock of what just happened. Shizuni takes advantage of their confusion by sniping the Continual Light Lamp in the room throwing everything in darkness. Blind and angry the host orders the guards to chase after the two women. Regi and Shizuni sneak through the crowds of nobles, taking the Blood Oath with them.

While Regi thinks it would have been easier to just simply kill everyone, Shizuni advises against it as if they do that then their cover as workers will be blow in front of Zero. Instead they plan to escape and lure their pursuers to where Zero and the rest of New Six Arms are waiting. A guard manages to spot them despite the dimmed room, and three guards hurry in pursuit.

The women get up and flee out of the room, into the corridor of the mansion. However they are easily followed due to Regi's dressed being too flashy making their escape route obvious. The two workers smile as they lead the bodyguards outside unto the streets. When the women stop, the guards think they cornered them. Shizuni takes a stand in front of Regi to protect her friend, giving a show of telling them to escape.

The guards think the women are joking, but stop laughing once when Iguva appears from the shadows. Iguva informs the guards that all the nobles in the mansion have been captured by his undead and any resistance now is futile. The guards do not believe him thinking its a bluff and prepare to fight. However Zero, Malmvist and Peshurian appear and the bodyguards are terrified upon recognizing the famed workers and realizing that the women are part of the same team.

All guards are defeated, Zero admits they were so spineless but Peshurian finds their skills to be laughable. The male members of the worker team commend Regi and Shizuni who present the Blood Oath to Zero. Regi requests that she will give it to her boss once she gets her cut of the payment which Zero agrees as it is a natural request. Both Nazarick agents intend to bring back some intel on the operation later.

Malmvist unaware of the collusion thinks the women are talking about on what to spend. But Regi coyly keeps it to herself and Shizuni. Zero decides that they should celebrate by going out for drinks, while enjoying the sight of Regi her dress much to her annoyance. Shizuni reminds Regi that was not very lady-like. Peshurian teases Regi of how she almost looked like a noble and even Malmvist suggested it would have been a better profession for the worker.

Regi states that she'd be happy to teach their boss who wants to become one of the Four Imperial Knights the fine manners of nobility. That being said Malmvist states that with Regi's appearance as is even if she learned the manners of an aristocrat, there's no way she'd be able to attend a party before Zero calls them to hurry up. The laughter of New Six Arms echoed through the blood-soaked alleys. From every angle, their backs as they walked home were clear as those of the abducted young lady.[7]


At the Great Tomb of Nazarick, 9th Floor Round Table Room, Lupusregina and CZ returned and reported to Momonga, the Floor Guardians, and one of the contributors, Yuri, about their work as the New Six Arms.

The request given to the New Six Arms by the Emperor was successfully completed, and CZ recorded the information about the Blood Oath before it been handed over to the Emperor. The information acquired has been given to Demiurge who is checking and analyzing it.

Demiurge who is still currently conducting the analysis, reports that the information includes many characters. As per the Emperor's intention, there is also information on slave traders and arms dealers from the Empire and Theocracy, so he will examine it carefully and submit it to Momonga later.

Momonga leaves the matter of the data gathering to Demiurge as he addresses Lupusregina and CZ on a spectacular job on acquiring new information on the Theocracy, which will surely be put to good use in their dealings in E-Rantel. He does not forget Yuri, as he heard she was a great instructor in preparing the duo for the mission. Although Yuri who is present merely states she was doing her duty.

Finally, for Albedo’s role, Momonga states that without her efforts, such as supervising Renner and creating the dress, this success would not have been possible. And thanks her for all her hard work. Albedo is honored, however, she attributes the success entirely due to the efforts of Lupusregina and CZ. Lupusregina in particular being able to infiltrate the noble gathering. The maid herself even boasts that thanks to the training and experience, she will be able to carry out a wider range of intelligence activities than ever before. To Momonga which has high expectations and asks her to please continue to performing her duties well.

Demiurge is curious on how did Lupusregina explained to Zero and the others how she managed to behave like an aristocrat in such a sort time. Lupusregina explained that, as instructed by Albedo, "There were nobles among [their] trading partners in E-Rantel," which was enough to convince Zero. The maid had given him a story of who the nobles owed her a favor, as she was a business, telling Zero that she will need to procure various things in the future to maintain her relationship, so she thinks it will make it easier for her to take the inventions from the Sorcerer Kingdom with her.

It makes sense to Demiurge as it also leads to further ways to utilize New Six Arms. Albedo even suggest this kills two birds with one stone, as this time the usefulness of noble etiquette and dancing have been proven in a big way. Demiurge is wondering where Albedo is going with this conversation, but still agrees with her assessment. With her position as Prime Minister, Albedo tells Momonga while she does not know when she will ask to be taught etiquette or dancing, she suggests that he come and take lessons with her under Lupusregina's guidance. The Overseer Guardian makes this hint of wanting to spend more time with Momonga apparent as she cuddles next to him, throwing him into emotional dismay.

Shalltear Bloodfallen seeing this offers herself to be Momonga's dance partner, given that her undercover identity is that of an unfortunate young lady who became an adventurer, so she should be given priority in dance lessons. Momonga confesses that he has no knowledge of human dancing. This brings to Aura suggesting that Lupusregina instructs the Overlord first. The suggestion is not taken in enthusiasm by the maid, feeling she is too lowly to dance with the Supreme One, but CZ states otherwise as Lupusregina is the one who has mastered manners and dancing the most. CZ even calls on everyone who agrees which is majority of the room.

Albedo hearing the calls for agreement is dissatisfied. Albedo and Shalltear grudgingly growl in agreement. At a later date, a dance lesson centered around Lupusregina is held. Once the situation surrounding Nazarick has calmed down a bit, it seems that the Nazarick Ball will be held, which will also serve as a test for those who have mastered the human dancing - but that's a story for another time.

A few days after Lupusregina and CZ's report, Albedo came to visit Renner's log house on the island. Albedo offers her thanks for her and Yuri's assistance as everything turned out fine. Renner responds that she was happy to help, internally though she feels now she can finally relax. Since there's no way she can build a true relationship of trust with these monsters from Nazarick, she will continue to prove her usefulness, and with her immortal demon body, she'll make her honeymoon with Climb eternal!

Renner resolves not to show her incompetence in the future. But for now she wants to dance and sing! Albedo notices her good mood and comments on her, which Renner confirms that she is even if it's just a little, she is glad she was able to help. Albedo is actually, in a really good mood right now as there's a dance lesson going on in Nazarick, including the Supreme One. So, she is going back there right after this.

This comes as a surprise to Renner for taking the opportunity to congratulate her when she had the chance to meet Momonga. Albedo tells her that is no how it works, and besides Momonga often says that rewards are given only to those who do well. So, she brought Renner something as a token of her appreciation. She then reveals a magnificent violet dress that Albedo prepared her Renner in regards to her kind consideration inviting her to the upcoming ball, as it would be rude to refrain Renner from attending.

Renner is speechless to receive such an invaluable consideration and conveys her deepest gratitude. Albedo promises to see her again as she then heads off. After the Overseer Guardian leaves, Renner hurries to inform Climb of what happened as he had been worried with Albedo's visit. Not before trying out the new dress.

She then bids Climb to come in, who after entering is astonished at seeing Renner in the new outfit. The imp asks her bodyguard on what he thinks of it, to which Climb thinks is a bit too much, which makes Renner feel good, stating it was a gift from Albedo as a reward for the success of the other day's incident. Hearing that Climb is relieved. However Renner wants to do something else. Since she has a new dress, she offers him a dance. Climb tries to decline, to hide his inexperience in dancing, but Renner is fine with that offering to give him some lessons. Climb seeing his lover's happy face relents.

Afterwards, Renner and Climb enjoyed a dance party just for the two of them, walking a tightrope in a den of monsters. The former princess thinks to herself of how she will never let go of this eternal time with Climb and how happy she is.[8]


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