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The 5th Seat of the Black Scripture, named Quaiesse Hazia Quintia in the Web Novel. He is more commonly known as the "One Man Army."


He has blond hair, pink eyes, and bears a strong family resemblance to Clementine. He's equipped with unique equipment like the other Black Scripture members, with a cloak and rings on his fingers that store his tamed beasts.


He is described as having a calm, but forceful personality.



The Dark Warrior Arc

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During a meeting between Khajiit Dale Badantel and Clementine, the former referred to the latter as a mere fragment of her older brother, Quintia. This was due to she calling him by his baptismal name which he no longer goes by the name of that he responded in such a way. Likewise, she asked of him to not called her by his brother's fragment but rather, "Clementine."[1]

His younger sister Clementine noted how often it was for her to be constantly compared to him who is the 5th Seat. She spoke in a joking manner of "they" loved the 5th Seat over her.[2]

The Bloody Valkyrie Arc

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He and the Black Scripture encountered a powerful vampire and tried to capture it but failed. Two of its members got killed while Kaire received a critical injury. The Captain of the Black Scripture ordered him and the other members to retreat and leave it alone.[3]

The Witch of the Falling Kingdom Arc

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Abilities and Powers

He is a Summoner and a beast tamer. His greatest assets are his Gigant Basilisks, which makes him more effective against a large group of weak enemies than even the Captain of the Black Scripture.



In the Web Novel, he is Clementine's older brother. Between the two, he is more favored by their parents who gave him all of their love.


  • In the Web Novel, he was dispatched to exterminate a large nest of goblins. He encounter and mistakes Ainz for the God of Death, Surshana.[4]
  • The author Maruyama stated that in the Web Novel, extracting information to get a hold of from 5th Seat of the Black Scripture is dangerous.



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