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The 7th Seat of the Black Scripture is commonly known as the "Thousand Leagues Astrologer." She is in charge of providing intelligence support to her team.


She has short, very light brown hair and orange eyes. She wears a female school uniform and purple-framed glasses. She also has a black hair accessory and has a light purple bag that is said to have some kind of creature in it.


The woman seems utterly terrified about the horrible event that unfolded in the Katze Plains, where Ainz used his super-tier spell to massacre most of the Re-Estize's Army. It's unclear what her attitude and mental state was truly like before witnessing the atrocity committed by Ainz. One thing was for certain, the 7th Seat is feeling deeply traumatized to the point of not wanting to leave her room. It's currently unclear how long she is going to stay a shut-in because of that event. 


In the Theocracy, among the duties she handled, one of which was needing to inform the higher-up and everyone from her group about the revival of a monster like Catastrophe Dragon Lord. While so, it was revealed during the Massacre at Katze Plains, that another one of her duties is surveillance. This is presumed to be the case when the higher-up knows it was one of her duties to see how the recent war broke out between the Baharuth Empire and the Re-Estize Kingdom and how it was ended by the Sorcerer Kingdom. At the same time, she has to write a report detailing anything or everything that she has seen throughout her task of observing the battlefield. This includes how many casualties there were after the end of the war and the different monsters she happen to see on the job.


The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

Main article: The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

She and the Black Scripture encountered a powerful vampire who they tried to capture but failed. Two of their members got killed while Kaire received a critical injury. The Captain of the Black Scripture ordered her and the other members to retreat and leave it alone.[1]

The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

Main article: The Lizard Man Heroes Arc

She was briefly mentioned by the Extra Seat when talking about her prophecy of the Catastrophe Dragon Lord's revival with the Captain of the Black Scripture.[2]

The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

Main article: The Ruler of Conspiracy Arc

After observing Ainz's massacre of the Re-Estize Kingdom's Army at the Katze Plains alongside the Baharuth Empire, she became a shut-in, staying locked up in her room for an unknown period of time. One of the cardinals from the Theocracy thinks that she has fallen into despair or suffered some sort of shock. Presumably, the cardinal believes she saw something that not even the God-kins may stand a chance against.[3]

Abilities and Powers

She seems to possess some form of surveillance magic from afar, identifying to some degree the number of soldiers Ainz Ooal Gown has under his command. On the other hand, she was trusted to predict the Catastrophe Dragon Lord's revival. Overall, it was stated that she happen to provide intelligence support to not only her team, the Black Scripture, but also the Six Cardinals as well.

Based on the words from one of the Six Cardinals, it was highly suggested that the 7th Seat can record everything she observe while on surveillance duty. For instance, the 7th Seat had magically prerecorded the full, unabridged version of what she herself saw like the recent turn of events such as the Massacre at Katze Plains and shared it with the Cardinals so they can watch.


Ainz Ooal Gown

During the Massacre at Katze Plains, the 7th Seat was assigned the mission to observe the battle and gauge the overall power the Undead Sorcerer King possessed. It was an assignment that led her to having full blown nervous breakdown due to seeing the sheer power of a single spell the Sorcerer King has used. After witnessing the horrific event that have taken place with the summoning and the countless lives lost as a result, she had the sudden realization that even their two God-Kins of the Theocracy might not have a chance of beating him or his forces. Realizing all this, the entire experience ended up traumatizing the 7th Seat to the point that she then went into self-isolation in her room for days in an attempt to cope with the shock, fear, and terror she had experienced.

Six Cardinals

As a Member of the Black Scripture and one who has been given many important responsibilities. The 7th Seat is shown to have relatively good relationship with her superiors the Six Cardinals, this is seen where she was stated to dutifully follow their orders and share the information she successfully acquires on her missions to assist them in running their home country.

The Cardinals themselves are also shown to have a genuine care for her as well. As seen where they were worried for her after learning of her sustaining psychological trauma during her misson to spy on the Sorcerer King.


  • In the Manga, she was one of the Black Scripture members who had their movements constricted by Shalltear Bloodfallen's "Mass Hold Species."
  • Unlike its Light Novel counterpart, the anime adaptation revealed Thousand Miles Astrologer to be the 7th Seat of the Black Scripture through the words of the Extra Seat.[4]



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